Back Door to Heaven

Ass Fuck

*Everyone in this story is 18 or older*

Back Door to Heaven


I could see him mauling her like the brute that he is. I could see her submitting like whore that she is. All the clues, the subtle hints, and the nuances she exuded all point to this, and I feel dumbstruck for not taking any notice of such obvious foreshadowing. Taya and Marcus were exchanging both a passionate and incestuous kiss right behind the church which Taya’s father preaches. Hot blooded feelings of anger, jealously, and disgust crept over me, but they were consumed as fuel for the biggest of all, lust.

Being born into a conservative family, I was forced into the church every week. In and out, it was the same script of heaven and hell, tithing and offering, Jesus and his disciples, being timid, meek, and submissive. Exposure to this definitely singed certain ideals in my head. I relied on a book to tell me who I am and to give me a personality. It wasn’t until my family moved to a different state and we didn’t go to church for a full year that the gleaming stamp of Christianity in my mind began to rust and tatter.

Stepping back and viewing it distantly made me realize that’s where I needed to be, back away from it because meek and submissive wasn’t me and I was largely apathetic about the general zeitgeist. I searched for an explanation, for the name of where my mindset was and I found it. Nihilism. I didn’t tell my family as I felt it was none of their business and when they found a new church to attend, I just felt I’d suffer through until I could get out to college. Four years later, I’m about to graduate high school and I’m ready to go.

While it was difficult going to church having no interest in it, it wasn’t all bad. The preacher Tyler James was relatively young and enthusiastic about modernizing the church. It just so happened I played electric guitar, something several churches don’t have. To give his church a unique flavor, he asked me join the band. Realizing that would keep my bored eyes from the ceiling, random spots around the room, and off of his beautiful daughter on Sunday, I gladly accepted. I gained four years of experience from playing in front of a live audience, learning to various scales, and of course improvisation albeit, through gospel music. I’m more of a metal fan, but it was better than nothing.

There was something else that kept me going without staring holes in the walls. Tyler James’ daughter, Taya. She was the best runner on her track team, and her tight body indicated that. The small percentage of fat on her body granted her the gift of delicate, yet sumptuous, breasts and two tight, round hills resting between the valley of her spine and the deep geyser that I would take great pride in being inside of. On occasion, I got to see her when she had gone out for a run before choir practice (to save time and money, the band and choir practiced at the same time). Her hair would be in a ponytail; her t-shirt would cling to her skin and reveal her tight abs and the mounds pushing out from her chest. Her running shorts would show off her smooth brown thighs, hardened calves, and thin ankles, all glistening with sweat.

It would take the load off of going to church just to see her sweet, innocent face and listen to her bubbly voice that has soothed me for many years, talking me out of or into questionable situations. Sometimes I’d get a hug from her and get to feel her body against mine. I didn’t breathe; I was afraid it would make the moment go faster. I wanted it to last for as it could. These kind of lingering hugs are what probably made her parents look at me funny. I thought for a while I could see myself belonging to her, and her to me, but time has a cruel way of opening your eyes.

Getting more into Taya, I found that she’s shallow and ditsy, and has little ambitions of her own other than to push her body to the limit in track only to please her father and to stay connected in her preppy social circle. She seems nice, says the right things. But she constantly goes after assholes that get what they want from her and leave her in shambles for me to piece her back together, just so she can ignore me again once she gets hooked into another guy. I studied this pattern, and wondered when she was going to give me a chance. Never, and I later found out why.

Around my sophomore year, her cousin Marcus joined the church. He was loud, boisterous, and out going. Naturally, she was drawn to him. At the time, all I saw was how much more muscular than me he was, how much more of a cookie cutter piece of guy candy gorukle escort he was than me. He was just the right color of brown that seemed to appeal to a wider array of women. I just knew he’d be competition and whenever I addressed him, I acted cold. He wasn’t so warm himself, and from time to time our contact would escalate into full on pissing matches. I didn’t know he was Taya’s cousin until he left the church at the end of the year to leave for college. I sighed in false relief, and felt that I still had a chance. The cycle of her spirit being broken by pricks and being repaired by me continued clean up until the end of our senior years. She began to withdraw and have less time for me because Marcus would occasionally pop back into the church.

When he wasn’t there I couldn’t get her to shut the hell up about her problems, but when he was, she always dressed in something chic and revealing, hovering around him. She always had an expensive hairstyle. She always stared intently at him smiling and eating up his every word. When I could inch my way between them, he always brought up questions about Taya’s love life or her sexual preference. In church. Even I knew not to probe certain areas as not to get into a sticky situation. Regardless of the unusual questions between cousins, she always answered him, never hinting the slightest bit of offense. This was a dead giveaway of their unusually close relationship.

One Sunday after service, the whole congregation was lingering, just like any other Sunday. They were chatting about god, people, the church, and so on. One conversation I overheard as I was putting my guitar back in its case made me uneasy.

“Did you know Marcus squat lifted 320 at nationals?”

“No, that’s incredible. I used to lift but I never had that kind of strength.”

“He’s so driven. I’m so proud he attends this church.”

“Likewise, he the best young man that’s come through here in long time.”

