Aunt Em Ch. 02


Saturday morning came and I could hardly wait for my parents and sister to set off. My mother left with the words “Are you sure you will be alright?”

“Don’t worry Mum, Auntie Em will make sure I don’t get into anything I shouldn’t.” The main things I was interested in getting into right at that moment were Auntie Em’s panties and also her bed.

I had packed a few things for the weekend in a small overnight bag and after getting myself ready I was soon on my way to Auntie Em’s. I decided to take the long route via the main road as this made sure I did not risk spoiling my clothes taking the paths through the fields which included the odd stile or two. I wanted her first impression of me to be just right and besides it gave me a chance to calm the nerves that were coursing through my body.

I knocked on the front door of Auntie Em’s little house. I still had my key but somehow this felt different to my normal working days. The door was opened by a smiling Auntie Em who looked a little different to the lady I knew. She wore a bright, crisp white blouse and a floral pleated skirt that fell to just below her knees. She had done something to her short blonde hair, obviously trying to make the best of it, and there was also a hint of perfume in the air. She was clearly wearing a little make-up and lipstick which made her look much prettier than usual. I felt the beginning of a hardness between my legs as I looked at the “new” Auntie Em and wondered what lay ahead.

“Take your bag upstairs to the spare room John. I have one or two jobs to finish and then I will make us some coffee. You settle down and make yourself comfortable. You’ve done enough work for one week”

The reference to the “spare room” had me puzzled. Was Auntie Em having second thoughts or was it just her way of giving me a little space in case I was having second thoughts of my own. I did as requested and took my bag upstairs before calling to make use of the bathroom. The nerves had re-emerged and were starting to get the better of me. The longer that this period of indecision continued the more they were likely to take control. One of us was going to have to make the first move and somehow I suspected that ladies of Auntie Em’s age had not been brought up to make that first move. It was going to have to be me who broke the ice, whenever the opportunity arose.

I settled down in a chair in Auntie Em’s small living room and started to read the morning newspaper. Then my aunt appeared at the doorway to ask if I wanted coffee or tea.

“Whatever you are having Emily” I spoke, quite proud of myself for addressing her as ordered.

Auntie Em gave me a look of approval and disappeared into the kitchen.

Soon she returned with two steaming mugs of coffee and we sat across from one another making small talk as the coffee cooled. As we talked I noticed Auntie Em kept crossing and uncrossing her legs causing the skirt to rise to a little above her knees. I was not sure if this was a sign of nerves at the imminent surrender of something she had preserved for 50 years or if it was done on purpose to arouse me. Whatever the reason it was having its effect as I looked at her quite shapely nylon-covered legs and her shoes that had a semi-high heel. I was wondering if she had opted for tights or stuck to her preferred stockings as my cock again began to harden. Mum had made sure to instruct me to wear my best and newest underwear and the stiffness of the fabric was now evident against my even stiffer cock.

I longed to join Auntie Em on the sofa and take her in my arms but my lack of experience somehow made this a step too far.

The coffees were drunk and Auntie Em picked up the mugs to take them back into the kitchen. She was always one to keep on top of things like washing up and old habits obviously die hard. I watched her disappear from the room.

The sight of her backside swaying as she walked on her semi-high Kartal Escort heels sent a little shiver down my spine. There was nothing for it. It was up to me to make the first move and I rose from my chair and went to the open kitchen door. Auntie Em had her back to me putting the coffee mugs into the sink. Without giving myself time to re-think the situation and have doubts I crept up behind her placing my hands on her backside and kissed the side of her neck. She froze as I did so but made no move to escape and as the seconds passed her head moved in approval of my continuing short gentle kisses and she seemed to push herself against my body. Any closer and she would feel the long hard erection that was waiting just for her.

My hands moved from Auntie Em’s backside and slid below her arms and then rose to cup her breasts as she began to moan softly. I could feel the softness of her breasts through the material of her blouse and bra and as I fondled them gently but firmly the first signs of her hardening nipples became evident. Auntie Em made no attempt to repulse my advances and in fact she pushed herself further back against me. I sensed she could now feel the hardness of my cock which was directly in line with her small, firm buttocks. She gently moved those buttocks rubbing them against a cock that was getting even harder and even longer.

