Bee Girl and Knicker Boy Ch. 02


“How about these?” Bee held up the tiny lace knickers she had worn the first day we met. It was now four days later and she was searching for a pair of knickers for me to wear out tonight.

“Aren’t they-“


“I’m not sure that they would keep everything in Bee. They are quite tiny. Why can’t I just wear some of my own?”

“Because the point is that we are dressing up as each other. These ones will be fine,” and with that she thrust the knickers into my hand along with the matching bra. Next she handed me a black skirt and one of what seemed to be an inexhaustible supply of black and yellow striped jumpers. “This one is a bit big for me so it should be ok for you. We’ll do your hair once your dressed.”

I made my way back to my room, undressed and delayed getting dressed again by stopping at my sink to shave. Freshers week was now in full swing and had been something of a social whirl. It had mainly comprised of sleepy mornings, afternoons full of administrative tedium and nights of drinking and making new friends. My flatmates were all friendly and for now we were all getting along well. Bee and I had stolen some precious moments together but we could not be described as a couple, ‘good friends’ was probably more fitting. Tonight was Wednesday night and Wednesday night of freshers week was drag night at the student union. Boys dressing up as girls, girls dressing up as boys. Bee had hit upon the idea of the two of us simply swapping clothes, a convenient idea that meant she could still wear girl’s knickers.

I finished shaving and started to dress again. I stepped into the knickers and pulled them up. They were too small for me and there was limited room for my penis which proceeded to flop out whichever way I tried to position it. Next I picked up her bra and, before putting it on, had a quick peek at the label. 34C. Bra sizes have always turned me on, just the sound of them. 34C, 32B, 36D, whatever. They just sound sexy. I fastened the bra around my chest and padded it out with a few rolled up socks. I quickly pulled the jumper on over the top to save my embarassment. The skirt was actually quite comfortable and I was pleased with the overall effect despite the discomfort of my crotch.

I made my way back through to Bee’s room and found her pulling my pair of brown cords up her legs and fastening them with my belt. She wore my blue jumper and had dotted her face with stubble using eyeliner. Unable to do anything to replicate my much shorter hair she had simply covered hers up with a woolly hat taken from my room. The effect was oddly disorientating.

“Hello Thomas,” I greeted her.

“Hi Bee,” she replied. “Look, I’m not wearing a bra,” and she thrust her chest out, making it impossible for me to miss the bulge of her shapely breasts.

“Well, I wouldn’t expect you to wear a bra,” I said, trying to stay in character.

She giggled and pressed herself up against me. She ran one flat palm over the front of my skirt, awakening my soft penis. “How are the knickers?”


“You’ve got good boobs,” she cupped my sock-padded tits. “You’ve done them a bit big to be me though,” she smiled.

“Nah,” I insisted and slid one hand up her jumper to cup her boob, causing her to purr with pleasure, “I think I got them just right.”

She removed my hand from her chest and told me to sit down at her desk. I did as I was told and she began to decorate my hair with yellow and black clips and bobbles, pulling bits of hair this way and that. Next she slipped assorted bracelets up my wrists and painted my nails. We argued about make-up before hitting the compromise that I would wear eyeliner and mascara but that was all. She applied it enthusiastically.

Our flatmates had congregated in the kitchen and as we strode in, Bee looking like me and me looking like Bee, they broke into a spontaneous round of applause. We got drinks and joined the party, the girls all comparing their applied stubble, us boys predictably comparing our fake chests. Soon we decided that we should move down to join the party at the student’s union and finished our drinks in preparation. However, as we moved off down the corridor I realised that Bee was missing and assumed that she had gone to the toilet. I told the rest of the group that I would wait for her and as I waited on my own in the corridor I paced up and down practicing swinging my hips whilst I walked and pushing my sock-boobs out in front of me. When Bee didn’t reappear for five minutes I began to worry. I checked the bathroom but she wasn’t there and so I knocked on her door but there was no escort bayan ataköy answer there either. Realising my phone was in my room I went there and was surprised as I opened the door to find Bee in my room, looking like me and standing at my wardrobe.

“Oh. What are you doing here?” I enquired, a little confused and a little annoyed.

“I don’t feel like going to the student union,” she replied. “I feel like staying here.”


“You look sexy.”

“I look like you.”

She giggled. “Lets play a game.”

“O-kay,” I replied hesitantly.

“Well, not so much a game, more of a re-enactment.”

“Ok. What do you want to re-enact?” Now I was completely confused.

“I want us to re-enact what happened the first day we met.”

My head whirred with the implications. She wanted us, me dressed up as her, her dressed up as me, to re-enact us having sex. I still didn’t understand how this would work entirely but the more I thought about it the more I liked it and my cock, one step ahead of me, was already growing hard in anticipation.

“Do I have to be all nervous and stuff?” I asked.

“No, I have to be all nervous and stuff. You get to be a purring sex kitten,” she said with a wink.

“Well, I can certainly do that. So, what happens first?”

“You don’t remember? You come into my room all sexy looking and find me packing away my clothes and I try to hide the fact I’m staring at your boobs and hold myself back from jumping your bones straight away.”

