Girl on the Run


(While the world is filled with woman named Donna, this was written for one special Donna, not that she is better then you, just that this is her desire but she will share it with you too.)

Last year I moved to the west coast and left the remnants of my old life behind. No wife (lost the battle with cancer), kids grown and in college, I wanted an escape from the memories and the weather. I had always enjoyed running so I searched the internet and found a local running club. I investigated and learned to my delight that it was a laid back club in that it held no competitions and the members joined as much for the companionship as the exercise. At my age I wanted to enjoy the sport but not be overwhelmed by it.

There was a mix of very young and very old, so while I was in the upper half of the age bracket, I was not the oldest by far. In fact each generation seemed to be represented and like any other club some were friendly, some were unapproachable. On the whole I enjoyed being there and running the different courses they had mapped in the community. Each of the courses was graded by distance, endurance etc., so if it was a long and hilly route the grade was higher then the grade for a short flat. This enabled you to select based on your capability or desire.

As is the case with most clubs and groups, friendships developed and occasionally they transcended the club to coffee or breakfast after a run. I had made a few friends and a lot of acquaintances. Donna was one of the friends I had made and though she was ‘a few years’ my junior, she and I would often run together (though I suspect she held back at those times). I am very tall and thin and Donna is what women call “petite” with smallish breasts, maybe a B cup but more likely an A. I thought she was perfect.

She was one of the friends who I would from sometimes enjoy breakfast or a cup of coffee with. I got to know and like her a bit. She was not married and it seemed that her current boyfriend was one of convenience rather than one of love. I was guessing, but from the things she would say I had the feeling he was on borrowed time with her and when that time ran out I intended to give her a man who appreciated her beauty. Seems he failed to understand that all woman need to know they are beautiful, that they are desired, and that the work they do to stay that way should be recognized. It was evident that the BF was failing her on all those counts.

One day I spoke with out thought, something I try hard not to, since you never know what a spur of the moment comment will do to the listener. What I told Donna was that if I were her boyfriend she would not be sitting there complaining that way about me. No sooner had I said that then I quickly apologized, but she merely smiled as if she’d expected that of me.

I was out running by myself one glorious morning, enjoying the beautiful scenery. I had not seen Donna at the club for a few days and wondered where she had been. As I crested a hill near and took the trail that led to a canyon, I saw Donna sitting next to a small stream. I moved a bit quicker to join her and saw her sitting there with her bare feet dangling in the cool water.

“Hey Donna! Contemplating a swim? Or was your run a bit too much today?”

I said as I neared her.

I saw her look up at me and her green eyes seemed to shine as she saw me before saying,

“I was just sitting here trying to cool my head and my feet. Usually a good run clears my head, but I guess I am in a bad state today.”

She looked back down at her feet and I took her arm and said,

“So what’s the boyfriend done this time?”

She looked up at me and I melted as her green eyes captured mine and I could see the beginning of a tear forming.

“You mean other then the usual? I asked him last night to massage my feet and he laughed and said that’s what the Asian women are for.”

Then she wiggled her toes under the water as her head once again dipped and her eyes focused on the stream. Without a second thought I kicked off my shoes and socks and stepped into the stream and took her two feet into my hands.

“Kevin what are you doing? Put my feet down.”

“No, they’re mine now. If that boyfriend of yours won’t give you a decent foot massage, well then he has no claim on these anymore.”

I began to massage her feet as she looked at me stunned. As I continued I saw a small grin curl her lips up and she said.

“That’s a sweet gesture Kevin, but you really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Why? I’m merely trying to give you the massage your boyfriend wanted you to pay some Asian women for. Are you afraid you won’t like it, or ashamed to admit you do like it?”

I could see her struggle with my logic and felt her feet relax in my hands. She looked away and said very softly.

“It just feels wrong.”

“Well tell me how to do it right, I’m not a professional but I have massaged former girlfriends before and they didn’t complain. In fact, sometimes they were very grateful.”

“That’s escort bayan gaziantep just it Kevin, I have a boyfriend and I don’t want you to expect me to be grateful like that.”

“Like what Donna, you don’t want to say thanks for the foot massage?”

“Come on Kevin, I know what you meant by ‘grateful’ and that’s not happening.”

I continued to massage her feet even as she tried to tell me why it was wrong she never pulled her feet away from me and I was not grasping them.

“Well this funk you’re in has more to do then just your feet, very pretty feet by the way. Almost perfect, hell they are perfect. So what else has lover boy done to get you so down? And, no I am not going to stop massaging your feet till I am satisfied. I told you they are mine now, so spill the beans.”

I could see her thinking, trying to decide what to tell me and what not to say. By the look on her face I thought he’d told her he was gay it seemed to weigh so heavily on her. Finally she said.

“We’ve been having a lot of problems lately, so we agreed to have a nice weekend away and maybe rekindle something. Last night he informed me he got tickets to some baseball game that he and his buddies are going to. I was looking forward to the weekend and now, without a care about me, he’s planned to go off with the guys.”

As I continued to enjoy the softness of her feet, rubbing her long perfect toes individually, I saw her shudder and realized this was a sexual thing for her. That was the cause of her mild protest. I decided to act.

“Ok here’s the deal, tonight you are going to put on your nicest dress or skirt, whatever, just no slacks and be ready at 6 PM. I insist you allow me to take you to dinner and I will not take no for an answer. If you are not dressed as instructed and ready to go, I will take you as I find you, but you will come out to dinner with me.”

“Kevin, the foot rub was amazing, thank you. Dinner is too much, I don’t want to lead you on, I have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, I know! I think maybe you reminded me of that fact at least five or six times today and over the months I’ve known you, maybe a thousand times. Ok maybe a thousand is an exaggeration but I know. I am going to feed you and take your mind off your lost weekend, and you’re going to come with your friend because your feet have been adored and you feel much better, right?”

She smiled up at me, those green eyes, damn. She was so beautiful, so sexy even in her running gear, sitting barefoot in the stream. I could not understand any man who would take this woman for granted. Perhaps they do it because she allows it.

“As long as this is just dinner with a friend and…”

“Yeah! I know you have a boyfriend. Now lace up and let’s see who gets back to the club first.”

We both put our socks and shoes on and she had me at an advantage as I was in the water. She had a small head start on me and I loved that she felt competitive enough to seek that advantage even though she could have given me a long head start and still left me in the dust. But I managed to stay right behind her and enjoyed the view of that cute ass while she led the way.

* * * * *

When she opened her door that night, Donna looked simply edible. I knew then that by the end of the night I would not hear any more about her boyfriend, at least that is what my ego had me think. She wore a modest black skirt that stopped above the knees, coupled with a clingy green top that brought out her eyes and contrasted the reddish hue of her hair. Her hair was up with just a few wild strands hanging out, purposely making the whole look so sexy, especially with the long silver dangling earrings that pulled her lobes with sensuous delight. The top of the blouse hung loosely about her neck and a flash of a tattoo on her left shoulder graced her overall appearance. Her small but tantalizing breasts were evidently enhanced by an under wire push up bra that had her breasts pushed out almost as if they were on display. I said my hello and looked down at her feet which I have to admit had already begun to captivate me. Oh damn, the shoes were all wrong. She had on a pair of black heels but with a closed toe so her perfect feet were more encased then her damn tits.

I took her hand and escorted her to the car and held her door as she slid in, then entered myself. As we drove I decided that a short stop at the mall was in order. When I pulled into the mall Donna looked at me quizzically and said.

“You’re taking me to the food court?” She grinned to let me know she was OK with that but then I stunned her when I responded as I held her door open.

“No, not the food court. I am buying you a pair of shoes so I can admire my feet. Since that’s the part of you your boyfriend has let me have, I want to be able to enjoy them.”

I admit I felt as if I was dragging Donna who seemed completely stunned by what I’d said, but she did come along. When we entered one of the upscale woman’s shoe stores, I immediately went up to a clerk and said.

“My date needs a proper pair of heels to display her perfect feet. As a male I have no ability to judge the color or style, so find her something that will complement her outfit and her perfect feet.”

Then I basically handed Donna to the clerk and stood back while the clerk selected a few different open toed shoes for her to try on. Donna’s face was a mix of confusion and amusement as she looked and tried on several different shoes. At one point she looked at me and laughingly said.

“You know going shoe shopping with a woman is a big mistake on your part Kevin, it could take hours.”

I looked back at her and with a stern voice said.

“Its worth my time to see your properly displayed lady. Those are my feet. I claimed them and I will not be denied them. I can wait, but you’d best not disappoint me again in your final selection.”

I think I stunned her because her mouth gaped and she mumbled a simple.


I chuckled to myself at how easily she submitted to my lecture and stern voice, and not wanting to lose her so early in the night I said.

“You have beautiful feet Donna. You really should be proud of them and show them off.”

She smiled and it was genuine and I think her threat to make this purchase an agony for me melted as she selected a pair of heels that not only displayed her feet, but also enhanced her entire outfit. They were black with straps that encased the lower portion of her foot but did not hide her lovely toes. Those straps, as well as the wide strap around her ankle were studded with rhinestones that glittered in the light. I nodded and said.

“She’ll wear those, you can put her other shoes in the box.”

I quickly paid for the new shoes over Donna’s protests. She said.

“Kevin, really I can’t accept a gift like this…”

As I signed the receipt I said to her.

“Those are my feet, I want them in all their glory and by the way the shoes are mine too. You may wear them tonight but when you go home I keep them. If you want to wear them again you’ll only do so for me.”

I let her walk in front of me for a few steps so I could admire her ass as it moved so invitingly as she walked in the new shoes. I also stared at her feet entranced by how much more beautiful they were in the new heels and how the glittering rhinestones drew my eyes to them. I caught up with her and again took her hand as we returned to the car. Now I would have to deal with her protests when she learned I had cooked for her and we’d be eating at my house. I was prepared to make that work too.

As we drove she asked where we were going. All I said was.

“A really nice place with a great view. I’m sure you’ve never been there but the food is great and you’ll love it.”

She nodded and smiled until I pulled into my driveway. I heard the protest long before it was verbal and said.

“Yes we are at my house and yes you have a boyfriend and yes this is not something a girl with a boyfriend should be doing. However, we are not going to eat in my house we are going to enjoy our meal on my deck outside. We are eating here because I do not want a tablecloth to hide my new feet. I am a reasonable cook so it shouldn’t be all that bad and unless you need to use the bathroom I will not force you into my house. OK?”

“Kevin, I agreed to dinner expecting to be in a public place. I feel like I’m being unfaithful.”

“Donna we’ve been friends for a long time now. We’ve been together alone along many a running route dressed in far less clothing then we are tonight. Unless you feel like you can’t trust yourself then…”

I knew that Donna was not going to admit she could not control herself and sure enough she said.

“Ok, but we will be outside. Just remember…”

“Yeah how can I forget? You have a boyfriend. A boyfriend who’d rather go off to a baseball game with his friends then keep a weekend he’d promised you. Do you know how many baseball games they play? One hundred and sixty two, and half of them are home games. He made a choice Donna! Now please if nothing else, enjoy our dinner and know that I know you are in a relationship.”

“You’re right. You have been a good friend and I do deserve to enjoy myself and have dinner with a friend. He made his choice to leave me. Come on, show me this deck.”

I took her quickly through the house, not wanting to have her dwell on that fact that she was in my home, and straight out to the deck. I’d set the table and had some white wine on ice and some red open and breathing. As I held her chair and she sat I asked.

“Red or white?”

“That depend on what’s for dinner Kevin.”

“Hey I’m a man and will be using the grill, so it’s steak and salad.”

“Then I’d enjoy a red, Kevin.”

I poured two glasses of wine then sat across the table from Donna. My outdoor table is clear glass and so I was able to enjoy Donna’s now properly shod feet as we enjoyed our wine and later our dinner. While we conversed over dinner it was aimless ordinary conversation about running, favorite moves and books. Etc. After finishing and clearing away the dishes and refilling our wine glasses, I moved behind Donna and deftly slid her chair away from the table and faced her towards my back yard. Then I brought my chair and sat in front of her. She smiled but looked confused.

“It’s now time for your foot massage, nothing more. Put your feet on my lap.”

Slowly Donna complied without protest, though she held her skirt down making sure that she didn’t tempt me with any exposed thigh. Now was the time I hoped I was right about her; that her feet were very sensual and arousing, and that if I carefully massaged her feet all doors would soon be unlocked for my pleasure.

I started by rubbing my hands on her (my) new shoes. Taking in the contour of the shoe and how it hugged her foot, I thought I heard a low moan and looked up to see Donna’s eyes staring at my hands on her feet. I ran my fingers over the various straps feeling the small bumps made by the embedded rhinestones. As I unbuckled the strap holding the shoe, I slipped off her right shoe and caressed the instep. Her foot jerked a bit, but as I removed her left shoe and made the same motions she remained still. I went back to her right foot and slowly moved my hand to caress every inch from her toned ankles to her delicate and long pretty toes.

I glanced up to see that Donna’s eyes were transfixed on my hands and that her chest was now visibly rising and falling. Taking each toe between my fingers I began to gently squeeze each toe. I caressed her instep with my other hand as I worked her toes, then moved to her other foot and repeated my actions. By now I could hear Donna breathing so I took both of her feet and placed them on my abdomen.