I collected my amp and slung my guitar case across my shoulder and left as fast as I could. I’d be damned if I was going to listen to a bunch of phonies patronize that douche bag. I figured I’d walk home but in the spur of the moment, I felt like getting something to eat nearby knowing nobody would be home since my parents were on a cruise to the Caribbean. I started walking past the church into the alley. Then I heard her laugh.

Taya let out a loud throaty giggle. It wasn’t the only one I heard. The second giggle was much more masculine. I’d heard this before and immediately I knew who it was…. Taya and that asshole Marcus. My instinct told me to get away, but my curiosity paralyzed my legs. In between the laughing, I heard something that sounded like kissing. I didn’t know it at the time because I was being naïve. I never would have expected what I saw. I could tell the noises were coming from the gutter outlet. I softly put my stuff on the pavement, and snuck to it.

The outlet was below street level, and I had and overhead view of the back of Marcus’ pelvis pressed against Taya’s, her buns filling his right hand and his left hand on the back of her head with his fingers entangled in her long black hair. Both Taya’s hands were on Marcus’ ass. Their mouths were connected at the lips, but were constantly moving in unrest. Their tongues came out from time to time, and they were all wrapped around each other. They took turns taking each others’ tongues in their mouths. All the while, their hands were moving all over their bodies, squeezing, caressing, massaging. I stood above them, both shocked and aroused.

Marcus initiated the first leap into heavy petting when he lifted her dress up to gain access to her heavenly mound. For a moment, the skirt of her short purple dress was against her torso and her chocolaty thighs came out from either side of her blue panties. My heart skipped, and I my boner begin to snake its way down my leg. His hand disappeared into her panties, then his forearm under her skirt. Taya pulled back, looking a little shocked, shocked perhaps that he would go that far.

“No….I told you, I’m still a virgin. Can we just do what we did last time?” Taya said lowly, pleadingly.

“I know, I remember. I’ll stay on the outside. I promise,” said Marcus.

They began speaking softer and softer, but much more sensuous. I couldn’t hear, but for the most part, but I could see there body language leading to affirmation on something. Then, I heard Marcus speak up.

“Turn around. I can put mine in and rub yours at the same time. You’ll still be a virgin.”

“Mmm….OK altıparmak eskort bayan Marcus,” she nearly whispered.

With what I heard, I remembered back to a teen bible study that both Taya and I attended alone as we were the only teens at the church at the time and the instructor was talking about sex before marriage and how it leads to hell…or some shit along those lines. The instructor asked if we were virgins.

“Yes,” I said sternly. I was at the time, but even if I wasn’t, there’d be no need to indicate it to her.

Hesitantly, Taya began to say yes also, but she stumbled in her words and brought up a question. In her sweet voice, she asked, “I have a friend who gets…intimate with her boyfriend but they don’t have….uh…regular sex. Is she still a virgin?”

“Well, in my opinion, as long as they haven’t had vaginal sex and broken your friend’s hymen, she’s still a virgin. As far as I know, vaginal sex is the only kind that exists,” said the instructor.

Both Taya and I blushed and held by our laughter at the instructor’s ignorance.

“Well, it’s good she won’t go to hell,” Taya said almost jokingly.

With one quick smooch to seal the deal, Taya turned to face the wall and leaned against it, pushing her hips back towards Marcus’ crotch. Without really thinking, I began to undo my zipper. I reach inside the slot in my boxers and retrieved my pulsating staff. I gripped it hard in anticipation. Marcus did the same, and roughly pulled up her skirt to the shoulder straps of her dress in his right hand, and pulled down her panties in her left. His fast movement caused her to flinch a bit. Both Marcus and I took the beautiful sight of Taya’s compact brown cheeks glowing in the afternoon sunshine. The two firm globes parted slightly to reveal the most perfectly round and puckered asshole residing just above the back of her tight virgin gash trickling clear droplets of her potent arousal.

I would have risked discovery and went down into the outlet to lick the drops off of the concrete and plunged my tongue deeply into the source of her sweet juice, but I new I would never be able to live it down. So I continued to stare silently and masturbate. Marcus moved in closer and began to run his right hand over Taya’s slick vagina, paying extra attention the lips. While he rubbed her, he rocked back and forth, sliding his cock between her ass cheeks.

“MMMMM,” Taya let out a moan. Taya got more into the moment, and pushed against both Marcus’ hand and his member, matching his rhythm. She let out a series of deep moans to express the pleasure he was giving her. I began to pick up the pace, and I gripped my cock harder and harder. It felt so wrong to be watching this, but the girl I wanted to be with was getting fucked the way I wanted to fuck her. No, I wanted to do it better. I wanted to be where Marcus was and make her feel the best she ever has. But all I could do was watch as her cousin did the job I hoped she would let me do.

