You lie in the bath, relaxing in the hot water, eyes closed, savouring the feel of the heat against your skin. You hear her enter the bathroom, her bare feet padding on the floor as she comes over to the bath. You open your eyes to see her stood next to the bath dressed in a thin white cotton robe, fluffy towels piled in her arms. She smiles at you as she lets the towels fall to the floor next to her and you watch as she reaches over you to pick up a sponge, her robe falling open slightly, giving you a glimpse of the curve of her breast as she leans. Your prick starts to stir under the water, the glimpse of her skin making you want to see more.

She carefully rolls up the sleeves of her robe, then dipping the sponge in the water, starts to rub it over your chest, slowly dragging it in circles. She puts some soap on the sponge, rubbing it to a lather before stroking it over your chest again, leaving soap bubbles in its wake. She languidly soaps your chest and shoulders, then moves the sponge lower, immersing it in the water to rub it over your stomach. She washes you slowly, going from your stomach to your legs, re-soaping the sponge lifting your legs in turn out the water, starting at the ankle, and slowly soaping you all the way up to your thighs, lingering on your inner thigh, taking her time over them.

Your prick is left to last, its full harness showing your desire for her. Putting the sponge on the side of the bath, she soaps her hands, placing them on your chest, massaging the soap into your skin with her fingers, working lower, across your stomach and lower still. She avoids touching your hardness, running her fingers through the hair at its base. You bring your arm that is closest to her out of the bath, and resting your elbow on the bath rim, you reach out to touch her. Your hand rests on her leg, the thin cotton of her robe the only thing between you and her. You move your hand down till you get to the hem of the robe, moving lower, feeling her silky skin under your fingers, then slowly, you move your hand back up, under her robe, the material bunching on your wrist as your hand reaches upwards and round the back of her thigh, sliding upwards to the swell of her buttock.

There is nothing there to get between your hand and her skin. She is naked under her robe and this thought arouses you more. Your hand on her skin spurs her into moving her hands from where they were continuing to play in your curly hair, and she drags one finger slowly up your full length, barely touching the skin and sending a tingle of pleasure up your spine. Her other hand moves to take your length in her grasp as the trailing finger reaches the tip and circles the end gently. She pulls your prick upright, the head breaking the surface of the water, glistening wetly for a moment before her palm covers the top. Your hand moves slowly, fingers finding the cleavage between her buttocks and straying lower, following the line, until your palm rests under her buttocks, your fingers straying further in.

She bends slightly further forward, her long hair falling over her shoulder, fanning out from her head like a soft curtain. Her movement makes her wetness brush against the tips of your fingers and you move to explore it further. As your fingers move in towards her wet slit, her head lowers towards your prick, her hand moves and uncovers the head, sliding off to join the other anal escort gripping your shaft. The head of your prick isn’t uncovered for long however, as she flicks her tongue over it, tasting you, teasing you with the feel of her licking you. You watch her as she licks you, your fingers moving to circle her wetness, teasing her as her tongue circles the head of your prick. Her hands start sliding up and down your shaft, the full length stroked by her soft fingers, the slight pressure of her grip eliciting a sigh of pleasure from you.

She looks at you as she licks you. When your eyes meet, you see her desire and you watch as she licks round the rim, opening her mouth wider to accommodate the head, her lips sliding over it, her tongue flicking over it as she moves lower. Her hair trails in the water, tickling your legs as she takes you in her mouth, her hands continuing to stroke. Her mouth moves lower and she moves slightly so she can take more. Only the surface of the water stems her gradual slide down your shaft with her lips, and you push your hips up, exposing more of your prick to the air, only for her to take its wet length into her mouth even deeper. Your middle finger probes her wetness, sliding into her easily and you press into her, feeling her muscles contract around your finger as it goes deeper. Your hand moves to cup her, your index finger straying to her engorged clit, her desire for you evident in it’s hardness. As you withdraw your finger from her wet hole, she slides her mouth up your length, moving downwards again when you slide back into her. She mimics the movement of your hand with her mouth, her hands stroking you, covering the parts of you that her mouth leaves exposed. You play with her, teasing her clit and sliding in and out of her, your hand where you want your prick, where you know she wants it too.

You slide your hand away from her wetness, your other hand coming up to cup her breast through the thin material of her robe. You untie the cord holding the robe shut as she continues to suck you, parting the material with wet hands and fondling her breasts that hang free as she leans over you. Your hands slide up from her breasts to her shoulder, pushing the material off her soft skin and she responds by taking her hands off your prick, but never letting go with her mouth, and easing herself, with your help, out of the robe. It falls to the floor at her feet, a puddle of white cotton, exposing her flesh to your view. Her hands go back to your prick, stroking it as she sucks you, your hand strays back to her wetness, sliding over it, around it and teasing her clit with your fingers.

She brings her head up to the very tip of your length again, and you take her chin in your free hand, guiding her up to kiss you, her hands stroking you still as your lips join in a lingering kiss, tongues probing into each others mouths, tasting each other. You slide your finger back into her wetness as you kiss, your kiss becoming more urgent, as you move in and out of her, as she slides her hands up and down your shaft.

