Bartering Sex, Bride as Payment, Ch. 02


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As part of his cooperation in bartering sex for payment of their wedding expenses, Ashley demands that Michael have sex with his mother first before she has sex with the nine men that they owe money.

Continued from Chapter 01:

“Therefore, as your sign of good faith that you won’t renege on our agreement,” she said with a pause. “I want you to have sex with your mother, your sister, my mother, and my sister first, before I have sex with the group of nine men to satisfy our wedding debt,” said Ashley. “So, being that they’ll all be expecting payment and looking for their money, you had get busy having sex with your mother, your sister, my mother, and my sister.”

She called his bluff that he wouldn’t hold her having sex with the men they owed money to against her and wouldn’t throw it up in her face later. As her protective safeguard, he had to show her that he was sincere by first having sex with his mother and sister, and her mother and sister. Now, a reason for him to have sex with his mother and sister, and her mother and sister, he couldn’t wait to have sex with the four women.

“Okay,” he said. “I agree to have sex with my mother, my sister, your mother, and your sister before you have sex with the men that we owe but how do you suggest that I get them to have sex with me?”

She gave him another cat that just ate the canary smile.

“Men are such dopes when it comes to women,” she said. “I happen to know that your mother and sister, as well as my mother and sister are sexually attracted to you. With women more whores than men think we are, women talk about sex more than you think we do,” she said with a dirty laugh. “Leave it to me to arrange your sexual seductions. I’ll arrange everything.”

Chapter 02:

The next night, the night after their wedding and the night after Valentine’s Day, with their honeymoon cancelled or at least postponed, until they could save some money, Ashley went to Michael’s house for dinner. Their first dinner as a married couple with her husband’s mother, Katherine, Ashley’s mother-in-law was happy to cook for them. His mother had divorced her husband years ago and seemed content to live alone with her son, Michael, and her daughter, Christine. Yet now, with her son married and her daughter playing the field and dating lots of men, it would only be a matter of time before she’d be married too and his mother would be alone.

Ashley helped Michael concoct a plan to sexually and incestuously seduce his mother. Being that his mother enjoyed drinking wine, their plan was to get Katherine drunk enough to loosen her modesty, her morals, and her inhibitions. Ashley had a heavy hand when pouring the wine before, during, and after dinner. After drinking only two glasses of wine, his mother was already a little tipsy. Then, when she consumed her third glass wine while working on her fourth glass of wine, she was a little drunk. That’s when Ashley put her sexual seduction plan in motion.

“Mom? I almost forgot. For being so helpful during the wedding, I bought you a gift,” said Ashley handing Katherine a giftwrapped box.

Katherine looked at Ashley as surprised as she looked shocked.

“A gift? You didn’t have to do that Ashley. I was happy to help my son’s wife, my new daughter-in-law, and my favorite daughter-in-law,” she said with a laugh. “My only daughter-in-law,” she said slurring her words with a chuckle while smiling at Ashley. “I have to get used to calling you my daughter-in-law.”

She looked down at the box while fingering the pretty ribbon and fancy bow.

“Open it,” said Ashley. “I hope it fits.”

Katherine unwrapped the gift and opened the box. She removed a sexy, sheer, low-cut, short nightgown that promised to show every naked curve of her MILF of a sexy body.

“Oh, my,” said Michael’s mother. “It’s so beautiful. It’s so sexy,” she said sliding her hand beneath the revealing material. “It’s so sheer,” she said with a dirty laugh. “Thank you, but I don’t have anyone to wear this for after my no-good, son of a bitch, bastard of a husband divorced me for his teenage, whore of secretary, a woman with fake boobs, fake teeth, and fake hair,” said Katherine with anger.

Michael patted his mother’s hand.

“Take a breath mother. Relax. Have another sip of wine. Calm yourself,” he said. “Even though it’s understandable that you’ll never forgive them but you need to finally forget them and move on with your life. It’s been ten years.”

Katherine took a breath before taking another sip of her wine and before looking at her sexy nightgown again. She looked from her nightgown to smile at her new daughter-in-law before looking back at her nightgown. Then, she looked from her nightgown to give her son a sexy smile and a naughty look before looking back at her nightgown again.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said looking as if she was going to cry. “It’s so sexy. It’s so sheer,” she said again while holding the nightgown up to the light and looking at her escort bayan new nightgown as if imagining herself wearing it. “This is something I’ve always admired but would never buy for myself.”

