Ashleigh Pt. 08


When Simon picked up Kirsty, his mouth fell open. She had dressed up for the occasion and looked stunning. He had never seen her like this, at least not to go out with him. She rarely wore make up; she didn’t need to. But it certainly enhanced her beauty further. The tight red dress that she wore, complimented her hair and fair complexion with alacrity. Her long, shapely legs seemed to go on for miles and miles. Augmented by the very high heels that she wore.

“Well, I’ll take your silence as a compliment, shall I?”

“My God Kirsty, you look stunning! I am somewhat overwhelmed and suddenly feeling very underdressed? I have never seen you look as beautiful as you do now.”

Kirsty blushed and bobbed in a little curtsy. “Why thank you sir. That deserves a kiss.” She moved into Simon and slipped her arms under his and around his body. Reaching upwards on tip-toes to plant a lipstick scented kiss upon his lips. He responded immediately, pulling her hard to him. His frustrations at his seeming impotency in dealing with Ashleigh, were forgotten as his body immediately began to react to the warmth and softness of the gorgeous woman in his arms. As her tongue probed his mouth, he could not stop, the manifestation of his enjoyment of her body and her attentions. His light cotton trousers did nothing to hide it either. But rather than react in a shocked fashion, Kirsty simply purred and pushed against him all the more, grinding her hips and causing a quickening of his cock’s growth.

Groaning as the girth and size of his “enjoyment” increased with each kiss.

Her body seemed to fit into his perfectly, her blonde hair fell about his arms, teasing them with its gossamer touch. She smelled, tasted and felt wonderful enfolded in his grasp and beneath his touch, as she forced her ample bosom against him. His erection continued to grow, and this time, he did nothing to try and hide it from her as he held her, she started responding to the feel of him. Her sweet breath upon his lips a little more urgent, her tongue probing deeper into his mouth. She suddenly pulled away panting and said in a small voice. “I think we should go and get some food.” She could not stop herself from looking down at his groin. His large erection easily discernible through his light trousers, as she watched, it pulsed strongly in its lair. Her nipples too, stood proud in her excitement, the lacey bra that she wore under her dress, more for erotic appeal than support, hid nothing and she knew that her panties would very soon be soaked, if they weren’t already.

“Come on,” she said grabbing his hand. “If we don’t go for food in the next second, then I’ll be eating him.” She reached out a filbert-shaped, glossy-nailed fingertip and touched his throbbing cock head. Then suddenly looked up into his eyes. “Ohhhh Simon. It might already be too late. I am ravenous, but have absolutely no interest in food!” She bit her lip. Can I…” she hesitated, suddenly looking like a little girl wanting to open a Christmas present on Christmas Eve. “Can I get him out? Just to see him, just to…” Her hand moved slowly towards his groin.

He squeezed upon her hand and tugged her towards the front door, opening it and pulling her out into the summer evening. “Come on, let’s eat. I have something to tell you over food.”

“What? What do you have to tell me?”

Simon opened the car door for her and was rewarded with an expanse of thigh as she slipped into the seat. Her black, silk-coated legs, glistened in the early evening sun. A very small hint of darkened band, was visible on one thigh, as she adjusted her dress, making his heart skip a beat. ‘Was she wearing stockings? Kirsty never wore stockings?’ All of a sudden, his appetite for food had diminished too as his eyes eagerly explored her fabulous legs. Then feeling he had drooled enough; he closed the door. As he got in the driver’s side, Kirsty was touching up her lipstick. He quickly drove off, wanting to get to the restaurant he had booked, feeling he needed the safety of numbers.

“What has happened?” Kirsty said intuitively, putting her lipstick into her small clutch bag. “Tell me, please tell me now.”

“I will, once we are at the restaurant, I need a drink and I think you might too.”

“Simon! What has happened, tell me. I don’t want to wait until we are in amongst strangers, if it is that bad.”

Simon knew she had a point, so pulled the car over in a lay-by and talked her through what Ashleigh had done, though not in great detail. He looked abashed and extremely disappointed with himself, when he mentioned that her hand had simply grasped his cock and he exploded in ejaculation again. But he was at pains to make it clear to Kirsty that he had not touched Ashleigh, nor allowed her to get his cock out.

