Adam slowly opens his eyes to the dim light of a gray rainy morning casting a glow into the room. He senses the heat of the naked body lying next to him and turns to absorb it. Eve is lying face down on the bed curly black hair covering her face and neck. Her arms curled above her head exposing the soft curve of her breast. The covers are pulled down to just above her waist, the shadows hiding the delight he knows is there. He is immediately aroused.

In his eyes she is perfection. Her toned athletic body is accentuated by well muscled hips and legs, flat belly and heavy breasts.

Adam stares at her for a while, remembering the soft signs and excited moans he was able to wring from her last night as he pleasured her. He can smell her as he lies beside her, subtle perfume, light sleepy sweat and a deep musk that drives him crazy with desire. He feels himself harden.

He reaches lightly into the bed side table and removes the silk scarf he knows is always there. Very carefully he wraps the scarf around her wrists, binding them securely but not painfully. He then ties the scarf to the railing at the head of the bed. He then moves slowly under the covers until he is lying between her spread legs, he head is even with the top of her legs. He slowly pulls the covers down further, as he wraps his own arms gently under her legs.

She is now held firmly, his head positioned at the apex of her legs. He inhales deeply, sensing the arousal that already builds within her still sleeping body.

Soft kisses, planted on her legs and upper thighs. Tongue touching, tasting the skin, the slight sweat of sleep, slowly working inward towards the warmth her can feel radiating from her core. Slowly he works his tongue deeper, licking top to bottom, bottom to top. He uses moldova escort his shoulders to push her legs further apart so he can gain better access. More soft kisses, tongue flicking, her body now responding as sleep slowly lifts its veil from her eyes.

Eve moves unconsciously in time with the caresses, not quite awake she hovers in the misty world between sleep and awareness. Images fly past her closed eyes, she sees a dream Adam between her legs, fully aroused, pushing deep inside her. A yearning fills her as she struggles to understand the sensation building within. She reaches out to him and pulls him close, rubbing herself against him, desperate to increase the friction between them.

Eve’s hips arch back as her arousal builds, her climax rushing to overtake her. Waking fully, she realizes her arms are bound and her legs held firmly. She struggles, a surge of panic filling her, and then she relaxes, giving in to the attention Adam is providing. Her adrenaline fueled awakening and bound arms driving her quickly towards the edge.

Adam slowly moves his hands to her ass, spreading her wide now that she is awake. He pulls her entire body down away from the head of the bed, her arms fully extended, still bound by the scarf, bringing her more completing into his control.

A long moan escapes and her lower back arches again, inviting him deeper. His tongue continues to move up and down the entire length of her dark cleft. Adam can sense that she is close and continues to lick. Stopping now to suck on her hard nub, dipping his tongue deep inside her wetness and licking in fast circles around her tight back door.

Eve is straining against the scarf binding her hands, moaning deeply into the mattress and straining escort istanbul to press her soft flesh into his mouth. She longs to move her hands back, to help Adam spread her wide, to give him better access. Her hips are bucking as she approaches release.

Sensing her impending climax Adam latches on with his lips and sucks hard, sending her crashing over the edge. She screams into the mattress as each wave shudders through her body. Once, twice, three times in a row she climaxes, with Adam continuing to move his tongue where ever her hips direct.

Slowly Eve relaxes as the warmth and contentment of her climax leaves her glowing in its wake. Burrowing further into the sheets she raises her hips invitingly. Having Adam’s fullness inside her, building on the residual warmth and bringing new sensation would be a perfect way to start the day. Arms bound with the weight of his body holding her lower back tight against the bed would trigger the massive release associated with total loss of control and submission to his control.

Adam kneels behind her. No words have been spoken but Eve arches her back higher, tempting him and inviting him to enter her from behind. Normally he would oblige but this morning his is interested in something different. Helping Eve onto her back, arms still bound over her head Adam now straddles her belly. Her beautiful breasts sitting high on her chest. He reaches into the side table and removes a bottle of lube, putting some in his hand he slowly starts to rub himself. Eve’s disappointed look turns quickly into hunger and lust, her tongue darts out and licks her lips, her head strains forward to taste him.

Eve’s eyes are glued to Adam’s hand and the hard glistening shaft contained within. It is just out of reach bulgar escort of her mouth even as she strains to lick the end. Her head relaxes but her eyes remain glued to him as, back and forth Adam strokes. His other hand pinches the erect nipples that now top her breasts and Eve moans deeply. Her arms strain against the bonds, frustration boils inside her increasing the intensity of her arousal, she longs to feel him in her mouth.

As his strokes become faster and he feels himself nearing the end he moves his other hand between her legs and positions two fingers near her dripping entrance. Eve’s legs spread as far as they can and her knees arch up to give him better access. Slowly he inserts two fingers and Eve bucks up to meet him. Adam holds his hand still as Eve rapidly moves back and forth desperate to have his fingers inside her.

In time with his own strokes Adam moves his fingers into her, rubbing in small circles with his thumb. Eve’s moans are loud now and she strains her head forward to catch the end of his shaft in her lips. Adam’s hips surge forward as the softness of her mouth becomes too compelling to resist. As his fingers bring her over the edge Adam empties himself in Eve’s mouth.

Eve bucks hard under the ministrations of his hand and fingers, straining against her bound arms, driving her hips up to meet his plunging fingers, wanting him deep inside. She feels him enter her mouth and her climax reaches a new peak, sucking hard she feels the hot liquid spray against the back of her mouth, filling her mouth, threatening to leak out around her lips. Moans issue from her throat as she attempts to retain everything he has given her.

With a pop he is released from her mouth, sliding down to lie face to face with her Adam kisses Eve deeply. Her mouth is still full and they swirl the hot nectar between them. Eve swallows deeply and as he continues to kiss her. Her hot slit is hard against his stomach and she squirms beneath him. As they kiss, one final climax surges through her body before they get up and start their day.

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