Avenging Mother-in-Law


Mary Jane had been pleasantly plump when he married her. She had been a joyful, bubbly soul with a generous smile and a non-stop urge to fuck and suck. Ten years on, frustrated by her inability to have children, she suddenly turned on herself. He watched, helpless, as she drove herself on diet regimens that reduced both her bubbly body and personality to a skinny, almost anorexic shadow of her former self. He despaired and mourned for her, now lost in an obsession he couldn’t understand. They hadn’t fucked for a year now, and he couldn’t have brought himself to do it anyway – she was really unappealing. One day, she wouldn’t wake up although she was breathing. He called an ambulance and they hospitalised her. After stabilisation, she was transferred to a sanatorium where psychologists worked to re-establish mental normality and dietitians concentrated on putting weight back on to the emaciated body.

Several weeks went by and Mark stopped visiting. She had made little progress. One evening, he answered a knock on the door and found an older, and much bigger version of his wife looming on the doorstep.

“I’m Helen, the mother-in-law you never found time to meet. I’m here to find out what you’ve done with my daughter, you bastard. I’ve just come from the sanatorium where I have seen a skeleton that used to be my daughter!” She swept past him into his lounge room depositing a suitcase near the door. She turned, and, with arms crossed under quite an impressive rack and said, “Well, I’m waiting, Mark.”

“Would you like a cup of tea, or coffee perhaps? Then we’ll sit down and I’ll tell you.”

“No I bloody wouldn’t like a bloody tea. But I will have a scotch or wine. Whatever you have.”

“Take a seat. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

Returning with a couple of stiff Chivas Regals, Mark found her sitting in an armchair, tapping her fingers impatiently on the arm rest. She took the proffered drink and he sat in the chair across from her. He looked at her as he sipped his drink and she did the same to him. She had to be in her fifties but she was well preserved for her age. She was big, big all over. Helen had shoulder length dark hair and a round face with big brown eyes that were looking at him speculatively over the rim of her glass. Her wide, round shoulders supported a massive pair of breasts that pushed the smart red jacket out to show a white blouse under. Her waist was cinched in by the band of a matching skirt that almost reached dimpled, fat knees. Her slim ankles were crossed accentuating the curve of her calves.

She looked at him. He was tall and broad shouldered with sandy, thinning hair. His blue eyes had travelled over her and were presently focussed on her ankles. His blue t-shirt was stretched over a pleasing frame and the shorts he was wearing showed a large bulge at the crotch. “Tell me all,” she demanded, tearing her eyes from his crotch.

He told her over another two scotches. Slowly, she relaxed. It became clear that he was devastated by what had happened to Mary Jane. He wasn’t the bastard she had supposed.

“How long since you had marital relations?” she asked primly, despite herself.

“I don’t know, over a year probably. It became the last thing on my mind.”

Helen stood and stretched. Mark’s cock became suddenly semi erect as the motion lifted and stretched her boobs within the confines of her jacket. “I’d like to take a shower now, if you don’t mind. It’s been a long and tiring trip. I’ve been in Europe working for the consulate in Poland, and I’ve got four weeks off to try and sort out my daughter. I don’t suppose it will help at all”

Mark showed her to a spare room and then to the bathroom and left her at it. He went back to his scotch and reflected on what he knew of her. She had never married but had two children by two different fathers. Mary Jane had been brought up fairly unconventionally as her mother travelled the world working in various diplomatic missions. She and her sister had been deposited in boarding schools and after graduation from university had gone their separate ways, each as independent as their mother.

“I could eat a horse!” Helen was at the door in some sort of filmy dressing gown, and, backlit by the hallway light, he could see her long, strong and shapely legs. At the junction, he could just make out the dark shadow of her pubis.

“We could eat out at the restaurant on the corner,” he said mildly. “They do a very good steak.”

“Lovely. Give me a couple of minutes to change.”

Within twenty minutes, they were strolling down the street. She slipped her arm under his and he felt the bulge of her huge breast pressing against him. She wore a crimson dress that was vee shaped at the top with an inverted vee at the skirt. An impressive cleavage was on show as were her legs to halfway up her thigh. When she had come in the door, he had blurted out that she looked magnificent, shocked by the rush of sexual excitement that had flooded him. Eskort Kız Helen had thanked him, without the slightest sign of embarrassment. She had taken his nearly empty glass from his hand and drained it.