“Give me your hands Donna.”

No hesitation as both her hands came forward and I grasped them, pulling myself forward and in doing so, stretched her feet back as they pressed into my stomach. I moved back and forth a few times, stretching her feet and then released her hands. Donna was so compliant now that her hands dropped to her lap and relaxed. I began to once again massage one foot, then the other, caressing her entire foot then taking each toe individually and pulling and flexing it, rubbing it, admiring the deep red polish that covered each toenail. I worked that foot for a while varying my time on her toes and on her foot itself, enjoying the feel of her soft skin, the hardness of her bones and the general shape and texture of her foot. I lost myself in my exploration and it was some time before I noticed that not once had Donna complained or asked me to stop.

By the time I reached for her remaining foot Donna was moving her hands slowly over her belly as I tenderly massaged and caressed her second foot. It was remarkable how turned on I was, holding these feet and seeing such a beautiful, smart, witty woman sitting across from me, lust slowly clouding her green eyes, mouth slowly gaping open, chest moving up and down as her respiration increased with my ministrations. I realized as I looked at this sexy minx that I would gladly do this everyday for the rest of my life, just to see the burgeoning pleasure building in her.

I spent a good deal more time on this foot, stretching her toes as I might have stretched her nipple. Gently twisting them and caressing them and getting lost in my own pleasure. Yet I did not ignore the foot itself either, once again massaging the instep, letting my hand grasp her ankle and stroke it, letting my finger trail across the top of her foot and then back to her ankle and the over the bottom of her foot, feeling the tougher skin there, a result of her love for running. Yet her feet were soft too, due perhaps to a penchant for pedicures. I could tell by the perfectly trimmed toenail and the expertly applied nail color that Donna pampered her feet, and I would too.

Gently now, I took her left foot and brought it to my mouth. When I licked her heels and let my tongue drag over her anklebone Donna emitted a soft moan that was very clear. I thought I heard a soft “No,” but she made no effort to remove her foot. I let my tongue drag along the top of her foot then slide between each of her toes before allowing her smallest toe into my mouth. I waited to hear a plea to stop and when none came I gently sucked on her smallest toe.

This time her moan was followed by a gasp and the words, “Oh Kevin.” Her foot remained and I let go of that toe and worked across taking each of her toes and sucking them and gently nibbling on them. Donna was now letting her hands roam more freely across her belly and up on her chest. She was squirming a bit and when I took her largest toe into my mouth and sucked on it her left hand moved to her right breast and she cupped it. I took her right foot and repeated my toe sucking allowing myself to ‘slurp’ a bit. I kept caressing her left foot as my mouth worked the toes of her right foot. When I moved my mouth to kiss and lick the arch of her right foot I allowed my hand to move to her left calf and gently massaged her lower leg. Once again I heard Donna very quietly moan.

First Service

Female Ejaculation

I was at my girlfriend’s place one day last summer. She was still living with her parents in a sort of mock Tudor mansion not far from Guildford. We were all sitting around their back garden swimming pool, the two of us and her mum and dad, half-listening to Wimbledon on the radio; it was a hot day and it all felt quite luxurious. After all, just the pool was almost as big as my folks’ entire back yard!

Jules and I had completed our GCE A-Levels a few weeks earlier and were chilling out before we got back to some hard graft at university. Jules was our school’s academic superstar and she was off to the glamour of Oxford, whereas my mediocre results were just enough to get me into distinctly unglamorous Surrey University.

That was what was worrying me. At Oxford my girlfriend would find herself surrounded by wealthy, sophisticated and no doubt charming ex-public schoolboys; with her looks I could imagine they’d be swarming around Jules like bees around a honeypot – my honeypot! Jules is a bit of a nympho, she loves to shag at every possible opportunity and with us 60 miles from each other most of the time I couldn’t imagine her exercising much self-restraint. And what was I going to do? Jules and I had been together since we were 13, and after five years I’d never been with another girl and I didn’t really want another one.

I was sitting on a sun lounger, and thinking about the blow job Jules had given me in her bedroom just an hour earlier I couldn’t help my cock starting to make my shorts resemble a circus tent. And it was then that I realised Jules’ mother, Mary, had very clearly noticed. She was sitting a few feet away facing me, and behind her shades she was staring fixedly at my groin, which made my physical reaction even worse.

I’ve known Mary for ever, her and my mum used to work together, and ever since I first learned about the birds and the bees she’s been the main subject of my sexual fantasies. She’s in her late forties, tall and elegant, posh and English but, like Jules, from somewhere she’s inherited fine-boned Italian looks, with shoulder-length glossy black hair, with just the odd silver strand starting to appear, high cheekbones, escort bayan gaziantep flashing dark eyes and full, sensual lips. As I peered at her I saw the tip of her tongue run across her lips and, for a moment, I imagined those luscious lips wrapped around my dick, just like her daughter’s had been earlier on. God, I thought it was going to burst the zip of my shorts! I tried to subtly adjust them but that just made my stiffy more obvious.

Mary was wearing a bikini top that revealed most of her ample tits, which I’d been trying to avoid staring at – up to then. As Jules clambered out of the pool and laid down on the lounger next to mine her mum stood and picked up an empty jug. She turned to go inside, presumably to refill it and, maybe I imagined it, maybe it was wishful thinking, but I though she cast one last lingering look in my direction as if she was inviting me to follow her. As I watched her gorgeous big arse swaying through the door I wondered whether my girlfriend had inherited her high sex drive from Mary. Then a wicked plan leapt into my mind. While I was away from Jules I really didn’t want some other girl; but if I could find a substitute, someone who was basically an older version of my horny girlfriend…

Jules and her dad were both asleep. After a couple of minutes I rose and, dressed only in my shorts, padded into the house after Mary. She was in the kitchen, apparently washing her hands in the sink, with her back to me. As quietly as possible I closed the kitchen door and turned the key in the lock. God I was nervous! If I actually carried through what I had in mind, and it went wrong, not only would I be risking losing Jules, I might even end up in prion! My heart was thumping so hard I was sure Mary must be able to hear it, but as I gazed at her bare slim back, and the swelling of that lovely bum, my prick was straining to be released from my shorts.

Walking towards her, to test the water I asked if she was okay. Her head jerked up but she didn’t turn to face me, just replied that she was fine. Standing about a foot behind her, I took the plunge and said “You look fucking sexy in that bikini bra Mary”. I instantly thought what a lame line it sounded.

She stood stock still for a moment, then told me in a quiet voice that that wasn’t an appropriate thing for me to say to her. It seemed such a mild reaction to just being told such a thing by her daughter’s boyfriend that I took encouragement from it. Taking a deep breath, and gathering my courage, I reached out a finger and ran it across her back. She shivered but didn’t move or speak, and I told her “You gave me a real hard-on staring at my cock the way you did.” She giggled at that and, still gazing at the wall tiles in front of her, asked if I was drunk.

It was clear to me that Mary must realise by then what I had in mind, and she hadn’t yet slapped my face or told me to piss off. Fully committing myself, and praying that Jules or her dad wouldn’t try the locked door, I moved up close behind her, gently rubbing my erection across her bum as I unclipped her bra. Hearing no objection I reached my arms around her and cupped her big boobs in my hands. Her nips felt enormous and I tweaked them between fingers and thumbs. She pretended to protest then, telling me we couldn’t, adding that she’d bathed me when I was a baby. Even as she said it though, her head eased back towards me, her lips parting sensuously. Taking her cue I kissed her ear and whispered that I’d wanked over her for as long as I could remember.

She pushed back at me then and I risked slipping a hand down the waistband of her her flowery pantaloons and into her knickers. Jules just has a Brazilian but Mary had full gorgeous silky pubes – I promised myself I’d bury my face in them one day soon. By that point, even if she’d changed her mind I would have struggled to stop myself. Not quite believing that my fantasies were turning into reality, I slipped my hand down to her pussy. She was already soaking wet and her clit was standing up like a small dick. She squeaked as I ran a finger across it, so I massaged it. Her trousers were held up only by a drawstring and I moved my other hand down from her tit and pulled on it. She wiggled her bum erotically against me and the trousers slipped down her legs.

By now she was positively gasping as I twiddled her clit, and I was kissing and licking her throat. She reached round and tried to undo my shorts; I helped her one-handed and kicked them off. Her hands moved to her white knicks and between us we pushed them down. Giggling, she worked one foot out of them and the trousers, enabling her to spread her long legs for me. It was obvious she wanted me to fuck her, and I knew now I’d get to do that in the future. But that bum of hers had played an important part in my fantasy sex life – it was so soft and creamy I just couldn’t resist. With my free hand I guided my cock between her cheeks. Realising what I was planning she gasped “Oh no”, but she pushed back to meet me.

I felt a moment’s slight muscular resistance then I surged inside her sweet, tight arse, and we slammed into each other over and over as I ravaged it. With one hand she pushed mine deeper into her pussy and, as I rammed her from behind, I waggled my fingers inside and kept pressing her clit with my thumb. I knew I wouldn’t last long; I wondered whether I should pull out before I came, but after a couple more hard thrusts I felt my juice burst into her. A couple more deep shafts and I was done. On the last one her pussy clamped around my finger and she slammed a hand against her mouth and roared into it.

We were both sweaty and breathless, and she eased forward onto the sink, her boobs hanging down into it. I stroked her cheek with my jizz-covered fingers and she took them into her mouth, sucking on them as I anticipated her sucking on my cock in the future. Through the open kitchen window I heard Jules voice and I thought I’d better get back outside before she and her dad got suspicious. I dragged my shorts on and Mary and I had a quick kiss, her tongue in my mouth, one arm around my neck, the other hand massaging my cock through the material. Before I left the kitchen I said something about next time, and she gave such a sexy, dirty chuckle that I wished we could make it right there and then.

Back at the pool Jules looked a bit dopey from her sleep, and asked me how I was doing. I told her I’d just been helping her mum in the kitchen, then I slipped into the pool to cool off, closing my eyes and imagining Mary’s lips around my cock and her pussy smothering my face.

Forbidden Fruit Pt. 01


##Note from Author: In the UK, “Sixth Form” or “College” refers to the last 2 years of school, the American grades 11 and 12. I write in British English so some words and spellings may be different if you’re an American reader. Thank you###

Teaching was her passion. Since she was a child, she always wanted to be a teacher. East London of the 1990s was a tough place for a girl to grow up in, and to a young Isabel Díaz, her school always provided a break from the terrible reality outside. Her Mexican-British parents did all they could to help her studies and, through this and a determination to do the best, she graduated from secondary school with excellent grades. Moving away to study at university was both exciting and terrifying. She had never been away from home. Despite these anxieties, they turned out to be only that, anxieties. She settled into university without a problem and soon made very close friends. One of those friends was Matt who by the second year of university had become her boyfriend. They were perfect for each other, they had the same interests, they could talk to each other for days on end and they both loved each other.

They both graduated with flying colours. While Matt began work, Isabel took on a teaching course which within a year of study and a year of placement work would make her a fully qualified history teacher. She would be ready to teach the next generation of great historians.

And after all this, she was here. In the staff bathroom of a B-tier North London sixth form college. Staring herself in her deep brown eyes. Her hands propping her up on the sink as she considered the entire journey she went through to get here. To this place, her dream of teaching. She couldn’t let this be ruined. And yet…

She splashed her face with water. “Get yourself together,” she thought. She checked her watch. 5 minutes. Fuck. “You have got to do this. He’ll be gone in a few months,” she told herself. She looked at herself again. She sighed and retied her long brown hair into a ponytail with a small red tie. Today she wore a checkered blue shirt. Complimented with a sensibly long black skirt and nylon tights. If not for the school’s uniform rules one could easily confuse the young teacher for a student. She was only 24, straight out of university. The kind of teacher boys fantasise about, and fantasise they did. Isabel knew this, but she told herself she would not be intimidated by perverted teenagers and would wear what she wanted. This, of course, meant she turned the head of most of her male students as she walked. She had learned to ignore it and walk on with pride. The only eyes, however, that she could not ignore… were his.

She began to stress again. She checked her watch. 2 minutes. She’s got to go. She closed her eyes one last time and took a deep breath. Walking out of the bathroom into the bustling corridor was like entering a different world. A thousand conversations of students, teachers and other staff mixed into one great hubbub. She heard the whispers of boys as she passed, walking faster than normal. “Just, get to your class. Come on,” she told herself. Pushing through the mass of students which slowly dispersed into their classes was mind-numbing and she began to stress even more. She pushed on, now breathing heavily. She made it to the door of her class. With shaking hands, she unlocked the door and stepped in, finally closing out the murmur outside. She sunk into her chair and took out her water bottle. Already exhausted. It was the 4th period, just before lunch. If she made it through this lesson, with… him… she would be clear for another week. After that, only a few more and he would have graduated. The bastard. Just as she thought these words and turned around on her chair to log onto the computer she heard the door handle. Finally, some students to take her mind off of this regrettable business. She put on her smile and was ready to again dedicate herself to teaching, him there or not, there were others she needed to worry about. But as she turned around she saw only one figure.

