Being European or Being Equal – Chapter XV

Big Tits

As Julie was preparing to give Jamie an examination he would never forget, Charlotte was by the pool putting her own plan for seducing Tyler into action, but since she didn’t have the benefit of a using a physical examination as an excuse to get his trunks off, she faced a more daunting challenge.Now that they were alone, Charlotte tried to strike up a conversation with the handsome teenager. She asked him about his dad, his friends, what he liked about school, all the ‘small talk’ things she could think of. Tyler was polite, but Charlotte could sense he was feeling a bit uncomfortable about being left alone with a woman who he barely knew, especially since she was naked.She knew she was going to have to be creative to get Tyler involved without scaring him, so she walked to the edge of the pool, spread a towel on the deck and sat down with her feet dangling in the water. Now the teenager was only a few feet from her, and unless he wanted to be rude, which he had been taught to never do, he had to look at her in all her naked glory as they talked.Once she was in place, Charlotte leaned back on her hands, which drew even more attention to her incredible breasts, and then she said, “So Tyler, are you sure you’re not uncomfortable with me being naked, I mean now that your mom and Jamie aren’t here?”The question caught Tyler off guard. He didn’t want to say yes because the gorgeous woman might put her bathing suit back on, but he also didn’t want to sound too eager to keep her naked, so he thought back to how his mom had said that nudity shouldn’t be a big deal and said, “I’m not uncomfortable at all Mrs. Bradley, I hardly even noticed.”Charlotte knew he was lying through his teeth, but she played along and said, “Well I’m glad you don’t mind nudity, because I love how the sun feels, but can I be perfectly honest with you?”“Sure,” the teenager replied, feeling a little flattered by the fact that was speaking to him as an equal.Charlotte sighed and said, “I know we’re both okay with it, but since your mom went inside, being the only one naked makes me feel a little uncomfortable.”“It does?” Tyler asked, genuinely surprised since she seemed very relaxed.“A little bit,” Charlotte lied, and then she giggled and said, “I feel like I’m having that dream where you’re out in public, and you realized you’re the only one who’s naked.”“I’m sorry, Mrs. Bradley,” Tyler said, not wanting to make her feel uneasy, so being a gentleman he said, “If you’d be more comfortable, I can go inside and wait until my mom and Jamie come back.”“Oh no, Tyler, please don’t, I’m really enjoying your company,” the beautiful brunette answered, and then she smiled and innocently said, “I just felt more comfortable when I wasn’t the only one nude, so I was wondering if you might, well… go European and join me?”Now it was Tyler who panicked. He knew that if he was naked, there would be no way he could hide an erection, so he said, “Gee, Mrs. Bradley, I’m not sure my mom would be okay with me being naked too.”“Well, she was the one who said nude sunbathing is perfectly normal, so why would she object to you doing it too?” Charlotte asked, deciding to use some of her own psychology on the teenage boy.“Ummmm, I guess she wouldn’t,” Tyler replied, seeing her logic.“And earlier you said that we’re all adults, so you certainly don’t see anything wrong with nudity, do you Tyler?” she asked, trying to gently manipulate him into a corner.“No ma’am, I guess not,” he replied, his answers getting more sheepish.“Well if your mom and I don’t object, and you see no problem with us being nude, then I guess there’s nothing stopping you from joining me… right?” Charlotte said, shooting down all of his arguments.“I guess not,” he replied as all the reasons for keeping his suit on crumbled under the weight of Charlotte’s logic, but he took one last stab at şişli escort bayan keeping his penis hidden when he said, “But do you think Jamie might be upset if he came out and we were both naked? I mean, he seemed kind of upset when he found out I saw you and mom sunbathing nude yesterday.”Charlotte laughed and said, “I don’t think he was upset, I think he was a just little jealous that you got to see us naked and he didn’t, but once he did too, he was okay,” she replied, and then she said, “Besides, I’m really enjoying your company, and like you said, ‘we’re all adults’, so nudity shouldn’t be a big deal, I’d just feel less self-conscious if I wasn’t alone in all my naked glory.”Tyler really liked Mrs. Bradley, and he certainly didn’t want to give the voluptuous woman a reason to put her suit back on. He still wasn’t sure he could be naked in front of her without getting another erection, but then he thought of a solution and said, “Sure, I guess it’s alright.”Charlotte’s insides quivered with anticipation when he agreed, but she maintained her composure as she said, “Thank you, Tyler, and I’m sure your mom and Jamie won’t mind at all.”As Mrs. Bradley stood up and walked back to her chaise, Tyler couldn’t help watching her thick ass cheeks bounce, and as he feared, the sight caused his penis to begin swelling again. Like