I am standing on the balcony watching the sky as the clouds start moving quickly turning black causing the day to look like night. The skies open up and it begins to pour so hard you can hear the rain beating off the street below.

You walk up behind me and wrap your arms around me underneath mine to embrace me in your arms your hands slide down to the edge of my shirt and swiftly under pulling your hands up over my body to my breasts.

Your hands squeeze around my bra and your finger tips touching the part of my breasts that you can see in my bra you squeeze hard enough that I can see your fingers indent in my breasts. You release slightly and pull down on my bra to expose my nipples to the cool air from the hard rain. My nipples instantly stand at full attention both from the air and the shock factor that I am standing on the balcony with my breasts out.

You pull my shirt up over my head and unhook my bra leaving me topless exposed if anyone were looking up and knew to look they could see me. Your hands glide around my waist Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort and you pull my pants down to where I can step out of them.

Without saying a word you guide me to the railing. I grip on and arch my back as far as I can to push my ass and pussy up in the air. You take your finger nail and run it from the back of my neck which makes me shiver and my nipples harden again down my back over my ass and around my lips and inside my pussy and back up and around the other ass check. You circle back down and your finger glide back and forth over my clit only long enough to know you are there but not long enough to let me feel full release.

You move your finger back up over my ass and rest it on the right cheek bracing me. Your left hand swiftly draws back and slaps my left ass cheek . I gasp out loud more in shock for not expecting it. You rub my pink cheek and swiftly slap it again all the while grasping my right cheek to hold me in place. You rub my left cheek again and draw back once more and slap me again. I gasp again this time from the slight pain and moan a little as you rub the pain out.

You take your left hand and steady my ass and slide your hard cock as quickly and as deeply as possible. I gasp out again at the quick entrance you’ve made into my pussy as you pull out I squeeze to tighten my grip on your cock. You draw out and slide back in side me harder and hard making me feel your length feel how hard you are.

You draw out and I can feel as you take the tip of your cock and slide it around my clit putting my juice all over me. You place your hand on my wrist and again without a word you guide me to the floor. You have me lay on my back and you kneel between my open legs you take your tongue and lick from my knee down to my exposed pussy. Your breath reaching my clit before your tongue feeling making me whimper as your tongue and teeth connect with my clit. I gasp and lay there while you eat as if you’ve bee starved for days. Groaning at how I taste as I moan and squirm to the feel on your tongue and lips on my clit I until I’ve had enough and I cum.

You finish licking my pussy and roll me over on my back. You place my arms under my head like a pillow and slightly raise my ass and arch my back. I’m not fully off the ground but there is enough space between my pussy and the ground to place your knee if needed. Leaving me in this position you proceed to slap my right ass cheek the same as you did the left stopping to rub the pink area to take away some of the sting, leaving me to gasp as you slap me each time.

The last slap comes down with a hard crack in timing with the brightest lightning bolt and I cry out in the thunder revealing my breaking point has been reached. You rub my cheek and then slide your cock inside me and proceed to take me gliding in and out of my pussy not stopping.

I continue to stay in this position and arch my back as far as I can pushing back to meet your thrusts and squeezing your cock as you draw back out only to enter me again and again until you breathing quickens and your cock hardens and you cum.

We both collapse and you pull me back into your arms on the floor of the balcony the rain still pouring.

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