Aunt Caitlin: The Reunion


It had been about three months since my cousin’s wedding. That means it has been three months since Aunt Caitlin and I spent the night together. Even though we live about five hours away from each other, we haven’t been able to see each other since. That would all change this weekend.

I got the phone call from my mom that this year would be my grand parents 60th wedding anniversary and that we would be having a party for them at Caitlin’s house. She had a nice house out in the country and, since it was summer, we would be able to have the party outside. I looked forward to the party from the minute I got that call, and I have to admit, while making the drive out to Caitlin’s, I got hard a few times remembering that night we had. I’m glad I was alone in my car.

Caitlin lived in a farmhouse out in the country. It was an old house, but she apparently had recently had it redone, so it didn’t look like it was falling down. As a matter of fact, it was a really nice, 2-story brick house with a sloped black roof and a long porch across the entire front of the house. I could even see a barn about two hundred yards behind the house. In the space between the main house and the barn, a large white party tent had been erected and I could see people sitting on chairs underneath it. I got out my car and could hear the music from the party and people talking. I walked back there and greeted my family, making sure to stop and give my grand parents the gift I had gotten them.

It was a really warm day, but the tent provided plenty of shade and there were lots of drinks for us. I was there for a few minutes when I saw Aunt Caitlin coming out the back door of her house. She was wearing a light green sundress that showed off some of her cleavage, but was still quite tasteful for the occasion. The color of the dress complemented her red hair, which was now in a bob cut that came down to her chin. On her feet she wore a pair of dress sandals that matched the green of her dress. I felt a flutter in my chest when she walked down those stairs. I didn’t think I would be this nervous.

Caitlin stopped to talk to a couple of people and then happened to look my way. I saw a twinkle in her eyes as she started walking towards me. I noticed the sway of her hips, the sensual back-and-forth rhythm that they moved with. Caitlin came up to me and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. I could smell the hint of a citrus perfume on her neck. I hugged her back and felt our groins pressing against each other. My cock twitched in my pants, and I kinda hoped that Caitlin felt it.

She kissed me on my cheek and smiled. “How’ve you been, Nick? I haven’t seen you since the wedding,” she said, a smirk on her face. I noticed that she didn’t call me Nicky this time.

“I’ve been good, just busy at work.”

“Well, you should come out and visit your aunt from time to time.”

I glanced down to peek at her cleavage before looking back into her eyes. “Maybe I should,” I responded. I watched Caitlin walk away for a few moments before going to find some of my cousins to talk to.

The afternoon went well, with plenty of food, drinks and dancing to fill the time. Even my grandparents danced together for a couple of songs. At one point Aunt Caitlin walked over to where I was sitting with my cousins and playfully pulled me out of my chair. “You know I have to get in a dance with my favorite nephew,” she said with a giggle. I stood up and followed her to where people were dancing. The song that was playing was a faster one, and Caitlin and I started dancing together. I was enjoying watching her tits bounce lightly in her dress as she moved to the music. At one point, Caitlin turned around to face away from me and backed up into me, her ass pressing against my crotch. I put my hands on her waist as she moved, grinding against me. We were working up a bit of a sweat while we danced.

The next song that played was slower. Caitlin turned to face me and came in close. She raised her arms to put her hands on my shoulders and I put my hands on her waist. We moved slowly together, our groins barely inches away from each other. My heart was pounding in my chest and my mouth was starting to feel a little dry.

“You know, Nick, I still think about what happened at Jack’s wedding,” she whispered.

“I do too, Caitlin.”

“Sometimes I lay in bed and play with my pussy thinking about you.”

I felt myself beginning to blush a little. “Well, I get hard thinking about you too. In fact, I got hard a few times on the drive down here.”

“Really?” she asked as she pulled herself in closer to me.

“Yeah, really,” I somehow managed to say.

“I’m so happy to hear that,” she said with a wink. We danced the rest of the song and, when it was over, I moved to go sit down. Before I could move, she held my hand and stood on her tiptoes to whisper in my ear.

“Go inside in a couple of minutes and meet me in the master bedroom. It’s at the end of the hall upstairs.” Before she left, she reached down and quickly 4 k porno grabbed my butt. I looked around to see if anyone noticed, but luckily no one did.

