Army On-the-Job Sex Training


I am a single career Army officer who manages a small but special environmental project. Since the job involved gathering and organizing data from various reporting stations and then reporting the results in quarterly reports, the job seemed easy at first.

However, as a one-man shop, the tons of data, long hours, and isolation were gradually burning me out. More importantly, it was depriving me of much needed female contact since I work out of a small remote building of a large post. After months of requesting and then complaining to my superiors for some clerical help, a clerk-typist fresh out of training school by the name of Cindy was assigned to me.

When Cindy reported for duty, I instantly knew why the guys upstairs had passed her to me. Although a petite Asian about five feet two with a slender hundred-ten-pound body, she was no Oriental beauty. Her glasses, pinned-up hair, and lack of makeup gave her a somewhat homely appearance. When combined with her shy nature and the fact that her slim body barely made a dent in her camouflaged uniform, Cindy wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for. At nineteen years of age, she looked like she belonged in high school instead of in this man’s Army.

Despite my initial disappointment, Cindy proved to be a good worker, attentive to instruction, and eager to please. I found that as soon as she was of age, Cindy had enlisted to escape a strict and overbearing father who often punished her for any infraction of his many rules. The military, however, wasn’t much better and being introverted and naïve, she didn’t have any friends in her new company. Although fraternization was a no-no, I was my new private’s only friend and her friendliness quickly bordered on infatuation.

I had a habit of swimming at the post pool right after work because I was often the only one there since most were heading home or out for drinks. I had asked Cindy wanted to join me but when she didn’t say anything, I let the matter drop. About two days later, I had just finished my laps when I was surprised to see Cindy enter the pool area and at her stunning transformation.

Cindy had a lean athletic body with a narrow waist, boyish hips, and shapely toned legs. Her skimpy one-piece suit had a wide plunging neckline that ended just below her high small tits with her nipples poking noticeably through the thin material. Her suit snuggly stretched over her flat stomach and firm buns but its high-cut design exposed her hips and snugly cupped her hidden pussy. With her glasses off and her shoulder-length dark brown hair down, Cindy wasn’t bad looking. Joining me at the pool’s edge, Cindy bent over to splash water on herself. In so doing, her suit neckline opened to flash me her tiny perky tits from which her long thick ruby-red nipples jutted from her otherwise flat chest. She caught me looking and blushing, hastily put her hand over her neckline covered up.

“Hey, Cindy, take it from me that you’ve got nothing to hide when a man looks at your physical delights. You not bad lookomg in that swimsuit and it makes you look more mature. If you want my opinion, you shouldn’t be ashamed in that suit.”

“Umm, thanks, sir,” Cindy shyly mumbled with downcast eyes as she blushed again. “You’re the first guy to think that türbanlı escort I was attractive, much less sexy.” With that, Cindy lowered her hand and made no further effort to conceal her youthful femininity from my ogling eyes.

Cindy really thrived on my attention and tempted me relentlessly in the weeks to follow. Our swims took on an added flavor as she often wrestled playfully with me in the pool, innocently but teasingly to touching me here and there. I’ve got to say that Cindy managed on more than one occasion to get a rise out of me and boy was I thankful that my erections were submerged in cool waters.

In return, I had no problem playfully tossing her lithe body around and was delighted when Cindy suffered a swimsuit-malfunction, giving an eyeful of her erect ruby-red nipples. Under the guise of strength training, I jogged in the shallows with Cindy sitting on my shoulders, her legs held to my chest, and my neck against her sweet pussy with each bouncing step I took.

I had to constantly remember that I was old enough to be her father and her superior officer. But this distance was greatly reduced when Cindy took to changing out of her fatigues behind the filing cabinet at the endof the workday. She said that it was easier to change in the office than at the pool, and whatever objections I might have had, disappeared with she reappeared in one of her braless tops and short shorts.

Still, things were rapidly coming to the point of no return, and it happened when my boss called me into his office one afternoon about my quarterly report. Evidently, Cindy while inputting the data had transposed some critical figures resulting in a big-time error. As a result, I ended up getting my ass royally chewed which made me none too pleased with my young private. When I returned to the office it was after hours and there was Cindy waiting for me, dressed in a brief tank top and jogging shorts. She hesitantly asked if we were going for a swim, and I exploded. “No, damn it! You screwed up the data and the report got all fucked up! Forget the pool! I’ve to work late to clean up your mess!”

Cindy mumbled an apology which I promptly rejected as I just silently sat down in a nearby chair and simply shook my head. Nervously, Cindy then started to tell me how the errors weren’t really her fault because of the amount of data.

This really pissed me off, and I grabbed her and threw ing her across my lap. With a swift jerk, her flimsy shorts were yanked down to her knees and my hand landed on her bared bottom. Cindy shrieked and twisted trying to squirm from my grasp, but holding her firmly, I gave several more quick smacks. The more she swore and kicked, the faster and harder my palm fell until I could no longer lift my arm. By that time, Cindy’s ass was beet-red and she was bawling like a baby.

Figuring I had kissed my Army career goodbye, I gently stroked her tender fanny, noticing for the first time her clearly visible love nest and my own raging hard-on that swelled in my uniform pants. I sat her up on my lap and held her shuddering body as she sobbed softly.

