Beach Cabin Vacation


Beach Cabin Vacation

Every year we visit this little cabin by the sea. It is quaint and bright like a glistening jewel on the beach. Skylights and large windows abound. White paint and blue trim on the outside. Comfortable and casual on the inside. The beach surrounds it. The sand reaches into it. Everywhere. The cabin is a great place to visit but it isn’t the place I want to live.

The nearest cabins are far enough away that sunbathing can be done discreetly. Not that any of our family are blatant nudists. Still, there have been a few moments of a complete unburdening of our cares. Especially before the kids were born. Since then we’ve introduced it to our kids but don’t make a point out of it.

We have two children and they have been the greatest adventures of our lives. Each trip to the coast is filled with wonderful memories. Years of beach glass and driftwood. Collections of feathers, seaweed and skeletons. Sunburns and injuries. Parties and celebrations. Everything in our lives seemed to pass through that little cabin by the sea.

Since the children were born we treated it like a summer camp. Boys stay in one room. Girls in the other. It made for a nice change from home and we had great bonding moments. And much like camp, we played pranks on each other; short sheeting, lizards in the sheets, spooky sounds over hidden walkie-talkies. Years of wonderful memories of growing up again and again.

Now the kids are in college. Anne is studying chemistry in medicine. Tommy on the other hand is studying literature, social sciences, aka partying. They both live away from home most of the time and we love catching up with them when they are home. Still we take time every year to visit our vacation spot on the sands by the sea. Reconnect the family. Spend some bonding time, maybe some pranks. They still enjoy being kids and cutting loose. Everything was fun and games until…

This summer our lives took a sharp turn. They had come home in the winter due to the pandemic. Everyone was sheltering in place and the schools went completely online. We were getting bored and looking for any kind of escape from this reality. So, when the area around our vacation spot opened for the summer we were ecstatic. We mounted a quick plan, packed and head out. It was great to be there away from everything else. The quiet nights and crashing waves were a backdrop to strange times.

It all started with a wild wet dream. I had been dreaming about a party when I started to get aroused. In my dream I drifted back onto a couch while someone was groping and stroking me. I was enjoying the dream a lot and kept getting more and more excited. My hand moved down and aided the action. I felt hazy and unfocused. Something was moving in my hand but it wasn’t me. My mind was jolted out of the dream when I realized I was going to cum.

My body was already dumping my seed when I awoke enough to realize someone was sucking my cock. My hand brushing the hair on their head. I tried to bring my groggy attention to the room as I rationalized where I was and who might be the perpetrator. But I was still cumming. Whoever it was kept sucking as I spent myself. It felt so good and distracted me from answering that question of who. I just jerked with each suck of their mouth until I was spent.

My mind took the moment and sloshed back to focus. Cabin, bedroom, Tommy… Tommy!? ‘Oh my God! Tommy?’ I thought to myself. I couldn’t react. It was like my body wasn’t listening to my instructions. It still felt like a dream. Whoever was under the blankets release their hold on my cock. I froze. So, I pretended to remain asleep and quietly observed what happened next. As I lay quietly my cock was sucked clean. It felt good. Things seemed to fade in and out. But, I wanted to know; was it someone else who snuck in? It wasn’t likely to be Mary. She wasn’t really in to that sort of thing anymore. What about Anne? My face flushed. Or was it really Tommy?

It didn’t take long to find out. The lump under the blankets slowly, quietly slid to the other side of the bed. A head of dark hair poked out from under the blankets and settled unto the pillow beside me. Even tho he was facing the other way, I knew who it was. Tommy. The color of my face must have changed through multiple shades of red as I came to terms with what just happened. I still felt strange. My body wasn’t responding. Am I just dreaming?

I tried to check in with myself. Was I asleep? My head was foggy and my eyes were glassy. My skin was warm but not clammy. My cock was still tingling. It’s hard to tell, am I awake? I started thinking about the dream. He did such a good job. I wanted more. But he’s my son. My young man. We always had a good time growing up as buddies. He had girlfriends growing up that he must have experimented with. I always figured he would meet (or meat) a nice woman some day. A woman who would love him and give him the pleasures of love. I felt confused. In a way betrayed.

Still, it felt unreal. Like a dream even tho I felt awake. I wasn’t sure what my thoughts amounted to as I awoke a couple hours later with a wet spot under my hip. Was it all just a wet dream? How weird. It felt so real. Could it be that I dreamt the whole thing? I’ve had stranger dreams, but this one took the cake. Kinky, twisted, and so real. Things began to fade. Something seemed to be rewriting my memories. Now I don’t know if it was or not. My feelings seemed to slip away. I looked around and knew it was the cabin. My heart lightened up.