I went and sat down with some family members. The next couple of minutes that passed seemed much longer. I looked at my watch constantly, and my leg was bouncing up and down nervously. When I thought enough time had passed, I got up and walked to the house.

I went through the backdoor into the kitchen. There were people sitting in the living room drinking and laughing. A couple of people glanced up at me, but no one really paid me any mind as I walked up the stairs.

I turned at the top of the stairs and made my way down the hall to Caitlin’s bedroom. I knocked on the door.

“Come on in Nick,” I heard Aunt Caitlin say.

“How’d you know it was me?” I asked as I entered the room and closed the door behind me.

Caitlin pointed to one of the windows. “I watched you walk up to the house and come inside. Also, no one else knew I was in here.” I looked out the window she pointed at. This side of the house faced the sunset, giving a nice view of the sun beginning to go down over the distant mountains. I could see my family having a good time at the party outside. I looked around the bedroom. Against one wall was a wooden queen size canopy bed. There was a thick post at each corner, and a white lace curtain was draped around the bed. On the opposite side of the room from the bed was a big dresser with a large oval mirror on top of it. Because her bedroom was at the end of the house, she had windows on both the west and south walls, which meant there was still plenty of sunlight coming through. Underneath the window she had watched me from was a small end table. The walls were covered in a cream-colored wallpaper.

There were a couple of paintings hung around the room. One of them was a portrait of a woman laying on her back topless on a brown couch. I looked closer and saw that it was Caitlin. She looked about twenty years younger in the picture. Her red hair was longer and draped seductively over her breasts, but parted where her nipples were so that they peeked through. Her legs were situated so that you could see the hint of her red pubic hair between her thighs.

Caitlin came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s sexy.”

“An old boyfriend of mine painted it. I had a lot of fun posing for that picture.”

“I bet he had fun painting it,” I said with a chuckle.

“I made it worth the time,” she said. She then slid her hands down my stomach and into my pants. She grabbed my cock, which was starting to get hard. “I had much more fun with you, though,” she said in a seductive whisper.

I turned around and kissed Caitlin. She moaned into my mouth as our lips met and our tongues entwined.

“My pussy misses the feeling of your tongue, Nick,” Caitlin whispered to me. That was all I needed to hear. Before she could say anything else, I lifted her off her feet and sat her on the end table. I got down on my knees in front of her and lifted the bottom of her dress. I saw that, underneath the dress, she was wearing a pair of matching green boyshorts.

Caitlin shimmied in place as I began sliding her underwear off her ass and down her thighs. She started trembling a little as I pulled them down slowly, teasing her. I made sure my hands rubbed against her calves and ankles as the boyshorts came off. My lips retraced the path, kissing a trail up her legs. Caitlin’s trimmed bush waited for me, her lips and pubes glistening from her juices.

I looked up at Aunt Caitlin and winked. “It looks like someone has been waiting for me.”

“I’ve been feeling like a teenager again, thinking about you all day,” Caitlin responded. “I can’t remember the last time I agonized so much over what to wear.”

“Your choice was great,” I said, rubbing my hands up and down her sides. I gripped Caitlin’s thighs and dove in, burying my tongue in her wet snatch. My head started swimming, the taste of my aunt’s pussy bringing me back to that first night we spent together. I extended my tongue and licked up and down, letting the full length of my tongue rub against her clit. Caitlin started breathing heavier. I could feel the muscles in her thighs tensing from the pleasure.

Aunt Caitlin gripped the back of my neck and pulled my face in tighter. My licking became more and more energetic, urged on by my aunt’s moans. I felt the heels of her feet on my back and her thighs squeezed tighter against the sides of my head. Her nails dug into the back of my neck and she let out a shuddering moan as she climaxed. Her cum squirted into my mouth and I happily swallowed the warm, tangy liquid.

I stood up after Caitlin released me from the grip of her thighs. She leaned forward and kissed me deeply, her tongue moving all around my mouth. I reached down and slid the straps of her dress down her shoulders. While we still kissed, I cupped her firm 7 dak porno tits, feeling her hard nipples in my hands. Caitlin reached down and began fumbling with my belt. As she was about to pull my pants down, there was a knock at the door.

We both stopped suddenly. With my hands still on her tits, I could feel Caitlin’s heart racing as fast as mine at the though of us potentially getting caught in this position.

