Fun in University Halls Ch. 02


Hey everyone, thank you for reading my first instalment, this is the second. For those of you who have not read the first one, there is not much to recap. Phil started university in style by bringing a girl home on his first night out. This story documents his second night out. All characters are over 18.

We were going crazy! A couple of friends and I had gone out for our second night of Freshers Week. My name is Phil and I have just started university, now I am at a gig, watching a band intent on killing everyone with their party starting tunes. My friends, Jay, Sam, Terry and I had spend the afternoon in the pub, looking forward to seeing this band and now we were front row, bouncing along to the music.

My mind flicked back to the night before, which I had spent with a beautiful blonde haired girl called Emma. Although she had told me that she was not looking for anything serious, she had hinted that she was looking for another night of passion. I smile to myself as I thought about another beautiful blonde I had met called Sarah. There was some definite chemistry there as well. My friends had told me that Sarah had got very drunk the night before and, in the club, would kiss anybody who moved, male or female. She had brought back a boy, he had scarpered early in the morning. Sarah could not remember what he looked like and the only token he had left behind was a soiled condom.

The band were coming to a close and we were planning on hitting the bar for our umpteenth drink of the day. We cheered as the band wished us a good night and jokingly told us all to buy them a drink at the bar. We hurried forwards to avoid the queue, bought our drinks and made for a seat.

We were having a good time, joking about and joining in with the crowd singing the songs of the band who had just played. There was a further cheer when said band arrived at the bar smiling, no doubt hopeful of blagging some free drinks. The most attention was centred on the drummer. She was an absolutely stunning girl. She had long, dark ginger hair and a small but cute face. Whilst playing I admired her innocent expression, this only made her look all the more sexy. What was the most amazing thing was that her body, which was disguised behind the kit, was scorching. She was wearing waisted shorts which hugged her tight bum. Her legs, though pale were long and looked incredibly smooth. She was wearing a sequined top which added to her mystery.

She was flogged by scores of men, each one offering to buy her a drink. She looked at them all disapprovingly and made for a table, waiting for the rest of the band to join her. She looked sulky and unhappy with the leering she was receiving. My group of friends and I attempted to look away and pretend to be absorbed in our conversation but the truth was that we were captivated by this girl. She looked to be in her early to mid twenties and was therefore out of our league. Add the fact that this girl was in a band and we did not stand a chance even getting her to say hello to us.

The drummer’s mood did not improve however, her band mates were clearly enjoying the attention and seemed to forget about her. She sat there, drinkless and tapping her foot impatiently. We all leaned in together, wondering if any of us dare to approach. I was feeling pretty drunk and was actually considering approaching this amazing woman. As soon as my friends had dared me, there was no turning back. I shuffled to the bar to buy her a drink. Took one last look at my friends and then made my move.

I could see her watching me out of the corner of her eye. I asked her if I could take the seat opposite. She looked at me, the drink and then eyed me up and down. I suddenly felt very small, like I was twelve years old again. I was tempted to just walk away and deal with the jibes my friends would no doubt give me. She, however nodded and gestured to the seat. I fell rather ungraciously into the seat and sat there trying not to look at her for a couple of seconds.

She smiled and asked smoothly whether that drink was for her. I smiled too and handed her the drink, praying that I would not spill it since my hands were quivering. Her fingers brushed mine as she accepted the drink and I felt a jolt of static electricity upon the touch. She acted like she had not noticed, sipped her drink and thanked me. I, however, had noticed and for some reason it gave me confidence. I praised her on her performance and asked her some questions about being in a band. What is was like being on tour and performing to crowds night after night.

She confessed to me that although she loved it, the lack of sleep was starting to get to her, she just wanted a quiet night every once in while and watch TV. I asked her if tonight was one of those nights and she stared into my eyes and replied that it would depend.

I felt another jolt of excitement at elvankent escort her flirtatious comment, I was going to reply before one of her band mates called to her. They were being interviewed by a cool looking music reporter, they needed her. She left her seat, turned to me and said that she would see me later on in the night. I was stunned, I had been sweating and my heart was beating rapidly. She was so sexy, so sophisticated and trendy. I had never held a conversation with anyone like her before.

I headed back to my friends, they were all looking slightly jealous, obviously they had expected for me to fail and look like an idiot. I looked at them, put on a fake suave American accent and said “she is going to see me later boys”. They all looked shocked but impressed. We continued on with our night, every now and again one of them would exclaim how impressed they were.

We were getting drunker and we had been joined by a group of girls. Although I was laughing and chatting along with everyone else, these girls were nothing in comparison to the drummer, whose name I had learnt was Alice. I would keep on scanning the club for her, desperate to have another glimpse at her. I guessed that she had left, heading off to a cooler party with her band. I shrugged and attempted to enjoy the rest of my night.

We went dancing and as the night wore on more of my friends would peel off with a girl whom we had joined up with. Soon I was left with only two girls, they were dancing, seeming to think I was enjoying their company. I was not having a good time though and excused myself for the toilets. I was considering leaving before I saw a flash of pale skin and dark ginger. Alice was walking towards me, she had seen me and was smiling in my direction.

She greeted me with a hug; I caught her scent and was blown away. Alice was now talking more animatedly. She was obviously drunk but was carrying herself with much more sophistication than the girls I had spent my night with were.

She told me about the VIP area upstairs. It was full of music industry characters and she had got bored and come downstairs. She opened up her bag to reveal a bottle of champagne. She had stolen it from some annoying suit attempting to offer her band something.

The music was fizzling down anyway and she suggested that we consume the champagne somewhere outside, watching the stars. It was not a cold night and the alcohol acted as a warm layer anyway. We sat on a stretch of grass and gazed up into the heavens. We sat in peaceful silence for a while, both sharing the bottle.

Eventually, she broke the silence, telling me how much she enjoyed peace and quiet and being with someone who did not regard her as something she was not. I reminded her that I still thought she was breathtaking. She laughed and confirmed that she knew this already.

The night had ended at the club and hundreds of people were pouring out of the club, my friends would no doubt be looking for me. She seemed to sense that I was about to say goodbye, she reached for my hand, looked me in the face and asking for me to stay a while longer. She was sick of spending night after night with her male band mates, most of whom would bring back anonymous females to the tour bus. She was asking me to stay with her! I did not need to spend long thinking about my course of action.

I told her that I was all hers. She smiled, jumped to her feet and told me we had to run, run away from her band who would no doubt be looking for her. We were both drunk and acting silly. We ran as fast as we could away from the club, she held out her hand and I took it. We continued running till we could not see the club. We were both panting heavily. “Well that was fun” I said through gasping breaths. She nodded and looked at our hands, cushioned together like it was the most natural thing in the world.

She gave me another one of her innocent expressions. Her eyes twinkled with mystery and before I knew it, she had moved in to kiss me. I returned her kiss and time stood still. I was no longer aware of anything around me but her. Her small tongue was wriggling around in my mouth, even her tongue was amazing, it felt soft and warm, exploring my mouth.

We broke from the kiss only when I noticed her begin to shiver. She told me she was finally feeling the cold and wanted to go inside somewhere. I only lived ten or so minutes away, she agreed to come back to my flat and we headed home. We spoke the entire way home. She told me about her life before the band, how she had been in art school. She told me that the band was only her short term plans, after it she wanted to go back into art, own her own studio and spend her days painting and decorating. I was captivated by everything she said, she was such a mystical lady and I knew that I would buy one emek escort of her paintings when the time came around.

We were both so drunk by this point that I got lost in the unfamiliar area. I stopped and tried to look for someone to ask directions and she giggled, telling me that it was five in the morning. Eventually I recognised the road signs and got us back safely.

I struggled with the key to the front door. Made a stupid, over the top gesture for her to be quiet and I entered my small, poxy room. Before I shut my door I saw that Alex, my shy neighbours light was still on. I knew that he had not gone out, I suspected that he was too homesick to sleep.

Alice had made for my bed, she was so cold. I told her to get into my blankets whilst I looked for something warmer she could wear. I threw her a hoodie, she took it and put it on gratefully. It gave me a satisfied feeling to see this amazing girl, in my bed, wearing my clothes.

She patted the space next to her, I joined her and she hugged me, claiming to want extra warmth. Not thinking, I stroked her beautifully crafted legs and she murmured appreciatively. We lay in silence for a while, I listened to her shivering and held her tight.

It was only when her legs felt warmer and she stopped shivering that I began to feel aware of the position I was in. I did not want to stop feeling her legs but was afraid that soon she would feel awkward and say something. She didn’t, so I carried on with my caressing.

I became aware that her breathing was becoming deeper as she became more relaxed. Her hand, resting just above my hip moved ever so slightly underneath my shirt and began to stroke my chest. I kissed her forehead, she looked up at me and we shared our second amazing kiss.

I don’t know how long we kissed but when I came out of my trance, both my hands were on her back and I was pressing her into me. One of her legs was slung over mine and hers hands were on the back of my head, rustling my hair. I moved my hands underneath her sparkly top and rested them on the strap of her bra. I realised how turned on I was. My jeans had bulged, Alice had noticed too and was pressing herself into my hard on.

Alice moved on top of me, she removed her top and let me see for the first time her breasts. Her push up bra made her perky tits look stunning. Teasingly, she pushed them together, making porn star style faces. I laughed and pulled her back down to continue kissing.

In the meantime, I fumbled with the clasp on her bra and pulled it away. She smiled and started to unbutton my shirt, kissing my bare chest as she went. When she got to the final button, she put her tongue in my belly button, pulled my shirt aside and moved back up to my lips. The sensation of having her breasts pressing against me was driving me absolutely wild. I started to kiss her with more passion and vigour.

I now began to feel up her bum. My explorations were becoming more intrusive and her hips began to rock more as I did so. I unbuttoned the denim shorts and slowly peeled them down her long legs. She was now only left in a pair of pink lace knickers. Looking down at her in them was driving me wild. Her gyrations were also making me excited, not wanting to cum early, I moved her onto her back and began to kiss at her nipples. A hand went down to her thigh, I was beginning to tease her and she started to squirm, obviously begging me to touch her pussy.

I held off for a while longer as she enjoyed me playing with her nipples with my fingers and tongue. Soon she could not take it any longer and moved my hand down to her crotch. Her panties were soaked and I could smell her amazing juices which were now rubbing onto my fingers. I rubbed and pinched at her beneath the fabric of her panties. She squirmed and moaned at my actions.

I now began to kiss down her amazing body. Her skin was so soft, as white as cream. I found myself inches away from her crotch, I inhaled her scent and my heart missed a beat. I began to kiss around her crotch, getting closer to her pussy. I moved the fabric behind and was met with pure beauty. She was completely shaven, her lips were puffy and inviting and I could see moisture dripping down. I kissed her swollen clit about her pussy and slowly inserted a finger inside of her.

She made a gasp and clutched the back of my head. I kissed her clit, began to suck on it and gently nipped it with my lips. In the meantime I was increasing the motion with my fingers. I did not want her to cum just yet so slowed down when she started having her first orgasm. She slapped me gently on the back of the head and begged me to make her cum. I smiled up at her but did not say anything.

I now began to lick her pussy lips. I was getting closer and closer to the opening but I was being slow, deliberately teasing eryaman escort her. Eventually I found her pussy and pushed my tongue in. Again she arched her back and held my head tight into her pussy. She rode my tongue as her breathing sharpened. For a couple of minutes I was in bliss, then all her muscles clenched and she came onto my tongue. I sucked up all she had to offer me, it was the best refreshment I had ever been given.

Alice lay there but gently tugged at my hair, urging me to surface from her crotch. Reluctantly I did and she immediately attacked me with her soft tender lips. Her tongue licked up all the juice I had not yet swallowed and she moaned delicately into my mouth.

It was now her turn to act. After softly tweaking my nipples, she lowered her hand and began to massage my erection. She unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans and boxers down my legs, kicking them off the bed. My erection bounced free, striking her on the thigh, inches from her pussy.

She spat on her hand and began to massage my cock. She was doing an incredible job. Her other hand came down as well to gently fondle and grope my testicles. I moaned and was beginning to feel the cum build up. She commanded me to straddle her face, which I did do quickly so she would continue with her hand. My cock was no inches from her mouth but she did not make a move to suck me off. She clenched my bum cheeks with one hand and continued to jack me off with the other. I only had ten seconds maximum till I came. I warned her but she did not move her face, she only sped up the movement of her hand. I came with a grunt and came everywhere.

She moaned with satisfaction. There was cum over her face, in her hair and some had even got down to her chest and breast. I slumped, savouring the feeling of the orgasm she had given me. I was aroused when I heard her slurping on the cum surrounding her mouth. I sat up again to watch her eat as much of my cum from her face as I could. She also rubbed it into her breasts, smiling up at me. When she had got most of it from her face she then took my now flaccid penis into her mouth and she sucked the cum from my shaft as well.

I took to it well, the whole procedure had turned me on again immediately after cumming. Her hand moved again to my testicles and she was soon sucking on my erect penis. I sensed her hand move down to her crotch. Without disturbing her mouth, I turned to watch her fingering herself. It was an amazing sight and I enjoyed the feeling of her licking me up and down whilst taking in her finger work.

After ten minutes she took me out of her mouth and asked me to fuck her. I did not need asking twice. I rubbered up and pressed the head of my penis against her pussy lips. I pushed the head inside her opening and held it there. I pulled out and pushed back in again. She held up her pussy and pleaded with me to stop teasing. She spread her legs further and I slowly entered.

I moved my entire shaft inside of her and she spread her legs even wider, aiding me to get deep inside of her. I was in heaven now. With my hands on her breasts and staring into each others eyes we began to make love. She moaned gently as I moved my penis in and out of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pressed me even deeper into her.

She began to rock her hips more and more violently. She pressed her legs even harder into me. She dug her nails into my back and urged me to fuck her hard to make her cum. With a gasp she had a violent orgasm, she clenched her muscles on my embedded shaft and then relaxed. I slowly decreased my motions but was not done.

I asked her to go on her knees so her pussy was facing me. I then licked up and down her smooth crack. I licked from her clit all the way to the opening of her arse hole. I then entered her again, urging her to spread her legs wider beneath her. Immediately she started to rock her hips again. I began to play with her clit whilst fucking her from behind.

She looked back at me, thanking me for a great night, begging me never to stop. I continued driving into her, picking up speed. She was having another orgasm and this time we would cum together. Still playing with her clit I was lost to passion and I moved backwards and forwards quickly with power. She was now crying out loudly. Rocking her hips, copying my movements. Our fast rhythm was sending us closer to climax. Her pussy wall contracted and I came hard. We both collapsed exhausted on the bed. Both spent and panting with exhaustion, she kissed me on the cheek, thanking me for an amazing night. I told her she was the most special girl I had met and we both drifted into a very deep sleep.

I awoke to see a dark ginger haired tall girl depart from my room. I rubbed my eyes as they adjusted to the light. I noticed a note left on the desk by my bed. It read

“thanks for a truly amazing night, please come visit me when I am selling my artwork, love Alice”. Below this she had drawn an amazing picture of a champagne bottle and a starry night’s sky.

