Beijing Surprises


I was travelling back to Vancouver on an overnight flight from Beijing not too long ago. The plane was not quite full, so I was able to get the first seat in the economy section. It was a double seat with a guy in his mid-40s sitting there. We struck up a conversation right away, and he seemed like a good seat-mate.

In the course of our conversation, we discovered a lot of things that we both liked: hockey, music, movies and travel. As a result, we got along quite well and spent a lot of time talking about stuff.

The airplane was cold when we got on, and a lot of people had their blankets wrapped around their legs even before the plane took off.

“Do you find it cool in here?” he asked.

“Yeah, a bit. Do you want me to pass you a blanket from across the aisle?” The seats across the aisle were empty; and since he said he wanted one, I got it for him.

He flashed a really nice smile and stared right into my eyes as he thanked me.

The plane took off with quite a rough ride, pushing him from side to side. When he bounced over to me again, he gripped my wrist but didn’t let go. I didn’t think anything of it at the time because I figured he was a bit nervous about flying. But, after about ten minutes in the air, I could feel his leg touching mine; and when he wanted to make a point, he grabbed my wrist again and even let it slide down to my hand for a few seconds. I was starting to wonder a bit about him, but I didn’t mind. He was good looking, well-educated, friendly, and young. So those qualities overcame his aggressiveness.

Once the seat belt sign went off, I went to the bathroom. When I returned and sat down, I noticed that he had pushed the armrest between the two of us up in between the two seats behind us.

“I thought this would give us a little more room,” he said. “If you want it back down, go right ahead.”

“No, that’s great.” I said and took out my Ipod to listen to some music. He closed his eyes, but he had no intention of napping. I found his head moving over a bit closer to me and was almost resting on my shoulder. He had shifted a bit and was almost snuggling to my body. Without any warning at all, he spread the blanket out again, this time covering half of my body with it. “Here, this will keep you warm. If there’s anything else you want, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here to serve you.”

Of course, he was just joking with me, pretending to be a flight attendant, I guess. “Thanks,” I said. “And I’ll be happy to help you out as well.” With that, he looked straight at me again, moved a little closer and put his hand on my leg.

Hey, there’s no doubt about this one. The guy is gay, bi-, or bi-curious; and since I have been bi-curious for the last two or three years without having an opportunity to do anything about it, I wasn’t about to push him away. “Your hands are warm,” I said. “I can feel the heat right through my pants.”

“You don’t mind this, then?” he said; and as he did, he let his hand go to the inside of my thigh. Fuck, it did feel good, especially when he slid it up and down toward my hard-on. “Whoa, I guess you don’t mind this. Thanks. What’s your status: gay, bi, or curious? Married, single or attached?”

I told him I was married with two kids but not happy with my sexual encounters at home. “As a matter of fact, I have been quite curious about a male-male encounter for a little while.” All he said was “H-m-m-m. Let’s see what we can do about that.” and he took a full grasp of my cock.

At this point, the flight attendant brought us some food, and we continued our conversation until she came and got our dishes. After that, he moved close to me again, and I took the initiative to put my hand on his thigh and let it wander up and down and across his cock. He seemed to be pretty big, but I didn’t want to get caught, so I just let it settle on his cock. It really felt good.

We just sat there, Büyükesat Escort feeling each other up and playing with the end of each other’s cock. I almost came four or five times; but when I felt that I was going to, I just said, “Stop for a minute.” He knew what I meant and didn’t play any more for a bit. Man, I was enjoying this encounter.

An announcement came on that the movie was going to start and that the cabin lights would be dimmed. This was a good opportunity to get a little more bold with each other. As soon as the lights went down and the movie came on, he shifted sideways toward me. The curtain between economy and first class was still drawn, the seats across from us were still empty; and as I glanced over my left and right shoulder, I noted that the passengers had their eyes closed for a sleep. The older man just behind me, across the aisle to my right had put on his eye blinders to shield his eyes from the light. In other words, we were all alone.

I looked over at my seat-mate and found ourselves face-to-face and looking quite intently in each other’s eyes. With that, he leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth–the very first time I have ever kissed a man. “Was that okay?” he asked me. All I said was “I’ll tell you after a couple of more.” and we both laughed. I was getting a little more confident with this arrangement now and I awkwardly slid down his zipper and reached for his cock. At least I had one layer of clothing out of the way.