She held the nightgown up to her while smiling at her new daughter-in-law. Then, she ran her hand beneath it again and seemed shocked by how transparent it was while smiling at her son. Nonetheless the sheerness of the nightgown, as if she was a young girl with her prom dress, she seemed pleased to own such a beautiful and sexy nightgown.

“Go try it on to see how it fits,” said Ashley. As soon as Katherine left the table and disappeared in her bedroom, with her job in helping her husband sexually seduce his mother set, Ashley got up to leave. “Tell your mother that I got called into work and had to go. Have fun with your mother,” she said giving her husband a kiss, a wink, and a dirty laugh. “I can’t wait for you to tell me all the sexy details later tonight.”

* * * * *

Several minutes later, when Katherine opened her bedroom door and stuck out her head, obviously expecting to see her daughter-in-law, her son was waiting for his mother’s sexy and revealing, nightgown, fashion show. Michael had his dining room chair turned towards his mother’s bedroom to watch his mother walk towards him in her sheer nightgown. He couldn’t wait to see how much he could see of his mother. Ready to make his incestuous moves on his mother, once she was in her sexy nightgown, he wondered if she was drunk enough, horny enough, and lonely enough to give him sex.

“Well? Let me see how it looks on you, Mother,” said Michael. “Ashley asked me to tell her how the nightgown fits. I can’t wait to see how sexy you look wearing it,” said Michael giving his mother a sexy smile.

She made a sour face while shaking her head from side-to-side as if she was a shy, little girl instead of his MILF of a mother.

“I’m sorry, Michael, but I can’t do that,” she said shaking her head again. “This nightgown is much too revealing. You’d see way too much of me,” she said with a nervous, little laugh. She looked down at herself while still standing behind her bedroom door before looking up at her son. “You’d see more than I want you to see and I’d be so embarrassed to show you what you should never see of your mother. You’d see all of me,” she said with a sexy giggle.

Michael made a face as if insulted.

“Oh, come on, Mother. It’s just a nightgown,” he said. “I’ve seen you in your nightgowns before.”

Katherine scanned the living room with her eyes from behind her bedroom door.

“Where’s Ashley? I thought she wanted to see me in the nightgown,” she said with obvious disappointment mixed with sexually excitement that her son was eager to see her in such a revealing nightgown.

Michael gave his mother a sexy smile. With his wife not there and his mother more than a little tipsy, he hoped that she’d show him more of her MILF of a body now that they were alone. With his wife not there and his mother more than a little tipsy, maybe she’d make the first incestuous, sexual move. Maybe, he hoped, they’d have sex.

“She was called into work,” he said. “She told me to thank you for a nice dinner and to say that she’ll call you tomorrow to ask how you liked the nightgown,” said Michael. “Come out in the light where I can see you. I want to see your beautiful nightgown, Mother. I want to see how it fits. I want to tell Ashley about your beautiful nightgown later tonight.”

No doubt, due to her copious consumption of wine before, during, and after dinner, she overcame her shyness and modesty with her drunkenness. Swallowing her sexual inhibitions and casting her modesty aside, as if she was a shy lingerie model, she took a nervous step out of her bedroom. Perhaps, because Ashley wasn’t there to voice her disapproval of her mother-in-law posing nearly naked in front of her son, she seemed more willing to expose her nakedness to her son. A game they both seemingly enjoyed playing, Michael smiled and stared at all that he could see of his mother while Katherine appeared nervously embarrassed over all that her son was seeing of her.

Michael knew that once she was in the light, with her nightgown so revealingly sheer, he’d see his mother as if she was naked. Indeed, as if she was naked and as if she was modeling the nightgown for a hoped-for role in one of Harvey Weinstein’s movies, Katherine gingerly stepped further out of her bedroom. With the nightgown showing way too much of her naked body, obviously knowing that she was nakedly exposed, she covered the outline of her breasts and the impressions of her erect nipples with her forearm. Then, obviously, feeling naked, she covered the darker shadow of her exposed pubic hair with her hand.