As they sat sipping a couple of whisky sours and studying the excellent menu, she said, “you know, I was ready to give you the mother of all tongue lashings for what I imagined you had done to my daughter. Now I see that much of the problem was because of me. I let her do her own thing and she often used to come home with some form of psycho babble that she had picked up somewhere or other. She was always a bit obsessive.”

He didn’t comment, but ordered another two drinks, reflecting that he was getting a nice buzz on.

“Can you forgive me for the way I introduced myself?” she said, leaning over and grabbing his hand.

His eyes immediately saw the lengthening of her impressive cleavage and swiftly looked up. “Yes, of course. You weren’t to know. I just wish she had been more like you. You are clearly level headed and in control of yourself. When I married your daughter, she was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me.” He took a good sized sip of the new drink and went on. “She and I were horny all the time, and I know she enjoyed herself. She always had multiple orgasms, no matter what we did or how we did it.” He paused, and took another reflective sip, looked into the distance and sighed. He felt her hand on his and realised it had been there while he had been speaking. “I know I can talk like this to you because you’re her mother.”

She nodded, and gazed at him, aware that she was quite attracted to him and very interested in the ‘multiple orgasms’ bit of what he had said. Was it her daughter’s nature or him that had caused them, she wondered.

They ordered their steaks followed by dessert. During that time, they downed two bottles of a superb red wine. She matched him drink for drink, and showed no signs of inebriation. After the dessert, they finished the meal with a couple of irish coffees each. They had covered a wide range of subjects and she had liked his deprecating sense of humour. He had laughed out loud when she had told him a few risque jokes she had picked up over the years. They discovered mutual interests. As the night progressed, she was fully aware that her cleavage was of considerable interest to him and had dipped and swayed to show it off to best advantage. Her nipples had erected on several occasions and she had caught him licking his lips. More than once, he had mopped a bead of sweat from his brow even though the air conditioning was quite chilly.

He paid and they left, again arm-in-arm, she leaning more heavily on him. Once inside the front door, she turned and put her arms around his neck, and gave him a smacking kiss.

“Thanks for a lovely meal. And the great company. Just what I needed.” She turned and went down the hallway. “I’ll trot off to bed now. I’ve been travelling for the last 20 hours and I’m very tired.”

He watched her go. Her large hips swayed, her dress caught a little between luscious buttocks. Despite the booze, he had been half erect all the way back to the house, and when she had pressed the kiss on him, laying her voluptuous body against his, he had erected immediately. Mark knew she had noticed, as she had rolled her hips as she leant against him.

Fuck he was horny. She was bloody attractive. She had made him sweat all night. He was captivated by both her personality and her opulent body. Bugger!! He locked up and went to bed. Fortunately, the booze put him out like a light.

Next morning, he awoke, his mouth feeling like the inside of a bird cage. He showered, shaved and thoroughly brushed his teeth. He went into the kitchen and found Helen sitting at the table with two cups of strong, black coffee. She was wearing the same diaphanous dressing gown as the evening before. Either she hadn’t wrapped it around her properly, or she had deliberately left the top gaping wide enough to reveal most of her cleavage and a fair expanse of tit flesh.

“Good morning,” she said cheerily. “I do believe you need some coffee.” She had not missed the look at her tits, the sudden flare in his eyes or the quick lick of his lips. Mark had also worn a dressing gown, one of those short terry cloth affairs. She had also not missed the sudden bulge that had appeared.

It disappeared from view as he sat down quickly next to her. “Thanks, I really need one.”

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” she asked, leaning over to pat his arm, thereby nearly causing most of her breasts to fall out of her dressing gown. “Anything at all?”

“Helen, please! Please pull your top together otherwise I may have an accident,” he gasped, unable to pull his eyes away.

She put her fore finger under his chin and pushed his face up until she was looking into his agitated blue eyes. “We can’t have that, can we Mark?” she whispered. She saw a questioning look in his eyes, and slipped her hand under the table, under the hem of his short dressing gown and gently grasped the enormous column of cock meat she found there.