I smiled to myself, thought of the beautiful drummer who I had shared my bed with and fell asleep for another two hours.

Thanks for reading, third instalment coming soon.

Full Moon Beach Party Ch. 04-05


04. The after party.

While Phoebe tried to get the attention of the bar tender without falling off her seat, Michael arrived.

“My beautiful Rose, definitely not a wall flower,” he said with a smile.

Ashley greeted him with a hug, pressing her bare breasts against his chest.

“Hi stud. Having fun?”

“Sure. It’s a good party. Beautiful girls.”

Michael sat down next to her, and ordered himself a drink too.

“How many girls did you have tonight?”

“Many. I don’t know. All I know is that I have been saving the best for last.”

“And what would that be?”

“You, of course.”

“I am the best?”

“Absolutely. I noticed that right away.”

“How so?”

“It is just, when you see a rose, from a distance you can tell it’s beauty already. It just stands out from the rest of the flowers. And when you come closer there is the smell, and you can see the perfection of the details. The flawless shapes and colours, the soft feel to the touch. You are exactly like that, Rose.”

She smiled, it was always good hearing compliments, even when she had doubts about his sincerity, after all he was a customer and she was an escort there. But that did not matter much to her, it still sounded nice.

“What do you think about Alicia?” she asked.

“She’s pretty drunk, isn’t she? Impressive victory, too.”

“She said you’re good.”

Ashley saw his face turn red, he obviously did not know how to deal with this situation well. He fucked her girlfriend, she knew about it, and asked him how it was. That was uncharted territory.

“Really, thanks. She’s good, too.”

“I know she is. Especially when she really gets going, an unstoppable sex machine.”

“You OK with me fucking your girlfriend?”

“Of course, why not. It may not look like it, but we’re working here. She’s just doing her job. And won us a nice day to the spa in the process, so who am I to complain.”

She had a good sip of her drink, and suggested, “How about we go somewhere more private?”

Michael of course happily agreed. They got up, and slowly made their way out of the party.

Ashley looked around at the other people. Some were dancing, others were just hanging around, chatting. They walked away, in the dark. Ashley spotted one of the large-breasted women having sex with two men, doggy style, sucking off one while being fucked form behind by the other. She was obviously not the only one interested in a little after party.

They walked more, further away from the party, until they nearly reached the end of the beach. It was rather quiet there, they could hear the chirping sounds of insects over the noise of the music. The moonlight gave the beach a very romantic atmosphere. Michael stopped, and hugged her again.

He whispered, “It looks like we finally have some private time, I’ve been looking forward to this all evening.”

Ashley felt the bulge in his Speedos pressing against her, and returned the hug, pressing her body against his firm chest. She felt herself melt in his arms, somehow he just felt wonderful. She wanted him so badly, and finally she got him all for herself, and without any time pressure. After hugging him for a while she moved down her fingers, and hooked her thumbs into the garment.

“You won’t be needing these now,” she whispered, and started to push them down to the ground, releasing his already mostly hard cock from its tight confinements. Michael stepped out of the small garment, and pushed it aside.

Ashley stayed on her knees after undressing him, and focussed her attention on the cock that was right in front of her face. She grabbed it with her hands, gently starting to masturbate him. She looked at how his cock grew even more, feeling it hardening in her hand.

His dick was an average size, nothing really special about it. She noticed he completely shaved, and realised that this was the first time today that she actually had a good view of this dick. From previous sessions she thought already he may be shaved, but only now could çukurambar escort she see it for sure.

She pulled her hand down his dick, pulling down his skin, exposing his purple head. She licked the head, and unexpectedly it jumped. She laughed seeing his reaction to her tongue, and licked him again. Not much of a reaction this time, apparently it was mainly the surprise that made him jump. She took the head between her lips, and sucked him softly while rubbing her hands along his shaft. He tasted nice, feeling the soft head of his dick in her mouth was nice.

She moved one of her hands to his balls, shaven and smooth, and played with them. He reacted strongly to the stimulation, but she was not too worried. He had come at least twice already that day, so he could not possibly do it that soon again.

Softly she suggested him, “Why don’t you lie down. It’s more comfortable.”

He lay down on the sand, and Ashley climbed on top of him. She sat down on his thighs, his hard cock sticking out from under her and teasing her belly. Her legs straddled him, she felt his hands run over her legs.

She felt his chest, played with his nipples, running her hands over his broad chest. She marvelled at the muscle she could feel there. He felt so strong, she knew he was much stronger than she would ever be. She felt safe with him, and she knew that they were going to have great fun together.

His hands found her ass and massaged her lightly before running up alongside her body and down again. The tingling in her body increased, it felt good. She turned around on his chest, and slowly moved her ass backwards towards his head. She bent over, grabbed his dick in her hands, and started sucking him. Her ass was hovering near his face, she could feel his breath on her exposed pussy.

He started sucking her. Sucking her good, very good. She moaned on his dick, feeling her arousal grow very fast. She continued to suck his dick, sucking it a bit harder. He sucked harder, too, she felt her juices started to run freely. She must have been dripping by then.

She let his dick slip out of her mouth, and moved her mouth to his balls. She sucked them gently, revering the smooth skin, moaning on his continued ministrations.

Suddenly she felt a jolt of pleasure from her pussy, as he got hold of her clit and started sucking it seriously. She let out a loud moan, and let the balls slip from her mouth, arching her body up. She pushed her pussy harder in his face, clamping her legs holding his head.

He continued to suck her hard, her pussy was on fire. Just seconds later she exploded in a big orgasm, screaming loud. It was very good, it lasted long, and when her orgasm finally subsided she simply let herself fall down on the beach next to him.

Michael turned around so they were lying head to head again, and gave her a big hug. She just enjoyed the moment, feeling completely spent and out of energy after what he had done to her pussy. She needed some time to recover, but was already fully intent on returning the favour.

He played with her breasts, gently massaging them, playing with her nipples, licking and sucking them lightly. She started to feel her energy come back, pushed him back on his back, and climbed in between his legs.

She started sucking his dick, it did not last long until he was standing up hard again. She let him go, moved up, turned around and took him in her pussy. She fucked him hard, moving up and down him fast, holding his legs for support. She felt his hands on her waist, running along her sides, and massaging her ass while she was riding him hard. Her pussy was getting very wet again, his dick felt so good.

After a while he grabbed her hips, held her tight against his pelvis with his dick deep inside of her, and pushed her forward. Ashley dropped on hands and feet, and felt him hold her hips while he started fucking her from behind. His hands moved along her body, and she felt him grab her swinging boobs. He massaged her, played with her sensitive nipples, demetevler escort and all the while fucked her hard. It couldn’t get any better.

He really lasted long. She was wondering if he would ever stop, whether he could stay hard for another hour or so without coming. She had never been fucked this long, and he did not show any signs of slowing down.

Just as she was wondering that he pulled out, put her on her back, he pulled her legs on his shoulders and started fucking again. Ashley was feeling like she was in heaven. She reached another orgasm, her voice was getting a bit hoarse from her screaming. She just could not help herself, it was so good, and she just could not stop herself from screaming out more.

Shortly after her orgasm subsided he pulled out and lay down next to her, hugging her.

Ashley said, “That was incredible, thank you.”

“I promised you I’d last long, and so I did,” Michael replied. “And by the way, I’m not done with you just yet. I only need a break.”

Ashley was very surprised by his comment. She lifted her head a bit, looked at him with big eyes, and said, “You mean you still didn’t come yet?”


Her surprise turned into a smile, and she said, “What’re you waiting for, then?”

“As I said, I need a break, I’m also just human.”

He climbed on top of her, pushing her on her back, and started to suck her nipples. She started to react instantly, her nipples were so sensitive now. Her arousal came back quickly, and she moved down her hand grabbing his cock, which was still soft. It also felt sticky, that must be her own juices. She felt him slowly getting hard again, such a lovely feeling, how a man’s dick becomes hard on her touch.

When he finally was hard again, he stopped sucking her. She was dripping again and he effortlessly slid his dick back into her pussy. He started fucking her, deep and hard, with urgency. She was so aroused, so sensitive, it did not take much for her to feel another orgasm build.

She started moaning louder again, and heard him starting to moan too. He was fucking her harder and harder, it was almost uncomfortable but at the same time it felt wonderful. She wrapped her legs around his ass, pushing him in harder as she started to reach her orgasm.

He was also getting close now, finally, she thought. She felt him grow in her pussy, stimulating her even more. Her orgasm came and caused her to clamp down hard on him, sending him over the edge too. She used her legs to keep him deep inside of her, and when he was done coming he crashed down on top of her.

She hugged him, and was feeling very satisfied.

She smiled at him, “Thanks, that was wonderful.”

He replied, “I’m the one to say thanks, you’re wonderful, beautiful Rose. This was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“It was. A wonderful party, with a perfect ending.”

They lay silent for quite some time, just watching the night sky, before Michael finally got up. He collected his Speedos and put them back on. He helped Ashley stand up, and slowly they walked back to the party area, and sat down at the bar.

They had a drink, sitting there silently, as both of them had nothing left to say for the moment. It had been great, Ashley was really happy about the evening. They looked at the other guests partying, dancing and having fun. Out on the beach two or three couples could be seen making out under the moonlight.

They sat there for about an hour until the party started to die down. The bus collected all of them. First the men were dropped off at the mansion.

“Sleep well, and thanks again. Bye!” Ashley said to Michael when he got off.

“Same to you, thanks, and bye,” he replied, and got off the bus.

She watched him walk to the mansion, and the bus drove off, to take the women to the entrance of the park, from where it was a short walk to the cabin. Arriving at the place, many memories about the Hunt returned to Ashley.

She quickly pushed them aside thinking about Michael and the party dikmen escort they just finished, put her arms around a very drunk Phoebe, and helped her to the cabin. She took the two of them straight up the stairs, not bothering about searching for clothes, and dropped down on the bed. Phoebe drunk, Ashley exhausted, they both fell asleep instantly.

05. Epilogue.

The next morning when Ashley woke up, most other women were awake already. Phoebe was still deep asleep next to her, further down the bed she saw a few more sleeping women, mostly dressed in their underwear. She and Phoebe were the only ones that were still naked.

She walked down to the kitchen, finding a few more women having breakfast. All were dressed again, Ashley found the bag with her own clothes and put some clothes on too. She chatted a bit with the other women about the party, and had her breakfast.

Half an hour later there was still no sign of Phoebe, so she went upstairs again to have a look. Phoebe was still sleeping. Ashley woke her up, telling it is time to get up and have something to eat or to drink.

Phoebe groaned, she slowly opened her eyes, looking pretty bad.

“I’m sick,” she complained. “Bad, bad headache. Everything hurts.”

“Get up, have a drink, and you’ll be better soon,” Ashley advised her.

She helped Phoebe get up, and down to the kitchen. Phoebe got herself dressed, and sat down with a big mug of coffee, trying to wake up and to fight her hangover.

“Now that was quite a party,” she said. “The parts that I remember were very good, but I have the feeling I’m missing some bits.”

“No surprise. You remember you won a day to the spa?”

“Yes I do, I am the queen.” A smile returned to her face, and she lifted her arm, making a V-sign with her fingers before letter her arm drop down on the table again. “Queen Alicia, queen of the bracelets.”

“At least you remember that part.”

“And how were you with that black haired guy, what’s his name, the one you were so intimate with.”

“Michael. Yes, he was fun.”

“More than just fun, huh? I saw you two sneak off after the party.”

“True. We had a good time.”

“Good. Now you have another coffee for me?”

Phoebe obviously was coming back to life, and after her second cup of coffee and something to eat she was mostly OK. Ashley suggested her to join her for a swim in the pond near the mansion, they both were in need of a thorough cleaning up.

A few more women were in the pond, soaking in the water, chatting. Ashley and Phoebe got undressed, and went in the water. Ashley just soaked her body in the water, and closed her eyes, thinking of what had happened last night. How many men she had sex with, how many orgasms she had, and of course her encounter with Michael. He was good. She smiled lightly thinking of him.

Looking next to her she saw Phoebe was doing the same. They soaked their sore bodies for about half an hour, then got out of the water, dried themselves and got dressed. A few more women had entered the pond as well, they were obviously more energetic as they were splashing each other with the water.

Back at the mansion some were playing volleyball in the yard, others were on the roof terrace sitting in the deck chairs, soaking in some sun. Ashley and Phoebe did the same, and the rest of the afternoon they just relaxed.

Mid afternoon Angel came to the cabin. She told the girls they were leaving in about half an hour, the plane was on the way to pick them up. She talked a bit with the girls on the roof terrace, congratulating Phoebe and the other two winners again with their prize.

The trip back home was routine. On the flight Angel addressed the girls again, telling them she was very happy with the party, and that the men were very happy too. Overall they were in very good spirits this morning, if not too hung over that was, of course. She handed out the cheques to all of them, and upon arrival all got back their phones and watches.

Ashley went home with Phoebe, and stayed for the night before going back to her own place. They discussed what happened on the event, and both were positive sooner or later they would be joining another one.

They had a good night sleep, looking back at a very good weekend, and looking forward to the day to the spa that Phoebe won for them.

Fucking Her Best Friend Raw


“Oh my God!” she yelled at the top of her lungs “we should not be doing this” as her best friend’s boyfriend pounded his eight inch dick into her tight 23 year old pussy. Jane buried her face into the pillow as she accepted a serious pounding as he continued to crash into her from behind, pounding her relentlessly despite her weak protests for him to stop. He couldn’t help but admire her young tight body. She was quite the site to see bent over – even better than he had imagined.

Jane had just about all she could take as her best friend’s boyfriend fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked before. To think she was getting fucked by the guy Andrea would probably marry and in the bed that the couple shared. It was so wrong and they both knew it but her insatiable lust was something she could no longer deny.

He slapped her ass hard to let her know she was just a slut that he was fucking, even though the two of them had been friends for over a year. They had met through his girlfriend, Andrea. Andrea and Jane had been best friends since they were ten, so for Jane to be fucking her best friend’s boyfriend behind her back, Jane knew that both relationships would be ruined if Andrea ever found out. The stakes were incredibly high and the situation was so incredibly hot.

She met his powerful thrusts by pushing on the bed’s headboard with one hand while fingering her clit with the other. Doggy style was her favorite position because she always came when getting it doggy style. “Fuck me harder, she yelled” as he increased his speed to meet her demands. The little dirty blonde was loving every minute of the fucking she was getting from his rock hard raw cock. Under normal circumstances, she would never even consider fucking without a condom, but this situation was just so hot, she didn’t care anymore. She was so close to coming and knew it would be a big one.

He was loving how dirty this girl was. He had his suspicions but the way she was behaving with his dick in her, it was only a matter of time until he exploded a huge load on her… or perhaps in her? He wasn’t sure when he came what to do – from talking to Andrea, he knew Jane was not on the pill but he also büyükesat escort was so turned on he didn’t care that he had been fucking her for the past ten minutes without a condom. It was taking him every last bit of energy not to come because he loved how hot it was to be fucking her 110 pound body.