“Oh my God the whore! The bloody whore! She really does want your cock doesn’t she, you were absolutely right about that. And she came round just after I had left? That means she was waiting for me to go? God, sounds like she hasn’t gecelik escort had a fuck in years.

“I’m sorry KT. I know that I promised to stay away from her, but she came around to see me. And I didn’t want to hurt her…I…”

“Uuummmm.” Kirsty turned to him; she had a little tear in her eye that suddenly ran down her cheek. “I don’t blame you Simon, but you have got to make up your mind here. I do wonder whether you are enjoying all this female attention all of a sudden?”

Simon could see her point and in truth, did not know the answer to that one himself. “I can say KT that I told her in no uncertain terms that I didn’t want her to touch me and that I did not want to touch her either. I told her that we were now going out, and I told her that I made a promise to you, but that just seemed to spur her on more?”

“Oh, but my simple Simon, of course it would! Telling someone no, or telling them what they want is unattainable, only makes them want it more. Surely you know that? And if you got erect, when she was there, well of course she would take that as a green light.”

“But…but I could no more control him then, as I can now. When faced with something as erotic…when faced with something like that.”

“Erotic? What aren’t you telling me?”

“Nothing, look, it is not important. What is important is that physically I was turned on, because my cock seems to rule my body. But he does not rule my mind KT. That part, the important part, was and is true to you.”

Kirsty smiled coyly and looked back imploringly at Simon. “And what does that mean exactly?”

“I think you know, exactly what that means!”

“Yes, I think I do too. But I still want to hear it. Directly from your mouth as well as your body.” She looked longingly at his groin.

“I’m beginning to understand I have deep feelings for you Kirsty. Feelings that make me want to be with you. Feelings that make me want to please you, to be true to you, to hold you and kiss you. I cannot believe that we have known each other for so long, and it is only now that I realise just how beautiful you are. But tonight, that has certainly changed. I am indeed virginal, naïve, inexperienced and above all, stupid, for not noticing this before and needing you to point this out to me, in no uncertain terms. But now I know I…”

Kirsty leaned forwards and planted a gossamer kiss upon his lips, her hand falling to his cock, which was still rock hard. “I think someone might be thinking with their penis again. Oh God Simon, he’s huge. You have no idea what a torment this is, and knowing that woman has made you come twice…” But she smiled showing him that she understood, albeit only just. Her smile widened. “Anyway, it is now me that feels like the cat that has the cream.”

He pulled her harder towards him, kissing her with a passion she had never seen in Simon, and had rarely, if ever felt in a kiss before. When it was over it left her panting, tingling in every cell of her body, her whole being was crying out for more as if she were already addicted.

“Come on you,” he said, “let’s go and eat. Although, I’m suddenly completely disinterested in food!” He smiled, pleased that Kirsty was not taking the Ashleigh situation as badly as he thought she would. He started the car again and headed for the restaurant, noticing that Kirsty had not removed her hand from his pulsing cock. Luckily the restaurant wasn’t that far. “Judging by my past few performances, if you keep holding him, he is going to make a mess in my trousers. I have to say I am doubly disgusted with myself more than anything. How am I supposed to please a woman, if I shoot my load before she even gets my cock out of my pants?”

“Well,” Kirsty said in a sultry, distracted voice, “you must get used to a woman’s attentions. One woman that is, and she is me. You must learn control, but then again. A woman will always love the feel or the sight of you spurting your load for her, or because of her, so for now, don’t change a thing.” She leant across him and placed a kiss upon his bulbous cock head, making him pulse all the more and leaving an obvious lipstick mark on his cotton trousers, that she had no intention of telling him was there.

“Hey, you trying to cause an accident?”

“Sorry, just reminding you that I own him now. Next time he comes, I will be the reason, and don’t you forget it!”

Simon blushed, but smiled back, understanding fully what she meant.

“Is there anything else that I should know? As we are talking about what she did?”

“I will give you all the details over food.”

She squeezed his cock, as Simon parked the car at Lazzat’s, the Indian restaurant he had booked. “You had better! Ohh, Lazzat’s. I love this place.”

“I know, that is why I booked it.” Simon was again rewarded for his gallantry in opening the car door for Kirsty. She seemed to make a fuss of getting out, and in doing so managed to show him vast expanses of silk coved istanbul eskort thighs and further hints of stocking tops? He held out his hand and pulled her to her feet with ease. “Let’s eat, though suddenly I just want to take you back home.”