“My god,” she gasped, “what the hell have you got under there! Stand up and let me have a look.” She did not let him go and pulled him to his feet with his dick. She swivelled in the chair and placed her legs outside his, clasping them to keep him still. She let go long enough to untie the bow holding his dressing gown together and pushed the flaps aside. She was face to face with a monster, and knew immediately what had given her daughter the multiple orgasms. “Stupid bitch,” she muttered quietly as she gazed at his awesome weapon.

It reared straight up for nine or ten inches and was capped by a circumcised helmet-like knob with a broad flange. It was at least three or four inches in diameter and the huge vein that ran up the middle was pulsing. Below dangled a tightened scrotum holding duck egg sized balls. It was beautiful. It was perfect. It was the most majestic cock she had ever seen, and she had seen a few.

“That is the most beautiful cock I have ever seen in my life.” Helen looked up and saw the smile on his face. “Old as I am, I must have it. Now!” she demanded, and bent forward to kiss the knob. He grabbed her shoulders as she grabbed in both hands and started nibbling all around the helmet.

When she ran the tip of her tongue through the pre-cum pooled on his piss slit, he shuddered and his knees buckled. She quickly sucked then ran her tongue around the sensitive dome. He came to his senses despite the rousing pleasure, and put his hand under her chin and easing her off his dick, growled at her.

“Helen! We can’t do this. You are my mother-in-law, for goodness sake.”

“Bullshit.” She still had a two handed grip on his pride and joy. “I am just another woman, and I bloody well know you are turned on by me. Or at least, you can’t take your eyes off my tits.”

She stood up and with a shrug of her shoulders, the filmy gown fell off her shoulders to her waist, held there by the belt. She looked at him and pulled her shoulders back.

Her breasts were huge, melon shaped, creamy white with a heavy tracery of blue veins. The nipples were cone shaped rising an inch from her salmon pink areolae. They were also an inch in diameter and ruched to look like raspberries. Her huge breasts had drooped a little until she pulled her shoulders back. Now they rose to their full, firm, thrusting prominence.

“Not bad for an old girl, eh? Have a feel. They won’t bite,” she murmured still holding his throbbing penis. She had felt it jump as he had seen the magnificence of her bounteous breasts. He was hot and as rigid as steel. His eyes had flared and his mouth had gaped open when her gown had dropped. She had him now. Mark was a tit man through and through. No wonder he hadn’t been able to get it up with her emaciated daughter. She felt no guilt. She and her daughter had been estranged for most of her life. She hardly knew her. Helen wanted him, and his big prick, and didn’t give a fig for conscience.

She tugged him closer, using his cock. She was going to love this. He reached for her melon-like breasts with his big hands, lifting them from their slightly drooping posture and began to reverently caress and mould them, occasionally rubbing a thumb over her protuberant nipples. They tightened and rose even further. Her tit flesh was smooth and hot, the tracery of veins becoming even more pronounced. Mark was totally mesmerised. His cock was pulsing in her grip that wanked him slowly, his pre-cum dripping down on to her mounded belly. He wrenched his gaze away from her enormous nipples and looked into her amused eyes. Mark kissed her, gently at first, and then with increasing passion. They came up for air and he moaned. Her eyes had glazed over.

Helen moved backwards until she felt a chair, tugging him with her. She spread her legs and pulled him between them.

“Lose the gown,” she demanded. He shrugged his shoulders and the garment dropped to the floor behind him. His chest was broad and hairless, his pectorals hard and muscular. He had an eight pack for a stomach. “Please fuck my tits, you big cocked boy,” she gasped, pulling his rigid cock between her heaving breasts. She trailed his knob up and down to lubricate the valley with his pre-cum, then grasped each of her melons and enclosed his cock, moving them up and down like a gigantic cunt.

He groaned and threw his head back. He and Mary Jane had done this often and he loved it. Now he was getting the treatment from her mother and it was so erotic, he was sure he was going to blow his load within seconds.

Mark’s monster appeared out of her mammoth cleavage as she moved her tits up and down his shaft. She knew he wouldn’t last long and started kissing and sucking the helmet every time it came near her mouth. He tasted so good! “Cum now!” Helen growled, “cum for me baby.” She kept her luscious mouth clamped like an eel on his broad knob and was rewarded by a furious pulse of sperm. It leapt straight to the back of her throat, ejaculated by 12 months of pent up lust. It was followed by seven or eight more, each thick and creamy, heavenly to taste. She swallowed as much as she could but a fair bit escaped and dripped out of her mouth on to her heaving chest.