“Hiya miss,” he spoke as he walked to his desk. Jack. The one who had been consuming her thoughts. The tall young man of 18. His main academic focus was his Physical Education, his history lesson happened to be sandwiched before the PE lesson he had 3rd period and the one he’ll have after lunch for 5th. As such he was permitted to stay in his PE kit for the lesson, rather than having to change into the uniform. His navy and dark blue striped shorts reaching not even to his knee revealed his entire sculpted legs. His T-shirt of the same colour exposing his muscular yet toned forearms. His face, a handsome one, with a square jaw and deep blue eyes. His head of chestnut brown curls. Adonis. That forbidden beauty just casually walked through the door of her classroom. Each time, she couldn’t help but analyse his perfect body. So disgusting for a teacher to look at her student like this. A man of 18, 6 years younger. How wrong. She made herself sick. But she could not let anybody know. Nobody can persecute escort bayan gaziantep someone for their thoughts. As long as they are only thoughts. She broke out of her fantasy as he was sitting down.

“Hiya Jack,” she responded. She waited for some minutes, as usual, to allow the late-comers to arrive. She checked her watch. The lesson had started a minute ago. She glanced at the time on her computer screen, it was correct. She furrowed her brow. “Lesson’s just started, where’s everyone else?” she asked, confused.

“Yea there’s some mocks on, like three different ones so I think everyone’s there,” he explained while unpacking his books.

“Oh,” she responded, just remembering that indeed mock exams were taking place and many students would be out of lesson. She did not expect the entire class to be gone though. “And you? You don’t have any?” she asked hoping he had simply forgotten his own exams and would need to leave. Slowly the horrible realisation that they would be alone for the hour, just her and him, reached her.

“Nope,” he declared, placing his pen on his book and crossing his legs out in front of him. “Don’t do any of those subjects,” he smiled, “just the two us today miss,” he added, opening his book. Her eyes instinctively ventured to his outstretched legs. Such perfect muscles. She looked away, back at her screen. She clenched her jaw, thinking of what to do. She wouldn’t survive an hour with only him. She would go mad. “Got it”, she thought. Most teachers just let students revise on their own when others were missing, she wouldn’t have to talk to him or even look at him. No problem. Easy.

“Well, no point starting a lesson so just find some work for yourself for today then Jack and you can leave early for lunch too,” she told him calmly. Inside though she was melting at the sight of his large, muscular veiny hands fiddling with his pen.

“Aight,” he responded simply. Pulling out a different set of books from his bag. She turned to her computer, feeling much relieved and a little proud of herself that she had controlled the situation. She clicked over to her emails getting ready to do some boring busy work when it hit her. Slowly creeping its way up her nostrils. The smell. Her mind began to do cartwheels. Without the other students, the over-perfumed girls, the smell of crisps being eaten at the back of the room, the paper smell of 20 open books, there was nothing masking his scent. His manly musk. The deodorant he put on did an atrocious job of covering the smell of his sweat after an hour of intensive training. Her heart began to throb. Such a nasty thing to be turned on by. How could she. By a student? Her pussy began to moisten. So wrong.

She kept denying herself the pleasure of imagining him. Training, sweating. Flexing his muscles. Breathing heavily. He for sure had beautiful abs, by the looks not extreme ones, but just the kind she liked, smooth hard mounds. As she considered exactly what thoughts to force out, they entered her mind. She imagined him in the locker room. She imagined him changing, taking off his shorts and revealing his boxers filled with a delicious, thick, musky cock. She imagined him kissing her passionately in the staff bathrooms. She imagined how his great big hands would touch and fondle her all over. Her breasts. Her body. Her pussy. Her ass. She wanted to be touched all over by him. Feel his lips on her skin. She wanted him to be rough with her. She wanted to be his slut. She was now feeling hot and could feel the wet patches forming on her inner thighs around her pussy.

She shook out of it for a moment. She looked over to him. He was looking at her. She felt embarrassed all of a sudden. Had she given it away somehow? Did he know? The blue marbles that were his eyes penetrated her a million times over.

“You alright miss?” he asked putting his pen down. The face of a greek god staring her in the eyes, concerned with her. She could barely hold it together.

“Yes, um, I’m just, just a little hot I think,” she stood up and walked to the windows mindlessly. She placed her hands on the ridiculously small handles at the bottom of the window frame and pulled up with all her force. It wouldn’t budge. She groaned in frustration. She tried again, and again nothing.

“You might want to unlock it first,” Jack commented. He was now standing right beside her. He reached over with his right hand to the top of the window where the small latch was and flicked it. His sweaty armpit now right in front of her face. She felt like fainting. Her head spinning. She could see the damp circle right there, its scent so close.

All of a sudden she felt his hands on hers as he pushed up the window. The fresh air hit her face. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. So much better. Thoughts floating away with the abnormally cold summer air. As she opened her eyes she saw his face. His sapphire eyes turned down toward her bust. He quickly looked up, realising she had noticed. He blushed. They both looked away awkwardly. They stood there for a few seconds in silence.

“I’m cold now,” she said quietly.

“Should I close it?” Jack asked timidly still embarrassed by his wandering eyes.

“Yes please,” she responded crossing her arms, still looking down. Jack placed his hands on the top frame of the window and pushed down. The cold air blowing from outside ceased with the familiar sound of the window sliding shut.

“Miss I’m so-” Jack began, turning his head uneasily.

“No, it’s okay Jack,” she responded calmly, looking up at him, for he was taller than her.

“No, I really shouldn’t have, you know,” he said, looking back down at her. They were now looking directly into each other’s eyes.

“It happens, you know at your age, when your hormo-” she began, but was cut off.

“No, but, I get that, but it’s more than that isn’t it,” he said, throwing her off guard. After a pause, he added, “with… us.” She was once again taken aback.

“What do you mean, us” she questioned, almost snapping.

He paused for a second, weighing his words before he spoke. “With… with how you look at me,” he said almost timidly looking away once more. Mortified, her mind became blank. She had no line of defence.

“I-” she tried, but nothing came out. Her face, one of total shock. She felt like collapsing. Maybe that would be good. She would collapse and it would all be fine, and they’d never go back to this. She would never teach his class again, she’d make something up. Never again. Her mind racing.

“You don’t hide it very will miss,” Jack spoke. He scratched the back of his head and looked back to her. “It’s been like what, 7, 8 months now? You think I can’t see?” he continued. His tone was kind, almost, understanding. She was terrified. “Every time I walk into the room you look like you’ve seen a ghost,” he kept speaking, “and…” he paused again, “your eyes miss, they… I can see them wandering over me.” She could not believe what he was saying. Was she that obvious? Did her lust completely muddle her judgement? If he saw it, did others too?

“Jack… I-” tears welled up in her eyes as she began to cry. In that instant, she didn’t want to collapse. She wanted to die. She wanted to die and be taken to hell. What had she done. Her twisted mind had taken her here. Her career will be ruined. Of course, he was now an adult, but her student, for her to be like this – it was illegal. She let out soft sobs as her vision of the boy she would lust over faded to shards of light filling the tears which now obstructed her vision. Suddenly she felt something.

His hand was on her chin. His lips were on hers. Her tears run clear as she opened her eyes. She blinked. Was this really happening? Their tounges danced the tango in each other’s mouths as his hand moved from her chin to the sides of her head. Holding her, protecting her. Their kisses became more passionate. Stopping only to grasp for air. Her hands reached behind his head as they made out. Soon it was over. They stood opposite each other again. Their eyes locking. His smell still in her nose, intoxicating. She inhaled deeply and ruggedly in anticipation.

He moved closer, towering over her. His strong hands ventured down her back and cupped her perfect round ass through her dress. They kissed again, more passionately than before. Her mind was blank. It mattered not where they were, and who they were. This moment felt so primal, so natural, that it could not be wrong. When their mouths parted, all of a sudden he lifted her and placed her on one of the desks. She weighed nothing to his strong arms. He reached down below her skirt and tucked his fingers behind her nylon tights. Slowly he rolled them down, maintaining eye contact the whole time. He then placed his hands on either of her legs and slid them up slowly causing her mind to go mad as his fingers caressed her light brown skin. He soon reached her panties. Once again tucking his fingers behind the band, he pulled them down her legs slowly. A trail of grool in the air between her damp pussy and equally wet panties. He smiled.

Once her panties were off, he held her foot in his hands and began to gently kiss it. Each kiss lower and lower. Toes. Sole. Each kiss a burning flame on her skin. Ankle. Heel. She could feel worries slip away. Calf. Knee. His head was now between her legs. He kissed her knee one more time. He looked her in the eyes as if awaiting a response. She nodded slightly. His eyes turned back onto his target as he kissed her inner thigh. Lower. Deeper. His head was now entirely covered by her skirt. She could not see him, but dear God could she feel him. Closer. Closer. The anticipation was agonising. Suddenly nothing. He stopped. But this abrupt sensation only lasted a moment before he plunged his lips into hers. His tongue twisting and turning, playing with her clit. Her head tilted back as she contained a moan. He slurped and he sucked. He pushed and he licked. Fucking her with his face. Her pussy had never been in such ecstasy before. She had never felt so light. Suddenly she felt something different as his large manly fingers made their way up to her pussy. Playing with it. She couldn’t resist. Letting out a pathetic tiny moan.

“Shh,” Jack cautioned her jokingly. He was now inserting his fingers into her pussy. Knuckle after knuckle she felt him inside her. He wiggled and turned his fingers as they slipped around in her soaking wet pussy. In combination with his tongue. It was more than she could bear. She felt it coming. Her orgasm. She was about to explode. Her body was on fire. Blood rushing to her head. Each piece of her becoming numb with pleasure. Her eyes rolling back, her mouth agape. Her hands clutching onto the edges of the desk. Her muscles contracting.

Footsteps. Jack stopped moving. She too pricked up her ears. Yes, definitely footsteps. Quickly he took her panties and stockings and hid them in his bag as she ran back to her desk, covering her bare pussy back below her skirt. Footsteps getting louder. A sip of water quick. They’re outside the door, does she look fine? Oh, dear. Her eyes wandered to the table she had been on. A large puddle of her juices both on it and on the floor.

The door opens.

“Hello, Miss Díaz,” the balding man of 50 spoke as he entered the room.

“Oh, hello,” she answered trying to mask her irregular breathing pattern.

“Hi Mr Wilkins,” Jack said, raising the same hand that moments ago was 3 knuckles deep inside Isabel’s pussy. Mr Wilkins answered with a wave.

“Just came to get Jack, Miss Díaz, I hope you don’t mind but eh we need to do some admin updates for the register, and since everyone else is in exams I thought now would be a good time if that’s okay? It should take the rest of the lesson I’m afraid,” Mr Wilkins asked, completely oblivious. “You should crack open a window by the way, terribly stuff in here.”

“Yes, uh, of course, of course, if you need him, take him,” she laughed nervously. She exchanged a look with Jack. A short glance, yet so many words were contained within it. So much more than words.

“Excellent, thanks a bunch,” Mr Wilkins said as Jack collected his things and walked to the door which Mr Wilkins was holding open. He stopped in the doorway.

“Later miss,” he cracked a cheeky smile and left followed by Mr Wilkins who closed the door leaving her alone. Her pussy was still leaking. Her orgasm denied. It felt fuzzy and lighter than air. All her muscles soft and numb, she slumped into her chair. What had she just done. She just let her student eat and play with her pussy. A sixth-former almost made his teacher cum. She just cheated on her boyfriend of 3 years with a student. The guilt, however, simply could not compensate for the immense feeling of desire she felt, having her orgasm denied so abruptly. She got up and left the room.

Walking quickly to her car she unlocked it and slipped inside. She spared no time in rubbing her pussy. Immediately waves of pleasure rolled through her body. As her fingers played with her still aroused pussy she could only imagine Jack with his head below her skirt again. She could only imagine what could have happened if they’d not been interrupted. She thought again of his body. Those dirty thoughts she had at the start of the lesson. She imagined undressing him and sucking his cock. She imagined how he would fuck her like the slut she is. How his strong arms would hold her in place while his big teen cock stretched her pussy. It didn’t take long before her legs began to shake as her body convulsed. Her back arched as she threw her head back in immense pleasure. She let out a moan as her entire body felt light and each piece of her was in complete and utter ecstasy. She had never come so hard before. Not alone. Not by her boyfriend. Not by anyone. Only by her student.

As the feelings of pleasure passed and faded and she regained control of her body. She sat up again. Her mind fuzzy but now connecting the dots. She realised only now she didn’t have her panties or tights on. Surely they hadn’t left them. Did Jack take them? She couldn’t remember. Only now was the weight of the situation dawning on her. The guilt that previously was masked by pleasure was growing. With it, the fear. The fear of losing her job, or worse, being in trouble with the law. She didn’t remember the rules but she had heard of a teacher being put on the sex offenders register! And even if it was legal it was completely immoral. She would never be employed in education again. Her dreams. Her passions. Her boyfriend whom she loved dearly, who she planned to marry would surely abandon her. And he would be right! Why would you stay with such a dirty cheating slut. She began to cry again. Jack effectively held her in the palm of his hand now. He knew a secret which could destroy her life. He was the sole decider of her fate. The only arbiter. The Ceasar in the colosseum sparing or ending a gladiator. A beast over its prey, playing with it before it rips it to shreds. “He even has my panties. What other evidence is needed!?” she thought, clasping her heads in her still moist hands. She sobbed. She decided to drive home and call in sick for the last period. She couldn’t teach in this desperate, and not to mention, pantieless, state.

