Back in the Saddle


It was all I could think about on my morning run. As soon as I returned home I checked my cell phone, no messages. I grabbed a cup of coffee and made my way to the computer. No email either. It was still early in the morning and the ad had only been posted on the web since the night before. I checked the sight again to see if the ad was still up, which it was. I was just being stupid. I felt like schoolgirl waiting for her homecoming date to call. I decided to be productive and take a shower, but I brought the phone into the bathroom with me just in case it would ring. Clients always seem to like it when you answered the phone personally. Plus, it would add to my sense of anticipation.

I had just finished drying my hair when the phone finally did ring. I jumped when I’d heard the shrill noise.

“Hello,” I answered trying to sound sultry and seductive.

“Hi, is this Liz?”

“This is her,” I said feeling my heart thumping in my chest.

“Hi, I was wondering if I could see you today.”

“Sure,” I said. “What time were you thinking?”

“Around three.”

His name was Jeff and he wanted me to meet him at the Sheraton in Woodland Hills for an hour. At that time of the day it would take around an hour to get there. He must have been experienced. He didn’t mention any money or what I’d do for it. My ad said I expected a donation of $400 for an hour of my time. I started to mull over what I’d wear. He hadn’t made any special requests.

Now it finally seemed real to me again. I had an actual client. It had been over a year since my last one. Back then I was in my last year of college and I decided to quit to focus on my studies. It had been more than that though. I’d been thoroughly burned out. I’d had my first client when I was 18 and worked steadily for 7 years before taking some time off. I had looked haggard and stopped going to the gym regularly. I only had a year to complete my college degree, but my grades were slipping. The year off had been good for me. I graduated college. I felt relaxed and was in the best shape of my life.

Now, I had finally done it; I was a whore again. Offering myself for a men’s (or women’s) sexual gratification for hard, cold cash. The thought sent a shiver through me. The thrill of sex for money never gets old for me. I’d always had a strong sex drive, I practically lived and breathed sex and lived in a constant state of arousal, so being a “sex worker” was a quick way to earn a living. It’s never an easy way to earn a living, but actually enjoying the sex made things go much smoother. Many women in the business I knew, didn’t seem that into the sex part. It was just a way to earn a wage.

I went to my computer and stared at my ad:


Exquisite GFE!

Gender: FemaleAge: 26

Hair: BrunetteEyes: Brown

Ht: 5’9″ (175 cm) Bust: 34B (86 cm)

Wt: 110 lbs (50 kg) Waist: 24″ (61 cm)

Affil: IndependentHips: 33″ (84 cm)

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Available To: Men, Women, Couples

Availability: Outcall

Location: Los Angeles

Hello Gentlemen … I am a sexy, petite, playful companion. Free – spirited, open – minded, and adventurous, I embrace life and all it has to offer. I am a stunning brunette in my 20’s with seductive eyes, a light complexion and natural curves in all the right places; a combination of beauty, sensuality, intelligence with a pinch of naughtiness.

I am a true GFE. During our time together, I ensure an unrushed, stress-free exploration … a erotic encounter where I can share my many gifts with you. You see; I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist, and I have always been game for anything; there’s little I won’t do…”

I wondered what Jeff wanted to do with me. I shivered again thinking about it. I gave myself a little touch, just a little tease. I was wet already.

At 2:30 that afternoon I was driving on the 405 freeway just before the 101 interchange on my way to Woodland Hills. Traffic wasn’t that bad, so I called Jeff to assure him I’d be arriving on time.

I had decided on wearing a bronze colored V-neck jersey dress that with a plunged neckline and a crochet trim that came down to just above my knees. It was subtly sexy and not in the least trashy. It didn’t scream “whore.” Of course, I opted not to wear any undergarmets. If everything went as it was supposed to, I wouldn’t be wearing the dress in short-order.

It was exactly 3 o’clock when I stood in front of room 862 in the Woodland Hills Sheraton gently rapping my knuckles on the door.

I greeted him warmly when he answered the door. He was wearing gray slacks and light-blue dress shirt with a few of the top buttons undone and the tails untucked. I was pleased that he was attractive and that I got a good vibe off him. He invited me in and offered me a glass of red wine from a bottle he’d just opened.

