Bedtime Stories Pt. 04


My way back up the stairs is lined with guilt, and remorse. My still tingling cock is a constant reminder of what had just happened. What I had done, what your sister did, and what I didn’t do to stop her. How I had cheated on you, with her.

Sure, it takes two to tango and all that, but that wasn’t a tango, that was your sister giving your husband a blowjob, while you were still at home, sleeping in your bed, right upstairs. That was me, sneaking into her room, stealing her panties, and…

I can hear my own heart beating as I slowly open the door to our bedroom. I hear you breathing peacefully, and I can smell the alcohol as I enter the room. You’ve been out for drinks all right, Tequila, was it? Yeah, it sure has taken a toll on you honey.

I drop my robe and sneak under the covers, hoping I didn’t wake you up.

Laying still for well over a minute, listening as you sleep, replaying tonight’s events in my head, over and over. How she woke me up, waving her upper hand in my face as she just caught me with her panties, wet handed, after she had tucked you in, closing the door behind you. She knew what she was doing. Her lips around my cock, letting me cum inside her wet mouth, sucking every last drop out of me, the seduction in her eyes, she loved it.

I was supposed to be able to resist, remain faithful. After all, whatever comes out of this, she will still be your sister. Sure, you will hate her, for a while, but nevertheless your sister. I will be the one who cheated on you, and she will be the one showing you what a cheating asshole your “ex” husband was. If you’d ever found out about it.

Yeah, I did let her suck it, let her make me cum… and I enjoyed it… I loved it.

A secret, remember?

You turn Taksim escort in your sleep, placing your arm over me, and I let you cuddle in with your head resting against my shoulder and my arm around you. Your hand is gently caressing my chest, exploring me with your fingers. I can smell the alcohol on your breath.

“What have you been doing tonight?” You ask, and my stomach clenches.

“I’ve been watching TV.” It’s not entirely a lie, at least I think I did.

“You’ve probably been watching porn, you big perv.” You continue and laugh quietly, reaching down, grabbing my cock, and start stroking it.

My head is spinning, and my thoughts are all over the place as you kiss your way down my stomach, letting my cock inside your mouth. Warm and wet, as you lower yourself over it, knowing exactly how my cock fits in your mouth, and how you love feeling it grow and harden inside you.

I can’t shake the image of your sister, as she just did what you are doing right now, and how it arouses me, how it makes me grow even harder.

The sounds you make tells me how much you enjoy it, pleasuring your man with your lips around his cock, how it turns you on, makes you wet, to eagerly prove your dedication and skill, hearing his soft moans, feeling his fingers through your hair.

You get up, standing on all four, with your ass and pussy straight at me, arching yourself as deep as you can, letting your round buttcheeks spread open, showing me everything, urging me to fuck you, to stick my hard cock deep inside your wet aching hole.

Kneeling behind you I grab your ass, squeezing it firmly, making you moan and circle your hips, showing me how uncontrollably horny you are, how much you want it.

Numb by my Taksim escort bayan own arousal, I suppress all remorse and guilt as far back my own ass as humanly possible, and bury my cock all the way deep inside you, spreading you open as I’m pushing it in as far as it goes, and you answer with a deep guttural moan of pleasure. I know you love it, being fucked like this, with your man all the way inside your wet, gripping cunt, letting him please himself inside of you.

Grunting and moaning, I thrust my cock in and out, slapping my hips against your ass as I’m pushing it in with my entire weight behind each thrust. Increasing the pace, fucking you faster, enjoying your unrestrained whimpers and deep moans of pure unbridled pleasure.

I spread your ass further, massaging your tight rear hole, circling my thumb around it, pressing it against your entrance, as you keep grinding yourself against me, telling me how much you want it, all of it.

I keep pushing my thumb against your asshole, letting it relax enough to let it in.

Oh yeah, I know you like it, especially when you’re all hot and horny like this.

Filling your ass with my thumb, and keep fucking your wet pussy, deep and hard, letting your asshole adapt, get itself used to it, until I pull out and start rubbing your wet pussy juice between your buttcheeks, wetting you with spit and your own fluids, steering my cock against the tight clenching opening, your rear entrance, your asshole, gently pressing it against you until you’re slowly letting the tip inside.

Holding still, keeping you like that, feeling your clamping ass squeeze hard around my cock, as you start rocking yourself against me, letting you take it deeper, letting you fuck yourself Escort taksim with my cock.

I grab your hair, turning your head, reaching for your lips, kissing you, as I start to move in and out of your tight hole. Your breaths and your moans against my lips turns me on even further, and I start fucking you, deep and slow, slowly increasing the pace… harder, getting myself closer.

Laying myself on top of you, reaching down between your thighs, rubbing my fingers against your pussy, and you keep pushing yourself back against my cock invading your dirty little hole.

I grab you hard, digging my fingers firmly into your pussy lips, as if it was my own, to handle the way I wanted, hearing you getting closer, and closer, moaning deeper, breathing faster, panting. I know how much you love my hard cock in your ass.

You’re squeezing your moans in agony through your teeth as your body starts tensing, cramping your buttcheeks around my cock forcing it’s way in and out of your clenching, tight ass.

“Cum baby.” I eager you to let go and climax around my cock, and I push myself as deep as I reach in your tightening hole, feeling my orgasm start building down my pulsating crotch, up through my stomach, making me groan loudly as I pump my cum deep inside your convulsing body.

Your orgasm comes rushing, wave after wave, intensely sweeping through your body, making you shake and scream, with your face buried deep down your pillow, thrusting yourself hard against my cock, making it slam all the way in for each thrust. Gripping my throbbing shaft with your tight ass squeezing hard around it. Tensing yourself, cramping, pumping all of me deep inside of you, in a never ending, mutual orgasm.

* * *

Rolling off of you, letting my cock slide out, laying on my back beside you, catching my breath, with your hand holding mine, fingers tangled tightly together.

As the heat of the moment slowly passes, guilt and remorse starts taking its place.

Yet another sleepless night ahead.

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