Jamie, he diverted his eyes from the naked woman, thinking he could stop his growing cock from reaching its full breeding potential, and it worked… for the moment.Charlotte spread her towel over her deck chair and sat down again, and then she watched as Tyler climbed out of the water and began drying himself off.While his teenage body was still developing, she could see some definition forming in his smooth, hairless chest, and his arms were beginning to show some tone. He was thinner than Jamie, and his stomach looked firmer, and she could also make out the remaining bulge that his semi-hard young penis was causing in the front of his swim trunks.Once he was dry, Jamie went to bring another deck chair over to where Charlotte was sitting, but she quickly said, “Why don’t you just use your mom’s chair and sit next to me until she comes back?”“Okay,” Tyler replied, realizing that in a few moments he would be sitting within arms reach of the incredibly sexy, naked woman, and he would be just as naked, and that thought had his penis surging back to full erection. Since he had claimed her nudity was no big deal to him, he didn’t think he could explain why his dick was a hard as steel, so he put his plan into action.The teenager sat down with his back to Mrs. Bradley, and then he reclined the chaise until it was lying flat. Once the chair was adjusted, he deftly slid his trunks over his butt and down his legs before kicking them off, and then he quickly rolled onto his stomach, without ever turning to face her.‘That sneaky little shit,’ Charlotte thought to herself, both impressed with and annoyed by the fact that the handsome teen had been resourceful enough to take off his trunks and lay down without giving her so much as a glimpse of his young cock and balls. But at least for now she was able to admire his taut teenage buttocks as they showed pale white against his otherwise tanned skin in the bright sunlight.The horny mother could feel her pussy twitch as she enjoyed the sight of Tyler’s cute behind. As men grew older, their asses began to flatten and lose their definition, but his was rounded and muscular, with concave dimples on his outer hips, and a perfect tuck where the cheeks met the back of his thighs.Tyler actually felt kind of sexy to have Mrs. Bradley seeing his naked behind, as long as he didn’t have to turn over. He figured he could stay on his stomach until his mom and Jamie came back, and then he would slink back into the pool before anyone could see his şişli escort bayan crotch. Until then he decided to be a gracious host and chat with Mrs. Bradley, so he asked, “So what is my mom examining Jamie for?”The teenager’s innocent question was the opening Charlotte needed to move the conversation to a more intimate nature, but despite her excitement, she maintained her composure and nonchalantly said, “He hurt his groin riding his skateboard, and now he gets erections that won’t go away.”“Wow,” Tyler said, surprised that Mrs. Bradley had so casually told him about her son’s erections, and as he turned towards her, being careful to not expose his own hard cock, he asked, “What happened?”Charlotte knew Tyler was a skateboarder like her son, so she said, “He was doing some kind of trick where he slides on a railing, and somehow his board slipped, and he went straight down and the metal railing came straight up and hit him right between the legs.”“Ouch,” Tyler said as he imagined Jamie’s crotch crashing down on the hard metal railing, and then he asked, “So does my mom think he’ll be okay?”“Oh he’ll be fine,” Charlotte replied, and then as casually as she would talk about the weather, she added, “Your mom said he has some bruising and swelling behind his testicles, but other than the persistent erections, everything else seems to be working fine. he’s still able to urinate and ejaculate.”Tyler’s hard cock flexed with excitement when Mrs. Bradley said ‘ejaculate’, and he wondered how she would know that, but he thought it might be inappropriate to ask, so he just said, “Well that’s good, I’m glad everything seems to be working alright.”Charlotte sensed his hesitation, and decided to answer the question she knew he wanted to ask when she said, “Yes everything seems to be fine, although it was a little awkward when he accidentally ejaculated while your mom was examining him the other day.”“He did WHAT?” Tyler asked, so shocked that he almost rolled over and exposed his own hard cock, but he regained his composure and said, “You mean it, you know… happened in front of my mom?”“Well it didn’t so much happen in front of your mom as it did ON your mom,” Charlotte said with a giggle, but when Tyler didn’t laugh too, she said, “I’m sorry Tyler, I thought your mom had told you.”