My left hand stayed working its magic on Auntie Em’s left breast whilst my right moved down to the top of her skirt and felt the slight hint of a tummy. I started to rub it up and down with each downward rub taking me lower and lower. Auntie Em’s moaning got more pronounced as my right hand was now against her crotch and clearly starting to arouse feelings she had hidden for so long. I decided to concentrate my efforts solely on her crotch area as she was obviously getting so much pleasure down there. I started to use my fingers to gradually raise the skirt inch by inch and was so glad that Auntie Em had chosen a flowing skirt with plenty of room for my desires.

Auntie Em clearly had no intention of stopping me and in fact her left hand had now gone down to the hem of her skirt and was helping me by raising it upwards. Soon I felt the skirt above my hand and not below it as I got my first touch of her panties with her still inside them.

They felt silky and lacy and so good to the touch and as my hand strayed to the crotch I realised that they were damp too. This prim and proper lady who had always kept herself intact was starting to show signs of arousal that I had not expected. I had imagined that her pussy might need lots of stimulation after all these years of inactivity. How wrong could I have been.

My fingers were now starting to trace Auntie Em’s swollen pussy lips through the silkiness of her panties and her right hand was now on top of my right hand, not to discourage me but more to make sure I did not change my point of attack. Her left hand had disappeared behind her and had now found the bulge in the front of my trousers. She gasped as she started to gently rub the bulge in time with my rubbing on the crotch of her panties.

She stopped moaning for a second to whisper slowly but precisely ” Let’s find somewhere where we can be a bit more comfortable. “

I removed my hand from Auntie Em’s panties and her skirt fell back to its normal level. She turned and smiled at me and led me into the living room. She sat on the sofa and beckoned me to sit by her side.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to make a move” she said ” but it was so worth the wait. I feel so excited already.”

I sat down beside Auntie Em and not wishing the moment to pass I took no time in leaning across and kissing her on the lips. She melted into my arms but our kiss was that of two closed mouths. She was not from a generation where French kissing was the norm and so I teased her lips with my tongue until she finally Tuzla Escort realised what I was trying to do and opened her mouth a little so that I could slide my tongue inside her mouth and locate her own tongue. Soon she was realising the pleasure that such intimacy can bring and was kissing me in a manner that I am sure was quite foreign to her but was clearly starting to arouse deep passions within her.

My right hand moved to Auntie Em’s left bust and resumed my caressing and fondling and then I decided it was time to start to unfasten the buttons on the front of her blouse. My left hand was behind her head and my nerves were getting the better of me as I struggled with the top button. Auntie Em’s hands came up against my right hand. I thought for a moment that they were there to admonish me for being so bold but instead she took control of the situation and started to undo the buttons for me. She was clearly as keen to get my hands on her bra as I was to have them there.

The blouse was open in a flash and my hand was back fondling her bust through the soft silky bra which felt exactly like the panties I had stroked earlier. Auntie Em’s nipples were so hard now — much harder than the nipples on the couple of girls that I had been lucky enough to get so intimate with. I looked down to see that the bra was a cream colour with lots of lace and decoration. It looked much more sexy than the maternal bras I had discovered on my secret missions.

Aunty Em’s hands were on her blouse now and it was soon obvious that she wanted to remove it. Together we re-adjusted our positions till it was soon thrown behind the sofa. Auntie Em was not usually one for having clothing lying around the house but then neither was she someone who was usually locked in the passionate embrace of a man more than 30 years her junior.

Once free of her blouse Auntie Em began to unbutton my shirt and in no time at all it had joined her blouse on the living room floor. Once I was naked to the waist she started to stroke my young chest and the few hairs that had already arrived on it and gently rub my nipples between her fingers. This led me to realise that Auntie Em was trying to tell me something, that her own nipples were in need of some closer attention. I pushed my hand up the side elastic of her bra and started to try to bring it round to the cups at the front. Auntie Em clearly had better ideas as her left hand went behind her back.

She broke away from our kissing and said pleadingly “Help me take this off. It’s starting to get in the way.”

I had never undone a bra before but between us the fastening was soon undone and the bra fell down between us. Auntie Em took it in her left hand and threw it over the back of the sofa as we resumed our embrace and I felt the softness of her lips again on mine. By now she needed no coaxing as her tongue slid instantly between my lips.