The room was nice with a large king sized bed and a view of the office park behind the Sheraton. There was a desk with his lap-top on it along with a bunch of papers. He had an envelope arap escort with my donation sitting on the dresser just as I’d asked and I placed my purse just beside it before sitting next to Jeff on the bed. We sat there chatting as we sipped our wine. It was a Merlot, usually not my favorite, but this one wasn’t bad.

Jeff looked to be in his early forties. He was handsome and had that clean, crisp look of a smooth business man. His black hair was graying at the temples and he had big blue eyes that bored into mine with desire. He told me he was an executive for a software company and was in town for business.

After some more small talk I took his wine glass and placed it next to mine on the nightstand. He seemed a little nervous and unsure of how to proceed, which surprised me a little. He had sounded so confident on the phone.

I took control, planting a big, wet kiss on him. His lips were big and soft; they tasted sweet, of wine and toothpaste. My tongue sought out his with passion as my hands roamed over his muscular body. In one quick motion I unbuckled his belt, undid the button to his pants, slipped my hand into his trousers stroking his hardening cock. Not only had I not had a client in a year, I hadn’t been with a man since either. I was wet with anticipation.

We laid back on the bed. I took off his shirt. He had the type of body I’d like to lean my head on forever. He was hairless, smooth and all muscles. My fingertips tiptoed across his torso and he responded with a tickled smile. He seemed to enjoy my soft hands caressing his chest. I noticed his wedding ring when I took my hand his and started to kiss his fingers. I was surprised I hadn’t noticed it before. My eyes lingered on the band more than they should have.

“I’m married,” he admitted. There a flicker of sadness in his eyes.

“Your secrets are safe with me,” I said really not knowing what to say. I just wanted him to know I wasn’t judging him.

Jeff was very typical in that respect. Many clients I had were married, but attention starved, and trying to recoup the deficit through a lady of the night.

“It not that I don’t love my wife,” he said. “It’s just that…we hardly have sex any more.”

I patiently listened as he told me the history of his marriage. A lot married guys seemed to demonize their wives once I find out they’re married. I suspect it was their way of relieving their guilt. Jeff didn’t say anything bad about his wife, but more about how they’d lost touch with each other. His story was sad, almost tragic.

“We’re like to zombies living in the same space, but that’s it,” ending his story with a feeling of guilt and regret. He was clearly into his wife, but seemed resigned to the fact that his marriage was dead. I tried not to think about that his seeing a hooker probably wouldn’t help him in that respect.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said inadequately with a touch of sadness. I always empathized with my clients. I held him close and kissed him fiercely.

His hands gently stroked my hair, my face. I sighed as he kissed my neck. I lay back and he undressed me. He had trouble removing my dress, so I stood up and slipped out of it as elegantly as I could. I stepped out of my heels and crawled onto the bed naked. I immediately went for his pants and pulled them off of him along with is boxers. I couldn’t wait to get a hold of his cock.

His member was nice and large, one of the biggest I’d seen. He leaned his head back with a pillow on the wall. His body was relaxed and stretched out on the bed. In a folded-knee position, I settled between his legs he held widely spread. His eyes were on my face; mine on his cock. It was so huge, soda-can thick. I began to wonder if I’d get that thing inside me.

“Your hair is nice and soft,” he exclaimed.

My hair was longer than usual, half-way done my back instead of its normal shoulder-length. I brushed my hair along his crotch and tickled his balls. He liked the sensation and kept smiling at me. I bowed down and embraced his waist like a trunk of a tree leaning my face against his hard abs. I sensually directed my breathing toward his belly button.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said stroking my hair.

I accidentally glanced toward the alarm clock on the night-stand, its big red numerals glowing at me. I immediately chastised myself for it. A working girl never wants to be known as a clock-watcher. He appeared not to notice. We had already been together for close to forty minutes, the session was supposed to be over soon. I made myself forget about the time and just have fun. Jeff was hot. When he’d first opened the door to his room earlier and I had seen him for the first time, I felt I should pay him for inviting me to his room. He was that attractive. What a great way to make a come back.

I sat up and pulled my hair back with a tie I kept on my wrist. I looked at him and our eyes locked. Apparently, I hadn’t lost the art of begging with just my pleading eyes. His cock moved and wanted to get up. Jeff escort bayan istanbul was very hung.