He was groaning, holding her by the shoulders for support, his knees buckling with the explosive power of his ecstasy. He forced his eyes open as the last spurt ended and watched her reach up and scrape every drop of the escaped jism with her fingers and stuff them greedily into her mouth, sucking and licking to get it all. She looked up at him and smiled, licking her lips. “That was so nice. I hope there’s more where that came from, you horny bastard.” She put her hands on his forearms and pushed him down. “On your knees, Mark,” she whispered.

His cock, still fairly rigid, trailed down over her stomach leaving a snail trail. As he sank to his knees, his knob passed over her hirsute, black, curly pubes. He reached to find her pussy lips so that he could penetrate her.

“No you don’t. Not yet. I’m an old woman and I need a lot of lubrication. Make me cum on your tongue.” She hunched forward and lifted her meaty thighs over the arms of the chair. Helen grabbed him by the head and pulled his face into her moist and aromatic thick growth. She reached down and parted the sea of pubes.

His eyes bulged. Never had he seen a pussy like it. It was big and rude. The outer lips were big but the inner lips were fat folds of purple, glistening cunt flesh. Moisture was seeping down to the bottom and on towards the slightly hairy star of her arse hole. He poked his long tongue out and gathered the latest drop and licked up between the folds as slowly as he could, returning it from whence it came. She moaned and her legs trembled. He did it a number of times watching to see if her clitoris would come out of hiding. Mark could see an almost pink bulge at the top of her cunt, large enough to be hiding something terrific. He reached up and found her breasts, fondling them and tweaking the huge nipples, as he continued to slurp. He started to alternately lick, then push his tongue into her minge, then lick, his nose bumping against her clit hood. He noticed that her cunt lips now splayed open like a butterfly and more and more of a pink, glistening interior was being displayed. His dick was rigid and dripping onto the floor.

Suddenly, he speeded up his actions and added the variation of swirling his tongue around her clit hood. Within seconds, a clitoris about an inch long and meaty, thrust out at him. Yep, she was big all over! Now he licked her labia, drove his tongue into her hot box, then swirled it around her huge clit. Judging by her rapidly increasing cries of “oh, oh,” and exclamations of “suck you bugger,” he guessed she was about to pop. Suddenly, he simply clamped his lips onto her clit and sucked it hard and rhythmically. She humped her hairy cunt into his face and came, copiously, wailing like a banshee. His chin was hit by a gush of hot sticky fluid that dropped onto his waiting cock like a message from heaven.

Mark gave her a few more sucks, and a lick and then knelt up. Impatiently, he grabbed his cock and jammed it into her cavernous cunt, still pulsing from the aftershocks of her gigantic orgasm. “Yessssss,” she hissed, “shove it in as far as you can, balls and all. I want to feel it in my throat.”

In that position, her cunt wide open, he was able to get it in all the way on the first lunge, something no other woman had been able to accommodate. Still it was a snug fit and he could feel his knob pass the opening to her womb and butt against her cervix, forcing it to dilate to accommodate him. Despite the lubricity of her orgasm, she was still tight about him and he paused to savour the feel of her pussy pulsing around him. Mark looked and saw that her mouth was hanging slightly open, and her eyes were glazed. She lifted one melon-like breast and sucked on the engorged nipple, one hand going to her clit to frig it. He grabbed her other breast and suckled her huge nipple and began fucking her with long, teasingly slow strokes. He wanted to last a while, to enjoy the sheer pleasure of fucking this huge sex goddess.

“Hard, faster,” she cried, frigging her clit rapidly. He responded and felt her cunt walls clamp on his cock so hard that he had to stop. Suddenly, his dick was bathed in hot, slimy woman spunk that forced its way out past her lips and dripped onto his balls. “More, I want more! I have never been fucked like this before, you bastard. Where have you been all my life. My daughter’s never going to get you back. Fuck meeeeeeee!” as another gigantic orgasm shook her leaving her trembling and feeling like jelly. His broad flanged knob was dragging back and forth across the bulge of her G spot and she was having the multiple orgasms that he seemed to think were a normal reaction to women he fucked.

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