Tommy stirred next to me and pushed back into me as he always did. I automatically put my arm around him and cuddled him in, “Good morning pal.” He stretched and moaned, “Love you Dad.” I held him tight for a minute and he struggled away as usual. This seems right, real. It must have been a dream. Tommy jumped out of bed in his white briefs and headed for the bathroom. Like father like son. I lay my head back on my pillow. I’ll have to pee when he’s done. My dick twitched. What a crazy night.

The whole day was normal and by the time lunch had arrived I had let go of the dream of the night before. After lunch Mary and I were sitting by the ocean waves as the kids played volleyball. She reached over to hold my hand and squeezed it with a smile. The low slung beach chairs were sinking in the sand as I finished my beer. Mary grabbed my empty and headed back to the cabin saying she needed to cover up.

The kids were arguing about something and I couldn’t help noticing Anne’s thong bikini and her round ass. Her cheeks shook and shimmied, glistening in the sun. The beer was doing a number on me and my mind drifted through bits of last night’s dream. If I had a choice I think would have taken anything Anne would give. But, I’m her father. I tried to curb my feelings. It was difficult to keep my mind off her young body shaking and bouncing as she and Tommy played. The beer took over control and I just hung there in space. My mind turned to the thought of Anne in my dream instead of Tommy.

Without noticing I let myself get excited. My cock hardening in my baggie surfer pants. My smile grew from ear to ear as I watched delightedly while the two of them played. Things turned rough and I watched in slow motion as Anne’s sweet cheeks backed right into my crotch. She fell back on my lap and her buns wrapped around my hard cock like a hot dog bun. Tommy was pushing on her and her ass was rubbing my rod. Suddenly the chair collapsed and we both slammed into the ground.

Anne fell back on me as we flattened out on the ground. The thick rod of my cock pressed against her crack with a solid jab. She squeezed her cheeks and wiggled. topkapı escort Then she quickly jumped up and yelled at Tommy. They both ran around me. My dick was screaming. I was trying to laugh but was still in shock. My cock started throbbing. What was happening? Last night’s dream, Anne’s ass rubbing me. I closed my eyes for a moment. Maybe I’m still dreaming.

When I opened my eyes, Anne and Tommy were standing around me. I was still laying on the ground. That’s when they both said, “Dad, are you OK?” Each of them grabbed an arm lifting me back to my feet. I did my best to hide my erection. Anne laughed, “Maybe your getting too big for those old chairs daddy.” Tommy looked at her with a frown and pushed her away. They both laughed and went on about their games.

Later that evening at the campfire Anne, who had been talking quietly with Tommy began raising her voice, “No! I won. Fair and square.” Tommy shook his head mumbling under his breath, “It’s not fair. You cheated.” Anne sat up straight and pouted ignoring her brothers pleas. Mary smiled at me and tilted her head towards them. A sure signal that she wanted me to step in and be the moderator/umpire. I had to clear my mind. A lot happened today. But first I donned my officials hat.

Putting on my best game face I drew in the attention, “Were you two playing a game? There will always be winners and losers.” They knew the routine. Anne was first, “Yes. We played volleyball to decide something and Tommy… is going back on our bet.” This was not news. The two of them had always used our family games as the decider when they couldn’t agree, or it was a tough decision. They disagreed and argued from time to time. Things had always worked out. So, this time shouldn’t be any different.

“Tommy. Do you have anything to add?” I said, ever the fair umpire. Tommy looked at Anne with a hard stare. One that I hadn’t seen much. This must be something. Something big. Tommy just grunted. I watched as Anne’s grin widened. Neither Mary or I want our kids to fight with each other so I asked again, “Tommy. Do you have anything to add?” He turned to face me, “She won. But I still think she cheated.”

“So, shake hands and let’s put this behind us. Right?” They looked at each other, “Right.” They shook hands although Tommy still didn’t look pleased. Anne on the other hand was ecstatic. Her smile hadn’t wavered since the decision was brought down. “I didn’t cheat. But, I’ll give you a concession.” she said as she pointed to the volleyball. Meaning he could try again tomorrow. Mary and I smiled, “So, what was this bet for anyway?” Tommy went quiet as Anne announced, “I get to sleep with daddy for the rest of the weekend.”