Fun at Work


Trying to fit in to the already formed circle of friends can be hard when your the new person in the office. You have to keep your ears and eyes open to spot who the gossiper is, who the backstabbers are, who you can trust and who will help you.

While trying to get introduced to everyone, I met him. There was an instant attraction, one that I had never experienced before. I couldn’t figure out what exactly was making me drawn to him, but I had to find out.

Over the next few weeks, I would make special trips by his office just looking for a signal that he was feeling our connection. There it was….an email. We would write daily, I found that we were on the same level in life, we had similar beliefs and ideals. But when I wrote about how my weekend was, what I really wanted to tell him was that I ever time I watched him talk I wanted his lips sucking on my clit, his hands spreading my pussy lips open to allow his tongue to lick all my juices he had caused.

One night on the way out of the office, we found ourselves alone in the elevator. My breathing escort bayan gaziantep grew heavy and I knew this was my chance. I walked closer to him grabbed his shirt. With this advance our lips enveloped each others I explored his mouth with my tongue as he walked me backwards up against the elevator wall, his hand making its way down my thigh lifting my skirt up. He could feel my wet throbbing pussy under my pantyhose. He quickly tore a hole in my pantyhose thrusting two fingers deep in my pussy. Fingering me as I rotated my hips to take his fingers deeper in me. The elevator was starting to come to a stop. He brought his fingers to my mouth and let me suck myself off his fingers. We composed ourselves just as the door was opening. While we were saying our usual ‘good-nights’ to everyone his eyes motioned towards the hallway leading to the conference room. I nodded.

We entered the room looked around ensuring no one else was around and started where we left off. This time he sit me up on a table, leaned me back and spread my legs. He stepped back to admire the image of me laying on the table, skirt up, pantyhose torn and pussy lips wide-open. I guided my high-heel up scratching his chest telling him to take his shirt off, he did. His pants came off exposing his rock hard cock to me. I bit my lip because I wanted that cock in my mouth so bad. He made me wait for it. He brought his hands down my thighs lifting my pussy right to his face. He buried his face in my wet pussy. Tracing circles around my clit I selfishly held his head in between my legs while he fucked me with his tongue making me cum harder than I ever had. His mouth glistened with my pussy juices all over it. I wrapped my legs around his waist sitting up. Biting his bottom lip while I looked into his dark eyes, he teased my pussy with the tip of his cock. I begged him to let me feel his cock. He kept entering my pussy then pulling out driving me crazy, then he pulled my hair back and shoved his rock hard cock in my pussy. My pussy muscles contracted pulling him deep in me. He felt so good filling my pussy with him. We quickly found each others rhythm and he brought me to orgasm again. I could feel my cum running down my leg. We moved off the table. I stood up and bent over in front of him. Stroking his cock he reached up to my pussy lubing his fingers up then moving them back to my ass. Slowly he fingered my ass to see how I responded.

I balanced myself onto a chair with my ass in the air. He squeezed his cock in my tight ass halfway and had to stop from cumming. I looked backwards while he slid the rest of his cock in my ass. He grabbed my hips guiding me back and forth on his dick. He was fucking my ass so hard and fast. I reached back and pulled his cock out of me turned around and dropped to my knees in front of him. He let me take his hard cock deep in my throat. Finally I had this cock in my mouth. I enjoyed every inch of him while I anticipated what was going to happen. With one deep thrust he shot cum on the back of my throat. Pulling out his cum continued drenching my face and mouth. I licked every drop of his cum off me.

We helped each other get dressed and made our ways to the front door. Before I got in my car we kissed, I could still taste his cum and mine mixing together. I crave that taste to this day.

Getting It Out Of Our Systems Ch. 02


Author’s Note – This scenario is another real-life situation that may (or may not) have developed in the way the story recounts. As before, any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated!


‘Well if this is how I get welcomed back, I should go away more often!’ Jill purred as she nuzzled into my neck contentedly and pulled the quilt up to cover our entwined, naked bodies.

As she slowly drifted into sleep I stared at the ceiling, my mind whirring. Whilst she’d been gone, I had spent a memorable afternoon with Sally and I had thought of little else since.

I had never cheated on Jill before, but the “dirty flirting” that Sally and I had shared via text and email had escalated to such a level of frustrated desire, that we had used Jill’s absence to get the strong urges “out of our systems” by sharing intense, hot sex.

Jill’s return with the boys made the previously uncharacteristically peaceful house seem full of noise and chatter once more, aggravating the almost continuous feelings of guilt that I had been tormented with since my session with Sally.

I had met Jill and the boys on the rainy platform of the local railway station with hugs. Small, intense moments of panic jolted me constantly, as if the secret of my betrayal was written clearly on my forehead. Amazingly, Jill seemed unaware of my discomfort, handing me gifts of a smart shirt, an expensive-looking bottle of Rioja and the latest CD of my favourite band as a ‘missed you’ present, stoking the embers of my guilt into a shameful blaze.

The boys were so tired after their journey that they hardly protested at all when they were packed off to bed early. On an impulse, we opened the wine and I could feel the fuzzy warming effect relaxing my whole body.

All was quiet upstairs when we went to bed, we went through our familiar night-time routines and slid under the duvet.

Goodnight kisses had turned into lovemaking, but somehow, this time it was more fervent, more passionate. The memories of the encounter with Sally played out through my mind throughout, until I could almost picture her slim, lithe body under me instead of Jill’s curves.

As I lay wide-awake listening to Jill’s steady, even breathing, I resolved that whatever Sally and I had together, it would have to stop. We had done what we had done in order to satisfy our mutual curiosity and desire, but no more.

Since Sally and I shared that hot encounter, the only communication between us had been via text later that day. Sally had written:

‘Wow! xxx :-)’ To which I had replied

‘Ditto xxx :-)’

There had been nothing more since and, as I lay staring at the ceiling, I determined that I would not get into any sort of regular communication with Sally again. We had wanted to get it out of our systems and that’s what we had done.

Weeks passed and springtime blossomed into a hot, early summer.

“What is it about the sun that makes people discard their inhibitions as well as most of their clothing?” I mused to myself as a group of sun-kissed girls, all dressed in skimpy tops and very short shorts strolled passed me chattering loudly. I was heading back to my office, sandwich in hand, top shirt buttons undone and sunglasses on. The baking heat was so intense that it seemed bounce off the dusty pavement to strike me in face.

Crossing the road back to County Hall, it was a relief to step out of the heat and into the air-conditioned cool of the reception area. Behind the desk, Pamela looked up and nodded her acknowledgement of my return as she took another incoming call.

County Hall was a huge, sprawling, gothic building that cast a grim shadow from its stone facade. It was notoriously difficult to heat in the winter, but its mosaic-tiled corridors were gloriously cool underfoot on days like this one.

My office had previously been a storage area for the caretaker. When I had taken on this job nearly five years ago, I had been promised a new, modern office in the planned annex building upon it’s completion, but the planning had been going on for years now and there was still no sign of any building actually taking place. My office was on the ground floor, tucked down the side of County Hall. Light came in, reluctantly, through row of narrow, frosted-glass windows set near the top of the walls and the fluorescent tubes cast a harsh, bright glare from the high ceiling.

I unlocked the door and peeled off the post-it note that read “Back in 5 minutes” from where I’d stuck it near the handle and dropped it onto my desk along with my keys and sandwich.

Despite the large electric fan at the far end of the office that was slowly tracking left to right and back again trying it’s best to cool things down, the air was stale and stuffy. The small windows were opened as far as they could go, which amounted to only a couple of inches.

I ate my sandwich slowly, whilst browsing the internet. People passed up and down the corridor outside my office door, but escort bayan gaziantep apart from that, the building seemed to slumber in a sunlit lunchtime siesta.

The sound of footsteps approaching made me look up from my laptop. The door opened and Sally stood in the doorway.

Sally wore a simple cotton dress that was such a pale-blue that it was almost white. It was gathered at the waist and ruched under the arms with a loop of elastic. Her exposed shoulders and neck had been caressed pink by the sunshine and she blinked as she removed her sunglasses, her eyes adjusting to the low light in the office.

She glanced around the room, noting that we were alone and turned to me, smiling an awkward, almost apologetic smile.

‘Hello you.’ She said.

‘Hi.’ The tone of surprise in my voice was unmistakable. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Well that’s a nice welcome I must say!’ Sally retorted, her familiar, mischievous grin appearing once more, ‘a girl might think that you weren’t pleased to see me!’

‘I didn’t mean it like that.’ I stammered hurriedly, feeling my face flush and my heart starting to pound within my chest.

Sally chuckled and stepped across the threshold and into the office. ‘So this is where the magic happens?’

I barked a short, mirthless laugh. ‘Hardly!’ I responded, ‘but it does pay me a regular wage and it keeps me out of mischief.’

‘That’s a shame.’ Sally laughed, ‘I like it when you’re up to mischief!’ A wicked grin flashed across her face.

I laughed dryly, attempting to be cool whilst feeling my face colour and my hands start to tremble as a strange tension filled the room.

An awkward silence descended and I saw Sally’s smile fade. I wondered if she was thinking that this had not been a good idea after all. Part of me wanted her to leave; after all, we’d got all our pent up passion out of our systems hadn’t we? At the same time however, another part of my mind was exploring the possibilities of the situation.

I experienced a sudden, strong urge to pull Sally to me and kiss her. At the same time, I wished I could find a way to get her to leave that wouldn’t hurt or offend her.

Desperate to break the silence, I blurted, ‘I like your dress…’ and despite my resolution never to flirt with her again, I heard myself add, ‘You’re almost always in jeans, but like this, I get to see your legs.’

Sally’s smile reappeared. She took a couple of strides into the office, letting the door close behind her and span on the spot causing the soft cotton folds of her dress to fly outwards giving me glimpse of the bare flesh above her knees.

The sight caused some vivid memories of the last time I’d seen Sally and suddenly her presence and the fact that we were alone together, caused my cock to twitch in the beginnings of arousal.

The realisation made my cautious side reassert itself and I tried to steer the conversation onto safer territory.

‘Is Tilly not with you?’ I asked. Sally’s daughter was nearly two years old now.

‘No,’ Sally replied, ‘we were having a picnic in the park with my sister’s family when they suggested that they would take care of her whilst I had some time off to do some shopping.’ She waved the shopping bag from the local boutique that she was carrying. ‘Then I found myself outside County Hall and thought I’d pay a visit to my favourite…’ She turned and opened the door to read the nameplate on the outside. ‘…Resources Development Manager.’ She closed the door once more, smiling that impish smile.

‘How many Resources Development Managers do you know?’ I enquired.

Sally put her head on one side, placed a finger on her lips and looked upward in a thoughtful pose ‘Hmmm… Let me think… Well, I believe that that you’re the only one, so you automatically qualify!’ she laughed.

After her laughter faded, that same tension seemed to fill the room once more. There was an almost tangible sense of anticipation and a taut silence fell.

I thought that Sally must be able to hear my heart thudding as if it wanted to break clear of my ribcage. I struggled to think of anything to say to break the atmosphere but could think of nothing. The silence lengthened and deepened, heightening my senses.

After what seemed like ages, Sally spoke. ‘So you like my legs huh?’ and she pulled the hem of her dress up above her knees to show them off.

I chuckled weakly, super-conscious of her bare flesh almost within touching distance and the throbbing need that was now making my cock strain against the fabric of my trousers.

‘Yeah, they’re OK I guess.’ I replied, casually noncommittal, before indicating her dress and raising an enquiring eyebrow. ‘A little higher maybe?…’

Sally wore an expression of amused, drop-jawed outrage before she grinned and slid the hem a few more inches up her cream-coloured thighs.

I nodded approvingly. ‘Very nice… a little higher?…’

Sally’s grin widened and the hem slid higher still until it halted at the very top of her thighs, any higher and I’d be able to see her underwear.

An intense urge to touch her, kiss her, taste her and fuck her obliterated almost all thought of anything that was going on outside my office.

I grinned up at Sally.

‘A little higher?…’

With a movement so quick that I almost missed it, Sally lifted her dress all the way up, before letting the soft material fall back to it’s usual place.

I sat transfixed, still staring at the creased folds of cotton in front of me visualising the dark triangle of Sally’s pubic hair that had momentarily been revealed, she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

Another silence fell as I tried to process the sight I had just witnessed.

I looked up at Sally, she was wearing an expression that seemed to be a mixture of apprehension and defiance.

Now was the time to say the right thing. Now was the time to be sensible and back away from the situation.

‘Well…’ I began, searching for the right phrase. ‘Well… I guess when it’s this hot, it’s only sensible to wear as few clothes as possible.’

Sally’s expression softened and her cheeky grin returned.

Still seated and trying to look cool despite my racing pulse, I pushed my chair closer to her.

I met her gaze, inwardly cursing my weakness as I reached under her dress with deliberate slowness and brushed the inside of her thigh with my fingertips. Willing myself to take things slowly, I gently stroked the soft flesh, my fingertips following a winding pattern slowly upwards.

