Average No More Ch. 02


I wasn’t really sure it would happen but as soon as our parents were gone she made it quite clear she was serious when came over to me, ran her hand up my pant leg and stroked my cock, saying “I hope you’ve got a big load there – I’ve only let one other guy cum in me and it was quite disappointing!”

“I loved it when you came on my face before…do you think you’d squirt while I was fucking you too?”

“Oh I think so…but there’s only one way to find out isn’t there?” and with one last squeeze of my cock she made a ‘follow me’ sign with her finger and headed downstairs.

My head was spinning a bit – after all it was only a few days ago that I’d gotten my first blowjob, came in a girls mouth, saw my first pussy and got squirted on while eating her. Now everything looked like I’d actually be having sex for the first time and it was all with my sister!

She’d obviously planned things out as she grabbed a couple of sleeping bags she’d stashed behind the couch and spread them out on the floor. Then she came over and started undressing me, touching and teasing as my clothes came off until I was totally naked standing in front of her, totally hard. With a sexy grin, she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I thought I was already as hard as I could get but when she started sucking I swear I got even harder and I even though I’m not that big I was totally surprised when she slowly took every bit of me in until her lips were right at my pubic bone.

She repeated this a few times before stopping and saying, “As much as I’d like to swallow another big load – I’d sooner have it in my pussy tonight!”

Now it was my turn to undress her and again I could tell she’d planned things as there was no bra or underwear under her top and sweatpants. As I took her clothes off, I did the same thing she had – teasing, nibbling and licking until I was kneeling in front of her licking her pussy.

It wasn’t long before I felt her hands on the back of my head trying to pull my tongue deeper into her so I pulled back and told her, “As much as I’d like you to squirt on my face – I’d sooner have you squirt while I fuck you tonight!”

We both started laughing and somewhat melted to the sleeping bags. My next surprise was when she turned her face towards mine and kissed me….not a sisterly kiss, not a ‘just a first date’ kiss but a passionate, tongues teasing each other, made my cock twitch kind of bursa eskort bayan kiss.

It was my first time but I’d watched enough porn to know how sex worked so we rolled together until I was on top and for the first time in my life I felt a woman’s pussy envelop my cock & it was heaven!

I forced myself to take my time just so I could savor the feeling. As I slid in, Karen thrust up a bit and soon we found a rhythm that worked for both of us. Knowing we had the whole evening to ourselves there wasn’t a rush but at the same time being my first time fucking I knew I wouldn’t last long. As we fucked, we kissed like long time lovers and every few kisses I’d pull away from her mouth and nibble or suck on her nipples which from her moans she really enjoyed.

“I’m close to cumming!” was the next thing she said which almost made me cum but I didn’t want to until she had so I pulled out and rested for a minute or two while I sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy.

“What position do you usually squirt the hardest in? I asked.

“Usually squatting over my vibrator and riding it.”

“Then climb on and ride away!” I told her as I rolled onto my back.

Karen quickly straddled my hips (which made me imagine her straddling my face but that could wait) and started riding me. Thank God I’d stopped for a bit because otherwise I’d have cum almost as soon as her pelvis touched mine.

As it was, I held off until she started moaning, “Yes, yes, yes” and I felt the first of her squirts drench my crotch.

That was all it took for me to start cumming and I could feel pulse after pulse of cum shoot up my cock and into her pussy. From the expression on her face she could feel it too and with every third or fourth squirt of my cum I could feel another squirt from her splash against me. Eventually, we both finished cumming (which felt like forever) and I started to soften and slide out of her pussy.

As I slid out, Karen sat up saying, “I want to see how much comes out”.

I was curious too and we both watched as I slid the rest of the way out of her. Ok, I knew I came a lot but I’d never seen it contained in a tight space and pulling out was like pulling the cork out of a bottle. There was one long stream of cum that almost squirted out and then several smaller pulses of it that seeped out and ran down onto the sleeping bags.

“Wow…that was incredible! Looks bursa merkez escort like I’d better put these in the washer before anyone gets home” Karen whispered.

