Bad Boy Freddie


Just turned nineteen and without a job because of his mullet-cut and nose ring, Freddie Shanks lived in a war zone. Other people without insider knowledge would call it his family home but Freddie and the family knew differently.

Aaron Shanks had given up on his son five years ago and they rarely exchanged a word these days and Freddie knew better than to ask for a loan of his father’s car to load up with booze and friends to tour around looking for likely looking parties. A year ago his mom re-Christened him and frequently used his alternative name, Asshole. His older sister Katie had never liked him from birth and was bewildered by the unknown when she found his first erection at three months and fondled it, although obviously he didn’t know what to do with it.

Jude, two years older that Freddie, had defended him against family attacks, although not all that vigorously and had hugged him whenever he was down and for the past four years had jerked him off when requested. But when Jude arrived home yesterday from technical college and found her bare-ass brother shafting her best friend on Jude’s bed she ripped Freddie’s back with her nails, kicked too high so got him in the gut instead of the balls and yelled at him to leave the house. He fled, pulling on his jeans and locked himself in his room.

A couple of hours later Aaron broke down the bedroom door. The family stood at the front door shouting abuse as Freddie slunk away. But at after midnight his very embarrassed parents were called to the police station to identify their son and to take him home otherwise he’d appear in court later that morning on a vagrancy charge.

“Oh Asshole, how could you shame the family,” his mom wailed and the night sergeant said. “Ma’am, it’s not right and proper to call your son an asshole.”

“Would you speak fondly of your son with a nose ring and a haircut like that?” Aaron demanded.

The sergeant, who said his son was a music teacher and church choirmaster, didn’t think so. He rubbed his chin and took Aaron aside and then told Freddie, “Your parents will return at 7:00 for you. Meanwhile Freddie, you and I are going to talk about change.”

An hour after dawn next morning Freddie glared at his asshole of a mom when she’d lifted up his polo shirt and laughed gleefully at the rubber hose welts all over his back.

The asshole and her surly husband had laughed at the sight of his crew cut and the tear in his nostril where the bully of a sergeant had ripped it out.

“Your reformed son is ready to be taken home for breakfast,” the police sergeant had sneered.

The very subdued Freddie went straight to bed and only stirred when a very forgiving Jude slipped in beside him. She soon had her brother up hard and …well, who wants to know about what they did?

Early that evening Freddie slipped away with his backpack. Late evening Sergeant Moeller, who’d mistreated Freddie, was kneecapped by an unidentified assailant and thereafter would be confined to working out his career in the force doing clerical work because of permanent injuries to his knees. Just before dawn unidentified intruders blew the safe at the bowling alley and got away with almost a full week’s takings. The Reilly brothers gave their tipster and driver Freddie $500 kırgız escort from the haul of cash and after Ivan Reilly picked the lock of a sports car and got the motor running for Freddie, Freddie grabbed a can of gas from the car yard and set fire to the church where Sergeant Moeller’s son was involved. The choir seating was destroyed and investigators blamed choirmaster Simon Moeller for leaving the heaters on.

Later that day Freddie ditched the sports car in a disused quarry and hitched a ride. After he seduced the cooperative woman drive and her 40-year-old daughter they dropped him off at the railway station and he caught a train south.

Freddie was disappointed the woman sitting opposite him refused to be seduced but they continued chatting. He learned she was living with a guy who collected outstanding repayments on loans.

“An enforcer?”

“You’re out of date,” she laughed, bosom heaving and showing lovely teeth, convincing Freddie he had to sharpen up if he wanted women like her to fuck him.

“He’s called a security protection agent. Why don’t you come with me and talk to Ivan if you are looking for a career? Smarten up and you’d probably do very well. Even I might become interested,” she giggled.

“What’s involved?” he asked.

“Well you must shower regularly, get your teeth capped…”

“No I mean to become a security protection agent?”

Juliet said to possess correct addresses of overdue clients, to drive a nondescript car and to have a suit jacket fitted for a slot for a length of rubber hose on one side and a length of steel pipe on the other side and learn to remember which persuader to use as appropriate. It was also necessary to display a disbelieving look and to look nasty. “I would think you would have little problem looking nasty.”

“You seem well-informed?”

“Well besides warming Ian’s bed I call on his little old lady defaulters. I take in a cream cake and get their cooperation that way but if necessary I hold up a hair brush and that brings back childhood memories of being belted on the butt so they rush off and return with the money owing. We are given 20% of what we collect so only work on large debts to generate good cash flow for our business. Oh, I have a younger sister waiting to break into the business. Perhaps you could team up with her?”

Ian was waiting at the station. He listened with interest and said, “This sounds okay; we should talk business. By the way, attempt to fuck Juliet and you’re dead.”

Horrified, Freddie wondered if Juliet would tell Ian he’d already made a full-on pass at her but when he looked at her she was fluttering her eyelashes at Ian, looking very angelic. Both buys caught the whiff of her arousal.

Juliet’s sister Mary-Lou looked like a female bulldog and had big squashy tits and arm muscles like a man and bad breath as well. Freddie had the brains to know she’d terrify women just by looking at Mary-Lou with her lip curled back and men too when she held up a metal pipe. So he agreed to work with her and with relief found she was gay. They learned the ropes working for Ian for six months and then went out on their own, as they wanted to move up to collecting major debts.

“I’ll see you tomorrow to eskort istanbul really say goodbye,” said Juliet, who Freddie now regarded as an older sister.

