Aunt Julia


“Mom fell again.”

For the third time in six months, my mother-in-law had fallen. They had attendants watching her at the Nursing Home, but she’d manage to do it each time, due to her dementia, and we’d have to race down to see her.

So it was, Jill and I drove the 3 hours, seeing her mom, bruised and incoherent. Since we hadn’t gotten rid of her apartment because it was so cheap, the wife would stay with Mom while I would go check on the place and stay there.

The apartment was musty, so I aired it out while I went shopping for staples like beer and pretzels, ready for a boring night, not really minding the alone-time. It’s good to sit back and reflect.

After visiting again to make sure the wife was okay, I was about to return to the apartment for some Football and Beer, when my wife’s Aunt Julia came rushing in, having heard about Flo’s latest fall. She was out of breath from rushing, no spring chicken herself.

Julia was the sister of Jill’s Dad, who had passed away. Not to make it too confusing, she was someone we rarely saw, and I knew little about. And she lived in the same town where the apartment and nursing home were.

She and Jill shared a hug, sobbing together. She nodded to me, remembering my name, but I couldn’t place her until my wife’s introduction, “You remember Aunt Julia…”

“Yes, of course, how are you?”

Julia, though older, was 10 years younger than Mom, still lived alone, widowed for 20 years. She tried to visit Mom once a week but it was tough. Jill thanked her for whatever time she could spend, and she nodded in appreciation.

I remembered seeing pictures from her parents’ wedding and Julia had been a bride’s maid. She looked like an old time movie star, even then, like Ann Blythe, dark hair against ivory skin, she shone through even back then.

None of us grows old as we wish, or we’d never age at all, but seeing Julia now, I could still see the lines of her face, the smile, the smooth white skin. Probably 65 now, she was still a striking woman.

The attendants came to end the visit since only my wife could stay overnight. Julia and I walked out together. She was 5’5, in heels, the hair still black, (with help, I’m sure) and still current with eye shadow and modest false lashes. We stopped at her car.

“So, you’re staying at Flo’s place tonight?”

“Yes, probably tomorrow, too. Until Jill feels comfortable about leaving Mom.”

“Well, I’m sure you weren’t looking for the company of an old lady, but if you’d like to stop off, I have snacks, and cocktails. After all, it’s only 8 PM. Lord knows, I could use a drink!”

I hesitated, and she jumped in. “But I’m sure you are tired from your trip, so maybe some other time. Here’s my cell number. If Flo or Jill needs anything, just call, okay Honey?” She reached up and pulled me down to her, and kissed my cheek. “Nice to see you again, Honey, you take care now.”

She climbed in her car, smiled again, and drove off. On the way back to the apartment, I felt lousy. Here, this nice old lady has been visiting my mother-in-law, knowing Flo barely knows who anybody bursa escort is. And all she asked was for me to stop by and have a drink. Who visits her? This is the thanks she gets?

I paused outside the apartment and thought some more. I dialed her number. “Hello?” I heard.

“Hi, Aunt Julia, it’s Harry, Jill’s husband.”

Excitedly she asked, “Is everything alright? What happened?”

“Oh, nothing, sorry to scare you, I was just wondering if that offer still stood?”

She seemed happy to give me her address. I stopped at a liquor store, bought a bottle of wine, the least I could do, and showed up 15 minutes later.

She opened the door with a big smile. “Hi, Honey I’m glad you could make it. Please, come in!”

I handed her the bottle, she seemed pleased, offered to open it. I chose a Scotch instead, and she poured one for herself, talking amiably as she moved around the kitchen/dining area in her neat little place, putting out snacks. We sat at the counter when she finished and she raised a glass. “To Flo, the best big sister I never had.”

She was a bundle of energy, at any age, and she kept calling me Honey, and Sweetie, and Doll, and I knew she would have had me wrapped around her finger back in the day. Thirty years older than me, and I loved her company. For some reason she kept me smiling.

A few times, she said, “What? Why are you smiling, Baby?” and I replied, “I don’t know, I just like you, you make me smile.” Then she would seem shy for a minute, then be off on another story, or risque joke, or an idea about life.

It was midnight in a flash, and two-thirds of the Scotch was gone, mostly consumed by me, but she was showing the affects, too.

“Oh, My, it’s getting late! Will you be okay to drive, honey?”

“Oh, sure,” I heard my voice slur. “It’s not far.”

I could see the concern on her face. “I don’t know, maybe you rest up here for a while. You can stay the night, if you like. I’d hate for something to happen, I’d feel so responsible!”

I don’t know what made me say it, but it came out, “Will you tuck me in, Mommy?”

She looked at me, curiously. I was immediately sorry, but before I could apologize she smiled, and said, “Will you stay if I say yes?”

I smiled and nodded.

“Then Mommy will tuck you in and make sure there’s no monsters under the bed. Sorry you don’t have fresh Jammies?”

“Oh, Mommy, I sleep Au Natural now!”

She laughed as she looked me over. “Well, thank God you’ll be on the couch! I’ve been sleeping nude for 15 years, those damned hot flashes!”

“Well, I’ll be careful sleep-walking.”

“Please do, I wouldn’t want to have to explain that to Jill.” Julia seemed to realize what we said, and looked at me seriously. “Honey, anyone hearing this would get the wrong idea.”

I smiled lecherously. “I know, I’m getting some ideas myself!”

“Be careful, Sweetie, it’s been a while for me.”

The Scotch was really in charge now. “Well, I’d be happy to do something about that!”