“You dirty slut!” he yelled.

She hated hearing him call her a dirty slut as he slapped her ass while fucking her as hard as he could but deep down she knew based on this act alone, she was the dirtiest slut of all of her friends. This was the worst kind of betrayal one could commit but the harder she got fucked, the less she seemed to care.

“Oh I know I am a slut this is so bad!” she screamed. “Fuck me with that hard cock… oh my God it feels amazing” she cooed. She sensed that he was close to coming and she wanted to make it an orgasm that neither of them wouldn’t soon forget.

“Do you fuck Andrea like this?” asked Jane.

He retorted, “Like this, no I love her too much to fuck her like the slut you are.”

“This is so wrong,” she reiterated “but I don’t fucking care. Keep fucking me but just whatever you do don’t come in me.”

“I am going to do whatever the fuck I want. If I want to come into that tight pussy I am going to. I haven’t decided where I want to come yet.”

As he commanded her and just told her how it was, she realized how little control she had in the situation. Would he really just come in her even if she didn’t want him to? Who was she going to complain to? Certainly not her best friend. She wasn’t even on the pill and he knew that because she told him right before his unshielded dick slipped into her tight bare snatch.

“No I want you to come on my stomach and tits its such a turn on.”

He just shook his head, and let her know that wasn’t good enough.

Trying to regain some of the control, she offered “No please don’t come in me I will suck it all when you come. Just pull out and I will suck it you can even come on my face. I will be a good girl and swallow it all.

He considered her tempting offer while he continued to pound away into her pussy. çankaya escort “Oh God I am coming!” she yelled, burring her face into the pillow again to muffle the sound. She clenched both of her fists so tightly as she came. She lost complete control. Seeing her tight body react to her orgasm the way it did, he knew he was ready to come. He picked her up like a rag doll and sat her down on the edge of the bed with her back to him, he thrusted as deep as he could and held both of her legs down as she sat on his lap.

“I am going to come!” he told her. She was barely able to move as wave after wave of pleasure from her orgasm kept hitting her making her a slave to his cock. He pushed her legs down hard and thrusted upwards into her. He started to come harder than he had ever remembered into her tight, bald pussy. She didn’t even try to get off, partially because she knew she couldn’t because he was holding her and also because she knew deep down she didn’t want to. She had never actually let anyone come in her before and Andrea had told her how good it felt so she pushed her ass down towards his dick as he clenched her waist and let an enormous load into her tight pussy. She could feel spurt after spurt enter her as she clenched her jaw and bore the brunt of the assault on her pussy.

Jane was still in shock that within the last twenty minutes, she ruined a relationship, ruined a friendship, had the best orgasm of her life, and then on top of that, let a guy shoot a massive load into her young box.

As she came back to reality after that insanely intense orgasm, there was a massive puddle on the bed and running down her legs. They both knew Andrea would be home soon and how could she not notice that lake Michigan had formed on the edge of her bed?

Jane got up to start cleaning up the bed to ensure Andrea would never find out about the indiscretion. As she tried to move her tight ass out of the bed, he grabbed her by her forearms and pulled her back in.

“What is it? We have to clean place up Andrea will be home soon!” she protested.

“Trust me I don’t want her to find out either. I haven’t seen cebeci escort her in a week and when she gets back she is going to be horny as hell. When she sucks my dick the last thing I want her to taste is you.”

“So let me get a wet towel” said Jane.

He pulled her closer by her forearms pushing her head closer to his semi hard dick.

“Oh no.” she stammered.

“Oh yes” he responded. “You don’t get off that easy. Clean that cock off with your mouth – I want it to be clean or she is going to know what we did.”

“I can’t believe I am doing this,” she muttered. Dreadfully, she opened her mouth and wrapped it around his re-inflating cock. Never having done something like this, she winced at the taste of her juices and come.

“Its not going to clean itself now suck it you slut” She lapped up as much of the juices and she could handle until it was wet and slick. She was disgusted and yet somehow she was enjoying the humiliation of sucking the dick that had just fucked her. She couldn’t believe that the guy who is so nice to her best friend was treating her like a total slut making her do things she couldn’t believe that he and Andrea did when they were alone.

“Dont forget about my balls,” he reminded her. Reluctantly, she put her tongue in between the sack and licked up the sweat and juices from their monster orgasms. Just then, they heard keys jingle in the door. Andrea was back from her business trip. Jane jumped out of the bed and put her skirt on. But where was her thong? She could not remember where it was thrown. “Can’t think about that right now,” she thought to herself. She put her shirt back on and threw her bra into her pocketbook. Quickly glancing in the mirror she tried to look less disheveled and wanted to come up with a story as to why she was there with Andrea’s boyfriend.

“What should we tell her, she almost has the door open!”

“Figure it out, he commanded – you are the slut who just fucked her boyfriend don’t get us caught” he whispered loudly.

He threw his clothing into the bathroom and turned on the shower, leaving her to fend for herself with her unsuspecting but soon to be suspicious friend. What was Jane going to tell Andrea he reason for being in her bedroom while Andrea’s boyfriend was in the shower? And where the fuck was her thong? This was the worst possible situation she had ever found herself in.

“As the door swung open downstairs, Andrea announced “Hello, I am home.”

“Fuck” Jane thought. “Here we go…”

To be continued.

First Meeting


The afternoon sun beat down on the car as she passed over the Arizona/New Mexico state line. Music was blaring from the speakers but not that she was paying attention to it. Joanne’s mind was too busy thinking about what was to come tomorrow. She was meeting Mark for the first time, face to face.

They had first met playing games online and hit off right away. It turned into a friendship that had been forged from chatting for over six months. They had played game after game with each other before it became phone calls, email and video chat.

A month ago they had both decided that they wanted to meet in person. They wanted to see if what they had at a distance could translate into something in person. They both had a passion for each other but was the fantasy of it bigger than the reality.

All the scenarios played out in her mind as drove down the highway. What else was there to do? She was filled with confidence when she left home but now had doubts and fears that it won’t live up to be what she wanted. It was just her nerves, she told herself.

The last few hours of the drive went by quickly as she found herself pulling into the hotel. Mark wouldn’t be arriving until tomorrow afternoon. She wanted the time to check things out and calm her nerves before they would meet.

The time to rest wasn’t going to hurt either. He was flying into Albuquerque and renting a car to drive the rest of the way, so he was going to be well rested.

It felt great to Joanne to get out and walk around after being couped up in the car for so long. It was helping her to calm herself as she roamed the streets and shops.

With some take out she settled into her hotel room to watch some TV. She wanted to call him but knew that he would be sleeping by now since he had an early flight. Little did she know that his nerves weren’t allowing him to sleep.

Before she knew it the phone on the night stand was ringing, it was her wake up call. She wasn’t even sure when she had fallen asleep or how long she had slept. She never slept that much though, it wasn’t odd for her to just pass out, she did that all the time. It was odd for her to sleep that long though.

Her cell was blinking, she had missed a text message from Mark. It was a short message that said “On the way to the airport, see you tonight”. She smiled knowing that it was real, he was on his way.

Joanne piddled the morning away watching TV and playing cards on her cell.

After lunch it was time to start getting ready, she jumped into the shower. When she got out she noticed that her cell was again blinking. It was another message from Mark “At the rental counter, see you at the restaurant”.

She had been fine most of the morning but now she was getting nervous.

They weren’t going to do the typical first date and they weren’t typical people. There was no getting dressed up and there was no fancy restaurant. It was come as you normally are and they both agreed on Mexican food.

For Joanne, her typical attire was jeans and a tank top. For Mark, it was jeans and a t-shirt. To them, you may as well be who you are when they met. There was to no pretentious formal dinner when they met. It was going to be nerve racking as it was, so why not be comfortable during it.

As she headed to the car, she looked around to see if he was around. They didn’t share the details of where each of them were staying. It was a precaution in case they couldn’t stand each other in person. It was possible they picked the same hotel to stay at. Seeing nothing she pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the restaurant.

Joanne got there a little early, so she pulled into a spot in the back of the parking lot and decided to wait to see if she could spot him. Ten minutes had gone by and a few cars had pulled in but none of them looked like Mark.

Then she spotted him as he got out of his car. Mark looked exactly like she thought he did. He wasn’t the most handsome man in the world, or the fittest but he was what she was expecting.

Joanne sat there for a moment wondering if she would be what he was expecting.

Pushing her nerves aside she got out of the car and headed in.

Walking through the door she spotted him immediately. He was seated at a table and facing towards the door so he saw her when she walked in. Mark stood up as she walked to the table and gave her a hug. He wanted to kiss her but his nerves were getting ankara rus escort the better of him.

Being all gentlemanly like he pulled out a chair for her and guided it in as she sat down. Joanne’s nerves were gone, she was perfectly calm and relaxed. She wasn’t sure why but being around him had calmed her of all her fears.

He still looked nervous and a little unsure. She leaned over and told him “Relax, the hard part is over with now” with a bit of a laugh. He laughed back and said “your right”.

The dinner was going well, they had sat there for two hours talking and laughing. Joanne suggested they continue the conversation as they walked around town. She already knew what was in store for the rest of the night but the walk was to make sure it was what he wanted too.

After the check was paid they headed for the door. He held the door open for her to walk through. As she did, she felt his hand on the small of her back as he followed her through. A wave of heat went through her from his touch.

They picked a direction and started to walk. He reached out for her hand only to have it swept aside. For a second he was confused until she laughed and put her arm around him and leaned in. He wrapped his arm around her with a smile on his face.

They walked around the town like that just talking and laughing the whole way.

Everything was going great when Mark decided to be his goofy self with a bit of boldness. “So I have a question for you, and I’m betting…your ass has the answer to that question.” He knew what was tattooed on her ass and trying to use that to be clever.

She started laughing and replied “It just might have the answer, you may not like the answer though.” With laughter from both of them she continued to say ” I think you have a one in three chance that the answer will be in your favor, what is the question?”

They both got quiet as she stared up at him waiting for the question. Then she started to look around as if to find something. It wasn’t his style to be so bold, so he was struggling to say spit out the words.

“You want to head back to my room and get naked?” he finally said stumbling like a teenage fool.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him into an alcove of a closed store. Turning around she looked over her shoulder and pulled the left side of jeans down to see the answer to his question.

What he saw was the words “Fuck Me” tattooed on her left cheek and a big smile on her face.

He stepped up behind her, wrapping his arms around her he kissed her for the first time. She sank into his arms and enjoyed the warmth of his touch.

Once there embrace broke, she asked “Where’s your hotel?”, “Just down the street, lets go” and with that they were walking with a quicker step to get there.

Back at his hotel room, they rushed in side. He stops to lock the door behind him and when he turns around she jumps up into his arms. It caught Mark off guard and stumbled backwards against the door. His hands now firmly gripping her ass as there lips meet again.

Their tongues danced around each other as if they were battling it out dominance.

Mark steadied himself and moved them both into the room and towards the bed. He turned suddenly and put her down on the desk across from it. He grabbed at the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up. Breaking their embrace to pull it over her head.

Joanne took advantage of the opportunity to pull his shirt off. As he leaned in to resume the kiss she surprised him pushing him back hard, falling backwards onto the bed. He chuckled at the situation as she jumped down from the dresser and attacked the buckle of his belt.

With his pants unfastened, she tucked at them. He lifted up to make it easier and they slide off. If it had been a cartoon, the jeans would have made a swoosh sound with the speed she pulled at them.

He laid there only clad in his underwear and socks, not able to take his eyes off this lovely woman. She seemed to have a hunger in her eyes as she jumped on top of him. Leaning down and finally resuming their passionate kiss.

As they kiss, his hands wandered her body. Finding the clasp of her bra, he unfastened it, letting her breasts free from their restraint’s. She sat up on his lap and finished taking off her bra and flinging it to a corner of the room. He was again amazed at this wonderful woman’s beauty, tattooed to ankara türbanlı escort the hilt. She wiggled her ass against his crotch playfully.

Leaning back down, kissed his chest, she slowly moved her way down his body leaving a trail of kisses and saliva. Slipping off of the bed she was now on her knees before him, pulling his underwear off.

His rigid cock sprang free, pointing up in the air. She cupped his balls in on hand and his cock in the other. Kissing the engorged head first, down the shaft, to his sack and then back up again.

Propped up on his elbows he watched in fascination as this gorgeous woman began to swirl her tongue around the head of his dick. With her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock, she engulfed it with her lips. Working it up and down, her tongue almost seemingly wrapping around his manhood.

All he could do was lay back and moan as she worked over his cock. He had never felt anything like it before and he could feel that he wasn’t going to last long. Looking down at her he said “Joanne… I’m going to cum if you keep that up” and flopped his head back down.

Instead of easing up, she increased her efforts. Her lips moving faster and tighter against his shaft. Her right hand short stroking the base of his cock, her left caressing his balls.

She knew that he wouldn’t have lasted long no matter what the pace was. There had been far to much sexual tension between them in the month leading up to this. She knew that he needed to cum first and fast so that he would last longer for the rest of the night.

She felt the pulsing of his cock and knew he was going to explode. He came with a flood of cum in her mouth, moaning loudly. She just kept up the pace, swallowing all that she could get.

Looking up at him with a sly grin, she licked her lips.

Standing up she removed her jeans and panties in one motion. Climbing back onto the bed she crawled past him on all fours like a cat in heat. He watched as her body went past him, just now seeing it in it its full naked glamorous beauty.

He thought to himself “I only have 3 days to explore that body and its not going to be enough”.

Now above him on the bed, she backed up over his head. She felt his hands on her legs as she was now positioned over his head. His lips caressing her thighs, one then the other. Spreading her legs a little further she lowered her pussy down to his face. Arching her back at the same time to give him a better position for him to eat her out.

His hands moved up her thighs and to rest on her hips as his tongue flicked at her clit. She shivered slightly with the first touches of him against her pleasure. He gripped her hips and pulled her to his mouth as he teased her pouting pussy lips.

She could feel his hot breath against her as his tongue ran between her lips. His nose rubbing against her clit as he stroked up and down her lips. The tip now circling around the opening of her hot pussy.

He could taste her womanhood dripping with her juices. Lapping it up and wanting more.

Pushing his tongue into her, he felt her juices flow onto his tongue. She sat upright as his tongue wiggled inside of her, moaning from the pleasure.

Grabbing he hair, she was grinding her crotch against his mouth. His tongue moving back and forth from her pussy to her clit.

Her own orgasm was building inside of her, she felt like she was going to explode. Quickening her tempo, faster and harder across his mouth as he lapped her up.

Suddenly she stopped and stiffened up as she exploded with a scream and drenched his face.

He held onto her tight, her legs quivering. Easing her off of him, he laid her down on the bed.

Taking a moment to let her catch her breath, he gazed over the body that was sprawled out before him. He wanted to examine each and every tattoo on her body but knew there would be time for that later.

