Beach Bitch 4


Beach Bitch 4

Please note this story is written in UK English not American English, so if you wish to criticise my spelling, please ensure you know what you’re talking about before hand.

A few days went by since I’d been fucked by Roger and Jim at the same time.

Roger had started sending me texts again, and Jim had sent quite a few begging me to let him fuck me.

I had not been replying. Being ass fucked is one thing, but being repeatedly fucked for hours by two guys with huge cocks had left me sore and feeling very out of sorts in the ass.

I had been very horny after it though. I had wanked solo dozens of times to my memories of that days events.

This particular afternoon I had started to fantasise about being fucked again. I was picturing Rogers cock in my mouth and Jim’s cock in my ass. I was stroking my cock very hard. I was oozing lots of pre-cum and so my cock was nice and slippery for my hard pumping fist. I had just got to thinking about using a vibrator in my ass, something I rarely did, when my phone binged from a text.

It was from Roger. A nice pic of his very hard cock in his hand oozing pre-cum.

Bing,, next text read “I am so fucking horny for your ass, get over here and let me fuck you”

I replied “And if I don’t let you?”

Roger replied “I know you like it rough, I know you want to be forced to take my hard cock in your ass. Get over here and I’ll do the rest”

I was stroking my cock even harder and faster now. My ass was pulsing. Maybe I was ready for another mind shattering ass fuck.

I typed “Maybe you were rude to my friend last time, maybe I’ll let him fuck me and you can go to hell”

Roger replied “If he has to be there too that’s fine, but for fucks sake get over here before I waste this big load that’s choking me.”

Just then I received a new text from Jim “My cock is so hard its sticking out of my shorts. I’m leaking pre cum like a tap. Meet me at the beach and I’ll fuck you in the showers”

I replied “nah, I’m meeting Roger”

I texted Roger “I’m heading over”

I was soon in the car and driving over. It took less than 10 minutes to get to his door. I parked out front and ran up the stairs 2 at a time. Roger buzzed open the security door and I went up the flight of steps to his floor leaving the front door to self close. I rang the apartment bell and just as the door opened a big hand came over my shoulder and pushed the Sex hikayeleri door open.

It was Jim. The momentum of his run carried us both into the room, tripping me and bumping into Roger.

Jim kicked the door shut with his foot. Roger was naked and his cock was rock hard and dribbling clear fluid. I was on my knees directly in front of Roger. He took my head in both his hands and started feeding his cock into my mouth.

Jim was doing something behind me, then he took my shorts in his hand and pulled them and my boxers down, revealing my nice bubble butt ass. Jims tongue was soon in my ass and I pushed my ass back to give him clear access.

Roger was able to get down on the ground to give me a better angle on his huge hard cock. I was soon deep throating his cock to the base.

Suddenly there was a shattering while hot bolt of lightning in my ass. Jim had stopped licking my ass and decided to just shove his rock hard cock into me, deep with no lead up. If I wasn’t choking on hard cock I’m sure I would have screamed. Jim went straight into hyperdrive, fucking my ass hard and rough, purely for his own pleasure. Rogers cock was leaking so much pre-cum I knew he would be blasting soon. As Jims thrusts became manic, and I could hear his roaring from the exertion, Roger started blasting cum down my throat. Huge thick ropes of salty warm cum. I sucked and sucked trying to keep every drop in my mouth or swallow it.

The guys were happy, but I wasn’t. My cock was still rock hard. I had not cum. As Roger collapsed back onto the rug, I turned him over into doggy, and spat the last of his cum onto his anus to lube him and started to push my cock into his ass.

Roger was saying “No, No, Not in front of Jim”

I just pulled his hands behind his back and held him firmly as I forced my cock into his ass.

Jim was now standing and saying “You’re not bloody fucking me up the ass. I’ll fucking kill you if you try”

I turned to him and said “Shut up you baby, get round here and face fuck him while I get off”

Jim complied and came in front of Roger and offered him his cock. Roger kept his mouth shut and his face down.

I pushed my cock all the way into Roger hard and he gasped opening his mouth. I grabbed a hand hold of his hair pulling his head up and his mouth open. Jim shoved his rapidly hardening cock, fresh from rooting my ass, deep into Rogers mouth. Roger gagged a little, I shouted at him “Don’t Sikiş hikayeleri bite it, be good, suck it nice now Roger”

Roger obeyed and got into giving Jim a nice deep slurping cock sucking. Jim soon relaxed and was holding Rogers face , the same way Roger had held mine, and was feeding him cock in nice big deep strokes.