I kneeled on the bed next to him massaging his inner thigh and running my fingers lightly along his torso making him squirm when it tickled. I could see his massive cock with its well-defined veins pulsating. I held it in my hand. I had the urge to pull out a ruler and measure it.

I bent down kissing his inner thighs and moving up his stomach towards his neck stopping for noisy, wet, sensual kisses on his erogenous zones. I took my time wetting, licking and playing with his nipples making squirm once again. A short while later I moved up to his neck. He smelled so good. He moved down from his leaning position and pulled me up a bit more. My breasts were softly resting on his chest, and his lips captured mine.

I know a lot of working girls don’t kiss their clients, but I’ve really never understood why unless the guy had bad breath or something. Jeff was hot and his affection, though temporary and imagined seemed real to me. I went with the flow. We changed positions and he was now on top of me. He kissed me like we would never see each other again. He paused only to breathe.

He got up and sat down on the bed. He placed my head on his lap, held my nape up, and kissed me with my hair flowing down. It was sweet, hot, romantic, but very uncomfortable. I felt like he’d forgotten that I’m a hooker, and sometimes, I did forget too that he was my John.

“No one’s kissed me like that before,” I told him truthfully as we caught our breathe.

Jeff kissed me again from my forehead to my lips, then down to my neck and to my breasts. My God! If felt wonderful. His thick lips playfully pressed and twisted my nipples. I felt myself become really wet. There was no way I could have faked my orgasm. He nibbled on my hardened nipples left and right. I was not afraid of his teeth. His gentle bite was incredibly sensual. He cupped my breasts with his large, strong hands, and voraciously sucked them with his wet lips moving up and down. I could hear his hungry, busy mouth. My chest was shiny with Jeff’s saliva. I started giggle profusely as he played with me. I didn’t know why I got into a sudden laughing fit, but I didn’t want to ruin the mood.

I pushed him over onto his back and with the idea silencing my giggling by going down on him. I focused my mind on the task. It had been a while and he was so large I needed to concentrate on what I was doing or might scrape him with my teeth or something. Besides I want to give him an unforgettable blowjob that would make him remember and call me again for more.

I made myself relax forcing myself to breathe in and out at a slower pace. I started by licking his balls. His breathing was long and deep. I rolled and wiggled my tongue like a snake sensing his prey. I wet-kissed his balls like they were his lips. His body was contracting and quivering. His legs were fully extended and I rubbed my hands along his inner thighs. As I continued his legs became stiffer and I figured he was enjoying my introductory blowjob skills.

I looked up watching him, observing his pleasure, and getting off on my ability to thicken his erection. I ran my tongue from his balls to his shaft in linear motion back and forth, and in between sucked him with my oral vacuum technique. I licked his balls aggressively to get the spit I need for coupe de grace – the real deep throat.

“Oh God!” I heard him moan as our eyes made contact.

I held his cock with both hands, one on top of the other. I couldn’t believe there was still an inch or more protruding from the top. He was very long and thick. He was testing my mettle. I felt like I had to prove I was still a pro. I needed to loosen up more and relax my gag reflex. I controlled my breathing and thought of nothing else but getting his cock into my mouth.

With my eyes closed and my hands still gripping his cock I gently kissed the tip of his shaft. I thought of a Zen saying, “there is something in nothing and nothing in something,” conditioning myself that his cock wasn’t that huge and my throat was made for his cock. I was ready.

My left hand massaged his balls while my right jerked his cock. My saliva was enough to lube Jeff’s cock down to my throat. I jerked him off while my head went up and down. His deep moans made me wilder, totally turning me on. I stroked in time with motion of my head. My throat was starting to relax and I took my time letting it open up.

Jeff’s cock felt like a smooth, oversized plantain sliding effortlessly in and out of my mouth and my throat. The expression on his face was one of near orgasm. Between deep, struggling breathes, he would utter phrases containing the word “God” like he was in a confessional. He moaned and sighed as I increased the pace. My throat was starting to accept his cock. I blew and wiggled my tongue on the ridge underneath his shaft. He loved it. I gently used my teeth to scratch the side of his cock. The pauses in his breathing and his body squirming underneath zenci escort me were so erotic. I jerked and blew him at the same time in rhythm. His breathing continued to get deeper and his sighs longer.