She knocked on his door at the boarding house at 8:00. That surprised Freddie and he wondered if he were being set up. Juliet asked had he had breakfast and he said no, so she went out to get it, telling him to have a shower because her preference was for fresh meat.

Ohmigod, he thought. Juliet’s goodbye present was a suck.

As Freddie munched his bacon and egg hamburger Juliet unzipped him. Although he was embarrassed about length, or rather the lack of it, she said it was circumference that really mattered to a woman and he loved her for saying that. She rose to her feet, face dripping and kissing him fed semen into his mouth. As Freddie’s track record in sex was near virgins and proper ladies he’d not had that happen before. He was disgusted but his dickhead felt so pumped up it felt ready to rocket into space. Deducing Juliet was making cow eyes at him, he rolled her cunt up on to the floor. She screamed with delight and held her ankles around her ears. He’d not struck that before either and he’d never seen a cunt open so wide. He slid in to her, encouraged by the foulest language young Freddie had ever heard from a woman. It reminded him of having hopelessly frustrated a male math teacher who began bawling him out.

Juliet gurgled and he knew why — he could feel the walls of her pussy gripping him. He had to puff to make progress and when he said he was ready to come her eyes glazed and she rammed a dry finger up his rectum. He blew the world apart, or it least it felt that way. Juliet blew hugely and a minute later she cried ‘Ohmigod’ as they watched the combined juices stream from her.

She kissed him on the landing and said, “You were truly amazing.”

Freddie walked so tall he had to duck his head to re-enter his room.

He and Mary-Lou worked very successfully for three years and then she announced she had to terminate the partnership because her girlfriend wanted to enter a civic union marriage and one of them would then get pregnant.

Adrift again, Freddie wondered about returning and trying to take Juliet off Ian and pictured a bullet hole through his forehead, so dropped that idea and returned home to Reddenstone instead.

Freddie was dressed in his best suit and sitting in the dome lounge of the Dome Hotel, sipping a beer and wondering about calling his younger sister, when old rivals to the Reilly Brothers burst into the room. One of the Younger Brothers armed with a cut down shotgun ordered the bartender to empty the till into a shopping bag while his ugly brother ordered the mayor’s wife and the wife of Judge Brown to strip off their jewelry and watches. Until then Freddie had watched with interest but then remembered when he was a high school senior Mrs Brown had presented him with a book on mathematical problems for leading the team winning the school debate on ‘Making a Success of Life’. His team had argued the negative side.

Freddie walked up to the guy with the shotgun who was watching intently the money being piled into the bag. Freddie grabbed the shotgun with ease and belted the holdup guy senseless and then cracked the guy genç escort bending over the wife of the mayor across the face, blood spurting and causing the women to scream. The enraged guy, apparently beyond feeling pain, turned on Freddie who calmly crowned him with the stock of the shotgun and he slumped to the ground beside his brother. A manager came racing in and was handed the shotgun and asked had the police been called. He frightened guy nodded and looked relieved when Freddie identified himself as a guest in the hotel and was going back to finish his beer.

A news team from the Reddenstone Gazette arrived before the police charged in, shotguns and handguns drawn. The manager’s prisoners were led out and Mrs Brown identified Freddie as the hero. The pretty bartender rushed over to thank Freddie and then asked how could she really thank him. That really appealed to him so he gave her his room number. She said shyly she was married but that didn’t matter in this instance because heroes deserved the best from a woman. Her sweetness pulled a wolfish smile from Freddie.

The newspaper photographer insisted on taking a photograph of Freddie standing between the mayor’s wife and Mrs Brown before they had the blood cleaned off them. That photograph was published next morning on the front page under the heading, ‘Town Hero a Former Resident’.

Over breakfast next morning Katie, soon to be married, opened the paper and screamed, “Freddie’s back in town.”

The asshole mother snarled. “If he comes near us I’ll murder the jerk.”

Patting her pussy in excitement Jude asked, “Why is Freddie in the newspaper?”

“Look!” Katie shouted dramatically and the rest of the family around the table looked in astonishment at the photo of Freddie.

Aaron said, “Town hero — that’s a laugh.”

“Wait,” said his wife. “The wives of the mayor and Judge Brown are involved. Read us the story Katie.”

Katie laughed when reading that Freddie had disarmed a robber and deal with an unarmed but much bigger man brutally.

“Well, I’d must call the hotel and invite our heroic son to visit us,” said his mother.

Freddie arrive early evening and presented his right-handed father a set of left handed tools and his mother with a big container of hideously expensive perfume that he knew would give her hives without her suspecting the source. An hour later he took his two sisters to dinner at the hotel, leaving his parents crestfallen they’d not been invited. After dinner his sisters accepted an invitation to join Freddie in bed.

“You really are a bad bastard,” sister Katie said affectionately and yelped, as she’d never had anyone so wide as fat Freddie’s. Her younger sister, sitting on Freddie’s face, gave Katie who was about to ride cowgirl a knowing smile.

* * *

These days Freddie is married to the Brown’s daughter Pru who is no prude and she’s just told Judge Brown she is pregnant with her third child. Freddie is president of Freddie’s Friendly Debt Collection Agency with branches throughout the county and drives a sporty Cadillac. He is high up in the hierarchy of the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary and The First National Bank and is incoming president of the Updown County Club. Both his sisters are married with youngsters and they still meet to give Freddie their special treat on his birthday.

Freddie’s father still doesn’t talk to him. His mother does, for the sake of his adorable wife and children, but being a very wise woman she still thinks of him as an asshole.

THE END (thank goodness)

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