She hiked up her legs as he positioned himself between them. She felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down her lips, teasing her hole.

Slowly he pushed the head in, their eyes locked on each other as he did. Taking his time, he slowly sank his entire length into her.

Grabbing her legs, he put them on his shoulders as he began to move in slow methodical strokes. Exploring her insides with his cock as he pushed back in, moving his hips around with each new thrust.

She bahçelievler escort could feel the pulsing of the veins in his cock, he could feel the walls of her cunt gripping him tighter and tighter.

Her head tilted back with eyes shut, she reveled in the sensation he was giving her. Moaning as he pierced her with his cock.

Leaning down, he sucked her right nipple into his mouth, lashing at it with his tongue. All the while, increasing the tempo of his thrusts. His balls slapping her ass as he bottomed out and withdrew, only to slap it again as he pounded back in.

He let lose her nipple and increased his speed some more. She felt another orgasm coming as he ravaged her.

Her back arched and her pussy clamped down on his cock as she came in a violent wave of pleasure. There was nothing he could do but hold still as she came all over his cock.

He scooted his knees under her as she relaxed. Grabbing her arms he pulled her up to him. Her arms wrapping around his neck as their chests met, his now wrapped around her.

Sitting upright their mouths smashed together in a passionate kiss.

Joanne started to swivel her hips around as their tongues were once again battling it out. He felt her hard nipples poking him in the chest.

Moving his hands, he grabbed her ass as she ground her crotch around on his cock. Lifting her up a little then letting her back down.

A moment more of this was all she could take. Breaking away from the embrace she once again pushed him back. Looking up, he could see the lust in her eyes and she could see the pure desire in his.

She continued with the gyration of her hips, lifting just a little off of him and sinking back down.

He reached up and massaged her tits, tweaking her nipples between his fingers as she rode his cock.

Placing her hands on his chest she started to rise more and come down on him with force. Faster and faster she bounced on him.

The room filled with the smell of their sex and the sounds of their pleasure.

Her body smacking against his as she forced his cock as deep as it would go. Her eyes shut, savoring every bit of pleasure she was getting from this man.

He couldn’t take it any longer, suddenly he sat up and grabbed her. Still inside of her, he scooted off the bed while holding onto her tight. He moved over to the table across from the bed and laid her down on it.

Her ass just on the edge of the table, he grabbed her ankles and held her legs high and wide in the air.

Now he was pounding into her with all he had. The table rocking back and forth with each thrust. Sweat pouring off his forehead and chest, her screams so loud they were drowning out the sound of the table banging into the wall. His grunts were doing their part as well.

He could feel her pussy clamping down on his cock again, she was about to cum. He was right there with her as she felt the head of his cock swelling up.

With her screaming in pleasure, he buried his cock to the tilt and let out a last grunt as he filled her with his cum. She felt the torrent of hot cum squirting into her. Her pussy milking him for all he was worth.

Both panting hard, his hand on either side of her as he steadied himself. She passed out there on the table with him still inside of her.

He back out from between her legs, pulling his now deflating cock from her hot soaked pussy. A pop noise was made as his head came out.

He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up. Taking a wash cloth with him, he cleaned her up. Joanne was passed out, was it from exhaustion or pure relaxation, he wondered to himself.

Mark pulled back the covers of the bed and then went and picked her up off the table. He placed her down and she rolled over onto her stomach. Sound asleep with a smile on her face.

He climbing in beside her and pulled the covers up a little. He lay there, looking at all her tattoos, tracing the outline of them very lightly with his finger. Her body shivered slightly at his touch.

Joanne woke up a few hours later. His arm was around her as he lay on his side. She looked at him sleeping peacefully, already dreading that the weekend together only had two more nights to go. She knew they would be a wonderful two days and nights with him beside her but already she didn’t want to let him go.

She touched his chest as she gazed at him, he rolled onto his back. She wondered for a second if she should get him hard again. Then she thought it was better to let him rest.

Snuggled up to him with her head on his chest, her instinctively wrapped his arms around her. She felt warm and safe with him and drifted back to sleep with the thoughts of what else this weekend would hold for them.

First Time


Why is it so dark? Am I even awake? Well, trying to move my head hurts. All signs point to awake. Maybe there is just sleep keeping my eyes closed.

It was when I tried to move my arms that I notice that my wrists are tied above my head. This is where I start to panic. My mind is reeling. The last thing I remember is getting off of that plane after traveling for what felt like forever. Thirty six hours on a plane, and wandering aimlessly through air ports on lay overs, is more than anyone should do more than five times in their life time. Really.

When I got off of that last plane, all I wanted was a shower and sleep. Looks like I got the sleep part, kinda… I remember… I don’t know what I remember.

And this is when I hear that voice. A voice I’ve grown to love, and to be completely at ease with.

“Relax, Lovie. You know I won’t do anything to hurt you. We’re just going to have a little fun.”

All I can do is nod. Then I feel something I’ve been longing for all of these months. Your balgat escort hand gently caressing my face.

“Good girl.”

Then I feel your hands traveling over my body. Tactfully avoiding all of my sensitive areas. I start squirming under your touch, trying to make your hands slip, and hit those wonderful sensitive places.

This is when you take your hands away from me. I can hear that disappointed sigh in your voice. Your pacing the room now, waiting for me to calm down. All I want is your hands on me, and to have your scent close to me again.

I can hear how agitated your getting with me, and I try to calm myself down, but it’s just so hard. I’ve been picturing this moment in my mind for the past five months. I can honestly say that what was happening was nothing like what I had imagined.

After several long agonizing minutes, I finally go still. I’m taking in deep breaths, but my body is still. I just want to feel your hands on me. batıkent escort That is the only important thing.

I feel your hand in my hair, lightly scratching my scalp. A reward for my finally calming down, though it does rile me up a bit. You know I have a thing about my head being scratched.

“That’s my girl,” you whisper into my ear. I hadn’t noticed before now, but you got so close. I can feel the warmth coming from your body. I loved the feeling of your breath on my ear. It brought small shivers through me. What more could a girl want, really?

Then, I hear the wonderful sound if your laugh. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard you laugh before, but in person. Well, this was a completely different animal. Hearing you laugh brought a smile to my face.

As you laughed, I heard a rustling next to me. You where undressing. My heart was pounding through my chest. Lord knows I was nervous. I had no idea if my body could handle all of you. We beşevler escort had discussed how much larger you where than anyone I had ever been with before, but I had to start to wonder if you would remember that now.

I felt your hands on me, finally touching me in those places I wanted you to. If I wasn’t trying so damned hard to be quiet, I would have screamed right then and there.

Feeling your weight on me, the smallest gasp passed my lips. Then I felt the head of your wonderful cock running up and down my slit. Teasing me. I moaned put loudly, loving the feeling of you against me.

“Ready, Lovie?” You asked, the tip of your cock pressing against the entrance of my pussy. I nod quickly. Ready? I’ve been ready since I got on that first plane so many hours ago.

A groan fills me as you push into me. Slowly, gently, you stretch me to fit around you like a glove. It seems to take forever for you to press all of the way into me, but when you finally do, and I have my legs wrapped around your waist, it just feels right. Like we where meant for each other, you know?

Your panting now, as you finally lift my blindfold so I can see your face for the first time in real life. Your smiling, and I am too.

“There you are.” I say, smiling from ear to ear.

“That’s right, beautiful, and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Feral: The Lover


“It’s ladies night there.”

“Is it?” I couldn’t have cared less; I really was single-minded, wanting to rush this girl home to sate her as she had pleaded to wanting before. On the other hand, it had been awhile since I had a woman who actually wanted to go play pool. Laura had been that way too, until she knew she had me tied down. Courting has its peculiar little perks as well as its downfalls.

So, we went. I wouldn’t allow her to drive. Chauvinist thing, yah know? Something about courtly honor, driving the chariot for the lady; something to those ends. Now that I think back on it, it was a bad idea. A very bad, horrid, scaly, scabby idea. We walk in, and at first I liked it; because she walked through the doors before me, and then turned right back around into me, trying to hide in my arms and torso. I was not adverse to the close contact. The smell of her hair, the softness of her body cradled in mine. However, there was a reason that this girl had turned from the pool hall.

“Problems, my lady?”

Delphine squeaked, and I rolled my eyes, hugging her a little closer, and pulling her out of the way of the door. At last she looked up. “Let’s go, don’t let them see-“


“Fuck,” I heard her whisper under her breath.

Wriggling her way from my grasp, she turned to the voice. There were four of them. One was a pretty big fellow, scraggly, if I may say so. Dressed in all black, he had just missed an easy shot for the seven ball into the corner pocket. Then there were two women sitting there, one who was the big and beautiful African goddess-types, and the other looked kind of crazy. Good crazy. The kind of crazy that would always be interesting.

She wasn’t bad looking, either, but she did sort of look like a loose-cannon, ready to recoil and strike at any moment. She had fiery red hair, and beautiful blue eyes. The other kind of worried me. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed also. Mr. Raphael Sans la Ringlets was walking toward the pool table about to take his shot. But when his eyes hit Delphine, they didn’t leave her. By gods, they tried; to concentrate, anything- but they didn’t. The man wasn’t exactly handsome, but he also was not bad looking. He was still … I guess the word in my testosterone-driven world is “competition”.

My girl smiled, and walked up to them. She glanced back to make sure I was following. Of course, I was. I wouldn’t leave her alone with this party. “Group, this is Dave Preston. Dave, this is,” pointing at the largest member who had called her out, the scruffy man, “Jerry,” pointing to the crazy, very slightly overweight redhead, “Lizzie,” then gesturing toward the mocha princess, “Felicity,” and finally toward the last man, “And this, this is William.”

At the mention of that last name, she seemed to subconsciously stray from my figure. Jerry grinned, “So who is this Dave? Just a friend or,” smirking, “Anything more?”

Her eyes lifted to mine, and I knew that plead well, I answered, “I am a friend.”

I stopped worrying about William at Jerry’s answer. He sized me up and smiled; brightened, really. “Well then. Nice to meet you, Dave.”

Jerry gave a look to the table. “Fuck this, you win, William. You usually do anyways. Rack ’em up and let’s give Dave a game. I want to size out my competition here before I play him.”

My eyes rested on Jerry’s hard. Was he HONESTLY thinking about taking MY woman? He better think again if he wanted to keep his ass intact. It took awhile, but finally William scratched, and I sunk the eight ball. He took an animated seat next to Lizzie the Redhead, across from Felicia and Delphine. Jerry got up to play, and I let him break, keeping my eyes on that table. I saw William smile and put his hand on Lizzie’s shoulder, too affectionate surely to be just friends. So, that’s why he was here.

I hate dissecting group dynamics. There’s just too much shit to consider. That’s why I went into Biology instead of Behavioral Ecology. The part about this group I especially didn’t like was Jerry. Who kept glancing over at the table, who kept going over to flirt, who kept getting drinks sent over to the ladies, who just kept annoying me. I didn’t exactly feel threatened by him. Delphine had a lust in her eyes when she looked at me. She had nothing when she looked at Jerry, nothing but a smile. But the fact was that he was trying, right?


But then it was time to go home, and I couldn’t have been happier. This shit was over with. Jerry walked back over and clapped his hand on Delphine’s shoulder. “I’m glad we ran into you. Too bad you didn’t play pool, but I guess you had some catching up to do. Let’s not make this a one time thing. You’re always welcome to come out with us. Bring Dave along too, he seems a stand up kind of guy,” he smiled toward me.

That’s when it happened. Jerry leaned down and kissed Lizzie on the cheek, “Let’s hit it, babe.”

William had already walked around Delphine, had put her jacket on, and was leaned down to whisper something in her ear. His hand was in her coat pocket, his eyes were pained. Her’s looked zoned kızılay escort out, staring out into oblivion, into the dark skin of the walls. Her breathing was shallow, her head turning towards his when he backed away from her. William caught up with Felicity and the others, out the door. I still was over at the registration counter, putting back the pool sticks and the rack. Delphine stood, dark eyed, over at the table. She let a hand touch her cheek, her eyes closed, and then her hand went down.

The woman came back across the room to me. I grabbed her by the hand softly, and gently dragged her from the hall. Why hadn’t I listened to my gut? That was what had told me to watch that blonde. But no, I rationalized it, thinking that Jerry had been the potential suitor. Perhaps I was hoping that the single one would be the lesser of the lookers. So that I wouldn’t actually have someone to fear. That damn pool hall had been the biggest mistake of my life. I just hadn’t realized it yet.

It had the potential to let me lose everything.

I opened her car door, and walked around to my side. Before I could fumble through my keys, Delphine had already reached over and unlocked my side. The door handle seemed to stick, but I think now that I was just holding back on everything so that I didn’t blow up at anything. Keeping my calm, I asked her, “What was that entire situation about? From the bottom to top. Who they are, where you know them from, what happened tonight. Everything. I’ll accept whatever the content or lack thereof of content is, but just tell me something.”

Her eyes were still closed. When they opened, I saw the fire behind them. The all-consuming flames of passion. Those flames that could only warm you, or intensify to thoroughly burn and scathe you. “I know them from work. Jerry doesn’t work at Savers any more, but Lizzie, Felicity, and William do. Jerry was the only one I’m really friendly with. Him and my brother used to get along famously, and so- he and I did too. Lizzie and I get along well, but don’t talk that much. We work on opposite sides of the store. Same with Felicity, I very rarely see her, but we can stand one another decently.”

Taking a breath, her eyes glazed over, “I know William very well. He and I had a thing, a half kind of dating. A good friendship, I suppose. I wanted to date him. I think he wanted me too, but lost interest. I felt that, but… well. I don’t like being around someone I’m attracted to. I lose myself regardless of what I know they feel. I didn’t’ want to lose myself this time to insanity, so I, ha- It was pretty cold-hearted, what I did. You know Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction?”

My mind went back to the bunny-boiling incident when she mentioned my wife at Borders. “Yeah, I do.”

“I kind of did that, except not to those extremities. I sent him about half a dozen text messages. And, you know that I’m not actually crazy, but that I must be somewhere in me, because I pull it off hella well. I freaked him out. The only miscalculation I made was that in the end he called me. I figured he would do what he always did- ignore the problem, discard it, but he did actually call that night after he got off work. Asking if there was anything wrong. ‘No, there’s nothing wrong.’ Then I laughed at him, Dave. Laughed. He said he had never meant to lead me on. Bullshit. He did, in the beginning. I know he did, and it was funny that he would lie to me like that.

“I don’t think of him much any more, but sometimes I still see him… and think… goddamn. He’s not the best-looking man, but I have such a strict regimen for men to pass to become somewhat suitable for me, that… well, it’s not like I have a lot of other men to exactly keep my mind off of him. Other than you, the only men I’ve really been attracted to are him and Josh, if you remember him. I guess there was that other Dave I worked with. I had a thing for him too. I must have a liking toward Polish men; you’re the only non-Pollack I’ve been attracted to.”