“Does that mean we’re done? Give me a bit and I’m sure I can cum again.”

“Oh we’re not done…but I’ll be swallowing your next load so it won’t be making a mess anywhere.”

True to her word (and mine) it wasn’t long before I was hard again and she started licking the cum off my cock.

“Mmmmm, tastes even better with a bit of pussy juice mixed in” she said with a smile and then she totally shocked me by scooping up a couple of fingers worth of our cum from her pussy and licking that off.

She must have liked the taste because she reached down and scooped up a couple more fingers of cum and as she brought it up to her mouth, I said, “Wow, that’s super hot to watch”

Or at least I started to because when I got to ‘hot’ instead of putting the fingers in her mouth, she put them in mine. Now like pretty much every guy, I’d tasted my cum from my fingers a couple of times after jacking off but I hadn’t expected her to feed it to me like that. At first I was a bit grossed out but then realized she was right – it did taste better with a bit of pussy juice mixed in.

We had sex once more and it was almost better than the first time. The second time was more like making love than the fucking I’d seen in porn flicks and afterwards we talked some more and realized that as much as we wanted to keep our new relationship going, she’d be going back to college soon.

I wanted to go to college but we didn’t have a lot of money (Karen’s grades were high enough she’d gotten a scholarship) so the only way I’d be going to college would be to live at home and go to the one in our city which really didn’t have what I wanted. When I mentioned that, Karen got a funny look on her face and said “Let me think about that”

Looking at the clock we realized it was later than we thought so rather than risk getting caught we decided to go to bed. I jammed the sleeping bag under my bed (my parents complained my room smelled anyway) and I could wash it the next morning while they slept in and Karen grabbed a quick shower and went to her room.

We didn’t have much chance to do anything for the next few days as Mom and Dad had made plans for us to visit with different friends and family before bursa sınırsız escort bayan Karen had to go back to college which was about a 5 hr drive away.

The day before Karen was going to go back I was getting a bit sad because I’d found I totally enjoyed the sex but also really enjoyed what times we did have together even when it was just to kiss, talk or hold her hand for a bit. That evening Dad said he needed to talk to us about something important and my first thought was “Oh fuck, he figured out what we were doing.”

Mom, Dad, Karen & I sat down and Dad said, “Karen and I were talking and until she told me, I didn’t realize how badly you wanted to go to college and that hers has the classes you’re looking for.”

I shot a surprised look at Karen but other than a quick wink she didn’t respond at all and Dad continued, “You know we don’t have a lot of money but Karen had an idea that just might work. Right now we’re paying for her to live in a dorm but – and this is only if you can tell us 150% that the two of you would be able to get along – it wouldn’t cost that much more to rent a small apartment and that would mean we’d have enough money that you’d be able to get the college courses that you want. Unfortunately the two of you would have to get a part time job if you wanted a car and to help cover the food. Karen’s already told me she’d be willing to share an apartment with you if that’s what it takes for you to go to college so I need you to think about it and let me know. On top of everything else, your Mom & I would feel a lot better with the two of you together to look after each other a bit. I don’t need or want an answer tonight but I do need to know in the next few weeks so we can get your application in and get things moving.”

If Dad only knew exactly why I looked so happy at that moment, he likely would have killed both of us! I shot another look at Karen and she had her smug, ‘I did it’ look on her face.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say! Ya, I’ll have to think about it some more but my first thought is that if it means getting a better college then I’d do everything I could to make it work.

“See Karen,” Dad said, “and you didn’t think he’d be interested.”

“Oh well,” replied Karen with a bit of a smile, “I guess he’s getting old enough to know what he wants!”

I ‘thought about it’ for a few more days before telling Mom & Dad that I was definitely interested and wanted to go ahead and apply to the college. It was going to be a long time between Karen going back to college and summer break but knowing we’d be able to find time to have fun during the summer and then pretty much any time we wanted once we got into an apartment – well that made the rest of the school year a whole lot better!

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