I was feeling great sliding my rock hard cock into Rogers ass. He was tight smooth and pulsing beautifully. His butt cheeks were rock hard from all the exercise, and I started to really get off fucking him hard.

I was so horny, and the spectacle of Roger sucking Jims fat cock soon brought me to the point of cuming. As I ran up to a cum, Roger spat out Jims cock and was saying at me “I want it in my mouth, cum in my mouth.”

I turned over laying my back on the mat, my cock proud and hard pulsing in the air. Both guys made a dive for my cock, one each side of my body. This brought their pulsing hard cocks to my face and I was treated to two sets of lips on my cock as I erupted cum every where, they took turns sucking me. It must have turned them on as when I took both of their fat cocks in my hand, and brought the cock heads to my mouth, they both started oozing cum. I pumped their cocks and more cum came out. I kept sucking each fat cock head in turn, and was rewarded with a mouthful of cum each time I did. Try as I might to suck and swallow, there was just too much cum from these nice boys. My face and chest were soon covered in cum from all of us.

I must have laid there sucking cock for ten minutes before the guys stopped sucking my cock and laid down next to me

Jim Said “So how come you fucked Rogers ass. How come he let you?”

I said “You like fucking my ass, why shouldn’t I like fucking yours or his? You’ve just been lucky he’s here, yours would have been fucked hard by now if it had been just us.”

Jim was shaking his head and looking for a reply that would not come. I continued sucking both their wonderful cocks and licking up any cum that managed to slide out of their slit. Rogers cock was still half hard. I knew what that meant.

I asked Roger “Did you take cialis today? Pretty confident of getting that cock into my ass weren’t you?”

Roger nodded and said “Mate, you put out so rarely I want to make sure I’m up for the fuck fest when it happens”

Jim was much softer so I got on my knees and started sucking Jims cock and working his balls and perineum with Erotik hikaye my fingers. I used some of his own cum as lube and rubbed his anus with my finger and soon had his cock rock hard and my finger , then two, buried in his ass. He was thrusting upwards into my mouth and as he dropped his hips my fingers would go into his ass. Roger was soon behind me, and I felt that hard electric feeling as his big cock was forced into my poor bruised ass.

Roger fucked me hard and deliberately for about 5 minutes. I kept Jim edging close to a cum, but did not want him shooting and losing interest. After minutes of getting it both ends I decided it was time for a change. I said to Roger “Fuck his mouth”

Jim said “No way, his cock has been in your ass”

Roger was quick to say “Yeah you didn’t seem to mind it the other way”

He moved around to a position he could lift Jim’s head and push his cock into Jim’s mouth. Soon Jim was sucking him with obvious enjoyment. Jim then turned onto his knees to get a better angle. I pulled my fingers from his ass and took my now hard cock in my hand . I lined it up with his ass and started to insert.

Jim said between mouthfuls of cock “Fuck how many fingers is that now”

As I pushed my cock 6 inches then 9” into his virgin ass I said “No fingers buddy, just a lot of very hard cock”

Jim tried to struggle, but Roger and I held him down as I fucked his tight sweet ass. He was soon gasping and gagging between getting Rogers big cock down his throat. As I grabbed his hips and really started fucking him hard, he began to pant and shake and I knew he was building to a massive orgasm.

I fucked Jims ass harder and harder, while Roger slammed his cock down Jim’s throat.

Roger called out “Cumming” and pushed in very hard and held his cock down Jim’s throat, as he spasmed and pumped his cum deep into him.

Jims ass started pulsing massively and I reached around grabbing his cock and was rewarded with a pulsing hard cock, spewing cum at a rate I’d not seen him do.

His ass pulsed so hard that I soon lost control. I was pushing hard into his ass as I emptied my ball bag into him.

Neither guy could look at the other this time. I wondered why they thought each other such rivals. We cleaned up and left soon after. Jim was very quiet as we went down the stairs.

I drove home in a sexually satisfied daze. Parked my car in the usual spot, and walked up the stairs to my front door. As I unlocked I heard footfalls behind me, and once again Jim pushed open my door and bundled me inside.

He had obvious intent on fucking me again, but I think that might be part 5 🙂

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