“Actually, I’m quarter.”

“Figures. Well, anyways, yeah. We haven’t even talked out of cordial work agreements for the last, almost… year. We were kind of forced to today. I have no problem with Jerry, Lizzie, and Felicity, but… William was the one I was trying to hide from.”

“What was that today then? When he whispered in your ear?” My voice rose without my realizing it until I heard myself.

“He was being nice. He put my coat on and said he still wanted to be friends. He put his number in my pocket.”

A sneer carved my lips. “Delphine. You had a look on your face. A look I have seen myself, because I caused it on more women than just you.”

That flame that had an origin in her belly licked its way again to her eyes. “Yeah, so I’m still fucking attracted to him. Why are you worried? You’re a damn Grecian God.”

Closing my mouth, that little sneer rubbing away, I kept driving mutely. “Take me home, Dave.”

So, I did.

* * *

The office seemed smaller since the last time I had seen it. maltepe escort Of course, maybe then I didn’t have as big a head as I seemed to now, being a manager. I kept hoping he wouldn’t come in. My fingers clicked on the keys as quickly as they could to get this letter done so that I could hurry up and finish my inventory. Damn my computer for being down. Damnit, damnit, damnit.

The handle of the door turned, and my body filled with dread. For a second I had stopped typing, but I started up again. I wanted to look like I was doing something- I WAS doing something, there was no looking like about it. Fuck him. I didn’t come here just to see him.

Or did I?

Did I really try that hard to fix my computer? Did I actively go out and seek for another possible computer to finish my work on? No. It was just like the good ‘ole cashierin’ days. People used to think I was stupid because I would come across a problem and not ‘know’ how to fix it. If it was a normal lane where he would have to be in close proximity, I feared the thought of him having to come by that close. He would be able to smell the intensity wafting off of me. But at those scan-it-yourself machines, where there was one cashier and four machines for four customers to work at…

Oh, how could I forget that day where the lady dropped her credit card between the scale and machine? My first thought was to take my pen or a piece of paper and run it through to get it out. But I pushed that to the back of my mind, thinking- maybe I could call Store Maintenance…

Yet, I ended up calling my supervisor, and she told me to do the pen thing. By that time, the lady had finagled that card out anyways. I felt like an idiot. I had known what to do. But deep down I had wanted a problem so badly so I could call him to come and fix it. And the worst part is that all of this was my fault. All these problems had been my doing. Sure, it took two to tango- but it only took one to step on the other’s foot with their stilettos and break a toe.

He was so good looking to me, too, but at the same time, he wasn’t. I think at some point when we had been talking it just became habit. Habit to only have one person on my mind at a time. Someone I connected with. And that wasn’t a lie. We had so much in common. I did connect with him. And now I just wanted him to-

I had stopped typing again, and William leaned against the wall with a file in his hand, flipping through the papers within. “Problems?”

Thinking back to the pool hall, clung to Dave, I looked up at him without feeling. “No. Just needed a moment to organize an idea.”

“I see. What are you working on?”


He cleared his throat and left to a back, adjoining part of the office. Oh no, this wasn’t good. X-rated movies were playing through my head. Sometimes of just Dave, those were the okay ones, then those of just Will. Those weren’t as acceptable. The ones that truly put me ill at ease were the ones where William and Dave simultaneously-

“So what have you been up to lately?”

My reply was short, hoping he would get the point, “Not much. Work.”

“Nothing else? Really?” His speech was playful.

Very much like the way it used to be. I forced a silly little smile on my face, it looked glued on, and the glue was cracking at the edges from being so old and yellow. “Not really, Will. How about you?”

“Not as much as I would like. Got a house with my roommate.”

I nodded, not taking my eyes off the screen. He walked up behind me. Put both hands on my shoulders and began to rub them. I was always so tense, and normally, people either tickled me because they weren’t doing it hard enough, or to compensate for how tense I was, they were too forceful for enjoyment. He hit that happy medium which made me groan. My eyes closed and I threw my head back.

His eyes ate me up from above. They were so kind, gentle, but hungry. I realized that the only things between him and I were clothes and a chair. All I had to do was turn the chair around, start unbuttoning- “Fuck.”

I stiffened back up and went back to typing. Walking a small semicircle around me, stalking me like a predator. “Who was that man you were with last night?”

“Should I just stick my leg out and let you piss on it? I’m sick of you fucking territorial men. I’m not your bitch. I am not your property.”

“So, he already asked about me, I see.”

“Yeah, he did,” I finished up the last few words of the letter to my boss, and then I sent it, and swiveled around in my chair.

“I just was asking you in a friendly way. I want to know what’s going on.”

“It’s not your business, or anyone else’s.”

“Then I guess I have the answer I wanted. He’s your man. Not a bad catch, really. I mean, he’s got me beat in every area. Every area. But at least let me be a friend. I didn’t lie. You are an amazing person.”

“Your girlfriend dumped you?” He paced back to the door, and turned to come back.

“I caught her cheating.”

“And yet another winner for mamak escort William. You can pick ’em, baby.”

“Yeah, and if I let them go, it’s because I know they’re too good to be true, too good for me. Not too good for Dave though, I guess.”

His bright blue eyes darkened like they had the night before. Were pained. His hair was short, and because it was blonde, you could see where his hair was already thinning, where he would be bald eventually. His chest was broad, his legs meaty; even through the work shirt and khakis. He was well built for how tall he was. Usually, the tall and skinny are the lanky types.

Walking back slowly, he stopped right before me. Putting his hand down, I observed all its contours, for some reason feeling my stomach heat up, my legs begin to shift. His forearms were strong, his biceps hidden, but noticeable. I closed my eyes to hide myself. I normally did it so well, but between the stress of work and the onslaught of obscene and unresolved desires…. I couldn’t control myself.

William watched as I brought one hand up to my face, and he put his other hand on the arm of my chair. Now having both arms down for leverage, he leaned in to me. As I shied away, his eyes pleaded with me. “Just one time, please…”

They were so soft and tender on me, but at the same time it hit me like a train. The intensity. The complete domination I felt from him through even this gentle caress. His tongue ran slowly across my lips, asking for what they didn’t need to. I opened my mouth, slipped my tongue out, and let it roam over his. For a second, I sucked on his tongue and pulled away while his mouth moved down to my neck. He hummed for just a second, and I felt shivers of pleasure run down my spine. His hand rubbed over my pussy methodically, up and down, roughly where my clit was, up and down.

My right hand clutched to his neck when my hips bucked up, causing the chair to tip, him to lose his balance- He stood. Then leaned down again, and pulled me up into him. His one hand rubbed the small of my back, and the other kneaded the flesh of my breast. I was going into sensation overload, people. She’s gonna blow.

Arching my back, I didn’t orgasm, but it was damn close. He pushed my back against the wall and pressed into me as hard as he could, letting me feel how hard he was. That was when he stopped and pulled away from me. I breathed a few times, like I had never breathed before, like I had just stepped out of the desert sun. I was so hot. He took my hand and went into the back, shutting the door all but a fraction of an inch. From the back niche, nothing could be seen, but we could hear if anyone came into the office.

Which meant they could hear us if they came in, but we would at least have time to get situated before they saw anything. Without much strain, he unfastened the button on my pants, pulling them down. “Do you ever wear underwear?”


“It just became familiar to see that there were no panty lines in your light tan pants. I wondered if you ever wore panties.”

“No. I don’t like them. I prefer free-balling.”

He gave me a peculiar look, and then gazed at my pussy. “Pretty in pink. Just trimmed?”

It wasn’t shaven, I’d like to see any of you men shave, but it was always neatly trimmed. “Always.”

With a testing lick, he then assaulted my core. First he lapped at me, running his tongue from the base of my cunt all the way to the clit, flexing and waggling that magicmaker. Then, he began to suck on my clit, driving me absolutely crazy. My nub was rock hard now, sensitive to every little attention of his tongue. “God.”

“Oh, you don’t have to refer to me as that.”

Even his hot breath on me was torturous. My head threw back so hard I actually hit the wall. He didn’t look up, just began thrusting his tongue in and out of my virgin pussy, seeming to sense that I hadn’t yet been fucked, though I had two hot prospects on my case to solve that little problem. His thumb swirled around it, and with every thrust of his tongue, I began to shriek from the feeling. Every rough tumble against my clit was in time with it. I grabbed the back of his head, and began to shove him closer, grinding into him before I realized myself. I let my nails trail down to his shoulder blades, and then draw them up. The shiver in him transferred to me, and this time I couldn’t help but pull him in.

The walls of my pussy clenched in ecstasy, and my eyes rolled back into my head. “Oh fuck yes, Will. God fucking yes.”

His tongue continued to lash into me until I stopped gushing come. When he stood, I jumped up, and started kissing and licking his face, making sure he had nothing left of me on him. I grabbed a tissue from the desk and buttoned my pants again. He smiled and started to walk in the other room. “Where do you think you’re going?”

There was a look of confusion on him. I pulled his hand from the door and unbuttoned his pants; still hot from what he had done, grinding against him. With his fly undone, and now on my knees, I took out his cock, which was so engorged with blood, it bounced. Jumping back a little, he laughed. I glared up at him, and put my hand at the base of his shaft. My other hand demurely took care of his balls. I slowly began to smother his cock in saliva, licking and kissing my way to the base. Then I pulled my hand away, put it back, and stroked it along his very sensitive shaft.

Father Lorrie


The sun was beginning to fry the back of his balding head, and sweat shimmered lightly against his neck and skin as he mowed the lawns of the church yard. He wiped his brow, taking pleasure in the heat from the long-coming Summer. He took pleasure from the idea that the natural warmth of the sun came from God. The heat, though too often an abomination, reminded him of the Universal dance of the seasons. Everything was unified in some delightful way, everything worked like a well-oiled machine. The sunburn on his fingers and neck – the only parts of his body that were exposed – tingled and stung, and he yearned to get into the cool dark stone church and relieve the burning with some cream.

The lawns were overgrown and untouched for nearly a full year. Father Lorrie had dismissed the gardener only three weeks earlier, and was now forced to do much of the maintenance himself until he found another yardsman. It had been unfortunate and dramatic circumstances, finding the young brute in a compromising position with one of the older female parishiners. Father Lorrie had walked in on them in the garden shed, the boy’s grimy trousers down around his ankles, his grunting form working the single mother up against the galvanized shed wall. The sight had jarred Father Lorrie’s senses, leaving him stammering and stuttering, blushing madly. He’d growled at them both to stop what they had been doing, and leave immediately. The middle-aged woman had given the Father a look of apology. She fled the sweatbox with her shirt still unbuttoned and her raw, red-rock nipples piercing the Father’s righteous gaze. The barely-legal boy’s cock shone in the darkness, wet from her innards, and he quickly hid it from the Father, breathless and terrified as he did.

Father Lorrie had been a priest for the clergy for nearly thirteen years. He was six months from celebrating his 40th birthday, and the realisation was beginning to hit him that the human world was a pool of depraivety, perversion and filth. It disgusted him when he considered the spurts of jism that still lingered as a stain on the floor in the garden shed. It disgusted him that one of his flock had, in all her human weakness, descended into the writhing hell of sexuality with a boy barely nineteen years of age, and that they both had allowed him to witness their copulation. All this ran through his mind as he ripped the lawn up with the lawnmower. The fury drove him on – the fury, and the jealousy.

He’d been single and masturbatory for nearly twelve years. Single, alone, solitary, unmarried, untouched and unfucked for twelve years. The tightness in his balls had become something he could rely upon, and though he was getting older, less interested in the physicality of man and womankind, he still craved some kind of affection. Instead he pushed himself against the lawnmower, riding it down the gentle slope to the garden shed where the scent of someone else’s desire lingered in the musky air.

Rushing through the motions, he turned the engine off, locked the shed door, and raced back up to the church. The coolness hit him like a sweet embrace, melting the sting of the sun from his bones and reducing him back to a familiar sense of normality, which he needed so desperately to quell the inner heat.


Hannah clutched the bible to her breast, staring up at the statue of Jesus as he hung over the altar. She could hear Father Lorrie returning, but she did not turn around to face him lest he see the blush in her cheeks and the wild, glazed look in her eye. Hannah was young enough to hate church, old enough to know the man who ran the church was easily manipulated and malleable. She had dreams about him often. Father Lorrie would come to her dreams at night and tell her what to do to him, and she would obediently comply, whimpering little noises as he did things to her she’d only read about in books.

Her freshly combed curls barely touched her shoulders, her long eyelashes fluttered as she blinked and sighed loudly, praying to God to help her get through whatever it was that was tormenting her. The bible in her hand was musty and clammy from overuse. She held it tighter to her chest, feeling her nipples harden under the weight of the sacred book. In her mind’s eye, she saw herself hiding the book between her legs. She saw herself using the book to masturbate to, wondering if her sticky pussy fluids would taint its words.

‘God, I’m such a little slut,’ She thought silently, her mind flashing with more visions. She saw herself laying on the alter, naked, her thighs spread open, a man in a dark robe kneeling between her legs, feasting from her, his knees sore on the cold, stone stairs.

“Hello Hannah,” came a gentle, deep, throaty voice gaziosmanpaşa escort behind her. She jumped. Father Lorrie smiled as he walked by her, placing his large hand on her shoulder. She smiled, blushing under the weight of his strong blue eyes, and the proximity of his reverential presence.

“Hello Father Lorrie,” She chirped.

“How are you today?”

“Oh. Hot,” She smiled.

He nodded seriously, his eyes involuntarily darting down toward the bible in her hands. The smile on his face disappeared when he noticed the hard nubs of her nipples through her thin cotton dress. He noticed the book pressed against her breasts. He wondered what she was doing. She looked like a sweet little angel, sitting on the pew, a tangible aura glowing around her curls, her luminous skin reeking of roses, her bare knees almost shiny in the light from the stained glass windows.

“Well, pray to God for some cool weather, and we may receive a respite from the heat,” He said bravely, and began to move away.

“I will, Father,” She replied, noticing him noticing her hard, sore tits. She looked down at his crotch, hoping to catch a glimpse of a bulge but there was nothing. He wore dark trousers and a loose, thin black shirt with the white collar on it. She could smell the sweat in the air from him, and she longed to lick it from his chest.

Father Lorrie moved up toward the statue of Jesus, and began fussing around the foot of the icon. He moved some of the unlit candles, wiping some dust from the toes of the Lord. He was aware that the young Hannah was the only person in the church – apart from himself, and his ever-present God. When he glanced at her from the corner of his eye, she was watching him and it made his heart race. He continued cleaning. When he looked back, she had gone.

He saw the confessional box door close, and he made his way over to hear the confession. Inside it was cool, and even darker than out in the main area of the church. He sat, opening the wooden slide in order to hear the confession better.

“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned,” Came the sweet trinket voice from the other side of the confessional box.


“Yes, Father,” She sounded pleased that he had recognised her voice.

“What are your sins, sweetheart?”

She giggled, “Father, I have so many, I don’t know where to start.”