My mind popped when it realized what my mouth had said, but Julia seemed unfazed. bursa ucuz eskort If anything, she seemed more interested.

“Be careful, Baby, I may take you seriously.”

Sitting on the counter stool beside me, I could see her profile and she had a healthy pair of tits waiting to be sucked, no matter how old they were. I had read about a senior community in Florida where unmarried sex was rampant, so they still enjoy it, and I was feeling my oats.

I turned the stool to face her, and she did the same. I touched her hand and she stood, moving between my spread legs. Our eyes were locked and she said, “God, forgive me, what am I doing?”

My hands were on her hips and I pulled her closer to me. Her standing and me sitting were the same height. I saw her lips as they came closer, and felt them softly brush mine, still unsure. But I held her and she looked at me again.

“Are you sure you want this?” she asked. I just nodded, and she kissed me again, giving herself up to it.

Through the blur of the Scotch, I had a hand on her rump, kneading it while the other came around front and felt her breast. She tensed for a moment, then wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing deeply and I felt her tongue flick and move.

I reached around back and unhooked her bra under the blouse. Her hand caught mine as it went inside the bra and found her nipple. She gasped, “Not here, please!”

She led me to her bedroom, pulled down the comforter exposing the sheets, then turned and flicked off the lights, leaving us in shadows. Maybe she was self-conscious about her body, but my eyes adjusted and as we progressed, I could see just fine.

When she turned back to me, she raised the blouse over her head, and the dark colored bra tumbled to the floor.

Following suit, I slid my shirt over my head, as she unzipped her slacks and lowered them, still clad in panties, and her 3 inch heels. I hurried to catch up, dropping my jeans, stepping out of my shoes and socks.

She stood with her chest out, proudly, and waited. I knew it was my move and our bodies met, and the heat was astounding. I could hear her breathing heavily as my hands sought her nipples, and she pulled my head down to kiss while I tweaked them. From the kiss, she pulled me lower, and slid her boob into my face. I sat on the bed and sucked them, one by one as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“Oh, baby, that feels so nice! Yes! Um! Oooh! Yes, Baby, like that!”

My fingers slid into her waist band and the panties fell, and my front hand dropped to her slot, feeling the heavily bushed area. Her legs were slightly parted, and I let a finger slide up and in, and she stirred in my hand, moving around, growling.

My 6 inches were pressed against my boxers and needed release. I reached and let it pop out the piss hole. Julia seemed to sense what I’d done, and reached to me, finding my cock head in her small hand, palming my knob as I moaned.

I sucked her tit as she whispered in my ear, “Oh, honey, I really want that cock inside me!”

The gruff language bursa anal yapan escort excited me. When was the last time she said that? I’d better give it to her. I stood and she gasped as I released her nipple. I turned her back to the bed, and she scrambled up on it, breathing heavily.

I could see the whites of her eyes looking at me, as I climbed on. She lifted her feet and spread for me, the flesh seeming so white in the shadows.

I knelt before her, looking down, holding my cock as it throbbed. I moved up, over her, perched on one hand, and held my shaft, sliding it through her hair, finding the wet slit.

I dipped the tip, and she shuddered. She was ready. I arched my back and slowly pressed in, further, feeling her flesh slide up my cock, taking me in. The groans were from both of us, groans of pleasure. I was amazed at her tightness.

I withdrew to the head, then slid back in, and she groaned with each push. The thought that I was hurting her didn’t last. She was talking again, saying how good it felt, and how long it had been, and that Mommy loved her Baby, louder, and sharper, each comment.

My hips were smacking into her, and she was answering each thrust. The old bed was creaking and the head board banged against the walls. This old room hadn’t heard such sounds in too long.

My hopes of holding on didn’t last. Her comments and the tightness had me ready to ring the bell, and I gave into it just as she cried out, “OH, GODDDDD!”

My sperm shot out in spurts, and she seemed to feel each shot. She was practically crying as I slumped over her, exhausted.

We lay there for a while, and I rolled off, falling into a deep sleep.

The sunlight shone between the slats of the blinds. I was alone, with Scotch mouth and a headache.

“Oh, you’re up! How are you, Honey?”

I looked over. There was Julia at the door, Advil and Orange Juice in hand, dressed all in white, like an old angel. Her black hair was pulled back. It was a white nightgown, a robe over it. not your every day sleeping gown for sure. Full make-up like last night, always looking her best. I was flattered. Also, I was embarrassed, thinking back, but she seemed fine with it.

“Here, take these, there’s fresh towels in the shower. I washed and dried your undies, hope you don’t mind. There’s coffee, when you’re ready.”

She walked out and I downed the Advil, washed up and got dressed. She was at the counter, reading the paper, sipping coffee. I poured a cup.

“About last night…” I began.

“Shhh! It happened. We didn’t plan it. I for one, had a great time, thank you. We’ll just make like it never happened, okay? It was our little secret.”

I drank the black liquid, it was too hot, but I relished the punishment.

“You’re really something special, Julia. Where were you 20 years ago when I was single?”

“I was too old for you then, too!”

“You weren’t too old horizontally, for sure!”

She smiled, gave me a wink. “I just followed your lead, baby.”

I took her shoulders and she stood, a questioning look on her face. I bent and kissed her, tasting her cherry lip gloss.

I said, “I think we should come down and visit Flo more often. This way, Jill gets to see her Mom.”

“Oh? Do you think you could find the time to say hello to an old friend?”

“As long as the friend has Scotch and Advil!” I led her back to the squeaky bed.

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