Kirsty looked deeply into his eyes, “You want to ‘take’ me do you? Good, that was my intention.”

“Kirsty. You know what I meant.”

“Yes,” she said. “You want to get me home, so you can do some ‘driving’ of you own? You want to force your attentions on me, you want to…”

He kissed her again. “Stop, we are never going to eat at this rate.”

“I couldn’t care less, she said linking her arm with his, and letting him lead her into the restaurant. As they were escorted to the table, Simon got more that a few admiring glances from the women there, or all ages. He tried to cover his wayward organ, but was obviously not making a very good job of it. Some of the women smiled at him knowingly.

Towards the end of the meal he told her that Ashleigh had come round dressed in stockings, suspenders and a lacey bra. Almost identical to the way he had drawn her. He mentioned that her lacey bra hid nothing, and even less so when she removed it. He told her that Ashleigh had said that she was desperate to get his cock inside her. Desperate enough to have a threesome with Kirsty if that would enable it. At that suggestion, Kirsty spluttered into her drink.

“She what? She wants a threesome?”

“Not sure she wants it, but said she would endure it to get what she wants and said she wants an answer tomorrow?”

“Thing is Simon, sex isn’t about what one person wants. It is about what both want or all three or whatever. It is a shared enjoyment of each other. If it is just what one person wants, then it becomes almost rape, or certainly coercion. To force your will on to another. Only right if both parties, all parties agree that is what they want. Is that what you want?”

“What a threesome? I haven’t even had a twosome yet?”

“No, I meant do you like the woman taking charge?”

“To be honest KT I don’t know what I want. You have to experience something before you know you like it, surely? And I am not experienced as well you know. Anyway, talking about what I like…”

“Yes?” Kirsty smiled as if for the first time the conversation was moving in the direction, she wanted it to go.

“I have a question, or rather a confirmation. When I helped you both into and out of the car, I happened to notice a darkened band on you fabulous, silk covered thighs. You wouldn’t be wearing stockings, by any chance, would you? I mean you never wear stockings, so why would you, right?”

Kirsty smiled at him and placed her hand over his to squeeze it, at the same time as shuffling her chair closer to him. She then dropped her hand under the table cloth and pulled upon the hem of her dress. Lifting the table cloth enough so that only he could see, she displayed the intricately decorated silk-stocking tops, with a small expanse of alabaster thighs beyond. “Does that answer your question? I am wearing them because I know you like them, I am wearing them because I know they turn you on, because they make me feel very sexy, and I am wearing them because I want you to put your hand between my legs right now and feel them, so that I can trap it between the stocking tops.”

He looked at her for what seemed like an age, before complying with her request and slipping his hand under the table and between her legs. As his hand slid up her thigh, so he noted the increase in the heat of her body. “This is dangerous. I won’t be able to stand up if I go much further. You feel incredible, the stockings feel incredible.” He stopped when he reached the elasticated, decorated top of her stockings and she clamped onto his hand with her thighs.

“So,” she whispered to him, leaning in close to his lips. “Are you having trouble ‘standing up’ now? Perhaps I’d better check?” Before he had chance to respond, her hand was in his lap and had settled on his erection. “Uumm, doesn’t look like you have any trouble to me. That is assuming this monster has actually gone down at all this evening? You are trouble Simon and no doubting it.” She slowly started to rub him through the light cotton trousers.

“Oh God,” he moaned. “No, please no.” It was just too much for him.

As Kirsty looked into his eyes, his face turned bright red. She kissed him lightly upon the lips, then as she slid her had down the length of him once more, she felt his cock bucking in her hand as he unloaded his balls into his pants. Each strong pulse seemed to travel along the length of his phallus, sending an electric shock of excitement up her arm and to her erogenous zones. Kirsty’s nipples immediately reacted and stood noticeably proud, clearly visible through her tight dress. She looked into Simon’s eyes, intently. The flush response clear on her face too, bloomed upon her neck and upper chest. “Oohhh, have I… has he… oohhhh you are a naughty otele gelen escort boy. In a restaurant too! It’s lucky we have eaten, cause now all I want to do is get you back to my place.”