I was about to beg her forgiveness when Cindy nestled in my arms and tearfully whimpered, “I’m…so sorry, sir. Please forgive istanbul escort me for making those careless mistakes. I deserved being spanked…punished for being sloppy and making excuses. Please don’t to be mad at me anymore. I’ll try harder…and will do anything you want. Anything…”

Recovering from the turn of events, I kissed away her tears and murmured she was forgiven. I then tasted her sweet quivering lips, my tongue flickering in and exploring her surprised mouth. Cindy muttered soft moans as she awkwardly but eagerly responded with passionate kisses. My hands slid over her body, slowly easy up her thin top until her small naked boobs were completely uncovered. I licked my way down her trembling neck and chest to take one of her tasty nipples between my lips, sucking and pulling on it. Cindy whimpered as waves of ecstasy rippled through her and she pressed her other hardened stub to my mouth for equally intense attention.

I squeezed her sopping-wet black-tufted pussy, and she squealed and squirmed on my lap, spreading her legs wide to give me greater access. By the time I opened her slippery spongy oyster to polish her meaty pearl, Cindy was thrusting her pelvis to hump my fingers, clamping my hand between her toned inner thighs. Her free-flowing love juices soaked the finger that I slowly wormed a finger into her seething little snatch and met an unexpected surprise — a hymen!

Cindy was now whined loudly, writhing with building frenzy as I fingered the entrance of her virgin love tunnel, loosening and stretching widening circles. Strumming her stiff little clit with my thumb, I soon had Cindy shaking uncontrollably, her almond eyes squeezed shut, her head thrown back. Then suddenly, Cindy emitted a shrill cry as she came with a violent shudder and before I knew it, she slipped off my lap to the floor.

Standing, I hastily pushed my fatigue pants down to my combat boots, and Cindy’s eyes flew open when my thick eight-inches swung free my dropped boxers. Taking her by the hair, I pressed her teenage face towards my groin, rubbing my cock across and then into her waiting lips. Cindy choked when my swollen dong invaded her small mouth, and her small hands could barely encircle my meaty thickness. However, after some coaxing, plenty of hands-on instruction, and a lot of patience, my good private was soon obediently giving me head with the ease of a professional Saigon whore.

Not sure as to how many rounds my canon had, I sat down and hauled Cindy on to my lap. “Please, sir…,” she pleaded as she nervously eyed my fleshy bayonet as I made her straddle my thighs, “I’ve never…”

Hoisting her, I bulldozed her slippery raw slash, and soon my mushroom head was popping in and out of her small slippery opening and rubbing against her exposed pleasure button.

Pressing her sweat-glistening body to mine, Cindy held my neck and wrapped her legs around me, totally preventing me from moving. Her engorged pussy lips feverishly honed the length of my fleshy sword. Reaching over and around one of her thighs, I grasped my probing cock and pressed it against at her dripping opening. When I was firmly embedded, I made a strong and sudden upward thrust of my hips that sent me tearing through her fragile tesettürlü escort cherry.

A stifled whimper of wincing pain escaped Cindy’s drawn lips as she clung to me, her nails digging into my back. I let her get used to my penetrating presence until her spasming snatch relaxed. Then gradually rocking back and forth, I let me my flanged dickhead spread and sinking into her vise-like Oriental twat.

After several minutes Cindy had taken my entire man-meat into her slender body and was groan deliriously. Her sex gushed with her liquid excitement, lewdly sloshing with my repeated tip-to-base thrusts causing my skewered private to cried out breathlessly, “Oh, you fucker, you’re splitting me in half!”

However, soon Cindy gave herself to the overwhelming sensation that emanated from pummeled pussy. Trembling violently, she arched her back to meet my downward stroke. Her narrow hips gyrated in an obscene bump-and-grind as her slender figure took my entire length repeatedly into her churning depths. Suddenly, Cindy convulsed uncontrollably as her first cock-driven orgasm consumed her.

As she collapsed into my arms, I quickly lifted and placed her spent body belly-down on my desk, scattering piles of paper. With her tight butt just hanging over the edge, I shoved my face into her black-laced slit to nibble on her love nub, slurping her oozing honey that seeped down her crack to gather at her red-brown anus. When my tongue flicked on her bunghole, Cindy shivered with a deep moan. I then tongue-fucked her wiggling fanny before shoving a saliva-coated finger all the way up her clenched poop-chute.

“Oh, fuck! What are you doing me, d sir? Shit, I can’t think because that feels so damn good!”

Cindy bucked wildly when I squeezed in a second finger, pumping it in and out. “Does my bad little private like have her asshole reamed? Do you want some more, you little Oriental slut? Does Private Cindy want me to fuck her tiny asshole and become my private bitch? Beg for what you want me to do!”

“Oh, Jesus, please take me! Fuck me in the ass!”

My battering ram knocked urgently against her backdoor and she grunted with each stroke as she sought to accommodate me. Thank God her pussy was gushing with her sexual excitement that lubrication wasn’t an issue as my head pushed into her tiny puckered hole. Going slowly, I watched in utter amazement as her puckered brown butthole slowly spread and tightly gripped my sodomizing manhood.

“Put it in…put it in,” Cindy impatiently cried out. However, when I finally cracked her virgin ass, Cindy’s mouth frozen open for a few seconds, before she released a shrill scream, trembling on the end my fleshy spear. I let her adjust to my reaming presence and then started to slowly butt-bang her incredibly tight ass. Her filled rectum lewdly spasmed and squeezed my dick and before I knew it, I shoved myself all the way into before gloriously flooding her musky bowels. Nothing can beat the cock-raising sight of my Asian private’s quarter-size dilated anus leaking my creamy spunk.

I have arranged for Cindy to be promoted to the rank of “private-first-class” for she is certainly first-class in her willingness to professionally satisfy my sexual requirements at the drop of my pants. Given her utter devotion to duty and her meritorious use of her mouth, cunt, and ass for the good of the service and especially me, it is but a matter of time before she earns the rank of “specialist” — a definite specialist of uninhibited sex and pleasure with her superior officer that is. Hooyah!

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