I was grateful that Auntie Em’s windows were covered in thick net curtains as anyone walking past the window would not have believed their eyes.

My right hand was now on Auntie Em’s tits. They felt so soft. They were quite small for a woman of her age but that had kept them firm and perky without any signs of sagging. Her nipples felt enormous in comparison to the smallness of her boobs. They felt so hard to my touch and yet so sensitive as I played with them.

“Suck them for me John. When I was a young woman one of my few boyfriends once sucked them. It felt so good and I want to feel that way again. Please ….”

I was not exactly sure what to do but my lips were soon alternating between Auntie Em’s hard nipples, licking and sucking them. It was my first experience of this practice but the noises coming from Auntie Em let me know that I must be doing something right.

“Oh yes John, yes that’s lovely” she moaned through clenched teeth.

My right hand now seemed a little redundant Anadolu Yakası Escort as my lips did all the required work and it seemed a good opportunity to find out if Auntie Em was wearing stockings and suspenders as my hand wandered under her skirt and found her nylon-covered knees before beginning a slow journey upwards. The nylons felt so sheer, not the usual kind of things contained in her bedroom drawers and as I reached her mid thighs I found that Auntie Em was indeed wearing stockings as I found my hand on the stocking tops and suspender fasteners. She trembled as my hand passed the stocking tops and was now sliding along her bare flesh before the short journey that again had my hand on the crotch of her panties.

The last time there had been evidence of moisture. Now they were almost weighted down with the juices flowing from Auntie Em’s cunt. She squealed with pleasure as I again began to trace the outline of her swollen pussy lips and she opened her legs wide to encourage my fingers to get even more intimate with her.

I had reached this stage with girls on two occasions before but both had been reluctant to go much further. In contrast Auntie Em clearly welcomed the attention her panties were receiving and she took her left hand and moving the crotch of her panties to one side gave me the perfect invitation to slide my fingers inside them and get my first feel of adult pussy.

Once her job had been done Auntie Em’s hand moved away and started to launch an attack on the front of my trousers.

“Have you ever held a cock Emily?” I asked as she tried to circle her fingers around it through my trousers.

“Not an erect one” she answered ” Would you mind if I held yours?

“Be my guest” I said with a tremble in my voice at the thought of my cock soon being in the dainty hands of my middle aged aunt. ” But before you do let me see if I can please you first”

I slid two fingers into her wetness and she let out a muffled scream to feel them there.

“Be gentle with me John” Auntie Em whispered ” No man has ever been where you are now so please be gentle”

Fortunately Auntie Em was so wet that there was no chance of me hurting her and soon I had built up a gentle but steady rhythm as my fingers drove in and out of her cunt.

At the age of 18 I did not even realise that women could have orgasms and it came as a bit of a shock when Auntie Em started to breathe deeply and writhe about against my thrusting fingers. I thought I must be hurting her and slowed my rhythm.

“No, please don’t stop” moaned Auntie Em ” In fact give them to me harder and faster”

I did as I was told and soon Auntie Em was a quivering wreck as I felt the sensations of an orgasm pulsate through her body. Her juices flowed even more freely than before and soon the crotch of her panties were soaking and the excess was starting to wet the new pleated skirt that lay beneath and would soon, no doubt, leak through onto her sofa. I was unsure as to whether Auntie Em had ever experienced this before but something told me that she had waited many years for the release that she was now enjoying.

Auntie Em started to return to normal. At my age I was unaware that many women can experience multiple orgasms and my fingers slowly slid from her wetness and out from her equally wet panties.

“Thank you my dear John” Auntie Em whispered with eyes closed ” That was even better than I ever imagined it would be. You make me feel so special.”

“You are special, Emily” I responded “Very special”

Auntie Em smiled in receipt of the compliment.

“Right now I am more than a little wet” she said after a brief period of silence “and I think it is high time you took me to bed. From what I can feel of that cock of yours it is in need of some relief. And I have just the thing it needs”

“Your pussy felt so good, Emily, so hot and so wet. Like nothing I ever felt before!! “

“And it felt so good to feel your fingers inside me “, she responded ,” but right now I need even more. I want you to make love to me. In fact I hope you won’t mind my language when I tell you that right now there is nothing I want more than a good fucking — from you my dear John”

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