“One second,” Caitlin called out to whomever was on the other side. I quickly stepped back and let Caitlin stand up. She pulled the straps of her dress back up on her shoulders and I put my belt back in place. While I was looking down, I saw her boyshorts still on the floor. I knelt down and picked them up. In a panic, I did the first thing I could think of- stuffed them in my pocket.

“Come in,” Caitlin said. I was surprised to see my mother open the door.

“There, you are, Caitlin,” my mother said, coming into the room. She closed the door behind her. “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“I’ve just been here with your son. We’ve been discussing the toast he’s gonna give his grandparents a little later,” Caitlin said. Surprise registered on my mother’s face. I hoped to God she didn’t notice the same expression on mine.

“Oh, well that’s very nice,” mom smiled. “Anyways, I came to tell you we’re ready to serve the food.”

“Okay. I’ll be right down.” Aunt Caitlin turned to me. “Nicky, you wouldn’t mind helping your favorite aunt, would you?” she asked with a gleam in her eyes. At that moment I felt like I would pass out.

“Of course not, Aunt Caitlin. It’s no problem.”

“Tori, you raised such a sweet young man,” Caitlin said, putting her arm around me. My mom just smiled again and left the room.

“You have no idea how sweet,” I heard Caitlin mutter as the door closed again. She lowered her hand and squeezed my ass. “Tonight,” Caitlin said to me, “some of our family plan on staying over and leaving tomorrow. I hope you’ll be one of them.”

I turned to Caitlin and kissed her deeply. “I will if that means I get to spend a little more time with you.”

“Good. Meet me in the barn around 2 a.m.” Caitlin squeezed my butt again before leaving the room. I was about to follow behind her when I felt the pressure of her panties in my pocket. I pulled them out and tossed them on the bed before heading downstairs.

Later that night, after the party had ended and most of the family had left, I was sitting at the kitchen table with a couple of people from my family. I kept looking at my watch to see the time, hoping that they wouldn’t notice. When the time hit 1:55 a.m., I told them I wanted to get some fresh air and left through the back door.

I passed by the tent. There were still a couple of people sitting under there, and both of them were sleeping with their heads on the table. It was still warm enough that they wouldn’t be uncomfortable sleeping in the night air.

I walked over to the barn, opened the back door, and stepped in. One side of the barn was lined with stalls, which stood empty. A carpet of hay lay on top of the dirt floor of the barn. Over the main front door of the barn, about twenty feet off the ground, was a loft space. A short wooden safety wall ran along the edge of the loft to prevent people from accidentally falling to the ground. A ladder led up to the loft, placed where there was a brief gap in the safety wall.

I walked further into the barn, whispering Caitlin’s name. There was no response, but then I heard the back door open. I turned around and saw Aunt Caitlin coming into the barn. She had changed her clothes. Instead of the green sundress from earlier, she was now wearing a pair of black satin button-down pajamas and flip-flops. I could immediately tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra; her hard nipples were pressed against the fabric of her pajamas.

She walked to me and we both smiled. Without saying a word, I pulled Caitlin into me and kissed her deeply. She had showered, and her skin smelled like lavender.

“You still taste a little like me,” she said, grinning. I subconsciously wiped at my mouth. I reached down and started to undo the top button of her pajamas when she put her hand on mine.

“Hold on, let’s go up into the loft.” She pulled me over to the front of the barn, and I followed her up the ladder. When we reached the top, I helped her pull up the ladder and lay it down against the wall of the barn. I looked around the loft and saw a sleeping bag laying on top of a blanket.

“You planned this out, huh?” I said to my aunt.

“Yeah, I did,” she responded, blushing. “And I’m glad you agreed to stay and meet me out here. I would have been very disappointed otherwise.” I stroked her hair before kissing her again. We made our way over to the sleeping bag and knelt down on it. Caitlin practically ripped my shirt and undershirt off. She pushed me down onto my back and roughly pulled down my pants. She smiled when she saw the tent my hard cock alman porno made in my boxers.

