Bad Girl Gets Her Due Ch. 01


After a long week at work, and having to stay late on a Friday on top of it, I pull into the driveway, looking forward to a quiet weekend at home with my lover. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to enjoy just being together, and after all the hassle and aggravation of my job (working for attorneys can be hell after all!), I am really looking forward to relaxing and pampering each other. I head into the house, throwing my purse and briefcase down, and kicking my shoes off in the hallway, and walk down the hall looking for Rob. He’s nowhere to be found, so I walk to the backdoor, where he’s outside mowing the lawn. I sigh, and figure I better help him if I want to have any fun with him tonight, and head to the bedroom to change clothes.

Once in our room, I strip naked, and walk into the bathroom. When I come out, Rob is standing there waiting for me, sweaty and smelling of fresh cut grass. He grabs me and throws me on the bed.

“Did you forget something today, baby?” he asks. The look in his eyes is frightening me, but its also making my pussy tighten in anticipation.

I’m confused. I don’t know what he’s talking about and it shows in my eyes.

“We were supposed to go out with Tom and Andrea tonight… it’s been planned for 2 weeks, and you knew you had to be home early in order for us to meet them in time. Because of your bad behavior, we had to break plans with our friends.”

I feel horrible – I know how important this night was to Rob. It’s been ages since we’ve been out with Tom, one of his closest friends growing up. And because of me, the night has been ruined. I’m always doing stupid things like this – forgetting plans, or losing bills, and this isn’t the first time that my forgetfulness has ruined our evening.

“I’m so sorry Rob. I got tied up at work, and forgot completely. Please don’t be mad at me,” I beg.

“That’s not good enough. I’m sick of your apologies when nothing ever changes in your behavior. It’s time bingöl seks hikayeleri we did something to be sure that you learn. And if you think you were tied up at work, just wait and see what I’m going to do to you”.

With that, he throws me over his lap, my bare ass pointing up. He rubs my cheeks gently, and whispers to me “This is for your own good, and I’m only doing this because I love you and know you need it”.

I struggle against him, but he’s too strong for me to fight against. I’m crying, begging him not to hurt me. “Please honey, I’m sorry, don’t hurt me. I won’t be bad anymore, I won’t forget again.”


The first spank hits me square on my right cheek, and I cry out in shock and pain. I struggle even harder, but it does no good.


This time, I can feel the pain and the warmth spreading over my ass, and I know he can see his palm print. Rob caresses my cheek softly, then runs his fingers between my cheeks exposing my hole. He fingers it a little, till I moan and press back against him, and draws his hand back and smacks me again and again.

After a few minutes, it stops hurting, and starts feeling good. Every spank is sending a jolt to my pussy, and I know I’m dripping wet. My clit feels swollen, and the more Rob spanks me, the more I try to spread my legs further and rub myself against him.

“No, no,” he says. “Bad girls don’t get to cum when they want. They have to be told when its time.”

“Please Rob…”

“Please who?” he asks as he smacks me harder.

“Please… Sir? Please let me cum!” I whine to him.

“No, little one, not until I’m ready for it.” He pushes me off his lap, and onto my back on the bed. Roughly, he pulls my arms up, and ties them to the bedpost with the stockings I threw on the floor just minutes ago. He sits back and watches me, while I writhe and twist in my bonds, my shaved pussy wet and glistening, juices dripping down my thighs and onto the bed.

“You were very bad today, baby. I’m not going to let you off easy for that. It’s time your forgetfulness stopped, time you started thinking of someone else’s desires instead of your own, and I’m going to make sure that you don’t forget that. Now spread your legs, you little slut!”

I moan, bite my lip, and spread my legs as wide as I can. Rob runs his hand up my inner thigh, caressing me lightly with his fingertips. I arch my pelvis and try to meet his hand, to force his fingers inside me, and he smacks me hard on my pussy. I moan loudly, and he laughs.

“Does my bad little girl like it when I spank her naughty pussy?”. I nod.

“Does she need to cum still?”. I nod again.

Smack! Smack! Smack! He spanks my pussy hard, until I can hear wet slaps from all my juices. I’m moaning, lost to the pain and the pleasure, like an animal in heat. He reaches down with one hand, and holds my labia open, which allows him to slap my completely exposed, hard clit with his fingertips.

“Please Sir! Please let the bad girl cum for you now!” I scream.

“Cum you little slut. Cum while I spank your naughty wet cunt,” he whispers in my ear. I explode on the next swat of his fingers, soaking the sheets underneath me with the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

He gives me no time to recover, just unties my arms, and flips me over onto my belly. He pulls my ass up into the air. “Spread those legs,” he barks at me.

I comply, obedient to his every desire by now. Before I can get comfortable, he starts to spank my ass again. One cheek, then the other, sometimes down low, where I can feel it against my pussy, sometimes on the back of my thighs. Soon, I can feel the heat and the pain, like its radiating from my abused butt. He reaches to my pussy, scoops up my leaking juices, and smears it around my asshole.

“I’m going to fuck your nasty ass now, slut. How does that make you feel?”

“Yes, please fuck my ass Sir!”. We’re no strangers to anal sex, it has always been one of Rob’s favorite things to do, and it has always made me happy to let him take me in the ass. I’m panting and thrusting my butt back against him now. With no preliminaries, he thrusts his rock hard cock into me, and forces me down against the bed. He uses one hand to force my head down against the pillow, by holding the back of my neck and pulling my hair at the same time. Having my hair pulled during sex has always been a particular turn-on for me, and I moan against the pillow.

“Does getting your ass fucked make you wet? God you’re such a dirty slut,” Rob moans to me, while he holds my body down with his own. “You like being treated like this, don’t you?”

I try to say yes, and beg for more, but the pillow in my mouth prevents me. All I can do is moan and writhe beneath him, as he fucks my ravaged hot ass harder.

“I’m cumming slut!” he yells to me. He pulls me back, holds me still and pours his cum into my ass, and then lets me go. I fall forward to the bed.

“You’re not done yet, you know,” Rob laughs at me. “Get that mouth down here and clean the mess you just made on my cock.”

I look at him in shock. He grabs me by my hair, and pulls my mouth toward him. I take it into my mouth, tasting myself on him, and proceed to lick him clean. Soon he starts getting hard again.

“You know, little girl, the night is just beginning,” he smiles down at me. “Why don’t you be a good girl and lie down so I can tie you up again?”

I smile shyly at him, and do what he asks. Soon, he has me secured. Grabbing a scarf out of the drawer, he blindfolds me. I feel the bed shift beside me, and know that he has sat down. My nipples are being pinched and rolled between his fingers. I start to whine and squeal and I know that my pussy is starting to flow again.

All of a sudden, there is a knock at the front door. “Just lie here and wait for me to get back, baby. I have a special surprise for you,” promises Rob. I hear him walk down the hall, leaving me naked and immobile on our bed…

to be continued?

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