Another Industrial Accident


The plant was quiet, eerily so with only one of six ball mills running. Amanda, the lab technician, had very little work to do but busied herself with cleaning up the lab. Getting a sample, Amanda noticed something was different. She couldn’t quite place what it was that was different so she returned to the lab and tested the sample. After she got the results, she took them into the control room to share with the shift team leader.

“There’s something different out there today.” Amanda said. “Not quite sure what it is but it’s different and my gut tells me something’s not right. Maybe one of the field operators could go around mill
and see if there’s anything wrong?”

Burt shook his head. “They’re out doing pre-start checks on the other mills. Besides, it’s probably just the fact that there’s only one mill running that’s got you spooked.”

Amanda, understanding she was getting the proverbial brush off, returned to the lab. After a few minutes, she shut off the radio and just stood there. Feeling an unusual vibration, Amanda grabbed her safety gear and headed back out in the plant. Once there, she followed her instincts and headed towards the big motor that makes the mill turn and she listened and stopped to feel vibrations.

After about 10 minutes, Amanda figured that the unusual vibration and sound came from the mill’s bearing. She went back towards the lab and control room and just as she was entering, came face to face with two of the field operators.

“Dan, Tim, I’m glad you’re here. I need for you to come with me to mill
. Something’s wrong.”

Dan, the older of the two operators, laughed and said “Burt told us you were spooked about something. Trust me, it’s just that you’re not used to having only one mill running.”

Amanda argued “No, I’m telling you there’s something wrong out there. You trust me for a change! Just come with me to check it out.”

Tim, smiling, asked “What’s in it for us if we go with you?”

Amanda made a face and replied “Well, if I’m wrong, you can make fun of me all you want.”

Dan and Tim looked at each other and laughed “We already do that, give us more incentive. Something physical maybe?”

“Okay, how about a hug and a kiss?”

“Both each?”

“Yeah, yeah, just come with me!”

Dan groaned “Oh, I like it when a woman tells me to come.” Tim just laughed and both followed Amanda back into the plant.

When they got to mill
, Amanda told them to put their hand on the casing for the bearing. Both guys were shocked to feel just how much vibration and heat were felt and they investigated further. Amanda, following them, pointed to the other side of the casing and asked “Is that bulge normal?”

Dan swore and said “That looks like the shaft wants to push through the casing!” Then, he got on the radio and said “Burt, shut mill 3 down. Now!”

They heard Burt’s voice say “Why?”

Dan got back on the radio and said “Don’t argue and shut the damn thing down now!”

They then heard Burt reply “Okay, I’ll put it into a purge.”

Shaking her head, Amanda grabbed Dan’s radio and said “Burt, crash stop this mill immediately! Just do it! Everybody else, stay away from mill 3 area!”

Just then, they hear a pop and saw that the casing was starting to break. Dan pointed away from the mill and said “Run!”

Amanda grabbed his and Tim’s arm and said “No! This way!” And she pulled them behind the concrete pillar. After a few seconds, they heard the mill stop and Tim took a step to go back but Amanda pulled him back and said “That thing could still blow apart when the mill rolls back.”

Sure enough, as the mill rolled back from the weight of the material inside, the bearing and the casing blew apart, sending shards of metal flying in all directions. The three of them huddled behind the concrete pillar until all noise stopped. Then, they stepped out and looked at the scene.

Amanda heard the foreman’s voice on the radio asking “What was that?” followed by a few other voices asking the same.

Amanda grabbed the radio from Dan’s hand again and said “Everyone please clear this channel and use it only for emergency communications. Is anyone hurt out there?”

After a few seconds of silence, Amanda asked again “Anyone hurt?”

Then, Alanya Escort Bayan she got back on and said “Mill 3 bearing just blew apart. Everyone with a radio, please return to your departments and get other people who are working without radios to go with you. We need to do a head count. Everyone should avoid mill 3 area and if you are in this area, please do not touch or move anything as investigators will need all pieces to stay where they fell. Dan, Tim and I will do a sweep of the area for anyone hurt.”

They walked out and turned around to see the bearing and saw that is was totally blown apart. Tim stood there and said “We could have died.”

Dan nodded “We could. It’s a good thing Amanda pulled us behind the pillar. I’ll go this way, you guys go that way to sweep for people. But first, I want my hug and kiss.”

Dan kissed Amanda on the lips briefly and hugged her. Then he started walking away. Tim still stood there. Amanda pulled on his sleeve and he just said “We could have died.”

Amanda stopped and said “Yes, but we didn’t.”

Tim, again, said “We could have died.”

Amanda faced him and said “We’re okay Tim.”

Tim was still looking at the bearing.

“Look at me Tim.” When Tim looked down, she took his face in her hands and said “Tim, we’re okay. Don’t think about what might have been, just focus on the here and now. We’re okay.”

Tim bent down and kissed her. Amanda responded and after a moment, pulled away and hugged him. As she was hugging him, she said “Let’s just do our sweep and we can react to the near miss later, okay?”