Aunt Caitlin pulled down my boxers, with me lifting my hips to help her. She then pulled off her pajama pants, and I was happy to see she wasn’t wearing any panties under them. Cupping her ass, I guided her down onto my hard cock. My aunt inhaled and held her breath as my shaft plunged into her. She let out the breath as she lowered herself down onto me. I unbuttoned her top and pulled it off, exposing her tits to the cool air. I held her tits, feeling the weight of them in my hands. Caitlin started working her hips, riding up and down my cock.

Wanting to somehow get closer to her, I sat up and pulled Caitlin to me in a tight embrace. She took a moment to shift her weight and wrap her legs around me. Her tits were pressed against my chest. I pulled her head back and kissed on her neck, causing her to gasp. Her warm body felt so good against me. I could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Aunt Caitlin’s fingers dug into my back, her grip feeling both painful and sensual at the same time.

My dick tensed and I groaned. I ejaculated, my hot semen shooting deep into my aunt’s pussy. She didn’t move, instead deciding to stay with her legs wrapped around me. We continued kissing as our cum began dripping out of her pussy onto my lap.

I’m not sure how much time passed while we kissed, but we were suddenly interrupted by the sound of the main barn doors opening below us. I heard footsteps shuffling into the barn. Caitlin and I tried to move quickly but silently, peeling our bodies off each other and sliding into the sleeping bag. By this time, we could hear voices whispering below us.

While laying flat, I peered down through a gap in between two of the wooden planks of the safety wall. I was surprised to see my parents walking into the middle of the barn space, holding hands.

“We seem to be alone in here,” my father said to my mom.

“Let’s go into one of the stalls, Joe,” my mother said, tugging at my dad’s arm. As I watched, the two of them walked into one of the stalls and started kissing, not even bothering to close the door behind them.

I looked at Caitlin with a shocked expression on my face. “What are we gonna do?” I mouthed more than said. My aunt only responded with a shrug.

I turned back to watch my parents. My father, who had been wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, was leaning back against the side wall of the barn, his pants around his ankles. My mom was on her knees in front of him. I could see her head bobbing and her dark brunette hair swaying from the motions. I didn’t even realize the reaction my body was having from watching my mom suck my dad’s cock until I felt Caitlin touching my hardening cock. I looked at her and blushed, but she just smiled back at me.

My father’s moans began filling the barn. I turned back to see him stroking my mom’s hair. Suddenly, she stood up and lifted her arms in the air. My father pulled the oversized t-shirt she was wearing over her head, and I found out my mom was wearing nothing else. For the first time I could remember, I saw my mother’s naked body. She had a round ass similar to Caitlin’s, but a little wider. Her hips, thighs, and midsection were also a little fuller than my aunt’s. As my mother turned to the back of the stall, I could see her tits. The nipples were the same dark pink as her sister’s, and rounder, but Caitlin’s were firmer.

While I watched, my mother bent over in front of my father and reached between her legs with one of her hands. Dad positioned himself behind her and slid his hard dick into Mom’s pussy. I had never heard my mother moan in sexual pleasure until that moment. My father grabbed my mom’s hips and started fucking her from behind. I could hear the both of them moaning and grunting.

I turned to Caitlin and whispered in her ear. The two of us moved slowly, positioning within the sleeping bag so that Caitlin was on her side, facing out to the middle of the barn, and I was behind her. The both of us could see my parents fucking in the stall.

My aunt lifted her leg slightly and helped guide my hard dick into her pussy again. Our cum lubed the way for me, making it easier for me to slide into her cunt. Caitlin started moving her hips and ass. My dick moved in and out of her pussy. I reached around and grabbed Caitlin’s tits, giving them a squeeze. Below us, Dad gave my mother’s ass a firm slap, the sound echoing off the walls of the barn. I heard my mother talking dirty to my father, never imagining that words like that could ever come out of her mouth.

Caitlin let out a low moan, making my heart skip a beat. I took my finger and placed it in her mouth. She nibbled on it, sending chills down my spine. Her grinding became more purposed, making my dick slide out almost all the way before being plunged back in. Below us, my parents were fucking harder and faster, Mom’s ass jiggling from the motion. With a loud grunt, my father plunged his dick in deep one last time, and I could tell he was cumming inside my mother.

This sent both Caitlin and I over the edge. I felt her pussy contract and grip my dick. My balls tightened as I shot again deep in her hole. My aunt pressed her ass against my groin and held it there, our breathing ragged and shallow.

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