My mouth must have hit the floor. This was just too much. My mind was reeling. Too many coincidences for my brain to handle. I just stared into the fire wondering what was going to happen next. The kids went into the kitchen then brought me and Mary our evening Tea. Before I knew it the fire was being doused and everyone was heading to bed. I on the other hand was glued to my seat. My mind had a meltdown somewhere on the trip and this has all been a dream. One wild, weird and crazy dream.

I don’t even remember getting to bed. But I do remember dreaming. It began like any other but suddenly and quite unexpectedly it turned erotic. A sexy body was dancing under a veil. It twisted and turned and rub against me somehow. I remembered thinking how nice it was to have Anne rubbing her body on me at the beach today. My body floated and it felt so good. The veils wrapped around my shaft and massaged me. My cock was hard and I wanted to cum. I started humping the air in my dream. Suddenly I was stirred by a shaking in the bed.

Again I was groggy and listless. I slowly became aware of my surroundings as my mind drifted. Laying on my side, my cock was raging and I didn’t dare move. I felt Anne get out of bed and then a short time later, return. She moved close so that I spooned her. I remained perfectly still wondering whether this was really happening or just another dream. Anne’s bottom brushed against my hot rod. Then she was still. I drifted and let myself go back to sleep, if I was awake. If I wasn’t…

A few minutes later I surely dozed off because the next thing I remember is getting close to cumming again. This time something very tight was around my cock. It pushed against me forcing my big shaft to be more and more enveloped. Oh god. I tried to be still but I couldn’t hold back and I squeezed my ass sending a surge of blood into my already hard shaft. I heard a faint moan. I started to become more conscious of what was happening.

Butt cheeks surrounded my cock. They pushed back as the shaft disappeared into a deep tight tube. Every wiggle, every push pumped my big cock between those cheeks. Oh my god. Was Anne fucking my cock. I can’t stop myself. I pushed forward gently. The head of my cock digging deeper into her slick tunnel. She pushed back accepting my help. I drew back a little and then steadily thrust my large cock into her tight hole. Then she pushed back harder and squeezing, clamping down on my shaft.

Suddenly I feel a hand on my hip pulling me on top of her small frame. As I rolled my body weight onto her, I could feel it pressing her into the mattress and my cock slid to a new depth. I heard a muffled groan and something that sounded like, ‘fuck me.’ I didn’t have to move, Anne’s little body was humping against my cock until I couldn’t hold back any longer and started to hump her on my way to an orgasm. My instinct in these situations is to rub the clit. So, I slid my hand under her belly just a I was beginning to cum deep in the hole.

To my surprise I found a cock and balls. “Tommy!?” I mumbled. My voice sounded weird and I was feeling out of control. Tommy was responding my orgasm as I squirted my seed deep into his ass, “Please dad… Don’t stop. Give it to me!” Something had a hold on me. I followed his instruction. I ground my cock into Tommy’s ass with each squirt. My body holding him down as I continued humping and dumping my seed into my young boy’s behind. Obviously, Tommy was enjoying every minute of me riding his ass.

Suddenly Tommy shouted into the mattress, “That’s it! Yes!” I felt my hand get slick and slippery. That’s when I realized I was still holding onto Tommy’s young penis and massaging it as I came. His hard-on began squirting his seed into my hand as I finished dumping mine into his ass. It must have been all the excitement but I just kept squirting until I passed out. Next thing I knew it was morning again and Anne was in bed with me. Are these dreams? Is this all a dream.

I gently felt my crotch and found the same wet spot under my hips. My hand was free of any sticky evidence. My cock seemed clean. Was it another dream? It seemed so real. Two nights in a row things had gone beyond normal. Dreams so real. Yet I felt like I was not in control. What was going on? I took a deep breath trying to calm myself and clear my mind. How could this be happening and why? Suddenly Anne stirred.

She slid in for me to spoon her. I automatically wrapped my arm around her, “Good Morning Sunshine.” I was back on autopilot. Her body was warm and gentle, “Love you daddy.” Then as with both our kids, she wrestled with me and escaped, deftly sliding out of the bed. I looked wide eyed as her cropped T-shirt and tight bikini underpants drifted out of the room. I could feel my dick start pulsing again. Something’s going on.

The rest of the day was shaded in beer. I wasted time examining the broken beach chair in the hopes of resurrecting it. But, aksaray escort no luck. The day ended and when we all went off to bed, I hesitated. My mind and body were at odds. A good night’s sleep was needed but I feared having another dream like the last two nights. No one seemed to notice. I just lay there with Anne’s body breathing softly next to mine. Eventually I succumbed to the comfort of soft sheets and a pillow for my aching head.