“All your fault,” Simon complained, looking more than a little miserable. “A great looking girl, a pair of stockings on fabulous legs, a quick rub on my cock and I lose the lot! How am I supposed to leave now? Not only am I still hard, but I will no doubt be showing a large wet patch on the front of my trousers. More than a little obvious don’t you think?”

Kirsty had not removed her hand, feeling the rhythm or each emptying pulse of his cock to the last, and the dampness of the resultant spillage. The effect on her was almost a similar conclusion. She smiled sweetly at him. “My dear Simon, I know you are still erect, I’m still holding him, remember? As for you coming? Oh my God, that is so flattering and ohhh, such a turn on. What is more, I’m pretty sure you are not the only person with an obvious wet patch. And if I’m honest, just feeling you spurting, well… I almost came too. Anyway, I’m sure we can cover your naughty penis somehow.”

“Go on. I have a feeling I’m not going to like this?”

“It’s simple really. I can keep rubbing him until he goes away. And believe me when I say that that would be my absolute pleasure. Though by the feel of him, it might take me a while, we might get spotted and thrown out and I’m afraid that I would not be content with just rubbing him through your trousers, plus there is my needs to consider? The other is that I could accidently knock your coffee into your lap, but that is likely to bring more attention to that area of your body rather than less? The third is rather boring. Just use my coat to cover him. Of course, I will have to leave first and you must walk close behind me, so that I don’t show my wet patch!”

“If you have one that is?”

“Are you kidding? I’m pretty sure my panties have been wet since pulling on these silken stockings, knowing that I was doin git for you, and guessing how much you would love them and get turned on my them. Then of course there was that kiss when you picked me up. You are one intense kisser! Then of course, I couldn’t resist showing you a little stocking top when I got in and out of the car, you should have seen your face, you looked so hungry with lust. It almost had me coming right there. Having you ejaculating in my hand, because you find me sexy and,” she squeezed his cock several times, “because I just happened to put my hand on you. Well, when you came, I just don’t know how I stopped myself. I guess knowing how loud I am helped. Honestly I’m a bit of a screamer. Though you may not be able to control him completely, at least no one knows you’ve come, accept me. If I had orgasmed, I’m afraid most people in the restaurant would know. I…only just… in fact the more I think about it and what you have done in your pants, and holding onto this pulsing delight, the more I think we need to get out of here and quick!”

Simon signalled the waiter and quickly paid the bill. This mundane, non-erotic transaction, took his mind away from his groin, and allowed his cock to subside a little. Helped by Kirsty removing her hand as she touched up her lipstick. “Let’s go,” he said. “I’m keen to get out of here and to the safety of my car.”

“Uumm, me too.” Kirsty licked her lips suggestively. “But what makes you think the car is any safer?” She pinched his bottom as he stood, and then slipped in front of him, casually passing over her coat.

He couldn’t help but look at her wonderfully crafted behind as it glided before him and sure enough, she wasn’t lying about her arousal. “You were right you naughty girl.” He bent forwards and kissed her at the nape of the neck, instantly covering her in goose-bumps. “Fancy wetting your knickers at your age?”

“Not my fault. Not my fault at all. And please don’t touch me until we leave, I’m very close to causing a scene.”

Simon smiled, running his hand up the outside of her thigh as she walked to the entrance then cradling one of he bum cheeks.

“No. Stop. I mean it,” Kirsty panted. “Even that is…quickly get me to the car.”

As they fell into the car, they were laughing like a couple of school children. “Home, now, and don’t spare the horses.” Kirsty demanded of him urgently. Simon simply complied.

The journey was short and they both felt it better not to touch each other.

“You say that she said she wants an answer tomorrow?” Kirsty suddenly said.

“Yes, that is what she said.”

“What sort of answer?”

“Er, whether I’m going to give her what she wants, or whether we are going to give her what she wants I suppose?”

“Umm. I can see I’m going to have to sort this out once and for all.”

“KT. Now what are you planning?”

“Nothing yet, but it depends on tonight.”

“That sounds ominous, what do you mean?”

She leant across and kissed him on the cheek. “Here we are, home.”


“Come on, let’s get inside.”

Kirsty didn’t wait for Simon to open the car door this time. She clambered out of his rather low sports car and almost ran to the front door, opening it and letting them both in. “I just need to freshen up. Could you make a couple of drinks?”

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