He frowned, and remained silent.

“Okay, perhaps I should start from the beginning. Father.”


Her voice was like a demon, pulsing in the air between them. She spoke and spoke, telling him her deepest and darkest realities, her fantasies, her dreams. He sat in silence on the other side of the screen, his body burning, his mind burning with the visions she implanted there. Her voice trailed in and out of his consciousness, the words she used were unbelievable, the context in which she used them was like poetry to his ears.

“…. And in the morning, Father, when I wake up, I think I’ve wet the bed. I don’t know. I’m not sure. All I know is that you were in my bedroom, and I was crying out. Reaching out into the darkness for you, and I can feel you. I can feel your mouth against me, against my mouth, kissing me, folding me backwards, my legs around your shoulders… and I feel you inside me…”

He coughed, the phlegm rising in his throat, his lungs tightening from the constriction of panic.

“Hannah….” He tried to quieten her, but she continued, unable to hear his complaints. She breathed heavier, her fingers drifting down under her skirt. She lifted her leg up slightly, parting the lips of her pussy, and began to touch herself lightly.

“And you are so hard, so fat inside me, and sometimes it hurts, but most of the time I just want you to do me harder. Harder and harder, and faster, until you explode inside me, and we cum together…”


Father Lorrie placed his hand against the screen in an attempt to quieten her.

“Oh Father, do you want it too?” she asked, pressing her cheek against the screen.

He quickly stepped out of the box, and opened the door. He wanted to throw her from the box, from the church, reject her perversions – but the sight of her instantly stunned him into paralysis.

She sat in the box, her short dress up around her waist, with one leg up against the side of the wooden room, and the other parted as far as it would go. Her cotton panties were pulled aside, and she had her finger on the slit of her genitals, rubbing gently. Her eyes were closed, and for a moment she didn’t realise he was there. When she felt the cool air of the church against her cunt, her eyes flickered open gölbaşı escort to find Father Lorrie standing before her, watching her fingering herself. She froze, panting under the pressure of her own lust.

At first she thought he was going to explode with fury. His face reddened so deeply she thought he would attack her angrily, throwing her from his house of worship, but what happened next surprised her as much as it did him.

“Hannah,” He said softly, standing in the ajar shadow of the door.

“Father, I’m —“

“No. Shh. Let me see you,” he whispered, and stepped into her side of the box, shutting the door behind him.

He’d never seen anything like it. The genitals themselves were puffy and wet, glistening with a new, pure liquid and scent. He knelt before her, and began to stroke her thighs, his mind drugged by the musky heat and scent from her delicious, perfumed cunt. Her fingers were woven beneath her labia, and they were glistening with wetness. She moved her hands slightly and put them to his lips. Father Lorrie inhaled the scent, and she put her cum-candied fingers in his mouth.

He groaned, and his knees buckled finally beneath him. He collapsed against her, burying his face in her delicious cunt. He fed from her, sucking her, licking and eating at her, his untrained tongue lapping and suckling at every inch of her sexuality. The young woman began to groan, grinding herself into his face. In a mixture of shock and awe, she wrapped her good, religious legs around his good, religious head and started sliding down in the seat, affixing her most sacred self against his animated face.

She was nearly 21 years old, but had never felt this way before. Not even alone in her bed.

He was moaning as he bought her to orgasm. She moaned too, first in whimpers, then in longer, drawn-out sighs and little groans, her tight throat swallowing on the incredible sensation of pleasure that soared through her body. Pulling his whole head into her pussy, he felt he might lose consciousness there, suffocated between the folds of the young girl’s humping cunt.

She wanted him to fuck her, and she said it aloud. Hannah was scared he would run away, run from his desire, reject her and cast her out. But in another shock, he stood up from the floor, giving her sopping vagina one last long, lingering suckle.

He stood and began to massage his hands through her curls, feeling the fine, silken curves of her hair. It was as if he was possessed. He motioned for her to touch the erect bulge in his pants, and she eagerly unzipped his trousers, and pulled his engorged cock from it’s hiding place.

The sensation of her soft hand against his penis was unimaginable. Nobody had touched him like that for over a decade, and it surged through him like fire. He wanted to stick it inside her, pump her over and over until he was sore and empty. But before she could even lower her lips to his swollen shaft, the sound of someone else in the church alerted them both.

They both heard voices, as laughter pierced the otherwise empty temple. Quickly the Father pulled away from her, fumbling with his hard cock, folding it back into his underpants. His hands trembled.

“Stay in here,” he ordered, and slid out from the confessional.

Hannah was trapped in there alone, her body still reeling from the pangs of orgasm.


He tended to the visitors – a young man with his mother, both seeking comfort after the death of her husband – and locked the front church doors hurriedly. The thought that the little angel was hiding in his confessional enraged his cock, keeping it hard and thrilling his entire being. But the thought that she was hiding there, panties down around her ankles, sexy wet cunt open to the air, waiting for him, drove him to nearly run back to the confessional. When he opened the door to find it empty, his stomach churned with disappointment.

“Hannah?” He hushed, then called her name out louder, not caring anymore who might have overheard.

“Here, Father,” Came her sweet, luring voice.

He turned.

At first the sight amazed him, appalled and disgusted him. Then it pumped more blood to his cock and the lower parts of his abdomen. There she stood, fully naked, nestled and languishing sexually, her nudity glowing so pale against the statue of christ. She was embracing the statue, embracing His legs to her chest, ever so slowly moving against it, rubbing against Father Lorrie’s almighty Lord.

“Good Lord,” he breathed, stepping back from the vision.

Hannah moved her hands down around Jesus’ legs, paying with his inanimate broken feet, then ran them up around keçiören escort his marble thighs, and began to stroke the Lord’s loincloth.

“Cum here, Father,” she whispered loud enough for him to hear, and he walked toward her as if in a daze.

He stepped up to the altar, and she reached out to him. Her fingers were warm and so soft, as she began to once again unzip his trousers. The young Hannah coaxed his rock-hard, bulbous cock from its placing and began to milk it lightly. She moaned as she stroked it. He moaned in response, reaching up again to bury his dried fingers into her ribbons of silken curls.

“Ohhh, my whore,” he whispered.

The Father began to glide his hands around her neck, down around her shoulders, then finally resting on the bare globes of her breasts. He pulled them, kneading the meat under her jiggling flesh. He tugged the hard, long nipples, and leant in to suck one into his mouth. His tongue fit around the nipple easily, sucking and twisting it between his lips and teeth. She seemed to respond to that, breathing harder, her hand pumping his cock a little more restlessly.

He let his other hand fall between the hidden slit of her cunt – where he couldn’t help remembering his tongue had so recently tasted. She opened her thighs a little for him, and he slid his finger between the lips of her saturated pussy, stroking her as best he knew how. She responded to that, too, lifting one leg up and linking it around his hip, opening herself widely for him so that his finger could slide up into her wet, muscular hole.

“Oh Father, I want your cock,” she spat in his ear, salivating from the pleasure.

“Lie down, my child” he replied, his voice trembling.

They helped each other to lay back and he quickly spread her legs, lifting her creamy wet thighs up and piercing her cunt with the head of his cock.

The scent of her juice flooded the air, got into his sinuses, his head, his throat. She was warm and inviting as Hannah let the first inch of his cock into her tightness. He eased himself into her at first, then suddenly began to fuck her faster and harder, thrusting his entire cock deeply into her from tip to root, burying the entire length of his hard, unused bone into her tight, slippery little hole.

He slid well, though there was friction from the grip she had on him. He slid into her, then out, and in again, pumping her deeply. He tried to pull back and watch as her nipples hardened and softened as her desire quelled and was fuelled. He began to rub the pink nubs with one hand, and with the other tickled her protruding pussy lips. He found her clitoris, and happily began to stroke it. She quickly began to thrust herself around beneath him, arching her back, lifting her body to him, then falling back again, writhing and flowing like a fountain.

She let the back of her head grind against the altar floor, staring up at the rear view of the statue of Jesus as Father Lorrie rammed into her. The pressure from his cock inside her began to build up the heat of desire again, her body beginning to burn and thrust with him. They fucked under the statue, he spread her legs further apart – in his head thinking perhaps God would enjoy watching this display.

He tried to watch her himself, taking pleasure from her writhing on the stone cold steps, feeling it deep in the root of his cock, twitching in his balls as he knew he was close to spurting his lonely load inside her. He etched himself deeper into her body, carving his way through her belly with his grunting cock. Quickly he forced himself down against her, fucking deeper as she felt his cock engorge, stiffen, his balls tighten and then loosen as he gushed into her, the pleasure bursting through his body like a wave of ecstasy.

The Father cried out into the empty church halls. The sound echoed eerie and low, punctuating the silence with desire.

She juiced him well, milking his penis, then tightening so that when he plopped out of her, he could not push back in again, and the cum spurted over her pussy and belly. Little droplets of cum dribbled on her, and the very sight sent more waves of pleasure through his groin. She dipped her finger in, then lifted it to her breast and rubbed the cum into her nipple. Hannah then licked her finger, and he spurted a little droplet of cum out on her chest in response to the sight.

Father Lorrie fell back on his heels, then back on the floor weakly. Hannah lay where she’d been fucked, her hair wildly caught in the fingers of her right hand, her body battered and pleasured.


“Y… yes?”

“You fuck so well.”

He chuckled lightly, “Oh, Hannah. I guess I’ve been saving up everything I had.”

“I hope not,” she sat up, leaning against the foot of Christ, “I hope you have more in you. Because I want to fuck you again. And again.”

The words were like music to his born-again virginal ears. He nodded.

“Well. You will have to give me a moment to recuperate, angel.”

He stroked her lips with his finger and kissed her lightly.


Fantasy 02


Cindy stood on impatiently on the porch and rang the bell. She was dressed in brown loafers, ankle socks, a pleated short plaid skirt, and white blouse with blue blazer. Her short brown hair was held back by a blue headband and her brown eyes were clear of make up, as was the rest of her heart shaped face. Her measurements were 36B, 24, 36 and at 5′ 8″, her legs were incredibly lovely, even in the loafers. Her heart pounded in her chest as the excitement of the game swept over her and she snapped her bubble gum to hide her anticipation. This time they were playing the Teacher and the spoiled little student, a role Cindy could pull off well. Peter, her lover of many years, was her Professor, who called the gifted but mediocre student to his house to discuss a paper on a Saturday.

They had known each other since high school, but had never dated. They had been friends since they were 15. They had seen each other through broken hearts, broken relationships, family problems and even family death. They were closer than most married couples, but each had their own spouse. They had been having sex since college, only the bizarre role playing sex that they were doing now. Their spouses were there for regular sex, but about every two or three weeks one would call the other and set up something like this.

Peter flung open the door and stepped out onto the porch. “Cindy, you’re late. I said our meeting was for noon and it is almost 1:30”

“Sorry Professor, I was all tied up.” Cindy replied, not sounding sorry in the slightest.

“Come in, we have much to discuss.” Peter told her stepping back into the house and closing the door behind her. Cindy walked into the living room and flopped down indifferently on the sofa. “Where is the family?” She questioned, noting the ring on his hand and family portraits spread around the room.

“My family left for an overnight camping trip. I was supposed to go with them, but when you did not show up on time, I sent them ahead and will join them when we are finished.” Peter replied. “Cindy, I am worried about your attitude, and not just in my class, but all your classes. I feel that you should know your name comes up weekly in the teachers’ conferences. We are all worried about you.”

“Yeah, well don’t bother; I am getting along just fine.”

“Yes, but you need to do more than just get along. You have wonderful potential, but you are not putting to good use. Look at yourself, your skirt is 4 inches to short by the college dress code; your blouse is to be white, not sheer. I have received several complaints from faculty and students that your behavior in class is disruptive. I am not going to go into the numerous complaints from the community on your behavior on your dates, but that little matter with the football team has come to our attention, and it will not be tolerated. I also know about those tattoos on your ankle and behind. You look, dress and act like a common prostitute. Is that what you want out of life?”

“Who are you, my father?” Cindy snapped.

“No, I am your Faculty Advisor. If you expect to graduate, then I am more important that your father. And I hope you did not talk to him that way.”

“So what if I did? What are you gonna do about it?”

“The same thing he should have done years ago put you over my knee and spank you till you learn some respect.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Cindy stated in shock.

“Try me.” Peter told her.

“You don’t have the guts.” Cindy told him, and immediately regretted it. Peter stood in front of her grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet. Walking over to the love seat, Peter sat down and pulled her across his lap, face down. Cindy started to kick and wail, but it was no use, Peter held one arm across her back and with his other hand flipped up her skirt and tucked it into the waistband. Pulling her white silk panties down with one motion he saw the small devil tattoo on her left cheek was plainly visible, and he smiled as he noticed the decal. He raised his hand and let it fall on the white orb before him.

Cindy shrieked in pain, and tried to cover her exposed cheeks, but Peter caught her wrists and pulled them together behind her back and held them there. Lifting his hand again, Peter struck her other cheek leaving a matching handprint. Cindy screamed again and wiggled to try and escape him. Peter expected this and held her tight and continued to apply his hand until both her cheeks were flaming crimson. Cindy continued to wiggle herself around his lap trying to escape the painful humiliation but only succeeded in pressing her moistening mound against his hardened member and leave a growing wet spot. Her flailing legs threw her panties away from her and they landed on the dinning room table.

Peter finished his spanking and pushed her upright to stand before him. Her blazer had worked itself open and the sheer white blouse showed her jutting çukurambar escort breasts to perfection. Her nipples had hardened and her chest heaved as she fought for breath. Her hands went to rub her pulsing backside and started to pull the skirt from her waistband when Peter stopped her.

“Leave your skirt where it is.” He commanded, “And take everything else off.”

Cindy looked at him in shock. No professor could treat a student this way. She had forgotten that this was only a game; she was so immersed in her role. “You can’t expect me to strip for you. The Board of Governors won’t allow a student to be humiliated this way.” She said defiantly.

“Actually they will. You see I have been given special permission by the board of governors to do anything I think necessary to correct your behavior. I have it in writing if you would care to see it.” Peter said casually. “Now strip. I think it best to treat you like a slut since you are intent on behaving like one.”

Cindy looked surprised for a moment. ‘He had really planned this one out.’ She thought. She knew she could holler “Uncle” if she did not like where this went, but she was curious to see what he had in mind. She shrugged off her blazer and tossed it on the couch, this was immediately followed by her blouse, socks and shoes. Soon she was standing in the middle of his living room in nothing but her skirt, and that was rolled up to reveal her slowly cooling backside.

“Now go into the kitchen and throw your gum in the trash.” Peter instructed. Cindy did as she was bid and came back to stand before him in the living room. “Into the corner, face first.” Peter told her and soon she was facing the corner of the room, her feet together, with her hands behind her back trying to cover her exposed and sore behind.

