April Blossoms


Hi, my name is April and this is a true story about how my Mom and Stepdad saved my marriage and taught me how to have a wonderful sex life. I have to give you a little background history but will keep it brief so we can get to the good stuff. My dad died in an auto accident when I was two. I don’t remember him at all. My Mom married George when I was four. He is the only Dad I have ever known. George is a quiet, shy man who always treated me like a little princess, never like a stepchild. He and my Mom raised me in a very quiet, very conservative home. I dated in high school and college, but because of my upbringing, I never did anything more than some heavy petting.

I was still a virgin when I married Kevin, a boy I graduated college with. He was a hot man on campus and I considered him very worldly. Not knowing what to expect on our wedding night, I was a little disappointed when we went to bed that night. He groped and squeezed just like the boys in high school had. With no foreplay, he soon entered me, made a few thrusts, grunted and was done. I felt nothing. This is the way our sex life went for quite a while. It was always slam, bam, thank you ma’am and since I did not get anything out of it, I wasn’t very keen on having sex. This started to cause arguments. I told him it did not do any thing for me and he told me that something was wrong with me. One afternoon, we had an extremely heated argument over my “problem.”

I stormed out of the house and went to the only place I felt safe, my parents house. When I got there, my eyes and face were red and swollen from crying. My mom took one look at me and wrapped me in her arms. She just held me for a long while, then ask what the problem was. Before I knew it, I was crying again and telling her all my sexual problems. When I was done, she had a strange look on her face and told me that she thought she could solve my problem but give her a couple of days to work on it. Feeling a little better I went home and anxiously awaited her call. Two days later she called and told me that whenever I could come over and spend several hours, she was ready to start working on solving my problem.

The next Saturday afternoon, Kevin left to go to football game with the boys and I knew from experience that he would not be back till late. I called my mom and asked if now was ok. She told me now was fine, to come on over. When I walked into their house, she met me in the hall wearing a robe. She took my hand and let me down the hall to her and George’s bedroom. George was lying on the bed in a robe also. I still did not see anything out of the ordinary until she spoke. ”

April, George and I have talked it over and we feel responsible for your being so sexually naive, so we are going to show you how to make love so the woman gets as much out of it as the man. Then you can show Kevin how you want to be made love to.” I was in shock, not sure what to say but managed to ask,” What if Kevin doesn’t want to do it my way.” George laughed and said “Trust me, Kevin will want to do it your way.”

George stood up and moved towards us. My mom untied his robe and slid it off of him. George was standing there totally naked with a nice size cock slowly starting to harden. My mom knelt in front of George, turned to me and said “move closer and watch.” My mind was numb with shock, but my body blindly obeyed. I moved over and knelt by her. She took George’s growing cock and lovingly stroked it up and down a few times. Then she held it still and her tongue flicked out and bayan esmer escort bursa teased the very tip of it. Every time her tongue darted out and flicked George’s cock, it would jump and seem to grow larger and harder. She slowly took the tip in her mouth and rolled it around like a lollypop.

When she drew it out of her mouth, the head had turned a dark purple color and swollen to very large size. She slid as much of his better than average cock into her mouth as she could and then begin to slowly work it in and out. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of his cock and stroked it in time with the in and out of her mouth. It wasn’t long before George started to thrust his hips to meet her. I sat there entranced as I watched him fuck my mother’s face. I came back to earth when my mom pulled his cock out of her mouth with a plop.

She looked at me and said ” Your turn.” I had always thought of oral sex as revolting and never in a million years would I have dreamed that my parents did it, after all they’re parents. Just minutes ago I would have definitely told you no way was I going to stick a man’s cock in my mouth, but now as if in a trance, I found myself not only wanting to but eager to do so. Watching my mom suck cock had really turned me on and my pussy was wetter than it had ever been before. I took his throbbing cock in my hand and as I was bringing it toward my mouth, I looked at it like I had never seen a cock before and I never had from this view. The whole thing was throbbing and the head was a large purple bulb with precum oozing out. My tongue flicked out and licked the precum.

This was the first time I had ever tasted a man and I decided that I liked the taste. I slowly took all of his cock that I could into my mouth. My mom said, ” Roll your tongue around it, especially the tip as you withdraw it. I worked it in and out a couple of time massaging it with my tongue as I did and then withdrew it completely and teased the tip with my tongue like I had seen my mother do. Each time I did, George’s cock would buck and jump. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and begin to pump on it as I took him back in my mouth and slowly started to work it in and out. After a few strokes, George took my head in his hands and started guiding my rhythm, gradually getting faster and faster. His hips started to thrust forward as he pulled my head into him and soon he was fucking my face for all he was worth and I was enjoying every minute of it.

My mom looked at George’s face, then at me and said ” April, if you don’t want him to cum in your mouth, you had better stop now.”

George took his hands off my head so I could do what I wanted, but the lust to taste his cum had had taken command of me and I just pumped faster and faster. I could feel his cock throbbing and growing in my mouth. All of a sudden, George let out a moan, his body tensed and then his cock exploded load after load of cum into my mouth. I did my best to swallow every bit of it but there was so much some leaked out around his cock and ran down my face.