As I stroked ever higher, Sally’s head tilted backwards slightly in anticipation, her breathing was shallow and rapid and she shifted her stance, parting her legs for me to explore. As slowly as my desire would allow, my fingertips brushed across the smooth skin of her inner thigh until they reached their goal.

I lightly moved a finger under her pussy before probing gently upward. Sally was so turned on that my finger slipped effortlessly between her wet pussy lips that were puffy with desire.

Sally let out a soft exclamation, her eyes flying wide open as I probed upwards before pulling out and up to find the nub of her clitoris. With a slow, deliberate rhythm, I gently began to rub up and down, my fingers slick with Sally’s juices.

Without pausing I stood up, looking directly into Sally’s wide eyes. I leaned in and kissed her fleetingly.

‘So if it’s too hot for knickers, can I assume…?’ and I hooked a finger over the elastic that held up the top of her dress. Unhurriedly, I pulled downward, sure enough, Sally was braless and the elastic snagged on her taut, erect nipples. I gently increased the tension until, almost simultaneously, the elastic pinged downwards, revealing Sally’s small, perky tits.

Sally threw her head back with the sensation. ‘Oh fuck!’ she hissed in a near-whisper.

I was dimly aware that the office door was unlocked and if anyone came in now, it would be very hard to explain away what was going on!

‘Hang on,’ I said reluctantly pulling away from Sally only to have her entwine her arms around me and try to draw me closer, trying to kiss me.

‘No, wait.’ I protested as I tried to extricate myself from her embrace, ‘what if someone comes?.’ indicating the unlocked door.

Sally looked me with a coquettish glance. ‘Well with any luck it’ll be me!’ and she giggled as her arms tried to entangle me once more.

I grinned and chuckled as I firmly pulled myself clear of her, very aware of her naked breasts and bare legs that seemed almost to shine in the dim light of the office.

I picked up the ‘Back in 5 minutes’ post-it note and, after checking that the corridor was clear, stuck it back on the outside of the door, closing and locking it behind me.

I switched off the lights so that the darkness behind the frosted glass panel in the door would make the office look empty to anyone passing by. Now that the door was locked, I felt more relaxed and able to concentrate on Sally’s lithe, semi-naked body. A ball of excitement seemed to be building up in my core, looking for release. I turned to see that Sally’s face was wearing a sulky pout.

‘What’s the matter?’ I asked, unsure if she was kidding around, or if I’d somehow managed to do something to upset her.

In an overtly petulant voice she said, ‘Is five minutes all I get?’

I barked a laugh before replying in a half-whisper. ‘Hey, I’m at work! Consider yourself lucky I don’t invoice you for my time and services!’

She took my hand in hers gave me a lascivious look. ‘If I was paying you, you’d have to do anything I wanted you to.’ She lifted my hand and placed it on her breast, I felt the firm nipple brushing against my palm and my cock twitched impatiently.

I moved to her and we kissed, slowly, delicately at first, but with increasing intensity.

My lips and tongue explored her silky mouth before travelling to her earlobe, down her neck, along her collarbone before descending to her breast.

I took her whole breast into my mouth, letting my tongue slowly trace a small circle around her nipple and feeling it harden before flicking it with the tip. I felt Sally’s body tense and her back arch, her whistling exhalation told me that I was hitting the spot.

We kissed again and Sally began to unbutton my shirt. Three buttons down she ran out of patience and pulled it open with a swift movement. Thankfully the buttons remained attached. She kissed my neck and chest as her fingers fumbled with my belt, the still quiet of the office heightened the sensation, my hard cock aching for her touch.

Having undone my belt, my Sally slid her hands under the waistband of my boxer shorts and grasped my buttocks. The movement seemed to release my jeans and they flopped to the floor softly. Sally sank to her knees whilst pulling my boxers down. They hooked themselves over the head of my throbbing-hard cock before it sprang free.

Without hesitation, Sally’s took my cock into her mouth. She gave it four or five shallow strokes before slowly sinking onto it, her lips sliding slowly down its shaft until she had almost consumed it all down to my balls. Powerful, blissful sensations fizzed through my body. I felt, a dizzying sense of detachment, the surrealness of the moment making me wonder if I was dreaming.

With a gasp, Sally lifted her head off my cock that glistened with her saliva. I gave in to the desperate need that I felt in every part of my body and lifted her to her feet. As we kissed, I extricated one foot from its shoe and stepped out of my jeans so that I wouldn’t have to waddle like a penguin. I was pretty sure that I looked ridiculous, but right now I didn’t care, I had only one thought in my mind.

With one quick movement I swept all the files, my half-eaten sandwich and computer mouse and keyboard to one side. I manoeuvred Sally until she was sitting on the edge of my desk. I was aware of her legs lifting and parting and the heat from her pussy pressing against the underside of my cock, the urge to get inside her was almost overwhelming.

I eased back and felt Sally’s hand guide the swollen, glossy head of my cock into her. With a one slow, smooth movement, I plunged the length on my manhood inside.

Sally’s eyes flew open, her mouth agape. ‘Fuck!’ She hissed as her legs wound behind my buttocks, pinning me inside her.

My heart was thumping as the sensations flowed through me. My cock was so hard, it ached and the urge to start moving in and out of Sally was almost irresistible. I fought against the impulse, choosing to rise up onto my toes and feel Sally’s clitoris grind against the base of my cock. Sally’s eyes had slid out of focus, her mouth formed an ‘O’ shape and she was blowing short, harsh, breathy gasps.

The sight and sound of Sally in a state of sexual arousal in my office where nothing exciting ever happens took me very nearly to the point of orgasm and I withdrew until just the head of my cock remained inside her.

I took a few seconds to let things calm down and began to ease just the head of my cock in and out of her pussy lips, keeping my strokes really shallow. Sally’s face contorted with the sensation and I could feel my face was drawn back into a rictus grimace as the sensations flowed through me.

I increased the tempo of my shallow strokes and heard Sally’s gasps intensify accordingly. Faster and faster I thrusted before sliding balls-deep into her once more.

Sally let out and involuntary squeal and convulsed as her clitoris rubbed against the base of my rock-hard cock once again.

She clung to me; her legs and arms wrapped tightly around me, her breasts pressed against my chest. Her hand curled around the back of my neck, I could smell the fragrance of her hair and feel her hot breath against me as she panted with desire.

We remained entwined like that for what seemed like an age; our breathing the only noise in the silent office. Outside, someone wearing heels clicked their way down the corridor. For an awful second I thought that they were going to try to open my office door, but the sharp clicking carried on past and receded until the corridor was silent again.

Sally lifted her head off my chest and looked up at me. We simultaneously burst into breathless giggling laughter. The whole situation was so crazy. Slowly I withdrew, enjoying the changing expressions on her face as I did so before slipping slowly back inside. I gave in to my urge to fuck her and began to thrust in and out to a steady rhythm, wanting to make the moment last, whilst aware that every second added to the danger of discovery.

As I fucked her, I could sense the tension of an impending orgasm building within Sally. She was sitting upright on the edge of the desk, her legs still wrapped around my buttocks, her body pressed against mine, her nipples hard against my chest. Her hot breath was on my neck and her whispered moans were right in my ear causing me to twist involuntarily when the intensity of the sound touched a nerve.

First Lover Pt. 03

Big Tits

Between making out in cars and sneaking a quickie in my mother’s den, we had actually begun to develop a strong friendship. Since we were both going away to college in August, we decided early on that this was strictly friends with incredible benefits. No romantic attachments. Surprisingly, this arrangement worked well for both of us. Despite the fact that he did things to me that 30 years later still make my pussy swell with desire at the thought of them, our friendship was always paramount. I often wonder where he is and if he thinks of me…but that’s another story. Today, my mind wandered to the evening we spent at the drive in movie.

We grew up in a small midwestern town. In the early 90’s before cell phones and Netflix, we had drive-in movies. The concept was simple. You paid, by the car, to park outside, in front of a huge movie screen and watch a couple movies from your car. You would tune your radio to a special station so you could hear the audio of the movie. This was the perfect outing for girls like me, who would normally never be allowed to stay out as late as this. Plus, everyone understood it was the biggest public orgy in town. Most cars were rocking to something much harder and stronger than the movie. The car I was in that night was no exception.

He put up a pretense of actually being interested in watching the movie we had paid to see. I thought it was incredibly cute and a perfect example of the mixture of good dude and fuck boy he was. He fully intended to do the nastiest things he could think of to me and encourage me to be as sexually aggressive as he intended to be, but he also didn’t want me to feel like he was only with me because I would let him fuck me every way he could imagine.

I can admit now something I would never have admitted then…the idea of people getting off all around us made me so hot.

“Want some popcorn or snacks?” he asked. He was a little awkward, which was odd for him.

“Sure,” I replied and we walked to the get some snacks.

Despite it being summer, there was still a nip in the air. I decided to wear a linen sundress with thin straps. I couldn’t wear a bra, but my breasts were round and firm. They didn’t need the support of a bra. The thin linen of my dress did little to protect me from the chill.

“You cold…” he asked, escort bayan gaziantep as he glanced down at my erect nipples “…or excited to be with me?”

We both laughter and I replied honesty, “A little of both.”

“Let me keep you warm,” he said as he wrapped his armed around my neck from behind.

He pulled me close and we walked in sync to the popcorn stand. As he pulled me closer, I could feel I wasn’t the only one anticipating pleasure. We got inside, quickly purchased snacks and started our walk back to his car.

Now, as we walked past other cars, we could not help but see folks in various stages of carnal pleasure. One couple was clearly on third base, as we watched a girls head bob up and down on a guys lap. He was oblivious to anyone watching, as his head was reclined on the seat with his hand on her head, making sure she took every inch of him down her throat. I felt a tingle of excitement watching them quickly followed by a flood of embarrassment. My eyes darted towards him to see if he saw me staring, but I didn’t think he noticed.

The next car had couples in the front and back seat. The girl in the back seat was sitting on the guy she was with. Her shirt was opened and the guy was sucking one of her big tits and playing with the other with his hand. In the front seat, the guys head was buried in a girls pussy and her moans were so loud they made my pussy flood.

I must have slowed my pace to watch a little longer than I should, because he whispered in my ear, “you like to watch, huh?”

I quickly protested, but my body gave away my secret as he slid his hand up my dress and into my wet pussy. It was dark, so no one really noticed him fingering me out in the open.

He breathed in my neck and asked, “is it watching him suck her tits or the other guy eating her pussy that’s making you so wet?”

A new flood of juice spilled out of me onto his thick fingers. I couldn’t answer. My voice was trapped by the orgasm he was bringing me to with his fingers and nasty talk.

“Girl, did you just cum in my hand?!?!”

All I could do was nod my head.

He let out a little chuckle and said, “well, I guess you owe me one,” grabbed my hand and quickly walked me back to the car.

Slightly embarrassed, I got into the car. He looked at me with a devilish grin and said, “you are full of surprises.”

“Shut up,” I replied with a smirk.

“Let’s get to the business of settling the score.”

I reached for his belt buckle and he let out the tiniest gasp of shock. I did not care. Watching those folks lick and suck each other made my pussy throb harder than it ever had in my life. Coupled with the mastery of his agile fingers perfectly stroking my clit, I could not wait for my second cum. His dick was rock hard and hot. No words were exchanged, I just leaned over and took him as deep down my throat as I could without chocking. He was so big, my jaws stretched as wide as they could to accommodate all of his manhood. What I could not fit in my mouth, I massaged with my hand. He liked it, because he let out a sigh that indicated approval. I licked, sucked and jacked his massive cock for about 10 mins. Having my lips wrapped around his dick, with his hand in my hair guiding me, was almost more than I could stand.

“I need to be in your pussy.”

Without words, I climbed into the back seat. He followed. He pulled his pants around his knees and he practically tore my panties from my body. I looked him in his eyes as I lowered my dripping wet pussy on his big dick. I lowered myself slowly, because he was so big I was afraid of hurting myself. God, but feeling myself give way to his massive member was a pleasure that always felt like the first time.

As I slid rhythmically up and down, the thin straps of my dress slid off my shoulders. His arms wrapped around my waist thrusting himself deeper inside me and his moans of pleasure encouraged me to ride harder and faster.

“Slow down…I want to enjoy this view for as long as I can,” he said, as he slid his hands from my back and held onto my ankles while I slowed my pace to a sensual wave.

His hands around my ankles was surprisingly erotic and sent a flood of ecstasy all over my body. I’ve asked my partners since him to hold my ankles, but none have ever made me feel like he did.

By this point, my ample breasts have almost fully escaped my dress. It was at this exact moment I realized there were probably people watching me get fucked just like I had been watching earlier. Maybe even someone getting fingered and climaxing enjoying the live porno he and I were performing. The thought of it made my pussy wetter. I was brought back to the moment when I felt his full lips wrap around my hard nipple and his tongue furiously lapping and rolling my big tit. His dick hairs rubbing my clit, coupled with the gentle biting of my nipple in his mouth and the pinching of the other, topped off by his massive dick stretching my pussy to the sweet spot between pleasure and pain was too much. I came so hard and called his name so loudly that I’m sure every girl in the drive in wished she was riding the dick I was riding.

“Fuck! The way your pussy feels coming is going to make me cum,” he said, muffled by his face being smothered between my DD girls.

“Hold it, baby, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“Talking like that isn’t helping me not to bust this nut, girl.”