Peter sat on the love seat and enjoyed the view. Cindy was going all out this time and he wanted to see how much she would take from him. “Spread your legs and put your hands on the wall and lean forward.” Peter told her without moving. Cindy did as she was told and soon Peter could see the wetness slowly running down her thighs from her soaking center. Her nether lips were puffy and parted her excitement evident in the smell she let into the room and the stain she left on his pants.

Peter stood and walked over to her, pausing only to take the rod from the vertical blinds off its hook and swish it through the air. Cindy tensed as she heard the rod cut the air and realized that he was going to use it on her ass. “A slut has to do anything she is told and act like she enjoys it. Can you do that Cindy?”

“Yes” She replied, still defiant.

“Well we will see. As an example, supposed I wanted to whip you with this rod. Would you like that?”

Cindy started to say yes, but paused and did not answer.

“I can’t hear you.” Peter prompted. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you the customer is always right? So since I am the customer, I am right in believing that I can whip you as long as I want.” Peter did not wait for her answer, but struck with the rod. Cindy gasped and jerked herself around to face him. He had not struck hard, just a warm up sting, but Cindy felt, as a student, she had to protest.

“Hey that hurt.” She squealed and rubbed her ass.

“It was supposed to, I am the customer and I get my kicks by hurting young prostitutes. Now turn around and face the wall. Or would you have me report to the Board of Governors that you should be expelled, very publicly.”

Cindy turned back to the wall and assumed her previous position. Peter stepped up beside her and placed his hand on the small of her back and swung again. The rod landed with precision, exactly on the previous mark. Cindy squealed again and twisted to avoid the caning, but Peter held her in place and proceeded to mark her ass cheeks well. The caning went on for some time, until Cindy’s bottom was a mass of angry red welts. Peter had slowly increased the force that he struck her and Cindy had stood for a long caning, over a hundred strokes.

Finally he stepped back to admire his handiwork and said, “There, that is the proper shade of red for a hooker’s ass. Did you like that?”

Cindy shook her head without moving the rest of her body. Now that he had stopped the pain and heat from her butt was almost unbearable, but she felt a certain sense of pride that she had not called uncle.

“Good, you were not supposed to enjoy it, although a real slut would have said yes to please her customer. I see you have forgotten that rule already and need something to remind you. Turn around.” Peter barked. Cindy slowly turned to face him, saw the clothespins in his hand and shivered. Peter came forward and backed her into the corner, she jumped when her ass met the wall painfully, but Peter pushed her back against it. “Now, open your legs put your hands over your head and stay still.” demetevler escort He ordered.

Cindy obeyed and as soon as he pulled her skirt off and tossed it aside, she felt the pinching of the clothespins on her pussy lips. She twisted and Peter slapped her inner thigh. “I said stay still.” He commanded brusquely. Cindy closed her eyes and remained as motionless as possible, but soon found it difficult as she felt him add three more clips too each lip. Then he added several to her inner thighs. He stood and soon had her nipples surrounded and each nipple imprisoned in a pin.

“Look down.” Peter commanded as soon as he stopped admiring his results. Cindy opened her eyes and saw clothespins on each breast and nipple as well as her lips and thighs. Each clip made its own red mark on her pale flesh and she felt a rush of wetness as Peter pulled out the last pin and said, “Guess where this one goes?”

Cindy shook her head violently, but Peter bent down and attached it to her throbbing clit. As it closed on her extended button, Cindy screamed “Uncle.”

Peter immediately removed the pin and stood before her. “Too much?” He asked softly. “I’m sorry baby.”

Cindy panted until the pain passed and reached out to grab his hand as Peter went to remove the other pins. “No,” she gasped, “leave the rest, just not that last one. That really hurt.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Peter asked earnestly.

“No, we can keep going, but don’t clip my clit.” Cindy told him.

“Do you want me to kiss it better?”

“Yeah, I like the sound of that, but is that what you would do with a slut?” Cindy asked, slipping back into character and releasing his arm.

“No, I would not kiss a slut’s pussy for anything, who knows what has been in there. But she can kneel down and blow me.” Peter said commandingly. “And she better not lose any of those clothespins either.”

Looking timid again Cindy knelt with her knees far apart at Peter’s feet and reached up to unzip his pants.

“No no.” He said grabbing her hand. “Do it with your teeth.”

Cindy leaned forward and flicked her tongue to catch the tab on his zipper. Fortunately, she had done this before and soon had his pants open and down. She saw that he wore nothing underneath and was throbbing already. Putting her hands behind her back, she rose up slightly and swallowed his length completely in one movement. Peter grabbed the back of her head and started guiding it up and down his member. Cindy flicked her tongue at the head whenever he pulled out and dragged her teeth lightly up and down on each stroke. Peter, feeling his eruption coming closer pulled from her mouth and reached down to pull the clothespins from her nipples. Cindy gasped as the pins pulled at her nipples and pinched as they came off.

“Did you like that?” Peter asked her again.

“Yes, if it’s what you want. You are the customer.” She replied.

“Good, then stand up, cause I am not finished with you yet.” Peter ordered.

Cindy stood slowly before him, her legs still spread to allow for the pins. Peter reached out and pulled one of her thigh. Cindy gasped and shook. Peter then pulled one off her breast. Cindy twisted and groaned with pain and arousal. Peter took off all the clothespins slowly, alternating where he took the next one from until all were removed. By the time he was finished, the last one came from her lips, it was drenched in her juices.

Peter removed the rest of his clothing and stood naked with her. Cindy stepped up next to him and started to rub her warm skin to his, her breasts heaving with desire, she reached down and grasped his throbbing member and started to stroke it.

“Do you want more?” She purred in his ear. “I can give you more if you want it.”

“You don’t seem to understand.” Peter said pushing her away, “you are not supposed to be enjoying this. This is to show you what you life would be like as a whore. I see I have to teach you further. Turn around and bend over. Grab your ankles and don’t let go until I tell you to.”

Cindy, curious but willing did as she was told. Normally Peter would have mounted her by now and be humping her silly; this was a new twist. Peter smiled and pulled two sets of handcuffs from the bag behind his chair and locked her wrists of her ankles before she could move or protest.

“Now you will not move until I say.” Peter said smiling as he picked up the curtain rod once more. “I think another 50 strokes will do you well. That and extra detention.” Peter raised the rod and struck once more. Cindy howled but could not escape him. He put a hand on her back and held her in place as he swung over and over again. He kept changing pace so that she did not know when he would strike next.

“Will you be a good girl in the future, do all your homework, stay away from the football team and stop embarrassing this school and dikmen escort humiliating yourself?” Peter asked each question with an accompanying stroke of the rod.

“Yes.” She sobbed to each question, “yes, I promise to be a good girl and behave, please stop treating me this way. Please stop.” She was still using the same voice of the schoolgirl, Peter knew that this was part of the game, but he stopped canning her.

Peter ran his hand up her dripping snatch and she moaned as he made contact with her clit, her slit and kept right on going to her asshole. “You are very wet; I think it is time for the next stage in your lesson. I should really stop caning you as I can barely see the tattoo on you ass any more. Only sluts have tattoos you know.” Peter said this as he slipped behind her and positioned himself at her waiting portal. Driving forward, he sank his length into her waiting depths and she screamed in delight.

“Oh yes, more, deeper.” She moaned, pushing back against his hips.

Peter held himself motionless inside her. He could feel her walls contract around his enormous pole. He felt her wetness soaking his skin and hair and knew that she was ready for more. Pulling out he placed the head of his dick at her anus and pushed slowly. Cindy moaned, sighed and fought to relax as his massive cock slid into her bowels. As he reached bottom, his hips meeting her cheeks, he felt the heat from caning. He pulled back and started to fuck her ass slowly and deeply. Cindy matched him stroke for stroke, but he knew she needed more. Cindy could not cum this way and they both know it. She needed some stimulation on her clit or pussy to cum and Peter was ignoring them both. With her wrists locked to her ankles, she could do nothing herself and she groaned in frustration.

“Please use my pussy. I can’t cum this way.” She whined.

“Tough, I can.” Peter replied and he sped up his thrusts. Grunting with force, he plowed deeper and deeper into her back channel. With each thrust forward, he forced her to take a short step, until he literally fucked her across the room. When her back met the wall, Peter really started to pound. Despite herself, Cindy was moaning and squirming. Peter was taking her higher and higher but still not letting her cum. She felt his thrusts become more erratic and knew that he was going to cum in her ass and leave her hanging.

His balls slapped her slit as he rutted her from behind. Peter felt them tighten and his dick expanded slightly as he fired his load deep into her bowels. As the first jet shot from the head of his dick, Peter reached around and pinched her clit hard. That was all Cindy needed. She screamed and her orgasm sprayed her juices from her, coating her thighs and Peter’s balls. She didn’t just leak; she gushed and shot cum from her cunt as though she was ejaculating like a man. Her back channel clenched almost painfully on Peter’s still spraying cock and then relaxed only to tighten again. It was as though her asshole were milking his cock.

Peter pulled his still twitching cock from her anus and stepped back almost losing his balance. “Do you like being treated like a prostitute?” Peter panted.

“No sir, I would rather be respected, not treated like a piece of meat.” Cindy replied, equally out of breath.

“Good, because as long as you go to this school, you need to remember how this felt. Maybe that will improve your attitude.” Peter told her.

“Yes sir, I will remember.” Cindy replied meekly. “But if I start to act the same way again, can I come to you for help like this?”

“Of course, that is what your Faculty Advisor is for. Now let’s get you out of those cuffs, I think you have learned your lesson for now.” Peter picked up his pants and fished the keys from the front pocket. Bending down, he undid both sets of cuffs, tossed them aside and collapsed on the floor. Cindy lay beside him.

“That was one of the best yet. I thought you were gonna cum and let me go without.” She accused when they had caught their breath.

“The thought occurred to me, but then I remembered that since I am in charge this time, you get to be next time, and I did not want to push my luck.”

“Good plan king.” Cindy laughed, “But you are going to pay. I think those clothespins could be useful.” She laughed again as he shuddered.

“I have never seen you cum like that before.” Peter said to try and change the subject.

“No, I haven’t. It felt incredible though. I think it was because you left me hanging so long. We have to try that again.”

“What, now?” Peter questioned. ‘I’m spent.”

“Yeah, sure.” Cindy laughed; dragging her nails up his still semi hard cock and seeing jerk and stiffen. “Let’s take a shower and then it’s my turn. We have until tomorrow before they are home.”

Peter stood and pulled her up. Holding hands they walked upstairs to the master bedroom and got into the large shower stall. They soaped each other and each thought about the next game they were gonna play. Peter caressed her jutting breasts, covering them with soap, as Cindy worked her soap slick fist up and down his hardening penis; both realized that the next game would start when they left the shower.

Fantasy or Nightmare?


I’m fucked.

How I got to this point is not exactly a mystery.

I’ve made several really bad decisions over the past two months and I have no earthly idea how I’m going to get out of this.

First, a little background.

My name is Mark Mackenzie and I’m an Associate Professor in the Humanities at a reasonably well-known midwestern university. I’m 42 years old, divorced, with two teen-aged children. My ex-wife and I get along just fine, all things considered. You would call me reasonably handsome—tall, dark hair, green eyes, and I work out enough to stay toned, albeit not exactly buffed.

I’ve taught at this university since I finished graduate school 12 years ago and when my next book comes out sometime next year I’ll probably become a full professor without much difficulty. My office, where I’m sitting right now as I write this, is windowless and three of the four walls are crammed with books, books, and more books. The desk and chairs are remnants of some government surplus auction in the 1980s, the carpet industrial. Office luxury is not a good reason to become a professor. Neither is the salary. But then, no one in this department went into academia for the money.

My students rate me as one of the most popular teachers in the College of Arts and Sciences. They like my demanding nature, my passion for my subject, and the respect I show them as adults. In recent years I’ve developed a following among our MA students and my graduate seminars are consistently over-enrolled.

In short, except for the divorce, which went as well as such things can go; I’ve got nothing to complain about.

Until now.

It all started last January when Alix enrolled in my graduate seminar on gender and sexuality in contemporary American literature. She is unusual among our MA students in that she is a recent college graduate and only 23 years old. Most of our graduate students are working adults credentialing themselves for their jobs. Alix plans a career like mine—or so she tells me.

Like me Alix is tall—at least 5’10″—but you would not call her beautiful. She’s not unattractive to be sure, but just not beautiful. Her face is a little too long, her teeth a little too crooked, her skin shows a few scars from teenage acne, and her hair, highlighted blonde, hangs limply down to her shoulders in a non-descript cut. Broad shoulders and long legs compliment her height, giving her the look my ex-wife used to call “large boned,” but it is none of these things that I noticed about Alix when I met her the first time. What I noticed is her breasts.

You see, I’m a small breast man. Every man I know except me drools over the big boobs, staring down darkened cleavages, longing to bury themselves in the most massive breasts they can find. Not me. Ever since I first fell in love with the female body I’ve been drawn to women with very small breasts. I love the way they feel, the way there are almost all nipple, the way I can hold the entire thing in one hand. What can I say? I just love small breasts.

Because Alix is tall and broad shouldered, the smallness of her breasts makes them almost invisible. Or, at least they would be almost invisible if she were not so clearly proud of her body. One of the great developments in our society over the past five or six years is the way that young women have learned to be proud of their bodies—thin, curvy, large and small—and Alix is one of those young women.

She dresses more stylishly than most women her age, often wearing blouses that look expensive and that are open just as far as would be tasteful in a professional environment. Sometimes just the hint of a camisole or bra is present, floating at the edge of her blouse. She’s a bit high fashion for this sleepy midwestern town, something I couldn’t help but notice the first time I saw her.

While I try hard to maintain a professional distance from my students, as a man who still has a very active sex drive, it was impossible for me not to steal a glance at her breasts once in a while. With Alix I had more opportunity than with most of our students because she is also our departmental receptionist—her student job—so we are around one another daily.

In my seminar Alix was one of those students all teachers live for—animated, well-prepared for class, opinionated, but not just for the sake of having an opinion. From Week One in the semester she helped carry the discussion, making my life as the instructor much easier. As the weeks wore on, it became clear that one of the reasons for her animation in class was that Alix had strong feelings about the discrimination gays, lesbians, and bisexuals suffer in American society—especially bisexuals.

When one of the other students called her out on this, demanding to know why bisexuals had it worse than gays or lesbians, she laughed and pointed out that people who are bi- are discriminated against by everyone—straight, gay and lesbian. This exchange led the class into a discussion of whether people really are bisexual or if they are just gays etimesgut escort or lesbians who refuse to admit to themselves their true sexual identity. Alix and one other student became almost strident in the defense of their position. Eventually, tempers began to rise, so I gently nudged the class discussion back to the literary aspects of our topic.

Late that night Alix wrote me a long despairing email apologizing for getting so worked up in class and lamenting the conservative views of the students who opposed her. When I read the message the following morning I wrote her right back to let her know that I approved of passion in the classroom and that there was nothing wrong with defending one’s position, so long as it was a defense based on fact and not on prejudice. I hoped she understood that I meant that hers was a defense based on fact and that the other student was the one with the prejudices. I never criticize one student to another, but this particular email was pretty transparent.