As if she was his new bride instead of his mother, and this was their Honeymoon and the first time her husband seeing his wife in such a sexy, revealing nightgown, she stared at her son while he stared at his mother. Obviously, just as Katherine seemed sexually titillated that altıparmak escort bayan her son was seeing so very much of her nearly, naked body, Michael was incestuously excited to see so much of his mother’s nearly, naked body. Obviously, now that he was alone with his inebriated and nearly, naked mother, with her appearing as willing and as horny as he was, mother and son were about to cross the incestuous line.

“Oh, Michael, I’m so embarrassed,” she said obviously feigning her embarrassment while taking another step closer to her son.

Still a dozen feet away, she took another step closer. Had she not had nearly four glasses of wine, she’d never show herself to her son while wearing such a short, sexy, sheer, and revealing nightgown without covering her nakedness beneath a plush, terrycloth bathrobe. Had Ashley still been there, his mother never would have so brazenly exposed herself to her son. Then, when she walked closer and stood in the light, with Michael able to see the naked outline of his mother’s beautiful body, she looked as if she was naked.

“Mom! That looks incredible on you. You look so beautiful,” he said. As if she was a Victoria Secrets model but without the wings, Michael stared at all that he was seeing of his mother’s sexy and shapely body. “You look so sexy.”

As if she was naked and, basically, she was, she looked at her son with embarrassment mixed with sexual excitement. Denying Michael a clear view of the shape and outline of her naked breasts, the impressions of her erect nipples, and the darker shadow of her exposed pubic hair, Katherine continued morally and modestly covering her naked self with her hand and forearm. As if she was Lot’s wife, Edith, frozen in place after being turned into a pillar of salt from Genesis 19:26, Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed, Katherine stood completely still. As if she was in shock and he was in awe, she stared at her son in the way that he stared at his mother.

Sexually inappropriate to show her son her naked body, he was equally as incestuously forbidden to see his mother’s naked body. Yet, there she was posing and there he was leering. Judging by the sexually aroused look on her face, she obviously enjoyed the sexual attention that her son continued paying her by ogling all that he could see of her. They both continued staring at one another as if she was hypnotized and he was mesmerized. They continued staring at one another in silence and in sexual lust before she spoke again.

“I’m embarrassed for you to see me in something so sheer,” she said obviously feigning her embarrassment while looking down at herself and before looking up at her son with lust. “I should have left my underwear on,” she said with a nervous laugh. “If I knew it was only you without Ashley being here as our moral chaperone, I would have worn this over my bra and panties. You can see everything,” she said with a nervous, little laugh while looking down at herself again before looking up at him.

She looked at her son as if wanting him and waiting for him to tell her that he, indeed, could see everything of his mother. Instead, now that he was married, showing her that he was above and beyond being sexually attracted to his mother, Michael made a face as if she had insulted him. He pretended that it was no big deal to see his nearly, naked mother. He acted as if he wasn’t sexually attracted to her in the way that she was obviously sexually attracted to him.

“Oh, Mother. Your nightgown would have looked ridiculous over your bra and panties. Besides, what’s the big deal? It’s nothing that I haven’t seen of you before,” he said with a dirty laugh.

With her facial expressions confessing her true feelings, she looked at her son with as much sexual excitement as she looked at him with curiosity.

“Nothing that you haven’t seen of me before?” She looked at him aghast. “What do you mean, it’s nothing that you haven’t see of me before?”

As if he was about to attack her, grope her, rape her, and have his wicked, sexual way with his mother’s beautiful body, he leered at his inebriated mother. He continued staring at all that he could see of her nearly, naked body while she continued staring at her son as if watching for his reaction to all that he could see of her. While waiting for one or the other to make the next incestuous moved, they continued staring at one another.

* * * * *

“I’ve seen you in many of your sexy nightgowns without the modesty of a robe before,” he said pausing to look at her as if she was naked. “With the light shining through your sheer nightgown to make you appear as if you’re naked, I’ve seen you standing in the dark kitchen with the refrigerator door open. Again, with the light shining through your sheer nightgown to make you appear as if you’re naked, I’ve seen you in the dark living room standing in front of the TV. As if you weren’t wearing anything at all, I’ve seen you when the morning light illuminates your sheer nightgown as you open the drapes in your bedroom nilüfer eskort and in the living room,” said Michael.