Tim nodded and the started walking around the mill to make sure nobody had been hurt. Finding no one, they went to the maintenance office to get inspectors. The rest of the day was spent explaining what they’d seen, heard, felt and done. Amanda noticed that Tim was unusually quiet during the meetings. Most of the time, his dark eyes were staring out into some far away land of lost thoughts.

Later, as they were nearing home time, Dan found both Tim and Amanda in the control room with Burt and said “A bunch of guys are going out for beers after work, you in?”

Amanda was the first to speak up. “Thanks but I think I’ll just go home tonight. Got stuff to do.”

Tim looked at Amanda and asked “I came in with Dan this morning. Think I could get a ride home with you? I just don’t feel like going out tonight.”

Amanda nodded and Dan tried to talk them into going out but both declined. After showering and changing, Tim met Amanda next to her car in the parking lot. Once inside, he said “Thanks. I really didn’t feel like going out tonight. Just not in the mood.”

Amanda asked “Are you okay? You seemed very distant all afternoon.”

Tim shrugged “I guess I’m still shaken up by how close we came to dying this morning.”

Amanda reached out and squeezed his hand “I figured. But you need to get past that somehow.”

“May I ask you something?”


“How did you know that running in the direction Dan wanted to go to wasn’t the right thing to do? What made you grab us and take us behind the pillar?”

“I’d seen a bearing blown apart before. It had happened on night shift and nobody was around but the scatter of metal pieces was incredible. I just figured that the pillar would protect us.”

“Well I think that your quick thinking saved our lives. You’re my hero.”

“Don’t put me on a pedestal there, I might get vertigo. I’m just glad I was quick enough to think about this today. I think it comes from years of safety training. Not sure I’d always be that quick.”

“Still, if we’d followed Dan, we would have been hit by shrapnel ’cause that’s what it turned into, shrapnel. We would have gotten hurt and could even have died. I mean, did you see that big hunk of steel that flew more than 40 feet?”

“I know. It’s amazing how far the metal pieces flew. Like I said, past experience helped a lot.”

There was some silence for a while and then Tim asked “Can I ask you a big favour?”

“You can ask.”

“I really don’t feel like being alone tonight. You have an extra bedroom, don’t you? Could I stay there overnight? Please?”

“I’d have to ask that you not tell anyone at all. I don’t want stories Alanya Escort to go around. As you know, I keep my private life very private.”

“I promise. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Okay then, the guest room is yours for tonight.”

After they got to Amanda’s condo, they had dinner and watched the hockey game on tv. When the game was done, Amanda said she was ready to go to bed. She stood up and asked Tim “Are you going to bed or do you want to stay up and watch more tv?”

“I don’t think I can sleep. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Amanda didn’t need to ask what “it” was. She looked at Tim and saw that his eyes were wet and that he was trembling. She reached to him and pulled him into a hug. Tim held her tight for a long time. Amanda realized that he was crying and simply held him while he let it all out.

When he calmed down, he started to pull away but Amanda held him back from pulling away completely. She reached up to his face and wiped his cheek gently. “We’re okay Tim, nothing happened to us. We’re fine, we’re safe.”

Tim bent down and kissed Amanda. At first, it was simply a kiss on the lips but soon, his lips parted and he kissed her deeply. Amanda responded, pulling him close and kissing him back, her tongue playing with his. After a few minutes of kissing, Tim pulled away and said, with a husky voice “Take me to your bed Mandy, I don’t want to spend the night alone.”

“I don’t know Tim.”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone, it’ll be just between you and me. I really need you Mandy and I felt you respond, you want this too. Don’t deny it.”

Tim pulled her close again and kissed her. Amanda didn’t resist. He was right, she wanted this. She didn’t really want to be alone any more than he did. Slowly, they made their way to her room. There, they started undressing each other, taking their time and kissing non stop.

Amanda had always admired Tim’s muscular body and she now had the opportunity to feel the muscles under her fingers. After removing his shirt, she ran her fingers lightly over his arms, his shoulders, his back. Under her fingers, Tim’s skin felt so soft yet the muscles underneath felt strong. Wanting to explore some more, Amanda pushed down Tim’s pants.

Groaning, he pulled his hands away from her soft hair and undid his pants’ button and zipper and helped her push the pants and the boxers down. Amanda’s hands went to his rear, a rear end she had admired every time they’d walked out after their shift. While so many men barely had a behind, Tim had a nice one that filled his jeans just so.

Not wanting to be left behind, Tim worked on Amanda’s pants and pushed them down. Then, he lifter her t-shirt, forcing her to let go of his behind. Amanda, standing in front of Tim with only her undies and bra on, felt a tad self-conscious. Amanda was glad she’d worn a matching set and a pretty one too.

Tim whistled his appreciation. He stood back and traced the outline of her bra with his finger. “Is this what you’ve been hiding under your work shirts?”

“You like?”

“Oh yeah. Man, this is really hot.”