He shifted positions enough to undo his belt buckle. That gave me a little more room to find my way to put my hand down his shorts and take hold of a nice, warm, semi-soft cock. Once I did that, he moved his face closer and kissed me again, but this time I got his tongue, too, and reciprocated. It was a very short kiss because we didn’t know who was going to see us. “Fuck that’s nice. Are you sure you’re not shitting me when you say you haven’t done this before?” he said.

I told him that I hadn’t done this but was just dying to; and while we were talking, I was jerking him off. Insted of getting our arms tangled with each other in that crowded seat, he didn’t touch me. He just said, “I’ll do you after. Don’t make me cum, though, because I have khaki slacks on and it will leave a spot.”

I was enjoying all of this immensely when an announcement came over the speaker saying that we had to go back to Beijing because the airplane was experiencing mechanical problems. They also said that since it was almost seven o’clock, we would have to stay in Beijing at the airline’s expense. Neither of us were too pleased with this because we had already been in the air for two and a half hours and we had another two and a half hour flight back to the airport.

We got back to the airport and they herded us like sheep through the airport to a secluded spot where they announed that we were going to stay in a four-star hotel in downtown Beijing. They also said that we would have to stay two to a room unless we wanted to pay the extra Yuan for a single room. “What do you want to do?” I asked him (as if I didn’t know). All he said was, “I can’t believe this luck. Naturally, I want to share a room. We have work to do.” as he smiled at me.

We got our room (Number 2321) and went upstairs. In the elevator, we discussed about going out for something to eat, and we both agreed that we wanted to. It was now after ten o’clock, but we were hungry. After the bellhop left our luggage and left the room, we immediately moved toward each other and put our arms around each other. This time, our kiss was passionate with our tongues playing with each other. Without a doubt, I was the instigator in all of this as I moved my hands down and grasped his ass. The second and third kisses were more aggressive and I could feel my cock grinding against his.

Without saying a word, we walked Elvankent Escort each other to one of the beds, and he laid down on his back. I crawled on top of him and rubbed my lower body up and down his, then slid up and kissed him while my hand reached down and found his cock.

“Want to fuck me, Bruce?” he asked. Well, I had never fucked a man before and wasn’t quite ready for it that night. I explained this to him and told him that it might be a while before I can do it to him, and I wasn’t interested in having him fuck me.

“If you don’t mind, I’d rather just spend my time sucking you. It’s my first time, and I don’t know how I am going to make out with this. Just let me be in control, please.”

“No problem, Bruce. Let’s get undressed.” With that, he got off the bed while I sat on the side. He took off his shoes, then his shirt and I could see a nice firm belly with not too much hair around at all. Then he started to undo his belt when I told him that I wanted to do the rest. I unbuckled his belt, slide down his pants and he kicked them aside. I could see the outline of his cock through his white shorts and it looked pretty good. I slid his underwear down and sat there with my face about six inches away from his cock.

I took the cock in my hand and played with it for a few seconds, then I moved my face toward it and let it roam over my cheeks. It felt so good; and since he was willing to let me be in control, I just kissed his cock all over. Finally, I moved my lips to the head of his cock and rubbed it back and forth across my mouth. I could taste his precum–the first time for this, too. It wasn’t bad, but then I didn’t know what it was supposed to taste like.

I asked him to lie down on the bed again, but he asked me if he could undress me before he did. I stood up to him and put my arms around him again, sliding my hands to his ass and letting them knead his mounds. At one point, I accidentally (honest) let my middle finger slide down his crack. He let out a little gasp, and I quickly withdrew my hands. “That’s okay, Bruce. It just surprised me and felt really good.” I didn’t respond but just backed away so he could take my clothes off.

He pushed me down on the bed when I had no clothes on and dropped down on his knees to suck my cock. I warned him that I could cum quite quickly but he said he knew how to stop me. He sucked me gently and I just held his head. Man, it felt good. Then, all of a sudden, he put a finger in my ass and I almost jumped off the bed. Instead of him apologizing, I said, “Sorry about that Al. I didn’t expect it. It hurt a bit, though.” He put his middle finger in his mouth and got it slimy wet, then put it in my hole. This time it didn’t hurt and he slowly fucked my ass with his finger and I was really enjoying it.