That night when the dream came I was trapped by a wiggling bear. It weighed my body down and held my head in place. The fear of being unable to get free brought me back to reality. Something sweet and warm was rubbing against my chin while something, or someone was roughly sucking my cock. My fears vanished as my cock took charge and told my hips to push. It’s just a dream after all.

As I did, my nose and mouth followed the sweet smell to a pussy. I was so relieved that it wasn’t Tommy that I dug right in. It wiggled and kept with it. My tongue found the spot I know so well and began a well rehearsed course of treatment. One that had been proven over the years to satisfy the sourest pussy. This one was no different. It slowed and allowed me to perform my tricks. It quaked and dripped proving my treatment was spot on. As I worked over the pussy, my cock was being treated to a deep and satisfying cleaning. It felt wonderful. It felt right.

A minute later the sucking stopped and the weight was lifted from my body. My foggy mind just drifted there completely disconnected. Next thing I knew the bed was shaking then legs straddled my hips and ground my stiff cock into a tight hole. I couldn’t tell which hole but it wasn’t something I was worried about at that moment. My hips held firm wanting more. The tight hole just swallowed my shaft a little at a time until it wouldn’t go in any further.

That’s when I heard a deep groan and the body fell on top of me. Her ass wiggled on my shaft. This time it was her back laying on me and I felt my hands being placed on their shoulders, urging me to help. Again my mind wasn’t in charge. My cock was. Dream or not. Two nights in a row and now this. This was the sexual drive ‘out of control’ feeling I recognized. With one smooth motion I rolled us both over till I had her body trapped under my weight. She wiggled around as my cock slid deeper and she sighed. My hands tightened on her shoulders.

First I pulled back and positioned my legs on either side of her hips. My legs helping to line her up. I pulled down on the shoulders and adding my hips, drove the shaft back in. Again I heard a mattress muffled groan and and faint ‘fuck me.’ This time I would have fucked it without being told. My concerns from the last two nights seemed to vanish into thin air as I followed directions and slowly fucked my cock in and out.

I worked deeper and was met with grunting approval. So I picked up my speed and began banging my cock deeply as I held her shoulders firm. Suddenly I felt her body spasm hard as she reached orgasm. Her trapped body thrashed and bounced under me, my weight stifled her throws. She settled into her spasms. Her ass milked my cock which caused me to cum. I pumped my seed deep over and over until we both collapsed exhausted. Best wet dream ever.

When I woke in the morning I wasn’t surprised to find all the same signs. Except my cock was still thick. Morning wood. It must have been a dream. Yet, it was so real. How could this have happened and not leave any evidence except for my wet dream. It just didn’t make sense. I looked around the room and all I saw was Anne sleeping next to me. Even she looked normal. Like nothing had happened.

She stirred and cuddled up to me. Oh God. My cock surged and poked against her legs. I could feel it pulsing with my heartbeat. It rubbed gently against her smooth skin getting more excited as it did. I felt it push between her soft legs. Anne pushed back against me and moaned, “Love you Daddy.” Then she slid off my cock and out of the bed, never looking back. My cock was hard and twitching as I watched her panties walk away.

I had to do something. Say, something. But what and to whom? Was it a dream or wasn’t it. The whole thing was embarrassing, incestuous, twisted. I’m their father. How could I let this happen? How could I not? This was so very wrong. But, I’d had the best sex in years. Something was going to break. What was going to become of us? The ethical conundrum weighed heavy on my mind. When the kids decided to take the car into town I took the opportunity to talk to Mary. One on one.

“I’ve been having some strange dreams. They seem so real. I’m beginning to question reality. Its making me crazy.” Mary looked surprised. Her eyes darted making sure we were along. No eavesdroppers. “Me too.” Now I was curious to know her experiences over the past three nights. I looked down at my hand, thinking, “Mine have been very erotic.” I was hoping to make it easier to talk about, “What about yours?”

Mary gasped, “Oh, Bob. Mine too.” She touched her chest and took deep breaths to calm herself. “I’m so embarrassed. Last night I let Tommy… Well, something… sexual.” I took her hand in mine. Looked into her eyes and without thinking said, “Tell me Honey. Its OK. I’m here.” She looked down and I watched her take a deep breath.