With that, he leaned in and kissed her again, his hands roaming her body. Amanda was getting really turned on and could feel herself becoming very wet. Finally, he pushed the bra straps off her shoulders and reached behind to undo the fastening. When the bra fell, Tim cupped Amanda’s breasts and lowered his head to take one nipple into his mouth, drawing a gasp from her lips.

His hands moved over her stomach, making her squirm. Tim stood back and asked “You’re that ticklish?”

Amanda blushed and nodded. “Yes”

“Oh, I think I’m going to have fun with this.”

“No. Don’t do that. No!”

But Tim didn’t stop and soon, he had Amanda squirming on the bedroom rug. He straddled her and stopped tickling. He moved up so he could lay her on her back and then moved forward so his hard cock lay between her breasts. Amanda settled down and looked up into his eyes. Biting her lower lip, she continued to look at him while she pushed her breasts together around his cock. Tim moaned, closed his eyes and started moving back and forth between her breasts. Amanda pressed her breasts tighter around his cock and let him enjoy the friction. Amanda then raised her head Escort Alanya and as Tim pushed forward, she caught his cock in her mouth. Tim opened his eyes and stopped moving. He remained immobile and let her do what she wanted. Amanda let go of her breasts and grabbed his cock. She rubbed his cock up and down the shaft as she licked and sucked the tip of his cock, never taking her eyes off his. Then, she rubbed the underside of it with her tongue and that was his undoing. Moaning, Tim came into her mouth. Amanda swallowed all of his come and then laid her head back on the rug.

Tim pulled back and moved backwards until he was over her knees. Then, he lifted one leg and pushed her legs open and put one, then the other knee between hers. He moved back a bit more and bent down and lifted her core off the rug and started kissing and licking her.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice.”

Tim lifted his head and smiled “By the time I’m done baby, I’m hoping for more than just nice as a qualifier.” And he bent back down until his lips met hers. He reached around her leg from underneath and with his fingers, parted her lips so his warm tongue could reach her clit and her vagina.

Feeling him lavish her soon had her panting. As she neared her climax, Amanda lifted her core off the ground, pushing up against his mouth. Tim then took her clit between his lips and gently sucked on it, pushing her over the edge. “Oh God, Tim, that was amazing!”

Time smiled and said “That’s better than nice, I’ll take it!” Then, he let her rest a few seconds.

As Amanda came back to earth, Tim stood up and pulled her up and said “Think we can move to the bed now?”

Amanda smiled “That would probably be more comfortable indeed.”

Tim then asked “Do you have condoms?”

Amanda nodded and reached for the night table drawer where she grabbed a condom and handed it to him. He set it on top of the table and pushed her onto the bed. Then, he climbed up on the bed and laid down next to her.

He gently stroked her cheek and kissed her. The kiss was soft at first and then became more intense. He caressed her hair for a while and then moved his hand to her breast where he teased the nipple into a hard nub. Amanda reached for his cock and found it rapidly hardening.

Tim stopped kissing and caressing her and turned around to reach for the condom. He handed it to her and said “I’d rather you put it on me”.

Amanda smiled and took the condom “With pleasure.” She took it out of the package and shifted so she could use both hands to unroll the condom onto his beautiful hard cock. As soon as she was done, he pushed her hands away and rolled between her legs. Amanda pulled back her legs and opened them wide to allow him access. Tim quickly took advantage of this and pushed his rock hard cock into her, spreading her pussy walls and filling her.

“Oh God, that feels so good!”

“What would you like me to do Mandy?”


“Say it Mandy, I want to hear you say what you want me to do.”

“Fuck me, Timmy, fuck me.”

“Hearing you say it is such a turn on, say it again baby.”

“Oh God, Timmy, fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

Tim did as he was told and he pounded into her, causing delicious friction for both of them. As he rocked back and forth, he lifted both of them up to new heights. Soon, both were panting and moaning.

Then, Tim stopped and rolled both of them so he was under and she was over. He then said “I want to play with your tits, they’re so beautiful.” Amanda lifted herself off his chest and allowed her breasts to hang down so he could access them. Tim caressed her breasts and focused on the nipples. He pulled one into his mouth and gently sucked on it while he teased the other between his thumb and forefinger. Amanda moaned her approval as she moved her pelvis back and forth on his rod. Between his attention on her breasts and the friction in her pussy, Amanda was getting close.

“Don’t stop Tim, don’t stop.”

Encouraged, Tim sucked a little harder on her nipple and pinched the other one. Amanda groaned and then cried out her release. Feeling her pussy muscles tighten around his cock, Tim also released, letting go of her breasts and grabbing her hips for the last few thrusts.

After they had caught their breaths and he’d gone to remove the condom, he got back into bed with her and cuddled against her.

“Thanks Mandy, I needed this to feel alive again.”

“Mmmmm…” Amanda simply cuddled closer and fell asleep. Hearing her breathing slow, Tim also fell asleep, smiling.

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