You move, sitting up in the bath, still kissing her, your free hand coming up to stroke her breast again, the softness of her skin contrasting with the hardness of her nipple under your palm. The act of you sitting up leaves her less to stroke, but you soon break off fondling her to kneel up in the bath, bayan escort istanbul leaving space for her to get in and kneel in front of you. Your prick brushes against her belly as she moves close to you, one of her hands moving to take your length in it, the other coming up to stroke your chest as you rub your palm over her breast, your kiss inevitable, your hot lips meeting, tongues urgent for one another. You grasp her buttock with your free hand, drawing her closer in, her hand positioning your hardness between her slick thighs, moist with her own wetness, then retreating from between you to slide over your buttock, savouring the feel of your flesh under her skin.

She parts her legs slightly, allowing your prick to slide upwards, its hardness making it rise till it is stopped by the wet lips caressing it as her mouth is caressing yours. You push against her, feeling the wetness slide up the length of you, pulling away only to press yourself against her once more, wanting to be deep inside her rather than sliding along outside. You enjoy the sensation as she grinds her hips against you, her clit rubbing against the thatch of hair at the base of your prick. You want her more, and you grind against her and withdraw as if you were already inside her, slicking your hardness with her velvet wetness.

Moving suddenly, you pull away from her and stand in the bath, your prick at the perfect level for her to take it hungrily in her mouth, her hands moving to stroke your balls and shaft as she sucks you. You look down on her sucking you to find her looking up at you, lust lighting her eyes, the enjoyment of the taste evident from her tongue wrapping itself around you inside her mouth, exploring every inch of your hardness. You savour the sensation, the feel of your prick in her mouth and the visual stimulation of watching her suck you making you want to come. She senses this and increases her stroking, her tongue moving faster over you, her mouth sliding up and down with a sense of urgency as she pushes you towards your orgasm.

You come in her mouth as she sucks you, your prick pulsing on her tongue, deep into her mouth as you let out a moan of pleasure. Your knees weaken, but you remain standing in the bath as she licks every last drop of your orgasm from your prick, licking her lips to catch a stray drop as she releases you from her mouth. You ease yourself back into a sitting position in the water, and she carefully washes your tender prick as it subsides from its stiffness. When she has done, she eases herself out of the bath, wrapping a towel round herself and waiting patiently for you to join her. Slowly, you rise from the bath, and she holds out a towel for you to step out into. She wraps you in the soft, fluffy material, then takes another from the pile she discarded earlier, using it to tenderly dry your arms, back legs and chest as you stand and submit to her tender ministrations.

Once you are dry, she kisses you softly, her hands on your bare shoulders waking your passion once more. You wrap your arms around her towel-clad form and pull her to you, kissing her deeply, urgently. You lower your hand to your towel, loosening it from your waist and letting it fall, doing the same to hers, so you stand in a puddle of fluffy material, your naked flesh pressed together, your returning hardness pressing into her belly.

Your şişli escort hands roam over the flesh of her back, tracing all the contours, sliding down to cup her buttocks, squeezing gently before releasing and moving over her soft skin again. Her hands run through your still-damp hair, nails scratching gently at the nape of your neck raising gooseflesh on your skin, making you shiver with pleasure. You sink slowly, taking her with you, kneeling then slowly lowering her to the floor, the pile of towels forming a soft cushion for her back as you sink on top of her, her legs parting to allow yours between them, her feet rubbing up the backs of your calves as her knees bend, parting to allow you to lie with your now full hardness against her clit. You tease her by rubbing your length against her, pulling back to allow the tip to play on the wetness of her, then sliding it away again, knowing she wants you inside her.

Putting your hands on the floor, you push yourself up, your hardness still pressed on her, teasing her clit with gentle movements of your hips, then you pull back to allow the head to press against her, opening her like a flower in the sun and allowing you to enter her, slowly, gently, an inch at a time, feeling her wrapping round you, muscles tightening as you slide in. Her hands grip your pelvis and her back arches as the pleasure of having you inside her consumes her, the fire of her passion reaching a new high, her sharp intake of breath as you slide in to the hilt accompanied by a spasm in the muscles gripping you.

Slowly, you pull out of her, then push back in, her flesh yielding to your probing hardness, enveloping you in hot wetness once more, her breathing becoming shallow as you slide in and out of her. A soft moan escapes her lips, as you sense by the tightening of her muscles that she wants to come. The feeling and the knowledge spur you on, plunging in and out of her, the feel of her on your length intoxicating, driving you to the brink of ecstasy along with her, but you stay on the brink as she topples over into an orgasm that rips through her muscles, clamping you in place fully inside her as she spasms around your prick, her head thrown back against the towels, back arched, legs clinging to yours heightening your arousal more than you thought possible.

You pull back slowly, savouring the slowly weakening spasms of her orgasm around your shaft, and rubbing over the head of your engorged prick, the nerves all screaming for the release of your own ecstasy, but not yet, not yet, you want more, you want to be deep inside her, her muscles rubbing up and down you, the flesh of her thighs meeting your flesh as you fill her with your prick, pulling out, to plunge in her once more. She uses her hands to pull you in to her, palms on your hips, finger nails scratching at your buttocks as she helps you in your quest for the ultimate release, her breathing becoming shallower again as she senses what about to happen.

You feel yourself toppling over the brink of your ecstasy and with one final thrust, your prick twitches deep within her, disgorging its hot lust into the very core of her. She moans her passion as you come, your very orgasm setting off another in her, her muscles rippling around your still twitching shaft, increasing the sensation for you both.

As you come down from the height of your passion, you kiss, a sweet yet passionate kiss, the lust spent and only the pleasure left. You smile at her, and she returns the expression, her eyes shining at you, and you lower yourself to lie on top of her, spent, and she wraps herself around you, legs and arms drawing you into an embrace that you never want to leave.

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