When I saw her in the office later in the week she thanked me for my understanding and promised to behave better in the future. We both laughed about it and that was that.


By the halfway point of every semester, I typically feel comfortable enough with my graduate students to invite them out for a beer after the seminar is over. In any given week half a dozen or so will take me up on the offer and the group is usually a shifting constellation based upon who was fired up by that evening’s discussion. Alix was a regular attendee, missing very few of these “further discussions.” I have a strict two-beer limit in these situations, because even though I have tenure, it does not do to get drunk with one’s students.

I enjoy these sessions though, because it’s over beer that we can let our hair down a bit and discuss things that are not always appropriate in the classroom environment. Alix and several others in the class often used the pub as a place to go more deeply into their opinions about sexuality and more than once I found myself a bit uncomfortable with the frankness with which they discussed sex in front of me. I’m no puritan and love to talk about sex as much as the next man, but the younger generation—God I feel old even writing that phrase—is just a lot more open about sex than we ever were at that age.

When the semester was over, Alix asked if she could stop in to talk about the next semester. Sitting there in my office chair, she looked so intense and so attractive, that when she asked if we could continue our work together in an independent tutorial I readily agreed. That won me a bright smile and a thank you and I promised to send her a more in depth reading list over the holiday break.


January blew in cold as it always does here on the Great Plains. I especially hate the way it gets dark so early in the afternoon. One of my only consolations was that every other week I got to spend a very enjoyable two hours arguing with Alix about what she’d read for that tutorial session. In the one-on-one of the tutorial she proved to be an even more brilliant student. It became clear right away that despite her animation in class, she still held back a bit in front of other students. Only in my office did she put her full intelligence on display. I really looked forward to those tutorials and hoped she did as well.

After a particularly blistering debate about pornography in early April, Alix surprised me with a question. “Dr. McKenzie, would you like to continue this at the pub the way we did last semester?”

I must have blushed, because there was no way I could have stood up at that moment, since our discussion of porn had caused a slight bulging in my pants, thankfully hidden by my desk. “Uh, well, I’d like to,” I stammered, “but I’m sorry, I’ve already got plans for this evening.”

Alix looked so abashed that I felt I had to add something to my lie. “Not those kinds of plans, Alix,” I rushed to assure her. “I just have a huge pile of grading to do before tomorrow and if I drink even one beer, I’m doomed.”

She brightened right up and said, “Oh, okay. Well then, how about next time? I’m asking because, well, I really miss the more relaxed discussions we had there. It’s not that I don’t love the work we’re doing here, but, well, the pub seems like a better place to discuss some things than your office does.”

If I had been a wise man I would have cut it off right there. But, as you’ll see when you read on, I’m not a wise man. “Sure,” I agreed. “Next time it is then.”

Shit! I’d just made a date with a student. What was I thinking?

For the next two weeks I swore to myself that I would have only one beer and that I would make sure the discussion stayed on safe ground, and that I’d go home alone. Alone!

As usual, we met in my office and had another passionate discussion of the issues. Each time I had these debates with Alix I was reminded of how uninteresting so many of my students etlik escort were. If only two or three a semester could be as interested in my field as she was, I’d be a happy man. When we’d worked our way through that evening’s syllabus, it was time to go.

“Let me just gather up some papers, check my email real quick, and then I’ll meet you there, okay?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said. “I’ll get us a good table.”

I didn’t really need to do any of those things. I just didn’t want to walk across campus with her to the pub. I knew what was happening, but felt powerless somehow to stop it. My stall was nothing more than a pathetic attempt to prove to myself that I was still in charge of the situation.

When I stepped into O’Leary’s, she waved from a back booth, two Pilsner Urquells waiting. “I went ahead and ordered, Dr. McKenzie,” she said. “I remember this is the beer you really like.”

“Thanks Alix,” I replied. “A perfect choice.”

We clinked bottles together, smiled and each took long pulls on our beers. If this didn’t feel like a date, nothing would. Run! Run! My brain was telling me to bolt! Stay! Stay! The rest of me sounded much calmer. It was too late to run, so I stayed.

“I’m so glad you agreed to come,” Alix said, her voice a bit lower than usual, almost but not quite a purr.

“Me too,” I agreed. Not for the first time I noticed how beautiful her lips were. They were full and a deep red without needing lipstick. Kissable.

“What I really wanted to talk to you about was something that came up last semester,” she said, her voice hard now. “You remember when I got into a fight with that conservative bitch about bisexuality?”

I was a bit taken aback by the anger Alix still had over this. After all, it had been more than six months ago now. “Sure, I remember,” I replied.

“Well, what I wanted to ask you is kind of a personal question,” her voice dropped a bit lower, so I had to lean forward a bit to hear over the ambient noise surrounding us. Before I could say anything, she plowed ahead.

“You see, you seemed really in tune with my defense of bisexuals and, well, that seemed really unusual for someone of your generation.”

I was about to say something about “your generation” when she put up her hand to stop me. “I don’t mean you’re old Dr. McKenzie, I just mean that bisexuality has only been even marginally socially acceptable in the past few years, so I wondered how someone who came of age sexually more than 20 years ago could have such an enlightened view.”

“Thanks,” I said, “for thinking of me as enlightened. But I’m still not sure I like the ‘your generation’ crack.”

“No offense Dr. McKenzie,” she laughed, “but you are 20 years older than me, no?”

“Sad, but true,” I had to admit.

“So anyway, what I wanted to ask you was, well,” and at this she stared down at the table for just a few heartbeats, clearly gathering her forces, then looking up to face me, her eyes glittering, pupils dilated, “are you bisexual?”

“Uh,” was my well-considered response! I felt trapped because I had a sense that if I lied about my sexual past she would see it on my face. But if I told the truth I’d be admitting something to her that I’d never admitted even to my ex-wife.

Alix saved me from my indecision. “I knew it,” she exulted.

“But,” I protested, “I didn’t say anything one way or the other.”

“You didn’t need to, Mark,” she said, shifting to a first name basis for the first time. “I can see it in your eyes.”

“Guilty as charged,” I admitted, a surprising sense of relief washing over me as I came clean with a 23 year old student about a secret I’d held inside me for more than 20 years.

“Tell me about it,” she prompted. “It’s ok. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Well,” I took another long pull on my beer, emptying the bottle, “it was a long time ago—college actually. I had a fling with a roommate that lasted just a few months. That was really the only time.”

“You’ve never been with a man since,” she asked?

“No, never,” I said, truthfully. “Why not?” she pressed.

The waitress appeared unbidden with two more beers, and despite my promise to myself, I grabbed at the new bottle and took another large swallow. “I never really had the opportunity. I got married just about a year later and was intensely faithful to my wife. Then, after the divorce, I just never met a man I was interested in. Not a very exciting story, but a true one nonetheless.”

“Thank you for telling me Mark,” she said, her voice soft and full of sympathy. “You never told your wife, did you?”

“I’ve never told anyone Alix,” I replied, “until now.”

“I’m honored,” she said. The look in her eyes told me she really meant that.

As good as it felt to get that off my chest, I suddenly didn’t want to talk about it any more. So I turned the conversation to her. “What about you,” I asked. “As long as we’re coming clean…”

She laughed lightly, “You see, eve gelen escort that’s the difference between your generation and mine. I don’t have to ‘come clean’ about the fact that I have sex with both women and men. It’s just a natural part of my sexuality.”

To hide my embarrassment at seeming so out of touch, I took another drink of my beer. I was actually starting to feel a bit buzzed, but didn’t give a damn.

“Actually, my first sexual partner was a woman,” she said, filling up the space created by my silence. “I was 14, she was 16. She taught me what an orgasm was and how one could be shared. She also taught me how to deal with boys and how to get what I wanted from them.”

I realized that I was enthralled by her, that I hoped she wouldn’t stop talking, and that if I was silent, she would probably tell me all about her sex life. She was just open that way.

“Throughout high school I refused to go steady with guys because I was too happy with the two girlfriends I had. Sure, I’d let them fuck me once in a while because it turned out I like penises too, but it was women who really made me the happiest.” The more she talked like this, the more things were starting to stir in my crotch.

“It wasn’t until I got to college that I found a guy who could make me as happy as my girlfriends had,” she went on. “He was an excellent lover and if things had worked out differently, we’d probably still be together. But, he went to grad school on the coast and I’m here.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, because it seemed like the right thing to say at that moment. She waved me off with one hand, laughing again. I liked the way she laughed at the travails of life.

“Don’t be. I miss him sometimes, but I don’t lack for fun,” she said, looking up at me through her eyelashes. I felt a stronger twinge in my crotch. This was clearly going somewhere. I wasn’t sure if it was where I wanted to go, but I wasn’t going to stop her until I knew.

“Glad to hear it,” I said, trying to sound like a good sport.

“What about you Mark,” she asked, “anyone special in your life at the moment?”

“To be perfectly honest,” I admitted, “I’m depressingly single these days.”

“Poor baby,” she smirked.

For a minute or two, we sat in uncomfortable silence. We seemed road blocked by the fact that she had a great sex life and I had no sex life at the moment. Finally, unable to stand the silence, I tried to put a brave face on it, “Don’t worry about me, something will come along soon.”

Alix lifted her head to face me directly and said, “How about right now?”

I opened my mouth to object, but she put her hand up to stop me. “Don’t say no until you hear me out. I find you immensely attractive and I’ve wanted to fuck you for months now. I know you find me attractive, because I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. I especially appreciate the way you seem to love my tits. Not many guys like small tits, you know.”

I opened my mouth again to object, to say that it would be wrong, but again she put up her hand, “I’m not talking about a relationship here Mark. I’m talking about being fuck-buddies.” I must have looked puzzled, so she explained, “it’s what people my age call a pal they just like to fuck…someone who we would never establish a permanent relationship with, but who we love to fuck.”

Finally, it was my turn to talk, “Alix, I’ll admit that I do find you very attractive and that the thought of making love to you is very, very appealing, but I just can’t. You’re my student and I’m a professor. It would be sexual harassment.”

“Fuck that,” she spit out. “What grade did I make in your class last semester? An ‘A’. What grade am I making right now? An ‘A’. I’m one of the best students you’ve had in a long time—Oh, I’m not bragging, I just know the other grad students here—and it’s only sexual harassment if you don’t give me the grade I deserve because we fuck each other. Plus, if I don’t complain, then there’s no harassment, and this is all my idea, so how could I complain?”

“Uh,” I was tongue-tied. Jesus! I wanted this woman so badly right now that her arguments made sense to me. If my cock hadn’t gotten so hard, I might have been able to think straighter. But, instead, I did something I never should have done.

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll agree you have a good argument there. So where do we go from here.”

A smile lit up her face. “To my apartment of course!”

She waved energetically at the waitress for the check and before another 10 minutes had passed, we are out the door and into the cool spring evening, headed for her apartment.

The raging hard on in my pants was the only thing that was keeping me from bolting for the hills. That and the fact that she kept leaning over and whispering in my ear about the things we were going to do once we got naked. I knew she was making sure I didn’t run, and I didn’t give a shit. My brain had shut down and my crotch had taken control. What a dope!

My whole body was tingling, every nerve cell fully engaged, by the time we reached her apartment complex and started up the stairs. I wasn’t drunk on beer—I was drunk on excitement. As she walked up the steps in front of me, my face was just a few feet from her glorious ass. I wanted to take it in my hands at that moment and pull it to me, but that would have been a bit over the top.

Family Reunion


Anne was bored out of her skull. Family reunions usually were tedious, no doubt… but she was also horny. She had woken up from a very explicit dream with a very wet pussy, but she was already late.

After a few hours of family bickering and sweltering heat, Anne was getting restless. She was sleepy, and once or twice caught herself daydreaming about her wet dream. She decided to simply go for a walk.

Soon she was feeling better. Wandering aimlessly between the trees, Anne heard a low moan. Curious as to who could be there, she approached a shed.

She caught her breath in surprise. Her cousin Sylvie was making out with her boyfriend, Henry, quite oblivious to the rest of the world. He had lifted her shirt and was sucking on her tits, while she caressed the bulge in his pants.

Anne stood still, not knowing what to do. She knew she shouldn’t stay there, but she couldn’t help herself and tried to keep out of sight.

Sylvie was now lowering Henry’s pants and freeing his cock. Anne stifled a gasp — elvankent escort his cock was gorgeous! She couldn’t control a pang of jealousy when Sylvie lowered her head and licked the purple crown. Henry threw his head back, closing his eyes… but when he tried to fuck her mouth, she got up, lowered her shirt, and said with an impish smile:

“Henry, dearie, I’m sorry, but I must go now. Why don’t you come to my house tonight?” She blew him a kiss and left, swinging her hips a little, while he stared dumbfounded after her.

Anne almost couldn’t contain her laughter. Being a bit of a tease herself, she could appreciate the art in her cousin’s actions. But she was mesmerized by Henry’s magnificent prick, still hard and pulsing, as if he didn’t fully understand what had just happened.

Henry blinked a few times and finally adjusted his pants over his cock, although the bulge was still very obvious. On a whim, Anne left her concealment and caught up with him.

“Hi, emek escort Henry. What are you doing here, looking for your girlfriend?” Her tits were almost popping out of her bra, and she was sure that he got an eyeful.

“Oh… hi, Anne. I was just…”

“Don’t bother, Henry. I saw you making out at the shed — or trying to, at any rate. Poor thing…” she batted her eyelashes at him “… did she give you a case of blue balls?” She couldn’t help herself — her hand caressed his very hard cock. It seemed to jump under her fingers.

But she wasn’t prepared for what happened next. In a flash, he thrust her against a nearby tree, raising her dress to her waist. Before she could say anything, his tongue was already inside her mouth, thrusting like a cock. The tongue-fuck quickly left her breathless, and she barely noticed that he had lowered his pants and opened her legs. His hands got hold of her ass and raised her a little, he pulled her panties to eryaman escort the side and thrust his rock-hard cock all the way up her very wet cunt.

She had her first orgasm right then. Her hands held his neck, and she raised her legs around his body. This opened her up still more to his prick, and she started to scream in his mouth, feeling the hard cock fucking relentlessly inside her.

He took his tongue from her mouth. “Show me your tits” he commanded. She held on to him with one hand, while the other opened the upper buttons of her dress. The violence of the fucking had already made her tits pop out of the bra, and he lost no time, licking and biting her nipples. She thrust her fist in her mouth.

His hands were still on her ass, holding her against the tree. Suddenly, she felt him wet his finger on the underside of her cunt, and then he started finger-fucking her ass. The simultaneous stimulation in her bitten nipples, her hard-fucked cunt and now her ass made her come again. She couldn’t stop coming, and now she was crying tears of pure pleasure while she received the best fuck of her life.

She felt him tensing inside her, and suddenly his cock was spurting inside her.

He released her and they both stood, gasping. She knew this wasn’t over, and she made a point of caressing his cock while licking her lips and looking at him.