Becky Gets Laid


Standing under the spray of the shower she thought back to what she just wittiness. Her room mate, Tina on her hands and knees sucking her naked boyfriend’s cock in the living room. She stood there and watch them for almost 10 minutes waiting for him to cum. Then she saw that he was watching her and smiling. She turned and went to her room.

He watched Becky walked away. He wanted her to stay and keep him excited. Although he like his girlfriend, but she did not excite him as much as she thinks. What he wanted was a chance with Becky. Now she could turn him on just walking into the room. Many times while in bed with Tina he would pretend it was Becky with him. He did not know why she excited him so much. She wasn’t sexy like his girlfriend, and her tits were not as big but it didn’t matter. He was just getting into it when his girlfriend pulled back and stood saying she had to go, and she would make it up to him later. He stood there stroking his cock watching her walk out the door. Slowly he went over and put the chain on, and locked the door. Walking down the hall he heard the shower running and escort şişli the door was ajar.

Pushing the door open he walk in. Through the clear curtain he saw Becky standing under the water. Closing the door quietly he lean back and watched her. Her hand moved slowly down her body, stopping to squeeze her tits then continue down to over her tummy to her pussy. Watching and hearing her moans and sighs got him even harder. He walks over and slowly pulls back the shower curtain.

“There’s something I have always wanted to say to you.” he said softly. She gasp and jumps back with her back against the wall she notices that he’s stroking his hard cock. She watches as he steps in and closes the curtain, and sits on the bench.

” What’s that?” she asks. He put his hands on her hips, and slowly he moved them down her legs. Then slowly back up before moving them to the front and slowly down to her ankles. Turning his hand he moved them to the inside of her legs and slowly he moved them up, parting her legs at the same time.

“I have often wondered what you would feel like, naked besiktas escort next to me. What you taste like? But most of all I fantasized about being hard inside you. Now I think I am going to find out.” he told her, burying his mouth in her pussy.

“OH GOD!” She cries out, sinking down onto his mouth. He mumbles words against her pussy sending vibrations thorough out her body. He slips his tongue inside and she explodes into his mouth. He keeps sucking and licking until he swallows every drop.

“Please don’t be mad at me.” he whisper to her over and over again.

Slowly she opens her eyes to find him holding her, she lifts her head and looks into his eyes and there she saw everything she needed to know. Leaning in she kisses him softly and he grabs her pulling her unto his lap. She lifted up and he grab his cock and rubbed it back and forth against her pussy. Slowly she lowered her self down taking his hard thick cock inside. Grabbing her hips he help her ease down. “God baby your so fucking tight.” he groaned. Her head falls back and suddenly she drops down taking all escort taksim 10 inches inside.

“Oh Godddddddddd!!!” they both groaned. Holding her tightly he stood up, turned off the water and carried her to her bed. Laying her gentle down he followed her down. Grabbing her thighs, he pulled her legs onto his back and then grabs her hip and pounds her pussy hard.

“Ohhhhhh yes fuck me, fuck me harder.” she cries out. Leaning down he take a nipple into his mouth sucking hard. Suddenly she stiffen and cried out that she was cumming.

“I going to blow too.” he grunted, spilling his cum deep inside her. Holding her tightly against him they both fell asleep. Hours later he awoke to find Becky between his legs sucking his cock. He couldn’t stop from moving, it felt so good.

“God baby you sure know how to wake a man up. mmmmm, feels so good. Please don’t stop Honey.” he groaned. She started moving her mouth faster, and rubbing his balls against the base of his cock. She moved her finger up against his asshole. Suddenly she felt him stiffen and then she felt the hot thick liquid shoot into her mouth.

Licking her lip as she swallowed the last of his cum just as they both heard Tina’s loud car pulling into the driveway. Quickly he runs for the shower and Becky grabs her dress and pulls it on and runs into the Kitchen to start dinner.

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