Anniversary Adventure


I have to tell you about the last time my wife and I went out for supper. I came home from work and it was our anniversary. She was just starting to get ready when I hopped in the shower. When I got out she already had her long coat on over her dress, a dress she wouldn’t let me see. I got dressed quickly and we left.

When we got to the restaurant and the maitre d took our coats, I just about creamed in my pants to see what my sexy wife was wearing. She had on a black dress with a halter neck. The front of the dress cut straight across her tits, barely covering the nipples. I could see the areola peeking out from the neckline. The hem barely came down past her ass and the back of the dress was open. If she lifted her arms I could see the edges of her boobs and the back was so low I could see the top of the crack of her tight ass. I was instantly turned on, but she just smiled at me and led the way to our table. I could barely make it through the meal, especially when she told me to drop my fork and look under the table.

When I Escort Bayan did, I saw that her legs were spread and her shaved pussy was soaking wet. While I watched she reached a hand down and spread her lips, then slid three fingers into her wet hole. With that I signalled for the check and we left.

We got into the car and started to drive home. My wife started to rub her tits and her nipples were standing up rock hard under the dress. I was stunned when she undid the strap holding her dress up and pulled it down so her breasts were exposed. She moaned and began pinching and pulling her nipples. “I am soooo horny,” she said. She continued playing with her nipples for a while, then she suddenly put the seat back down, put her feet up on the dash and spread her legs. I watched while she fingered her clit until she came, but that wasn’t enough for her. She began sliding first three, then four fingers in and out of her cunt, moaning and playing with her clit with the other hand.

She moaned that she wanted something hard Escort in her. I told her we were almost home, but she didn’t want to wait. She sat up, turned around and straddled the gearshift. She sank down and I watched the gearshift disappear into my wife’s pussy. She fucked herself on the gearshift until we got home.

At home we got out of the car, but didn’t make it into the house. I was so horny that I pinned her up against the car and slid my hard cock into her waiting pussy. I fucked her outside, up against the car. She screamed in ecstasy and came twice before I shot my load.

We made it into the house, but once inside she turned around dropped to her knees and began sucking my cock. I was still horny and it didn’t take long for him to come to life again. Once it did, she went into the kitchen leaned over the kitchen table and begged me to fuck her ass.

I went up behind her, slid my cock into her pussy a few times, then pulled out and pressed it against her ass. We had never had anal sex before, the most we Bayan Escort had done was me putting in a finger or anal beads while we fucked. As I pressed harder against her tight ass, she moaned and pushed back against me. Her hand was underneath, fingering her clit. All of a sudden the head popped in.

I slowly pumped in and out until my entire cock was buried in her ass. I started long, slow strokes, knowing I wouldn’t last long, her ass was so tight. She moaned and screamed “Fuck it, fuck my ass, take it….harder and faster. I want to cum with your cock in my ass” I began pumping faster and she screamed louder. I could hardly believe the words coming from her mouth, she was usually quiet during sex. It turned me on more and I began driving my cock into her ass as hard and fast as I could.

She screamed that she was cumming and I wasn’t far behind. After we both came, I slid my now limp cock out of her ass and she stood up and faced me with a big grin on her face. “That was awesome” she said.

We went to bed then, and before we fell asleep she said, “I really think two on one would be great…a cock in my pussy and one in my ass”. We did arrange that with a friend of ours, and since then have gotten into some adventurous sex situations, but that’s another story.

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