I felt his hands against my jaw, gently pulling. “I don’t want to come like this,” I heard him say as he tried to catch his breathe. I reluctantly disengaged my mouth from his engorged shaft. I was a little disappointed only because I really wanted him to cum in my mouth.

He had to take a few moments to gather himself before he gestured for me to lie down. He climbed on top of me kissing my mouth then moving down to my neck, my breasts and along my stomach. His hands were all over me as he licked and nibbled my inner thighs teasing me into frenzy. I kept lifting my hips upwards wanting him to taste me. I moaned loudly when his mouth finally found its way to my sex.

“Oh God Jeff, your tongue is so fucking hot!” I moaned.

My sex was in the grasp of his mouth with his tongue slowly stroking my clit back and forth. I ran my fingers through his soft black hair grabbing the back of his head making his mouth stay affixed to my sex. My breathing got heavier and I got more and more excited.

My hips jerked and I had to release Jeff’s head to grab onto the sheets as I felt the first wave of an orgasm swelling between my legs. He suddenly increased the pressure of his mouth against my shaved cunt and I moaned loudly idly wondering if any guests in the nearby rooms will complain about the noise.

I felt like I could barely hang on to the bed as my climax hit me with its full-force. It was like a tight little ball exploding through my insides moving outward. Pleasure consumed every part of my body as my hips bucked up and down uncontrollably. I almost felt guilty that he was paying for me for this.

I finally come down off my high gently pushing Jeff away from my sex when I became too sensitive. He kissed my inner thighs and told me I was beautiful.

“Thank you baby,” I say looking down at him still between my legs.

Eventually, I pulled him up giving him a big kiss on the lips, tasting my juices, feeling satiated. We continued to kiss passionately and I could feel his hardness pressing against my thigh. I pushed him over onto his back and rolled on a condom. Then I mounted him and immediately rode him hard. I was surprised how easily he’d entered me with his large size. The feeling was intense. It had been too long. His fullness inside me was intoxicating. I hadn’t been as satiated as I thought.

Before too long he turned me over into the missionary position; our tongues danced as he made love to me. The feeling of his soft, warm flesh against mine was delicious as my hands explored every bit of his skin as they could.

“Oh God! This feels so good,” he breathed. “I wish I could feel what it’s like to be inside bare…”

The unfinished question hung in the air a little longer then it should have.

“Please,” he begged.

I didn’t want to disappoint him.

“Go ahead,” I finally whispered.

He reached down and slipped off the condom. I watched it land on the floor. I moaned along with him and as he entered me again without a barrier between us. He bucked faster kissing me hard. The noises of pleasure increased, our bodies moved as one. His mouth left mine, returning to my neck. My Keigal muscles milked his rigid cock as it worked its way slowly in and out of me. It was as it was meant to be, his bare cock engulfed in my wanting cunt. My moans became more passionate as his body crushed against mine. I lightly raked my nails down his back as he continued fuck me. His teeth caught the flesh of my neck, the sting just enough to heighten my pleasure. He groaned as my body reacted, my muscles clenching him.

I thought he would lose it, but not yet. He turned me over, moving to doggie, and entered me from behind. My breathing became frenzied as pounded me for all he was worth. The bed banged loudly against the wall and I could feel my flesh bouncing back and forth under his onslaught. It was all I could do to hang on to the bed sheets. My body began to shake uncontrollably as I found myself in the grips of yet another orgasm. His hands on my hips gripped tighter as he pulled me onto him over and over again at a relentless pace. I was lost in wave after wave of pleasure.

Jeff was grunted loudly in my hear and I thought he was about to lose control when he suddenly pulled out of me. We turned over again, this time on my back with my ankles over his shoulders. He thrust deep into me and the pleasure built up once more. My nails dug into his flesh as my body writhed beneath him. He looked down into my eyes as another orgasm blossomed. My soft panting turned into loud moans as I stared back at him. My mind clouded with pleasure, I gave in. I wanted his essence combined with my own. The danger of the act only heightened my desire.

“Cum inside me,” I breathed. It was more than he could take.

Jeff’s pace quickened momentarily, then his legs went hard and stiff. He slammed his hips into me and moaned loudly as he started to cum. I trembled as he flooded me with his seed. My legs fell off his shoulders and he collapsed on top of me as we rode out the intense waves of pleasure. We laid there for a long time in a sweaty heap catching our breathe.

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