“No, she didn’t,” Tyler said, and then he asked, “What do you mean it happened ‘on’ her?”Charlotte knew that Julie hadn’t told him what happened, but this was the opening she needed to move the conversation to sex, so she said, “It was an accident, but while your mom was examining Jamie’s erection, he came, I mean he ‘ejaculated’ on her face, some may have even gotten in her mouth.”Tyler had a moment of jealousy as he thought about his new friend’s pearly white cum spurting on his mom’s beautiful face, and maybe even in her mouth, but then he imagined doing the same thing to Mrs. Bradley, and that thought caused a new surge of blood to rush to his groin. Without thinking, the handsome teenager humped his pulsing cock against the chaise lounge, trying to relieve the intense ache at the base of the rampant organ.Charlotte could see Tyler’s muscular teenage ass flex, and she knew he was grinding his hard prick against the cushion to quell the pressure building in his balls. Her goal had been to create the perfect amount of sexual tension in the inexperienced young man, and she could tell it was working.~~~Back inside the house, Jamie was standing in Doctor Alexander’s office sporting an erection caused by the amazing view of her pussy and ass he had gotten while following her up the stairs. His swim trunks did very little to hide his condition, and he knew it was only a matter of time before she turned around and saw the obvious tent his hard cock had created.With her back still turned towards the nervous boy, Julie said, “I mecidiyeköy escort don’t normally do examinations in here Jamie, so I don’t have a table, but you can just stand while I examine you, it shouldn’t take long.”“Okay,” Jamie answered sheepishly, knowing that meant she would be kneeling right in front of him, with his rampant cock pointing even more directly at her face than it was in her office two days earlier.Julie’s own stomach filled with a squadron of butterflies as she finally took a deep breath and turned around, and as she looked down and saw the front of his trunks obscenely bulging towards her, she said, “Oh my goodness Jamie, I thought you said your erection problem had corrected itself.”“It has Dr. Alexander, I swear” Jamie exclaimed in a panicked tone, worried that she might suggest surgery again, and then he added, “This just happened.”Jamie hoped his explanation would be sufficient, but Julie wasn’t letting him off the hook, she wanted to hear him admit that she had caused it, so she went into full doctor mode and said, “Jamie, normal erections are caused by some sort of stimuli, so if something caused this one, it is important that you tell me what it was, or otherwise I have to assume the problem isn’t corrected, and you may need surgery.”The teenager panicked because the last thing he wanted was surgery down there, so as his face flushed bright red with embarrassment, he said, “I’m sorry Dr. Alexander, but I think I got it because of you.”“Me? I don’t understand, Jamie. When you saw me naked downstairs you didn’t seem to have an erection, and now I actually have something on, so why now,” she asked, pressing him further.The thought of surgery terrified Jamie, so he swallowed his pride and said, “When we were coming up the stairs, you bent over to pick something up from the carpet, and I could see your… you know, you were really exposed and I was so close, and that’s what gave me this erection, I’m sorry.”At first, Julie acted confused, and then she feigned embarrassment and exclaimed, “Oh my God Jamie, I am so sorry, I didn’t even realize, I mean when I bent over I must have given you quite a show.”Jamie quickly said, “I didn’t mean to look, Dr. Alexander, I was even trying to look away, but you were right there and, I’m really sorry ma’am.”Hearing Jamie admit she had caused his erection made Julie’s pussy quiver, but she could also see he was mortified to the point where his young cock might go soft, so she quickly said, “Jamie, you have nothing to be sorry for,” then she laughed and said, “I’m just glad it was because I was exposing myself like a porn star and not because of your injury.”“Thanks, Dr. Alexander,” Jamie said laughing at her joke, happy she was being so understanding.“Not at all Jamie, now why don’t we go ahead and get this examination done?” Julie said as she knelt in front of him, but when she saw his penis had deflated a bit, she decided to raise the temperature of the conversation and asked, “So Jamie, is mine the really the first vagina you’ve seen that close?”Dr. Alexander’s blunt question about her vagina, combined with her beautiful face being so close to his swimsuit covered dick had him swelling back to full hardness, but he remembered how she stressed the importance of honesty, so he said, “Yes ma’am, I mean I’ve seen pictures, but not a real one.”When Julie saw her question had him fully erect again, she pulled out all the stops and said, “Well I knew you had seen pictures because your mom told me about that DVD she gave you to help you with your treatments, and you certainly saw a vagina up close on that, didn’t you?”“What, she, ummm, she told you about the DVD, I mean everything about it?” Jamie asked.“Yes she did,” Dr. Alexander said with a smile, and then she added, “Your mom and I talk about everything, and I think what she did for you was wonderful, in fact, I’d have done the same for Tyler if he had your injury.” Then she really threw caution to the wind when she added, “And to be honest, I may not be a teenage boy, but I wouldn’t mind seeing that DVD myself… your mom is beautiful.”

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