She looked up at me with a desire in her eyes I haven’t seen in years, “In my dream… Tommy put his penis in my mouth.” she closed her eyes, “I was floored. It felt so real. It felt so good.” Her face flushed and her lip quivered. I patted her hand and put on my best sympathetic face. She opened her eyes again staring hard, “He fucked me in the ass, Bob.” Her mouth opened and she panted, “And I let him. I even enjoyed it.” She shook the nape of her shirt trying to cool herself. Something in the back of my head thought, ‘So, the old Mary is still in there.’

After a moment to let that sink in, I realized how excited I was. Now I’m having a hard time keeping my silence. Not to mention my dick was enjoying the moment. “Its OK. It was just a dream.” trying to reassure her of something I wasn’t even sure of myself. “Did you also dream about Anne?” Mary pulled her hands away to cover her face, “The first dream I had was about Anne. She was sucking on my breasts. Like she was a little girl again. It felt so familiar…” Her hands still covering her face, Mary leaned back in her chair as if feeding her baby.

She started to laugh as she dropped her hands and looked around avoiding my eyes, “Then she touched my… vagina. I couldn’t help myself. I’m so embarrassed. It felt so good.” Her legs opened and closed sporadically under the table. Her hands rushed down there but quickly returned to her face. She was going to hyperventilate if I didn’t slow her down. “It’s OK Honey. I’m here and you’re safe.” She opened her hands like doors and stared out of her darkness. “Take a deep breath.”

As Mary calmed she began to smile oddly. Like some sort of high. My mind caught on something. The nights when I dreamt about Tommy, Mary dreamt about Anne. My mind was suddenly clear. Something was going on. Before I even worked it out in my head I knew. The two of them are in it together. I need to search the cabin. “Let me get you some tea. Does that sound good?” I kissed her forehead, hugged her and headed for the kitchen.

I made a quick pass of the kitchen shelves. Nothing. I poured Mary a cup and took it to her as I eyed the room. Nothing that obvious. I kissed Mary as I set down the cup of tea and told her to try and relax. Then I excused myself and headed for the bedrooms and bathroom. My quick search hadn’t nişantaşı escort turned up anything until I remembered a small fancy box that seemed to appear and disappear as we were unpacking from the trip. Now, where was it?

I checked on Mary and reassured her between attempts. It took some deep searching until I located it hidden in one of the few secret hiding places we’ve discovered at the cabin over the years. Inside the box was a dropper bottle. No label. I looked carefully at the quantity and calculated the number of days we’ve experienced the dreams. There wasn’t much missing from what I assumed was a full bottle to start. I thought to myself, ‘just a couple drops.’ They probably put it in… our tea! Each night they served us out tea at night.

Well, now comes the real test of my parentship. Do I accept the journey until it comes to a head so to speak. Or, do I bring the whole thing out into the open now and risk ruining the ride. The last few nights have been crazy. Mary is a wreck but salvageable. I’m feeling like payback is in order. And now that I know what the kids have been up to, no holds (or holes) are barred. I had to plan the best prank. First things first. I took the bottle to the kitchen and when I saw a chance, I put a couple drops in Mary’s tea.

Half an hour later Mary was relaxed, smiling and wobbly. She easily responded to touching and kissing. Her body more warm and welcoming. I took her to the bedroom and stripped her naked, kissing and rubbing along the way. Mary moaned and I could smell her sex. When I released my stiffening cock from my shorts, Mary was happy to see it. She stroked it and I could see that longing in her eyes again. I slowly urged it towards her mouth and she blindly stuck out her tongue.

“I want you to suck my cock.” She gasped a little and then looked up at me. I felt her hot breath against my skin. Her eyes watched me as she pulled the tip of my cock to her waiting mouth. She watched my response as her mouth closed around it. I nodded my approval, “Good girl.” Sucking on the head she closed her eyes and moaned. I watched her begin to slide it in and out. She was getting into it. Her eyes opened and looked up at me. Then she pulled it as deep as it would go. Her eyes widened seeing my pleasured response.

“Do you like sucking that cock? I know you do.” Her eyes tried to deny it but she started moving faster proving my point. It was obvious the drug reduced her inhibitions. She was never like this. Well, maybe when we were young. But it was rare. Amazing what a little drop or two will do. Mary was welcoming and responsive. I was in control. Not that it will last. Once she comes out of it there’s going to be hell to pay. But, my mind had taken a back seat to my cock’s desires. “You liked Tommy fucking your ass, didn’t you? Don’t deny it.”