I backed out of my room and knocked on the door. I heard Bee shout to come in and entered. I sat down on my bed, my hands behind me and pushed my chest out for effect. Bee pretended to look all flustered and made a show of staring straight at my chest.

“C-come and s-s-sit down,” she stammered.

“Hey, I wasn’t like-” I started but she held up a hand and glared at me. “Ok… um… you can call me Bee if you want,” I made an attempt at fluttering my eyelashes towards her. “Um… something about me being dressed like a bee.”

“It’s not weird at all, you seem like an ace person,” Bee said with a smile. “Anyway, maybe I’ve got my own secret.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“I- I like to wear girl’s knickers,” the sentence sounded unreal coming from her mouth.

“Can I see?” I tried my best at a coquettish purr.

With that she pulled down her trousers and I was left staring at her wearing my knickers which, suffice to say, looked far far better on her. My cock was definitely getting much harder now and was forming a tent shape in my skirt. I did nothing but gaze with admiration at her legs, her hips and the black lace that was obscuring her pussy. The very same garment at which she had gazed at in astonishment just days before.

“I can’t believe you’re wearing girl’s knickers,” I told her.

“I don’t wear them all the time.”

“They’re nice. I think I’ve got some quite similar.” I did have some like that, she was wearing them right now. This game was confusing but I wasn’t complaining. “Um, what comes next?”

“I blush a bit and you offer to show me your knickers.”

“Oh, right. Do you want to see my knickers?”

“Mmm, yes please,” she replied. She was much better at being me than I was.

I stood up, my hard-on already obvious through my skirt. Trying to ignore this I unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving me standing in a pair of too-small knickers from which my hard cock had already burst free. It did not even keep my balls in and so was essentially just decoration but Bee still grinned approvingly. Now I pulled the jumper up and over my head revealing a black lacy bra stuffed with socks. A naughty smile crept across Bee’s face before she realised instead that she was supposed to be gawping at my breasts.

“Mmm, nice,” she said, forgetting to look at my chest and instead staring straight at my erect penis. I took the compliment.

She took a step towards me and grabbed a handful of my butt cheeks, feeling the material stretched over them. The head of my cock was already pushing against the top of her thigh. Bee knelt down and proceeded to run her finger along the embroidery on the front of the knickers, looking up at me as she did this. She knew full well that I would much rather she stroked my cock instead but she was clearly keen on sticking to the script. Her fingers explored further down and I felt her fingertips brush across my testicles and further down between my legs.

“Take them off,” I could hardly get the words out.



She escort bayan fatih pulled the knickers down and now my throbbing cock was just inches from her face. She licked her lips and allowed her tongue to slowly crawl out of her mouth until the tip of it connected with the tip of my cock. I gasped and placed my hands on her head, willing her to take my cock into her mouth. She held it at the base and brought her open mouth down on it, the head disappearing in first followed by the next few inches of the shaft. I looked down at her past my sock-boobs and could see that her other hand was busy in her knickers as she began to slide my engorged member in and out of her mouth. She let it fall out, looked up at me, then back to my saliva-covered cock and shoved it back into her mouth again, sucking hard on it, her lips sliding beautifully back and forth, occasional moans escaping her mouth as she fingered herself a little harder.

“Turn around and… bend over,” she managed to say as she pulled her mouth away from my cock, her fingers still busy.

I did as I was told and placed my hands on the bed and thrust my bum in the air. Seconds later I felt Bee’s soft flesh up against me and she took my cock in her hand and started slowly stroking it from behind. The chunky bracelets on my wrists jangled against each other as my hands took the full weight of my body and the force of her strokes.

“Mmm… your cock is nice and wet. Slips through my hands really easily.”

“Harder. Faster,” I pleaded.

“Like this,” she complied with my wishes, gripping it harder and increasing her speed until she was wanking me furiously.


Suddenly she stopped what she was doing.

“Don’t stop, please, don’t stop.”

“Wait… I need to lock my door.”

She let go of my cock and moved away. This was my cue to get on the bed and start masturbating. She turned back to find me lying on my back in just her bra, frantically wanking my rock hard cock. She was still wearing my blue jumper and a woolly hat and she made no move to take them off as she walked towards the bed and then prowled up the bed to me on all fours until her dripping wet pussy was positioned directly over my cock.

“Please, take the jumper off.”

“That didn’t happen the first time,” she shook her head. I wanted her completely naked, I wanted to see her riding my cock, her breasts bouncing as she did so.

“Ok then. Keep it on but please fuck me NOW.”

“You’re so dominant.”

With that she slid her pussy down onto my cock. The tip of my cock pressed against the entrance to her hole which was soaking wet with her juices, I couldn’t help thrusting my hips and feeling how tight the entrance was. My hands found her bum and I squeezed it, encouraging her to slide her cunt all the way down my cock until I was filling her up. Her hole was tight and wet and she started to slide up and down along my shaft, using my dick to get her own pleasure. She looked down at me with a dirty smile on her face and continued to grind away. I could feel her pussy tightening more and more around my dick, with each thrust she seemed more and more turned on and she began to let out little moans each time she slid all the way down me. She kept getting faster and faster and I could this was sending me spiralling towards orgasm. I could feel that soon I was going to erupt up inside her but before I could tell her this she slowed down and told me-

“I’m going to… come soon.”

