Beautiful Agony – Chapter Five


Have you ever had palpitations? When you truly believe that your heart is about to jump right out of your chest? I put my hand on my left breast and felt the thumping behind my ribs. All Zoe had done was to reach out to take my hand but my body seemed to be in the act of surrendering, totally. Justyna came to our table and kissed me in traditional style. She whispered in my ear.“Be strong Suzy, remember, I lof you.”I bowed my head and let myself be led away. The taxi was right outside the door. A gleaming black Mercedes. The driver opened the doors for us. Blonde, in uniform, beautiful. She reminded me of the girl with the daffodils on that canal boat on it’s way back from the flower market. That was now a lifetime ago, everything was moving so fast. The car was luxurious, the scent of leather, cool air from the little vents in the door-panels. The doors made a funny click and I guess that the driver had locked them, and then we were off. The tyres made a strange sound as the car ran along the tram lines. Bicycles criss-crossed our path. We were on Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal (don’t ask), it’s the street where the old men in their long black coats and tall black hats with their battered bicycles sell their rare stamps.Now we were way from Kolej Escort the center and heading West and along faster roads.Suddenly Zoe leaned forward and pressed a button beside her seat and a dark glass screen rose up, separating us from the driver.  Then she turned to me and spoke for the first time since leaving the bar.“Take off your panties.”Looking back, the incredible thing is that I did not hesitate. I slid forward a bit, reached under my dress and pulled them down to my ankles and kicked them off. I bent to pick them up.“Give them to me Suzy.” Zoe said, “now your bra please.”Well, you know what shape I am and so I normally wear a bralette just to conceal my nipples.“Here, let me help you.” Zoe said and I turned away to let her undo the buttons at the back of my dress. Some twisting and turning and the silly little elasticated top eventually emerged from one of the arm-holes. Zoe buttoned me back up and sat back, putting my underwear in her bag. Were we channelling ‘The Story of O’ here? I had hated that story for its dark cruelty but the the book had begun that way, as O was being prepared for her arrival at Roissy.I thought hard about Justyna and tried to be strong. Rus Escort We drove on in silence. I knew the obvious questions of every car passenger, I knew there was no point is asking where exactly we were going. I guessed that the prolonged silence was there to increase my anxiety about what awaited me. Well, it was working. I tried to concentrate on the view from my window, hoping to see some landmark that might help me understand where we were going. The roads widened and we accelerated to the correct 50 km per hour that everyone in the Netherlands obeyed.I watched as Zoe reached into her bag. She drew out a long strip of black cloth and told me to lift my head and the cloth covered my eyes and I was blind and my body was simply going crazy. I was getting so wet. I was now a permanent resident in my most enduring fantasy. My legs were crossed and I could feel my skin becoming all goose bumps. Then I felt the car turning, there was the crunch of gravel and the car slowed to a stop.“Stay here Suzy.” Said Zoe.I waited, silence except for the sound in my ears of my blood rushing so fast. The car door was opened and someone took my arm and helped me out. There was fresh air, on my face, Yenimahalle Escort the wind in the trees rustling the leaves, a crow was repeatedly cawing in the distance and I shivered.  Someone took my arm then I heard Zoe’s voice.“Six steps.” she said and led me forward. Cautiously I moved my foot forward and felt the bottom step, then it was easy. A key was turned in a lock and I was led inside and the door was closed and everything was quiet. There was a faint smell of cigar smoke. My blindfold was removed and my first sight was of vast staircase, a polished wood floor and there at the foot of the stairs stood Jenneke.“There you are, the girl with the big brown eyes, welcome to my home.” Jenneke’s smile totally melted me as I stood before her in my little summer dress.“Lift your skirt,” She said and I did.“Good girl, now turn around.”I could actually feel those piercing blue eyes examine my bare bottom.“Lovely Suzy, now Zoe will show you your room. We’ll meet in the study for drinks in, say, one hour?”Following Zoe up the stairs, I made no attempt to cover myself for I was starring in the most erotic dream of my life. Jenneke’s house was beautiful, the walls were lined with framed photographs, paintings and beautiful tapestries. We walked along a passageway, and then a door and Zoe guided me into a lovely bedroom. It was huge. She put my bag in a chair and opened the curtains and light flooded in and suddenly I felt safer. I felt protected. Told myself I had not been kidnapped for God’s sake. I was here for a sexy weekend photo shoot, that’s all.

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