Mary sucked hard as she arched her back and closed her eyes again. One of her hands drifted down between her legs. She rubbed herself and choked on my long cock trying to get more of it. I pulled on her hair removing my cock from her mouth, “Maybe you want my cock in you ass. Tell me!” Her mouth was still open as she drooled catching her breath. “Tell me…” Her eyes looked at my wet, shiny cock as she nodded. Her intention still focused on the prize just inches from her wet mouth.

“Don’t you want my big cock in your ass instead of Tommy’s little dick?” I heard her whine, “Yeah.” and she nodded again. “Get up on all fours.” She jumped to my request and offered me her ass. I rubbed my shaft into her crack to lube her up a little. Her pussy was wet and hot. I slid the head into her pussy. More lube the better. She pushed back against my rod. I pumped it deeper a couple times. She pumped herself on it with enthusiasm. This gave me a better idea.

“I want you to fuck my cock with your ass.” She pushed back till my shaft was almost completely swallowed up by her pussy. Her body shook as the thought seemed to cause her to have a small orgasm. I pulled out of her pussy and rubbed the head against her waiting asshole. Mary arched her back and rubbed my shaft with her crack. I lined up the head with her hole and pushed. It just popped right in. Mary’s body twitch and humped against it. “I knew you would like it. Are you ready?” She pushed back and growled.

That was a good sign. I slid the head in deeper as she pushed and wiggled her ass on my cock. Her body was pushing back and humping as the shaft began disappearing into her asshole. Mary wasn’t going to need instructions. I just held still and Mary did exactly what I had told her to do. She began fucking the full length of my cock with her ass. She was moaning and softly saying, ‘oh god oh god oh god.’ Every few strokes she would shake and moan.

It was so erotic. Mary was never the sexual servant. So having her acting like this now was so exciting that I came right away, “Yeah. This feels so good. I’m going to cum in you ass.” I could feel my cock begin to tingle and surge. She tightened around my shaft and milked me as I squirted. This must have driven her over the edge and she began moaning and thrashing around in a huge orgasm of her own.

She collapsed forward and lay there breathing heavy from her labors. I leaned forward and rested there until I caught my breath. A couple moments later I had an epiphany about the prank, ‘Payback.’ I pulled my shorts back on and got Mary a glass of water. I added one drop from the magic bottle to it and told her to take a drink. Then I laid her back in the bed, “You enjoyed this. You will be OK with this. When you wake you will think this is a good change. But now you need to take a nap.”

Mary didn’t fuss and with a quick kiss she lay back down with a smile and quickly settled in. I, on the other hand had some prep work to do before the children returned from their shopping trip. I got cleaned up and straightened the cabin from my searching. In the kitchen I coated two juice glasses with a couple drops from the bottle and placed them right in front. Easy to grab. The liquid dried with barely a trace. Perfect. Then I put the bottle and box back in the secret hiding place.

When Tommy and Anne returned, I was reading quietly. They brought in the groceries and put everything away. Looking over my book with an evil grin on my face I said, “Get yourselves a glass of juice and bring me a beer. Please.” Thinking nothing of it they did and when they asked how mom was I let them know she was worn out and taking a nap, “Something really got her going recently. I had to put her down for a nap.” They looked at each other with knowing smiles.

“Let’s play a board game while its quiet. What do you think? ‘Sorry,’ ‘Risk,’ or maybe ‘Monopoly?’ ” Too bad there wasn’t a game called ‘Payback.’ The game was chosen and setup. We sat around the little lounge table on the soft comfortable couches playing ‘Sorry’ as they finished their glasses of juice. That’s when I excused myself and retrieved the bottle from it’s hiding place. I placed the fancy box containing the dropper bottle on the table for them to see, “I’ll bet this is a real good truth serum.”

Anne’s eyes got big, Tommy’s smile stretched across his face. Then they both giggled. After a few questions and answers about how they had been experimenting with the drug. Anne had concocted it in the lab from a recipe that she knew was safe from her research. Tommy had used it at a couple parties. They had even used it together calming my concerns over incest. They said how they just got carried away and decided to treat their parents to some excitement. I scolded them knowing they wouldn’t remember all of it. But I decided to follow their lead and take advantage of the situation.

Thirty minutes later both Anne and Tommy were wobbly and smiling. Their eyes bright but empty. The drugs had taken effect. Now it was time for some fun payback, “Maybe we should take off our clothes and get comfortable.”

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