We both laughed and I slid off him and landed on my knees in front of him. With his massive dick in my face, still hard as a rock and standing awaiting my full attention, glistening from the hard cum I just unleashed on him, it was clear he had more self control than he gave himself credit for.

Let’s get you cleaned up,” I said with a grin.

I leaned into him and wrapped my breasts around his manhood. He was slippery with my juices and the smell of my pussy on him made me hot.

“Fuck my tits,” I begged.

He complied, by taking them in his massive hands and stocking himself between them.

“Mmmm, you feel so soft and good. You like the way my dick feels between you big girls, baby?”

I could not respond because my mouth was full with the head of his dick. I could taste myself on him and wanted to suck him clean. After a couple more strokes, I knew he was enjoying my blowjob, because he put his hand on the back of my head so I could suck all of his massive dick.

“Damn, take this big dick, girl,” he moaned while forcing himself deeper down my throat.

Wanting only to please him, I took him as deep as I could, but gagged a little because of his girth. Hearing me struggle to suck his dick pushed him over the edge.

“I want to cum in your face.”

I think I literally came again just from him asking. I popped his dick from my mouth with a smacking sound just in time for him to bust his nut all over my lips, chin, and tits.

I can’t remember what the movie was, but I will never forget the Oscar worthy performance we gave at the drive in that night.

Gemma’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 01


It was the summer I turned 18 and I had just graduated high school. My mom and dad were going out of town for the weekend to visit my two older brothers in college. On Friday afternoon after saying good-bye to my parents I was just watching TV at home when my cell phone rang, it was my dad’s business partner, Jason. Jason had been business partners with my dad since I was only two or three years old. He had never been married and didn’t have any kids. We had always considered Jason family because he was a family friend before he and my dad went into business together. He always came to birthday parties and family dinners and such; I had grown up with him around.

I answered my phone, “Hey Jason. What’s up?”

Jason talked into the phone, “Hey Gemma, I called your dad but he said he already left town and you were at home. He was supposed to drop off a box that was delivered to the house and a couple of files that I need this weekend but didn’t have time before he left. Would you be able to drop them off at the office?”

“Yeah, I can do that.” I really didn’t want to drive over there but also didn’t have anything better to do.

“Thank you! No rush but if I could get them sometime in the next few hours that’d be great. I’ll be here for a while.” Jason seemed relieved to get some help.

“Alright, I’ll be leaving the house here shortly,” I told him.

“Cool, see you then. Thanks Gemma!”

After we hung up I walked into the kitchen and found the banker’s box and files on the counter. I grabbed my keys off the key rack and loaded up my car. I drove to the office and saw Jason’s black BMW in the parking lot when I arrived. My dad and Jason own a home development company that did mostly custom homes all across the metro area. I walked in and saw Jason in the conference room. “Knock, knock,” I tapped on the doorframe. “I have your stuff.”

“Hey, Gem,” Jason greeted me. “Thank you so much for bringing this over. I’m meeting with clients tomorrow to go over selections and your dad had their file and a box of new samples I was supposed to review with them.”

Jason was a good looking guy at 39. He stood at 6’2″ and had a nice toned body. Since he had no wife or kids he had time to work out regularly. His short brown hair had good style and his chiseled jaw featured a sly smile was a sly one that could bring a nun to her knees. Sure, Jason was good looking but I never thought of Jason as anything other than a family friend, I had known him my entire life. One of those things you notice but don’t actually notice. Jason would watch my brothers and I sometimes when my parents needed a night out or went or if they went out of town, not to mention I worked part time at the office so I was very accustomed to being with Jason “No problem. I didn’t really have anything better to do so you got lucky enough to see me” I giggled.

I noticed all the files and samples of wood, carpet, paint, cabinets, and countertops on the conference room table. Jason doesn’t usually meet with clients, my dad usually did and I could tell Jason had no idea what he was doing. “Do you want some help?” I had done prep work for my dad for these kinds of client presentations before.

Jason looked at me with relief, I could tell that’s exactly what he wanted even if he didn’t ask outright. “If you don’t mind…I hate doing these meetings.”

“Of course,” I laughed. We spent the next couple hours at the office finishing stuff up then decided to head out.

“That took way less time with you there, I thought I would be there all night! Thanks for staying. Make sure you log those hours too!” Jason thanked me.

“No problem. Good luck tomorrow!” I told him as I got in my car. I went to start the engine and nothing happened. I did it again and still, nothing. Shit, I thought. I had been having issues with the transmission. Dad was going to take it in when he got back, the car obviously didn’t want to wait that long. I wasn’t even planning to go anywhere until Jason called.

“That blows. Your dad told me he was going to take it in on Monday. Do you want a ride home?” Jason came up to the window and asked

“Yeah, thanks.” I jumped out of my car and got in Jason’s. We talked on the way home and I thanked him when we got back to the house. When I got to the door I tried the handle, locked, I had locked my keyring with my car and house keys in the car…at the office. Ughhhh! I turned around and heard Jason laughing. “Your dad would flip if he knew you locked yourself out.” I just nodded my head, yup, he would indeed. “Come on, get in, you can come to my place.We can figure this out tomorrow its too late now.”

I got back in Jason’s car and we headed over to his place which was only a few minutes away. I made myself at home and shrugged off staying the night there. He had two guest rooms and I could borrow a t-shirt.

When we got to Jason’s we were both starving. We had worked right through dinner. He started the grill and made burgers. “Want a drink?” he asked while dinner was on the grill. “I’ll take water, thanks.” Jason escort bayan gaziantep laughed, “Oh come on, what do you really want to drink? Your parents aren’t here and I do remember being 18. I know you’re not driving anywhere so if you would like a drink I’d be happy to make one for you.” He went on to make a Jack and Coke for himself. “Okay, sure. I’ll have what you’re having” I laughed and he made me one too. We ate dinner and had more drinks. I was feeling slightly buzzed and wanted to relax.

“Hey can I use the hot tub?” I asked. Our family often came over to Jason’s for a BBQ or tailgate or sport on TV that I didn’t care about and used the hot tub a lot and enjoyed the pool in the warmer months.

“Yeah, sure. That sounds good; I think I’ll join you,” Jason chimed. My family all had swimsuits that we kept at Jason’s since we were there so often. I ran upstairs to change into mine. My swimsuit was a black bikini. The bottoms were tied together with strings on each hip.I went outside and saw that Jason already beat me in. “I made you another drink,” Jason mentioned.

“Thanks,” I said as I slid into the warm bubbling water. “Ohh, that hits the spot.” Jason and I sat in the hot tub and continued talking and drinking for over an hour. I definitely was feeling the effects of the alcohol. My skin was buzzing on the surface, my belly had a warm fuzzy feeling, and my head was getting light.

“Your tits look amazing in that suit,” I heard Jason from across the water. I looked at him dumbfounded. “I am so sorry! Gemma, I’m sorry!” Jason began apologizing repeatedly.

“It’s okay. I just can’t believe you said it,” I giggled and took the last sips of my drink. I could feel a tingling deep down in my belly and my pussy was starting to tingle. What am I doing? I put my glass down and went over to where Jason was sitting.

“We can’t do this,” said Jason. “I’m sorry I said that but I work with your dad and I’ve known you since you were a baby. It wouldn’t be right.”

I stopped dead in my tracks, embarrassed and mortified. “Oh my gosh, you’re right. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I thought…Let’s forget it; I’m going to go refill drinks.” I grabbed both our glasses and hurried inside to make new drinks and try to get over what just happened. What had gotten into me? Jason has always been just Jason, he’s 39 for goodness sake, and now I’m getting turned on thinking about him. It has to be the alcohol, I thought to myself. I made the drinks while I composed myself and went back outside. I handed Jason his drink and I went back to my side of the hot tub.

We sat in awkward silence for a few minutes and then I couldn’t take it anymore. “Jason, can I say something and you not be all weird about it?”

He grinned, “I promise I won’t be weird about it.”

“Have you thought about me before…like in a non-family friend that’s known me forever kind of way?” I asked inquisitively. “Because I’ve never thought of you that way until 10 minutes ago when you said what you said and now I can’t stop noticing how hot you are and wonder how could I have not noticed it before.” I could feel my cheeks getting flushed and my pussy starting to twitch. I’m realizing that the alcohol isn’t making me feel like this, it’s just making me say it out loud.

There was a long pause and he finally said, “You’re a beautiful young woman Gemma. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed but I haven’t thought of you in a sexual way before.”

Embarrassed, I slammed the rest of my drink and set the glass on the deck. “Well, now that I’ve done irreversible damage to my dignity I think I’m going to head inside.” Turning around to walk in the house I heard a splash then a hand on my arm. Jason took my hand and played with my fingers.

“Wait! What if I want you to stay?” Jason asked. I dipped my body back into the water. Despite the alcohol, this thing with Jason felt so right. “Then I’ll stay,” I smiled.

Jason looked right into my eyes. “I’m going to kiss you now…is that okay?” Jason pounded his drink and pulled me onto his lap.

“Yes…” I whispered. Jason gently put a hand on my neck and guided his mouth to mine. I felt his soft lips on mine and it was a direct line to my pussy. I instantly wanted more. I kissed him back and I could sense him wanting more but he released me.

“Gemma, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or take advantage. You’re gorgeous but I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to promise you anything. Not to mention your dad!”

“Jason, this feels right. My dad has nothing to do with this and the alcohol has nothing to do with this. I feel like I’m getting to know you in an entirely new way and I want to get to know you.” My hand rubbed up and down his chest underneath the water and along his shoulders.

Jason contemplated for a few seconds. “Have you ever been with a man, Gemma?” His hand went down to the small of my back and gently stroked up and down. My breath increased, I answered him, “No…I- It’s embarrassing I know. I was thinking that maybe once I got to college I’d find someone….”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, that’s a good thing! What have you done, if you don’t mind me asking?” Pause. “I just don’t want to take advantage or cross any more boundaries that I already have by putting you in this situation.”

My experience was incredibly limited. I was still a virgin who hadn’t gone further than making out and giving head one time. I just hadn’t met anyone who made me feel the way Jason did.

“I…um, I gave a blow job once.” Jason looked down and smirked. He stroked my cheek with the pad of his thumb up then guided me into another kiss. “I’d like to try again…that is, if you’ll let me…” I rubbed my hand lightly along Jason’s thigh and I could feel him getting hard under the water. Moving slightly and putting my mouth on his neck I kissed him. “Please…I want to make you feel good.” Reaching around my neck I pulled the string to my bikini top and untied it so my top was loose. My breasts fell out and were free for Jason to feel on his chest and arm. I could feel Jason’s breath quicken and he swiftly moved me off his lap and dashed to the hot tub stairs. Climbing out he said, “I’m not going to do this out here,” and he pulled me up with him.

We dried off and went into the house wrapped up in towels. Jason made us each another drink and then we walked into the den. I settled on the leather sectional couch in the den while Jason flipped on the fireplace and turned on dim lights creating soft mood lighting. We took a few sips of our drinks before we did anything. Jason sat down on the couch beside me and kissed me deeply for several minutes. I guided myself down to my knees and ran my hand over his cock. He moaned as I reached into his swim trunks and grabbed him, feeling him already hard in my hand. His trunks came off and fell to the floor leaving him naked.

I stared at his cock in astonishment and fear, it was huge. “Oh my gosh. H-how long are you?”

“Nine inches at my full hardness,” he replied. Staring at his cock further I slowly put my lips around his mushroom head, swirling my tongue around the tip. I sucked his dick farther into my mouth; instinctively I ran my tongue on the underside of his shaft. Moaning, I tried to fit as much of his stiff cock in my mouth as I could.

“Fuck, yeah…ohhhh” Jason reacted to my mouth. I was so aroused I could feel my pussy tingling and I knew I was so wet that my pussy was dripping. I moaned around his cock and continued to bob my head up and down. Jason weaved his fingers in my hair and soon I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. I came all the way back up for air, “I want to fit the entire thing in my mouth,” My jaw was getting tired but the alcohol buzzing and my sexual desire wanted me to take more.

“You can take more by deepthroating my cock but I don’t think you’re ready for that. Most girls don’t ever do it, let alone when they are first starting out. It takes a lot of time. It’s okay, you don’t need to.What you’re doing is perfect.”

Pausing to think, I thought about how turned on I was and how much I wanted to please Jason. “I want to do it, I want to make you feel good,” I said as I stroked his thick meat with my hand.

He took my face between his hands, “I don’t want to make you do anything you’re not ready for.” I stared at him with desperation knowing he wanted his rod back in my mouth. “Fuck it, you know your limits. BUT if at any time you want to stop just tell me and we won’t go any further, okay?” Nodding my head I smiled and went to put my mouth back on his rod. “To start you need to relax your throat. When you feel my dick at the back of your throat don’t force it down, slowly and steadily try to swallow my cock.” I felt him approach the back of my throat and I tried to swallow, it felt like I was trying to swallow a log! It was big and hard but I was determined to do it. I tried to swallow and I started to gag. He pulled out immediately but I insisted I wanted to try again.