After seven or eight minutes of this, I asked him to get off his knees and come on bed with me. He did so and put himself into a 69 position. For the very first time, I had a male-male 69; and since I had had many male-female ones before, I knew what to do. I sucked Al as much as I could because I held his cock so that it wouldn’t go all the way to my throat. Eventually, I was able to take his whole cock but was still afraid of gagging. I was enjoying every minute of this–even the finger in my ass. As I was hugging his ass to push his cock to my face, I decided to finger-fuck his ass, too. Following his lead, I licked my finger and started to explore by gently sliding my finger in and out in a fucking motion. His cock in my mouth; my cock in his mouth, and being finger-fucked in the ass was just too much.

I told him that I had to stop because I was going to cum. He said it was okay because he didn’t mind swallowing. But I made him promise me that he wouldn’t cum in my mouth, which he did. I came loads that night, probably more than I ever came before.

I Beşevler Escort had to stop because I was out of hard-on and out of energy. I rolled over on my back, then he straddled me and put his cock toward my mouth. I took it again and let him face-fuck me. Finally, he said, “I’m going to cum.” Then he moved away from my face, slid down my body a bit and finished off my jerking off on my chest. It was quite a load and had a different smell than I had ever encountered before. Instead of letting him get off me, I pulled his body up and took his cock again and squeezed out the rest of the cum and virtually sucked him dry.

“Wow, you’re something else, Bruce. For first-timer you did an excellent job. So, what do you want to do–go get something to eat or spend more time eating my cock?” I told him that I wanted both, so we went downstairs to the restaurant. We came back up later, undressed and snuggled into bed. I found myself craving his cock, so I just slid down in the bed and played with him and sucked him for a long, long time and let him cum in my mouth this time. I really liked it, but I didn’t let him suck me because I wanted to keep my hard-on as long as I could.

We snuggled and kissed and I let him face-fuck me again. This time, I pushed him down and showed him that I wanted him to turn around for a 69 again. He did, and we sucked each other for a while; and as he sucked me, he put one finger, then two into my ass. I don’t even know if he wet his fingers first because it sure didn’t hurt. “Suck me, Bruce. Take that cock all the way down your throat. Give me some fingers. Fuck me and suck me.” This dirty talk got me even more excited and I deep-throated him and to my surprise, I found myself sucking his balls and moving my tongue between his sack and his ass. I didn’t suck his ass, but I found myself licking my fingers, sticking them back in his ass, and pulling them out to lick again.

“Bruce, can I fuck you in the ass?” he asked. I replied, “Not this time, but you can give me another finger or two.” I don’t know if he gave me three or four fingers, but I do know that it felt really good. I started to cum when he pulled his mouth off my cock and jacked me off all over his face. Without hesitation, I moved up to his face and kissed him. I got my first taste of my own cum on his lips and I continued to lick most of it off his face.

We went into the bathroom and cleaned each other up. I got down on my knees and took his limp, warm cock in my mouth and played with it with my tongue, then we went back to bed.

We had an early-morning wake-up call, so we decided to get some sleep. He rolled over on his side, and I snuggled up to him with my arm around his stomach. With no clothes on, I could feel my cock coming alive near the crack in his ass, but I just pulled back a bit. “Rats! I thought for a minute that you were going to fuck me. Sure you don’t want to?” I declined the offer and dropped my hand down and held onto his cock. We both fell asleep that way.

It was 5:15 when I felt his mouth on my cock for a morning wake-up suck. I quickly moved down in the bed so we could go for our last 69. I think I enjoyed the last one as much as I did some of the other ones.

We left for the airport, boarded the plane and were assigned the same seats as before, which meant that we were side-by-side again. However, the seat across the aisle was occupied; it was daylight; people were not sleeping; and the fight attendants were moving about. No air jerk-offs this time, but I had enough for one trip.

The plane landed and we parted company without a kiss or a quick feel–just a thank you. I got an e-mail from Al two days later with three pictures of his cock as an attachment. The message was one of shock and awe: He told me that there was an opening in his company for an associate training representative and that it was mine if I wanted it. This would mean that he would make the original sale to a client and we would follow it up with training sessions. I am discussing this with my wife now. The only hold-back is the amount of travel I would have to do and she would be alone. However, I think I’ve already made my decision.

Wish I had a suck-buddy in the Ottawa, Ontario area to keep my mouth in tune 🙂

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