Without letting his right hand leave her pussy, he used his left to collect lube from Taya’s wet slit and applied to the length his cock. Then, he took two fingers wet with Taya’s juice and his pre cum, and he started prodding at her asshole. Without much of a fight, her hole began to steadily accept them and started to finger fuck her while rubbing her pussy. Taya’s moans became loftier and more distant. He was pumping his fingers in and out of her faster and faster and rubbing her mound harder than before. Undoubtedly, he was trying to induce her orgasm, and it was working. Her muscles tensed and she began to pant. She was vocalizing the reaction to the sensations in her body. Not in words, in moans and groans, both of which were symphonic to me as I continue to run my clenched fist up and down the shaft of my cock.

Then Marcus stopped abruptly, pulled his fingers out and grabbed his cock. Taya let out a disappointed sigh and her breathing began to slow. Her asshole gaped slightly and slowly regained it’s tightly puckered stature. It nearly caused me to cum on the spot. Marcus continued to fumble with his cock until it was hard again, and he lifted the helmet to her asshole and rammed it slowly. Just like before, it had no problem widening to accept his thick black cock. She may be a virgin, but her ass has definitely taking its share of play.

“Ahhhh, Marcus,” Taya said airily.

I watched as Marcus inched his way into what I imagined was the warmest and tightest canal that any man could ever enjoy. I jerked nilüfer eskort bayan my cock enviously. When Marcus buried himself to the base inside her, she squealed loudly. If I could get a chance to make her squeal like that, I would officially have reached nirvana.

He shifted his hands around as soon as he was in. He reached around to the front of her pussy and I would assume her was massaging her clitoris. With his other hand, her kneaded breast and he leaned in close and whispered something in her ear. She responded. Once again, they were inaudible. Their back and forth lasted for about a minute before I heard Taya say something.

“Do it as hard as you can.”

With that, Marcus kissed her cheek, and thrust forward, pushing her into the concrete wall. He pulled out all the way to the tip, and violently shoved it back in. Taya let out loud yelps that tore through the air as he pumped her as hard as he could, just like she wanted. She was letting it all out, growling, screaming, panting, and shouting his name.

“Oh yeah, Marcus, do it faster!!!”

He responded by groping her harder, fingering her faster, and fucking her roughly in her tight ass. I was strangling my cock and jerking it at lightening speed. I rolled my balls around in my hand, feeling them begin to tighten as energy began to gather inside them. I looked up at the blue cloudless sky and closed my eyes, picturing me fucking her. As visions of Taya flashed into my mind, I could hear Marcus’ pelvis slapping against Taya’s luscious ass, creating a rhythm to which I pictured myself fucking her to.


I could feel her warm wet hole tightly encase my cock and her hot cheeks slam against my crotch. I could smell her essence and her perfume mingling together. I could feel her soft breast with her nipple jutting into the palm of my hand. I was the one playing with her pussy as her juice dripped down my forearm. I even vividly imagined the feeling of her sphincter pulsating on my cock. But all that was interrupted when I heard the bellowing of the hominid that had the privilege of fucking Taya.

I stopped in my tracks, opened my eyes, and looked down. Marcus had stopped thrusting, but I continued jerking. He had both of his hands on the wall, and had his body against hers. Taya was still pushing back on him, but he was standing totally still. She continued to milk cum from his cock, squeezing her cheeks and anus around it. He remained still, lost in his orgasm. This went on for about a minute before he grabbed her hips abruptly to halt her and pulled out.

His limp dick reluctantly came out of her, and he took a step back to admire her. Taya’s asshole was oozing semen from her hole and her ass was shiny with sweat. Still facing the wall, I could see the disappointed look on her face. Looking back, I could tell she was angry because Marcus never brought her to orgasm, but at the time, I was over powered with lust and I was ready for my release.

At the sight of her fully naked ass dripping cum from her and her cousin, I couldn’t hold back. I jerked as hard as I could, and finally I felt my balls contract and recede a little into my groin.

“AGHHH!!” I shouted as I started shooting streams of semen outward into the outlet. I closed my eyes as lightening shot from my cock and balls straight to my spine and thighs. I leaned back slightly, pushing my rod further outward; releasing more and more jets of semen. As each shot exited my dick, it felt like pieces of energy were being pulled out of me. I can’t quite describe the feeling, but I felt almost as good as I would imagine sex with Taya would be like.

Lost in my big moment, I hadn’t realized what I had done. It wasn’t until I heard Marcus shouting obscenities that I opened my eyes. I looked down, to see them looking up at me. I stood their, looking at them covered in mycum unapologetic and unafraid. It was a silent stare down, and nobody dared break the silence for a brief moment. But then, Taya spoke up, looking a bit confused.

“Xavier…..were you…..?”

“Yes, the whole time,” I replied.

Silence crept back over us, and Marcus and Taya tried to avoid eye contact with me and each other, darting their eyes in any random place. I put my cock away, and presented a proposition.

“I won’t say anything under a few conditions.”

My voice startled them and they both looked up, quickly and quizzically.

“What are the conditions?” Taya asked.

“Yeah, man, what do you want?” asked Marcus slightly annoyed.

Ignoring Marcus, I looked Taya in her dark eyes, looked down at her bald pussy, then returned back to her eyes.

“I think you know the answer to that,” I said.

Taya and Marcus both looked at each other, and then back at me.

“If that’s what it takes to keep this quiet…” said Marcus.

I nodded. “Well, it’s definitely a good start.”

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