George pulled his deflating cock out of my mouth and smiled down at me and said ” That was great, you are a fast learner and I promise you after one or two blowjobs like that, Kevin will be eating out of your hand and doing whatever you want.” My mom grinned knowingly at George and said ” Well, maybe not her hand but somewhere” They both laughed and then my mom moved over to George and lovingly licked bursa ucuz eskort his cock clean I wiped the cum off my face and licked my fingers clean. “Yes, I definitely like the taste of a man’s cum. My mom then took me by the hand and helped me up. She smiled and said ” You get an A+ on lesson one. Now for lesson two”

She slowly helped me out of my clothes and led me to the bed and told me to lie down. I did as I was told, not really knowing what to expect but definitely willing for anything. George came over and looked down at my naked body and said “April, you are beautiful and I have fantasized about making love to you many times but I love your mother and would never cheat on her. It was a dream come true when she ask me to help you. I am going to make love to you, but if at any time you want me to quit just say so and I will” When I said nothing he came to me and gently lay on top of me. He kissed my eyes, my cheeks, and my neck. I could feel my nipples hardening and pressing into his warm chest. He then kissed me long and deep, his tongue probing my mouth.

I found myself returning his kiss, my tongue dueling with his. I could feel his cock starting to harden and press into my belly. He broke the kiss and once again kissed my eyes, my forehead, and my cheeks and then moved down to my neck and then lower. Soon his mouth had found my breasts. His tongue flicked out and teased each nipple just like I had done to his cock. My nipples got harder and harder till they were like little stones. He would ignore the nipples awhile and trace circles all over each breast with his tongue, then come back to tease each nipple again. I found myself feeling things I never felt before. My pussy was literally dripping cunt juice, my body had a warm feeling inside but I could not tell you exactly where it started and me who hated sex found myself wanting desperately to be fucked, to feel a cock inside my aching pussy.

I grabbed his head and pressed it to my chest as I thrust my breasts up to meet his lips. He took as much breast into his mouth as he could, his tongue still rolling the nipple around, then he moved to the other and did the same thing. My body was now on fire; all I could do was toss and moan. Then his mouth was gone from my breasts, I whimpered “more, please more!”

George looked up at me and just grinned, then begin to slowly butterfly kiss his way down my belly, lower and lower until he was parting my legs. He nestled his face between my legs and then started to gently kiss the inside of each thigh slowly but surely moving closer and closer to my dripping pussy. My pussy was on fire and I wanted something in it. I begged ” Please fuck me, fuck me now!” but George just smiled and said ” Be patient, slow is so much better,” then back to his task. His lips finally grazed my pussy and it was like a jolt of electricity went through me. His tongue found its way into my sopping cunt and then slowly worked its way up to my clit.

As soon as his tongue touched my clit, something inside of me exploded and wave after wave of pleasure shook my body. I had just experienced my first orgasm ever. What a feeling! George set back, looked at me and smiled. I looked at my mom and said ‘Wow! That was great, how often does that happen?” My mom answered ” With a loving patient lover, every time.” I looked at George in disbelief. He smiled at me and said, “That was only a warm up. Roll over.”

I willing obeyed. As I was rolling over, I saw my mom hand bursa anal yapan escort George a bottle of flavored massage oil and I smelled strawberries, my favorite scent. . He begin to rub my back, working on my back, my butt, my legs. After my orgasm it was very relaxing and I almost dozed off when I felt him spreading my legs. One hand was still massaging my back, but the other begin to massage my pussy. He would slowly slide a finger in and out of my pussy, the run it gently over my clit. He would repeat this torturously slow until soon my butt was arching up to meet his hand. He continued this for a few minutes until my pussy was dripping with cunt juice again, Then he rolled me over on my back. He teased each nipple briefly with his tongue, then his head disappeared between my legs.

He slid two fingers into my dripping pussy and then begin to tease my clit with his tongue. I again felt that now familiar fire begin to build deep down somewhere inside me. My body had a mind of its own as it bucked and thrust to meet his hand and tongue. I found myself squeezing my breast and tweaking my nipples. My head rolled to one side and I saw my mom, her robe open, masturbating herself. Her head was rolled back, eyes closed and she had two fingers flying in and out of her shaved pussy while her other hand massaged her clit.

The erotic sight of my mom finger-fucking herself was too much; it drove me over the edge. The orgasm I had earlier was nothing compared to this one. It just seemed to go on and on as wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over me. George smiled at me and slowly moved up over me. He slid his cock into my very wet and still throbbing pussy, when it bottomed out and his pelvis ground into mine, I came again with a tremendous shudder and a loud moan. George just lay there, his throbbing cock motionless in my throbbing pussy. He gently kissed my neck, my eyelids, my face and then another long deep passionate kiss. When he broke off the kiss, George said, “April, I love you and want you to always remember today.”

With that, he slowly started to move his cock in and out of my drenched pussy. At first, I whimpered “No more,” but when he stopped, I pleaded “Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” he just grinned and then went back to slowly fucking me. Soon I could once again feel that fire building in the depths of my pussy and started thrusting to meet his every stroke driving his hot cock deeper and deeper into my receptive pussy. Then he started to tease me. He would slowly pull almost out, then drive his cock all the way in as hard and fast as he could.

Slowly out, then slam it back in, again and again. The feelings this caused are indescribable. Slowly out, then back in hard and fast. This was driving me crazy, I was writhing all over the bed, begging “Please, just fuck me hard and fast, please!” George obliged me and started to pile drive that large wonderful cock into my pussy as hard and as fast as he could. The fire in me kept building and building until I felt like I would explode. It was a fantastic feeling beyond description. I felt his cock begin to throb and begin to swell even larger.

His body stiffened and he moaned, “April I’m cummmming, aaaaaahhhhhhhh!” When his cum exploded into me, it sent me over the edge. I wanted to scream, but the feeling was such that it took my breath away. My body shook and shook for what seemed like hours as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. George just held me tight and nuzzled his face in my neck as I slowly came down. Eventually George eased off of me, smiled at me and said “Thank you.” I smiled back and said “No, thank you.”

I must have drifted off to sleep because when I awoke I was in the bed by myself with the covers pulled up. The house was quiet and empty. I showered, dressed and hurried home to teach Kevin a thing or two about making love, but that is another story.

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