Obviously, by her shocked look of surprise, never suspecting that she had exposed her nearly, naked body to her son before, Katherine looked as ashamed as she looked embarrassed. Again, with her facial expressions morphing to reveal her true feelings, she looked as mortified as she suddenly looked sexually excited. Obviously by her own unthinking and unaware immoral immodesty when wearing her sheer nightgowns without the modesty of a bathrobe while in front of her son, his mother’s mouth fell open by whatever sexual thoughts that she was obviously thinking.

If he didn’t know any better, with his mother standing before him in a sexy, sheer nightgown now, he’d think that she was an exhibitionist. If he didn’t know any better, even with her covering the outline and the shape of her breasts with her forearm and the shadow of her pubic hair with her hand, he’d think that she wanted him to see all that she was showing. With him an incestuous voyeur, how hot would that be if his mother was a sexual exhibitionist?

“What could you possibly see of me?” She made a face as if she thought he was lying. She made a face as if she didn’t believe him. As if she was playing a sexy game of truth of dare, she asked him to tell her all that he imagined seeing of her. “I was wearing my nightgown in a dark room. Surely, what you saw was what you imagined seeing,” she said with some satisfaction.

As if he had hidden pinhole cameras in his mother’s bedroom and/or bathroom to spy on her dressing and/or undressing, Michael gave his mother a knowing look while she looked at him embarrassed, albeit sexually aroused.

“Apparently, Mother, you were unaware that when you stand in a darkened room in front of the refrigerator, the TV, or a bay window, the light illuminates you and shines through your nightgown as if you’re standing there naked?” He paused to watch her reaction to his confession of seeing her as if she was naked. “I’ve already seen everything you own dozens of times,” he said with a dirty laugh and a smug smile while adding to her obvious, sexual excitement. “There’s not an inch of your naked body that I haven’t already seen. If I was an artist, I could paint your nude form from memory.”

With her nightgown so very transparent, as if she was wearing colored cellophane or nothing at all, obviously knowing that he could see all of her, she continued covering her breasts with her forearm and her pussy with her hand. Instead of returning to her room to change out of her nightgown, it was as if she wanted him to see her nearly, naked body. Michael wondered what his mother was thinking. He wondered how he could persuade her to remove her arm from her breasts and her hand from her pussy. He’d love to see all of his mother through her sheer nightgown.

“That’s so shocking, Michael,” she said obviously embarrassed and sexually excited at the same time by her son’s incestuous, voyeuristic confession of all that he had seen of his mother.

He made a face and shrugged as if seeing his naked mother was no big deal.

“Oh, mother, what’s the big deal? We’re both consenting adults,” he said giving her a reassuring smile.

She looked at him while biting her lip as if she wanted to say something but thought better of it before deciding just to blurt it. Obviously, it was the wine giving her the courage to say what she was about to say to her son. Obviously, it was the wine giving her the courage to show her son as much as he was hoping to see of her beautiful body.

“I suppose you masturbated over all that you imagined seeing of me when I stood in front of the fridge, the TV, and the bay windows. I supposed you had a good, sexual time ogling my nearly, naked body at my expense,” she said.

He gave his mother a dirty smile and a naughty look before confessing his incestuous lust for her.

“I did, Mother,” he said pausing as if thinking how very many times he masturbated while imagining his mother naked and having sex with her naked body. “I can’t even count how many times that I masturbated over seeing your naked tits, your naked ass, and your naked pussy,” he said without shame or embarrassment.

As if he had just stripped her naked, he stared at her with incestuous lust while she stared at him in shock.

“Oh, my,” she said with her mouth falling open again in obvious sexual arousal.

Yet, not done with telling his mother all that he had already seen of her, and with him telling her what he had already seen of her obviously sexually arousing her, he hoped that she’d show him more of herself now. He hoped that he could sexually aroused her enough for her to lower her forearm from her breasts and her hand from her pussy. He hoped that he could that he could make her horny enough for her to give him incestuous sex.

* * * * *

“I’ve seen you in your bra and panties, Mother,” he said pausing to watch her reaction to him saying that he had seen her in her bra and panties. “I’ve seen you topless,” he said pausing again to watch her reaction to him admitting to having seen her naked breasts. “Matter of fact, I’ve seen you naked numerous times,” he said with a sexually excited smile as if he was remembering and replaying in his mind all that he had seen of his sexy, naked mother.

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