After a few attempts at swallowing his cock I finally felt his mushroom head breach the back of my throat after I swallowed one time. “OH, MY GOSH!” Jason yelled. “Oh fuck…” his cock was slowly going all the way in my mouth and down my throat. Jason’s nine-inch cock was all the way in my mouth, I successfully deepthroated my first cock! I was so excited I kept working his cock in and out of my mouth, moving my head up and down on his massive dick.

Up and down, up and down, up and down. “Gemma-Gemma I’m going to cum. If you don’t want to swallow you need to get up now!” But I wanted to taste him; I wanted to feel his cum in my mouth. I kept my head down and moaned so he understood that I was not coming up. “Ughhhhhhh!” Jason moaned “Ohhhh yes, fuck!” I felt his cock twitch and then there was a thick liquid that filled my mouth. The taste was salty and warm, it traveled down my throat and I could feel it move all the way down. It kept coming, he spurted two, three, four more times and I swallowed it all.

Coming up from having his cock in my mouth Jason was breathing heavy and looked at me in awe. Then he lifted me up off the floor and into his lap kissing me as if he would never kiss me again. “That was phenomenal! Holy shit, I don’t remember the last time I had a blow job that good, and I’ve NEVER been deepthroated before. Gemma, how many times have you done that before?”

“Um, I’ve given one blow job but I didn’t let him cum in my mouth. I’ve never deepthroated before,” I could feel myself blushing.

“Gemma, you are amazing. You deserve to be pleased, to feel as much pleasure as I just did.” My whole body was tingling and my face was flushed. Jason slowly tested the waters and moved his hands to my swimsuit bottoms. My top disappeared when we were outside but I was still wearing my tied-on black bikini bottoms. I nodded my approval and he untied the sides, making it possible to take my bottoms off which left both of us naked.

There I was with a hot man staring at my body, the first guy to ever see me completely naked. Jason sighed, “Gemma, you’re beautiful.” I had taken my hair out of a bun and my hair fell down my shoulders. I leaned in for a kiss but he dodged it to tease me and instead shifted me off his lap and laid me down on the couch. “Gemma, I want this to be good for you so at any time if you’re uncomfortable or want me to stop just say so.”

“Okay,” I said, anxiously waiting for what he had planned.

Jason leaned down and kissed a trail along my neck and down to my breasts. He took one in his hand and then put his lips around my nipple. He took his time pleasing me, sucking and flicking my nipples with his tongue, alternating between his fingers and mouth on my breasts. Then Jason moved over to my other breast and did the same thing. I never knew my nipples could be so sensitive.

Jason then slowly moved my legs apart. He moved his head between my knees and kissed my inner thighs, starting above my knee and making a trail just before he hit my bald pussy. I could feel his hot breath when he got close to my pussy which left me wanting more. Then Jason leaned in and I felt his tongue rub up and down my pussy slit. “Ohhhhhhhhh,” I let out a loud breath mixed with a moan. I had never experienced such a feeling. His mouth was on my pussy sucking it while moving his tongue back and forth flicking across my clit. My whole body reacted, my skin danced and tingled. He lightly started sucking my clit while he was flicking it. My pussy was absolutely dripping wet! I was moaning with each movement he made, however slight it was. I automatically began to move my hips in rhythm with Jason’s motions. My breath was quickening and my body was on the verge of exploding.

My moaning got louder and so did Jason’s licking and sucking. That was when I could feel my pussy being invaded by Jason’s finger. He worked in one finger and then another, then I had three of his long fingers inside me. My pussy was tighter than ever and it was uncomfortable at first but then I got used to it and it felt good. “Ohh, Jason Ughhh,” I was getting close to cumming.

“Cum for me baby,” Jason said between licks. “Just let yourself go.” Then I felt it, Jason’s fingers were curling towards his palm and massaging my g-spot inside me. I started to feel a wave of ecstasy wash over me, starting in my cunt and moving out to my fingertips and toes. My hand was on Jason’s head as I tugged on his hair.

“OHHHHH-OHHHHH, I’m cumming!” I cried out as Jason licked and finger fucked me. “Fuck! Oh!” My legs were shaking as my orgasm washed over me then subsided.

Jason started kissing his way up my body while I came down from my high. He kissed my thighs, hips, stomach, breasts, collarbone, neck, and finally settled on my lips. “Have you ever had your pussy eaten out?” Jason asked. I just shook my head, words were hard to get out. He chuckled.

“That was amazing.” I sat up on the couch, “I’ve never had my pussy eaten before and I’ve never had an orgasm that strong! My own fingers are so small I can’t really reach inside me enough to make it feel like that!”

Jason kissed my forehead, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I felt sexy and empowered and I wanted more of Jason.

I shifted over toward him and straddled his thighs so I was face to face with him. Tilting my head I leaned in to kiss him deeply, my pussy was tingling again and I knew what I wanted next. “Jason…I want you,” when I said that I could feel Jason’s cock grow to nearly full staff. I had seen that he was semi-hard after eating my pussy but his dick was growing harder now that I was on top of him. He reached up to take my wrists in his hands. “Gemma, I’ve already crossed too many lines with you. Maybe this was a mistake; I don’t know how I’m going to face your dad, or the rest of your family for that matter.”

“A mistake?” My heart was pounding and I started to feel my face go numb. Was Jason just using me? No, he wouldn’t do that, he could get a young piece of ass anywhere if he wanted, I thought. “But-I thought…Didn’t you feel anything? I felt a connection,” my inner self was beginning to panic and feel very self-conscious. I pulled a blanket off the back of the couch and covered myself up as I slid off of Jason’s lap onto the couch.

Fun with Photos Ch. 03


Todd had gotten the baby down easily enough. He always loved playing and rough housing with the boy after supper, but tonight mommy was horny. And Todd planned on making the most of that!

He could think of a couple of hundred naughty things he wanted to do with her. And he wanted to use his new camera to document all of it!

He knew he needed to login to his bank account and make his truck payment, but after that he planned on getting some pussy! He also hoped to turn Meagan on to the adult picture sharing site he found.

He was pretty sure she would be game to post some of the pictures they’d taken over the years. Maybe not right away, she might be afraid at first. He knew of her concerns with internet security. And she didn’t want people that knew her to see her pictures. But Todd knew his wife well enough to know how much she liked the attention of other men. And he knew that she would love getting complimented on her body. She would be totally turned on by knowing men were jacking off while looking at her. She would also love to get tribute pics, where men show pictures of themselves stroking and cumming on a girls posted pictures! That would make her horny as hell. And Todd planned to reap the benefits of that!

When he saw the lights on the computer that indicated that it was on, but asleep, he remembered Meagan saying that she had tried to make his payment but Jr. had fallen. He just figured she had run to him and forgot about shutting down the computer.

But when he hit the enter key and the screen came up showing a new video from Sharonshare he was confused. He hadn’t seen this video yet. He checked the date it had been posted, and it was after the last time he’d been on this site.

“Meagan must have been on here!” Todd thought to himself.

Just then he heard her behind him and turned to see her in the doorway. Her loose robe open enough to show her cleavage. Her face somewhat flushed with excitement.

“Umm, I guess by your mood tonight, that you’re not mad at me for this?” Todd asked meekly.

“No, but I have some questions.” she answered. Meagan then proceeded to untie her short, sexy robe and it fell open in the front. She closed the office door behind her and started to walk towards her husband. The robe billowed open the rest of the way.

Todd took in the site of his wife walking towards him and felt his cock start to stir. The open robe showed escort bayan gaziantep her little strip of hair above her pussy, the labia just visible below. And her full milf tits with her nipples starting to harden. The flush on her face and look in her eye told him of her arousal.

When she got in front of her husband she stopped and looked down at the growing bulge in his gym shorts. The corner of her mouth turned up slightly at the site before she looked her him in the eye and asked “Have you posted any of our pictures on there yet?”

Todd knew then by her demeanor and the use of the word yet, that he was not in trouble. That his wife was excited by the idea.

“No Baby, I wanted to see what you thought first.” He reached out and softly slid his hands inside her robe to grab her hips and pull her closer. “If we post anything, we’ll do it together!”

Relieved by his answer Meagan allowed him to pull her closer until her knees touched his. He pulled her closer still and she straddled her husband with her knees on the big chair.

Todd could not resist sucking one of the large tits presented to his face and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Even as his fingers found her wet slit and slid easily through them to graze her clit.

Meagan gasped at the sensation and settled down on his lap.

“And when were you going to tell me about this?” She breathed.

He pulled his wet fingers free and put them in his mouth to suck them clean while looking her in the eye.

“As soon as the time was right. I think tonight would be a good time.” He answered with a smile.

“I think your right.” She said with a naughty smile of her own . “But first I need fucked!”

Todd smiled at her and said “Well you came to the right place sexy lady!”

She ground her wet pussy on the growing bulge in his gym shorts and they both moaned before going in for a deep wet kiss.

Todd slid her robe off her shoulders and she let it fall to the floor behind her.

He pulled her tight to him and his hands circled her back as he enjoyed the feel of her body on his.

It had been awhile since they had been intimate and they both reveled in the sensations they felt.

Todd could feel the heat of her pussy grinding on his erect cock. Her wetness soaking through the thin nylon material of his shorts. They kissed hungrily, their passion increasing as they rubbed their bodies together.

Meagan could feel an orgasm coming on as her arousal grew and she rubbed her already excited clit and wet lips on her husbands hard prick. Nothing between them but the wet shorts.

She broke the kiss and gasped into his neck as the first ripples of climax shook her.

She surprised Todd by cumming so fast but he pushed himself against her to help make it as intense as possible.

Keeping one hand on her lower back he brought the other around to firmly grasp a tit. He groped it firmly and pinched her nipple as she gasped and whimpered into his neck.

“I need” Meagan panted “I need you inside me!” She reluctantly lifted herself up off him and they both grabbed at his shorts, frantically trying to pull them down and release his cock.

They managed to pull them down past his hips and only to the top of his thighs when Meagan grunted “Good, thats good enough!” As she held his erection upright and pointed straight at her wet target.

She lowered herself down on him until they felt his head nestled between her lips and at the entrance to her hungry pussy.

Meagan put both hands on the back of the chair and began to lower her body, taking her husbands hard dick inside her.

They looked into each others eyes and moaned together as she went slowly down until she was settled again in his lap, her pussy stretched full around his big cock.

“Oh fuck, thats what I needed!” Meagan told him.

“Mmm, me too Baby. Your pussy is so hot and wet!” Todd answered. “Did that site have you horny all day Baby?”

“Yeah, I guess.” She replied sheepishly as she started to move up and down on her husband slowly.

“How much did you see”? Todd asked as she rode him.

“Not much.” She panted in reply.

They enjoyed a slow fuck at first. She could feel every inch of his thick cock stretch and fill her. She ground her clit on him at the bottom causing more ripples of her orgasm before lifting back up to the top of the throbbing shaft.

“Did you read any of the comments on some posts?” Todd asked. He brought his other hand around and now had both his hands on her tits, squeezing them and pinching the nipples hard the way he knew she liked it.

Meagan was distracted from concentrating on the sensations in her pussy and on her tits.

“Comments? I didn’t see any comments.”

“Yeah,” he explained “everyone who looks at a post can comment.”

Meagan thought of the guys all around the world looking at her, and commenting. She started to fuck her husband faster when she thought about it.

“Everyone is going to love seeing your sexy body!” He told her in his low sexy voice.

He pushed her upper body back so he could lean forward and catch a hard nipple in his mouth. She cried out when he bit down on it.

“All those horny guys are going to want to suck these beautiful tits, and cum all over them!” Todd exclaimed. He licked and kissed and bit and sucked both of her luscious tits as her pace increased.

Meagan thought of the guys all around the world cumming on her tits and started to fuck Todd even harder, faster. Whimpering with the sensation of her orgasm starting. Not the small tremors she’d had before, but a full body shaking orgasm was coming on. Her whimpers changed to squeals that kept time with her increasingly fast pace.

“So many guys will want to fuck you! Want this wet pussy!” Todd told her. He knew she was starting to cum. He wanted to help get her off.

She thought about the huge greasy cock she’d seen, what was his name? BWC!

Todd thought briefly that he should have his camera to capture the moment, but thought it was in the bedroom, and his cellphone was out of reach.

He knew his wife well enough to know that she was starting into a mind blowing orgasm and he didn’t want to stop her now.

He wanted her to cum. He wanted her to cum hard! He knew she needed it.

Todd had thought he would be able to last awhile for her since he had just jacked off that morning before work. But her wet pussy flexing on his shaft felt so much better than his soapy hand.

Feeling her, and hearing her sexy squealing worked together to start that familiar churning in his balls. He didn’t fight it, didn’t even try to hold back. He fucked back against her for all he was worth.

When her eyes closed and her squeals turned to full on screams her pussy gushed and clamped down on his cock and drug him into orgasmic bliss right along with her.

Through the fog of her climax she felt her husband grow even bigger inside of her and heard his growl as she felt the hot spurts of jizz shooting inside her. She was pushed even deeper into her orgasm.

They frantically fucked each other as they shared their mutual orgasms. Both lost in each others pleasure.

It went on until they were both spent. Sweaty and out of breath, they slowed to a stop.