“If you come… I’ll come.” I could imagine the walls of her pussy spasming around the shaft of my cock and knew that that would cause me to come.

She slid up and off me and now her fingers began to busily rub her clit. As she did this I took hold of my cock and began to wank myself off manically, the fact that my come was going to spurt out at any second the only thing I could think of. My hand slid easily up and down the shaft, lubricated by Bee’s juices. Suddenly I felt Bee’s fingers sliding over my balls until they settled and she gently began to probe my prostrate. The sensation was a surprise but was certainly not unpleasant.

“Yes…oh… yes,” I moaned, encouraging her to carry on whilst I stroked myself faster and faster.

“You going to come?”

I nodded and with that thick jets of come flew out of my cock, landing on Bee’s hand and wrist and the bed covers.

Bee was still masturbating furiously and, turned on by the sight of my climax, she looked ready to come. But suddenly she stopped what she was doing and crawled further up the bed until she was straddling my escort bayan şişli face. Once there her fingers got back to work on her clit and as she reached her orgasm I began invading her pussy hole with my tongue, licking the entrance to her cunt for all I was worth. I felt her legs clamp hard around my head and her pussy spasm over and over whilst somewhere above me she moaned with pleasure.

Moments later she lay on my stomach, a look of satisfaction on her face whilst she idly cupped my sock-boobs.

“You’ve got a great cock. And great boobs.”

“Can I take them off now?” I asked.

“I guess so.”

I undid her bra and sighed with the relief of finally taking it off. Rolled up pairs of socks tumbled out of it. Bee watched me and then sat up and lifted my jumper up and over my head. I grinned appreciatively as I took in the sight of her breasts. She reached up and pulled off her hat but my eyes remained glued to the immaculate curves of her chest.

“They’re just boobs,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, but they’re beautiful,” I told her and, as if to demonstate my point, leaned in to them and began to lick all around one nipple. Her nipple immediately grew erect and I enjoyed taking it between my teeth and nibbling gently on it as she mmmed quietly to herself. I could taste the salty taste of the sweat on her skin as I kissed my way across her chest to her other nipple which I treated in the same way as the first.


“Mmm?” I asked.

“That feels nice.” To my amazement her fingers had begun to explore her worn-out pussy whilst I played with her nipples and now the sight of her doing that set me off again. My cock was not yet fully hard but I could see it growing again, slowly yet steadily. I took one of her nipples between finger and thumb and twisted it, then pinched it and then pulled it before letting it go. This had the effect of increasing the speed of Bee’s masturbation and when I went to toy with her other nipple my other hand found my cock and before I knew it I was once more stroking my hard cock.

“I want you to fuck me,” Bee ordered dreamily as if she were off on another planet.

“You want me to fuck you?”

“I want you to fuck me HARD.”

With that I was between her legs, pushing the head of my cock once more into her tight, wet and throbbing pussy.

“Fuck me HARD and FAST,” she ordered. “Make me come.”

I slid into her and began to slam into her as hard as I could. She moaned, wrapped her legs around me and began to bite my shoulder as my stiff dick explored the tight passage of her pussy. I pushed as far in as I could and pulled nearly all the way out, using the whole of my cock to pleasure her. She was getting tighter and tighter as I rammed her over and over again, no thought in my mind but the fact that she was moaning and sighing and scratching her fingernails down my back with pleasure. No thought but making her come, certainly no thought of stopping.

A series of short moans warned me of Bee’s oncoming orgasm and seconds later I felt her pussy spasming over and over again as I put all my energy into fucking her as hard as I possibly could. She clenched around my cock, gripping harder and harder and I felt certain that I was going to come but I managed to hold off as I watched her nipples bounce around as her body jolted over and over again. I felt as though I could have charted her orgasm by the movement of her nipples and recorded the orgasm’s size on the richter scale. Finally her pussy began to settle down around my hard cock, yet when I tried to pull out of her she pleaded with me to stay inside her a second longer.

“I have to take my dick out of you at some point,” I reasoned.

“Mmm… not yet.”

Absentmindedly I began thrusting slowly into her.

“Mmm, that’s right. Keep on fucking me… I can tell you need to come.”

I did need to come, she was right. I picked up the pace and once more I started screwing her, her pussy tight from her orgasm, my dick desperate to get off on the feeling of being inside her.

“When you want to come, mmm, pull out of me and spray it all over me.”

“All over you?”

“Make me as messy as you want.”

This spurred me on and I began fucking her harder and harder whilst she moaned gently.

“I’m going to come Bee,”

“Yeah, come on me. Come all over my tits.”

I couldn’t help it after that remark. I pulled my cock out of her and watched as more come burst from my cock and landed all over her stomach and her chest, big drops of the stuff running down between her boobs. I stayed on my knees for a moment longer completely out of breath, looking down at Bee soaked in my semen.

She began to giggle as she looked at the mess I had made on her and that was the last sound I heard before I collapsed on the bed next to her and we both dopily stumbled into a slumber.

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