Game, Set and Match Ch. 02


Chapter 2 — The Changing Rooms

In the changing rooms they reluctantly parted company, Julia going through to the showers to undress. She was glad that no-one was around this late in the afternoon. She took off her dress, which was a little creased from her exertions. Standing there in her underwear, she observed herself in the mirror, the delicate material of her bra showing her pink nipples, which were still aroused from her encounter. She looked at the dark muff of hair showing through the lacy panties, where his fingers and tongue had explored. She could see that her thighs still had on them the sticky sweetness from the orgasm he had given her. She displaced the material of her panties, and probed and explored her clit through the fabric — hard, ready for more.

She ran her fingers over her chest where he had kissed her, and not caring who might be around, she removed the bra, gently dropped it to the floor, and started playing with her nipples, pinching and squeezing them, and pulling them into points. Her hands strayed down her belly to her muff, and she felt down her panties to stroke it, then removed her panties, the better to feel it. She slipped her middle finger into the juicy pink depths, warm, wet, inviting, stroking round in circles then catching her clit upwards, as always excited her, and watched herself in the mirror as she continued playing with her breasts. She enjoyed the sight of herself standing there naked, a sexy, sensuous woman, aroused, ready, wanting more. Her fingers plunged in deeper, and found her G-spot, while she continued rubbing her clit with her thumb.

So absorbed was she in her pleasures that she did not notice that the door had opened softly, and she jumped for a moment until she realised that it was Jack. He motioned to her to keep quiet, and he crept over, and took in her appearance. Julia blushed at what he had discovered her doing. She then noticed that Jack only had the minimum clothing on, just enough to sneak across the corridor. He was obviously fully erect, as his cock was clearly visible pointing through the material of his joggers, unconfined by any briefs, and a couple of wet patches had appeared where the head was against the material. Julia loved seeing a man aroused thus, and reached out and grasped his cock through the material, gently clasping his balls with her other hand. It was one of her fantasies that she could just pull a man’s trousers down and get his hard cock out, no briefs, and to her delight, this was exactly what happened. She pulled his trousers right down and he stepped out of them. She helped him off with his t-shirt, so he was as naked as she, and as ready as she.

Julia knelt down and, gently cradling Jack’s balls in both her hands, she manoeuvred his stiff cock to her lips, and kissed the head gently. With one hand she pulled escort bayan gaziantep his foreskin back, and touched her tongue to the bare head of his cock, licking away the droplets of salty juice which were oozing from him in his pleasure. Then as she enveloped the head in her lips, Julia leaned forward, taking his cock into her mouth, a little beyond the head, then leaned back again, drawing it out, and sucking hard. She did this a few more times, gripping, sucking, pulling it out longer, as he groaned with pleasure, placing both hands on her head and moving her to and fro, gently thrusting in time to her sucking, in order to get more of his cock into her mouth. Julia gripped his cock a little harder in her mouth, sucked more firmly, and each time she took him in, she went deeper on him, until over half his length was in.

Jack just stood still, eyes closed, holding her head, moving his hips in time to her sucking, enjoying the firm pressure on his cock which was tingling and throbbing in anticipation of his climax. He was going to shoot his load into her, empty his balls into her, into that lovely wet, tight mouth. Julia’s hands had shifted to around his bottom, and she now dug her nails in, pulled him closer, pulled him harder into her, and Jack was in every kind of heaven as he came. His cock pulsed and throbbed as his hot juice left him, feeling her mouth still around him firmly, draining him, sucking him dry. As he stilled, Julia let go his cock from her mouth, and buried her face in his groin, kissing, holding, hugging, and after a few more moments she stood up and melted into his arms.

For a little time they stood and held each other in their intimacy, then Jack stood back a step and observed Julia’s face, flushed with pleasure and a little shyness, still a little damp from her exertions, her hair a little dishevelled. He leaned over and gently took one of her nipples in his mouth, leaning back again and tweaking, as she had done to his cock. Her nipple stood out proudly from this attention, and he did the same to the other one, and Julia closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure. He planted delicate damp kisses all over both her breasts, returning to her nipples regularly to moisten them and keep them erect. Julia wanted him to move down her body, but he remained resolutely where he was for quite a while, making her pussy juices flow with both frustration and anticipation. With his fingers he traced lines around her waist, down her spine and around her buttocks, but still he would not touch her pussy, which was becoming so swollen and wet.

At length he did begin to move, with delicate kisses down the centre of her, first between her breasts, then down her belly. He lingered at her navel, licking and sucking, then, kneeling down before her, his lips travelled downwards, as he gently held and kneaded her buttocks. When he got down to her pubic hair, he gently brushed his lips over it, not quite touching her skin, and finally moved down to her hard, erect clit, which thrilled at his touch. He ran his tongue around the tip, then upwards into her mound, pulling the hood of skin back, then back down around the tip of her clit again, then thrust deeply into her.

He tasted her warm, musky wetness, felt the smooth surfaces of her love tunnel, and came to the sensitive spot, which made her give a little cry of pleasure when his tongue touched it. He then ran the tip of his tongue outwards from her G-spot, along her sensitive tunnel, past her clit, and deep into her mound, whereupon she thrust her hips forward into his face. He continued to pleasure her thus, sometimes teasing her clit on the outside, sometimes diving into her tunnel, running the tip of his tongue the full length of it, until he reached the G-spot again. As he felt her begin to writhe, he pressed his tongue around her G-spot with a circular motion, at the same time rubbing her juices around her clitoris with his thumb, until, with a little cry, she thrust forward one more time and started to climax. Jack tasted the little gushes of hot, sweet girl-juice as they ran over her G-spot and down her tunnel, soaking his lips and his face. He leaned back a little, and with two fingers deep inside her, rubbed and stimulated her G-spot as she writhed under his touch, moaning, crying, more and more little hot pulses of fluid coming out of her and down his hand and wrist. At the same time he was pressing with his thumb on her clitoris, so that finally she came in a double climax, her clit exploded and the last of the hot fluid gushed from her, and she was satisfied.

After a few moments Jack stood up and enfolded Julia in his arms, and they stood there, just embracing and enjoying their closeness after the intimacy they had shared. Suddenly realising where they were, and glad that no one had interrupted them, they gathered their things and walked through the archway to the far room where the showers were.

Going into a cubicle with Julia, Jack turned on the water, watching it slide sensuously around Julia’s curves, dripping off her breasts, flowing around her pussy and forming rivulets down her thighs.

He took some shower gel and started to rub it all over her body, paying particular attention to her breasts, where he enjoyed cupping her nipples between his soapy hands and gently pulling them out to full length. He turned her round and soaped her back, running fingers down her spine, rubbing handfuls of lather around her firm, round buttocks, dipping naughtily into her private place and toying with her pussy lips as he did so. He turned her to face him again, and smoothed more shower gel over her breasts, around her stomach, and to her mound, where he first soaped her with the flat of his palm, then reached soapy fingers down to pleasure her clit and labia. He then stood back a little while the water gently rinsed her body.

Julia then took the shower gel and firmly lathered Jack’s buttocks, pulling him towards her, and again playfully dipping into the private place, before bringing her hands around the front, and running soapy fingers along the creases of his groin. She took more lather and gently cupped his balls in her hands, rubbing the lather around the furry roughness of the skin, before moving both hands up onto his cock, which had begun to harden. As he whispered to her that he did not want it yet, she reluctantly ceased teasing for the moment, and after he had been rinsed they had a long, lingering embrace in the warm water before stepping out, one by one, enfolding themselves in the large luxurious bath towels to get dry.

Looking out again into the main room, still deserted but fearing being locked in at this hour, they retrieved fresh clothes from their respective luggage, Jack having brought through his bag and left it by the main changing room door. Julia was then dressed in an exotic gypsy skirt and flounced white cotton blouse, and Jack in a fresh pair of chinos and linen shirt. Quietly and conspiratorially, with Julia acting as lookout, they both sneaked out into the corridor, then strolled nonchalantly out into reception as if nothing was amiss. Julia must have been wearing a guilty expression, as she was sure that the young receptionist who had first greeted her gave her a conspiratorial look.

Leaving a generous tip for the receptionist, Jack took Julia by the hand and led her outside to where he had parked his Jaguar and, opening the door for her, ushered her into the passenger seat and closed the door after her. He stowed their bags in the boot, walked round the car, got into the driving seat, started the car and, ensuring they were both settled in their seat belts, sped out of the car park and headed for the orbital road.

The journey took a little over half an hour, firstly through the leafy streets of affluent London suburbs, then a little stretch of the orbital road, and finally out into the countryside beyond. The sun had been setting during this time, and it being autumn, everything around them was red and golden, the sun like a burning golden orb in the red-pink-purple sky, before it set, and left a golden glow suffusing the night sky from below the horizon, the stars beginning to come out. The stark black outlines of tree branches stood out against the dark blue night sky, outlined in the moonlight. Neither Jack nor Julia spoke much during this part of the journey, partly because they did not wish to break the magical atmosphere, and partly because they were both deep in contemplation, remembering all the wonderful things which had passed between them that day.

to be continued / ch 03

Fucking The Wife’s Friend


I’ve had my eye on my wife’s friend Sue for some time. My wife Hannah and I no longer have sex. She started to tell me it hurts when I enter her. I am just average length around six inches but my dick is thick. I asked her to go see the doctor but she says it would be too embarrassing. My eyes soon began to wander. Sue is the total opposite of my wife. Sue is short with brown hair and she is shapely with big breasts. My wife is blond, tall and thin.

I didn’t know how to approach the idea of hitting on Sue. When she and her husband Larry are over at our house, I am constantly looking at Sue’s ass and tits. One day everything changed. My wife went out on Saturday morning to have her hair done and to go shopping afterwards. I would have the house all to myself for a few hours. I no sooner got relaxed when the doorbell rang. When I answered it there stood Sue.

“I was supposed to meet Hannah but I see her car isn’t here,” she told me.

I told Sue that Hannah would be back shortly and she should wait for her. I got Sue a bottle of water and as we stood in the kitchen I decided to make my move. I couldn’t see a better time for this. Sue barely opened the bottle of water and sat it down when I moved in close to her. I knew I couldn’t ask permission. I got hold of the escort bayan gaziantep edge of her shirt and I lifted it up over her head. Sue’s face was one of total surprise.

“John, what are you doing!?”

“I have wanted you for a long time Sue and now I am going to have you,” I said.

The look on Sue’s face was priceless. I just went forward and I unsnapped her bra. It was just as I thought. For a small woman her breasts were big and her nipples looked hard. I quickly lowered my face and began to suck on one nipple and then the next. I think Sue lost any resistance to me stripping her down. I then worked her shorts and panties down to the floor. Sue’s pussy was neatly trimmed down. I quickly shed my shirt, pants and underwear and we stood before each other total naked.

The dining room table was close by so I moved Sue over to it. I lifted her up on the edge and then took hold of my cock and started to rub the head over her mound. That got Sue going, that much was for sure. She spread her legs wider for me and I pressed my mushroom up and down her wet slit. Yes, she was already oozing with her juices. It didn’t take much for my dick to get hard. I wish I could have had more foreplay but I hadn’t had sex in many months.

I pushed in past Sue’s folds and I buried my dick inside the whole way. You should have heard the moans coming from Sue’s mouth. For a minute or so I just left my cock inside and didn’t move it. I could feel Sue’s pussy spasming all around my shaft. When I thought she was good and ready I started feeding Sue my prick. I have to say that her pussy needed cock. I took hold of Sue’s legs and pushed them back. I guess I just went crazy. I was banging her pussy for all it was worth.

Sue didn’t object at all. She seemed to be in a sex haze. She had her eyes closed and her head was thrown back. Our mounds were hitting as I entered Sue’s pussy again and again. All I could think about was that I should have done this years ago. I went a little crazy and started to tell Sue her pussy was all mine.

“Oh my God!” Sue kept repeating.

Thankfully my wife wouldn’t be home for some hours. I could just see her face if she caught me fucking her best friend. I was stroking Sue with my hardest thrusts. I would enter her and then slowly withdraw so the tip of my dick was resting at her opening. I almost wanted Sue to beg me to shove it in one more time. I would push in hard so I was completely inside Sue. Something told me she wasn’t getting sex like this at home. Sue’s muscles were holding me tightly. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.

When I felt my balls pinching, I sped up. I knew there was no way I could pull out now. I had to seed Sue’s pussy this first time. A few more deep thrusts and then I unloaded. All those months without sex, I knew I had a big load stored up just for Sue. I squirted hot ropes of my cream deep into Sue’s body. Sue screamed as she felt my love seed enter her belly. Her pussy was working overtime squeezing my dick dry. It felt like I came for fifteen minutes or so but I knew that couldn’t be the case.

I did finally go soft and I had to pull out. Huge globs of my cum came spilling out of Sue’s gash. Sue weakly got to her feet and ran into the bathroom. A few minutes passed and Sue returned. She slowly picked up her clothes and began to get dressed.

“I enjoyed what we did John but it can never happen again. Hannah is my friend and I won’t risk losing her friendship,” Sue said to me.

It was like she slapped me in the face. I had all these grand plans of having Sue whenever I wanted and now she told me it was one and done. I got my clothes on as well and I walked Sue to the door. She kissed me and said to tell Hannah that they could hookup another time. I watched Sue drive off and I was crestfallen. My dick ached from all that hot fucking. Maybe I am bullheaded but I still plan to have Sue again. She just doesn’t know it yet.