Anna’s Transformation Ch. 04

Big Tits

Tuesday – Day Four

Andy was gone to work when Anna awoke. Lying in bed, she replayed last night in her head, remembering every detail — especially seeing Jack’s package so close-up. Her nipples rose as one to their engorged state and she felt the tingling in her pussy. ‘How big does it get? What would that feel like inside me compared to Andy? God, I’m thinking about having sex with him!’

“Oh god”, she whispered as she sat up, pulled off her bra and began to fondle her breasts and pinch her erect nipples. She pulled her right hand off its breast and pushed it down her panties to find her clitty waking from its slumber and her trench already wet. She rubbed and pierced herself with her middle finger, swirling it around inside while the heel of her hand rubbed her clitty.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” She moaned as she approached nirvana. It only took a minute for her orgasm to blossom forth and she cried out “Oh Jack,” pinching both distended nipples hard. Once she caught her breath she sat up, got out of bed and flung her sleeping shorts towards the laundry.

“Jesus, Jack, what are you doing to me?”

She started towards the bathroom, then, remembering she didn’t have to go to work, decided to get some coffee first. Normally, she would put her sleeping bra and shorts on and wrap herself in her old, heavy robe before leaving the bedroom.

But she was warm and feeling just a little daring after showing her cleavage to Jack last night, so she turned and walked naked down the hall towards the living room. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been naked outside the bedroom, and her pulse quickened with excitement. She felt and watched her breasts bob and sway as she descended the stairs, nipples up thrust towards the ceiling. “God, they’ve gotten big,” she whispered, but found herself enjoying this new sensation of movement. ‘No doubt neighbor Jack likes them — he couldn’t take his eyes off them last night,’ she giggled. “Maybe they’re good for something besides wearing out bras,” she mused out loud.

She passed the big mirror they’d just hung up and stopped to look at her refection. ‘God, how I’ve changed over just a few years.’ She made herself a cup of coffee and wandered through the house, with every step enjoying her nudity and sensuality more.

She showered and went into the closet to dress. What to wear for a visit to Jack’s? ‘Well, maybe I should just skip the bra and go topless!’ She giggled at the thought. “Jeez, I never would have thought that thought last week!” ‘He’s such a hunk, and that smile, oh god, and he’s so funny and charming and he has a really big penis!’

All her bras were in the dirty clothes, so she decided to wear an old sports bra under a big baggy t-shirt and some loose shorts. She went out the back door and headed to Jack’s backyard. As soon as she went through the gate her nipples popped, bringing a smile to her face. ‘There they go!’ As she descended the walkway she heard and saw someone swimming laps. At the edge of the pool she could tell it was Jack.

“Hello!” She shouted.

Jack stopped in the middle of the pool, flipped up his goggles and smiled at Anna. “Well, hello, beautiful neighbor!” He boomed. “This is a great way to start the day!”

She blushed and smiled. ‘He’s so sweet with those compliments.’

As he approached her, she looked down into the water and didn’t see any color that would indicate the presence of a bathing suit. Was he naked?? Stopping a few feet in front of her he said “Oh, fair warning, sometimes I swim in the nude.” Without the constraint of a swimsuit and in the presence of his goddess neighbor his cock began to thicken and lengthen.

She could see something sticking out in front of him through the refracted sunlight but couldn’t see it clearly. ‘God – is he getting hard?’ “Well, thanks for the warning there, big guy!” ‘I can’t believe I just called him big guy — what am I thinking?’

Jack grinned. He was tempted to go for it and just get out of the pool, naked and hard, but reason prevailed. ‘Not yet.’ “So, I was thinking that since you aren’t familiar with the stores on this end of town that I might drive you around for shopping?”

She paused. ‘Wow – I want to say yes, he’s so nice — and soooooo attractive — but I’m a married woman.’ “Jack, that’s so nice of you. But let me just check in with Andy to make sure he’s ok with it.” She punched Andy’s speed dial and he picked up right away.

“Sure, if you are comfortable driving with him.” Andy responded. ‘The way he affects me I don’t think I’ll ever be “comfortable” with him,’ she thought. She hung up and said, “He’s ok with it, so let’s go.”

“Ok, let me shower and get dressed and I’ll come over and collect you in about 20 minutes?”

“Sounds good,” she chirped back, and turned to walk back up the path. She heard him get out of the water on the far end of the pool and walk towards the house. ‘Should I be naughty?’

She turned her Eryaman Escort head around and saw Jack walking away from her — totally naked! ‘OMG — Look at that tight, muscular ass!’ As he approached the door the sun was at just the right angle for her to see the shadow of his erection leading him across the patio. A big shadow.

‘Oh, god, he’s hard because of me! He’s thinking about my sex, about being with me, putting his big shaft inside me!’ She quickly turned and ran up the walk and into her kitchen, pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees and began to frantically rub herself, leaning against the kitchen counter. She was thinking of Jack’s manhood, how big it might be when hard, what it would feel like entering her, what his body might feel like.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god,” she moaned as her pussy soaked her hand. Her second orgasm of the day hit her hard and she moaned loudly, knees buckling. She fell onto a chair, panting. “Holy moly!’ She grunted out loud. “That was a good one!”

She stripped off her panties and shorts and headed up to her room. As she passed the big mirror and saw herself, she smiled and said, “You go girl!” to the mirror.

On the other side of the fence Jack was in the shower using all his willpower to not touch his rock-hard cock and shoot off the big load he had building up. ‘Hopefully, I’ll soon shoot that load on – or inside Anna,” he said to the wall. ‘Better keep these balls full up.’


Anna quickly responded to Jack’s knock at her back door. She beamed at him, and he again marveled at her incredible smile.

“You have the prettiest smile, neighbor girl!”

She of course felt her nipples respond and blushed. “Thank you, Jack, you are quite the gentleman!”

They walked across Jack’s yard and he opened the passenger door for her. “Thank you, kind sir,” she chirped. ‘He’s so sweet. I’ve seen him naked from behind, wow. And he has a big penis — really big. What if he knew I just climaxed thinking of him?’ They again fell into an easy chatter as he drove away. He soon pulled into the parking lot of Workout Woman. He got out and walked around and opened her door. She hesitated.

“What’s wrong?”

She paused. “Are you going in with me?”

“Of course. You may need protection from muscular workout women in there!”

She couldn’t help but giggle as she got out, Jack’s eyes catching her pretty legs

“I-I just don’t like clothes shopping.”

“Then you are the only woman I’ve met like that!” He was pretty sure he knew the answer to his next question. “Why?”

She hesitated. ‘Because my tits are too big.’ “We don’t have much money, and it’s hard for me to find clothes that fit both my…..bottom….and my, um, top. I’m getting too fat up there.”

Jack’s pulse raced at the thought of her breasts continuing to grow. ‘And she thinks that’s a problem?’ ‘Time for a bold move’. He took both of her hands in his. “Anna, dear, you are a stunningly beautiful woman — the prettiest I’ve ever laid eyes on. A woman’s bust is very much a part of her sensuality, and for most of us males — and that includes this one — bigger is better! I love that you have big boobs. And I’m sure they are beautiful to behold.”

‘Oh, god!’ “Oh Jack, are you really telling me the truth?”

He leaned in to touch his forehead to hers and looked into her eyes. “Scout’s honor — yes!” and then he kissed her gently on her forehead. He saw her eyes start to tear up. He let go of one hand but gently held the other as he steered her towards the store entrance.

Anna’s heart was racing — she was dazed at what Jack said about her breasts, flushed at his kiss and the touch of his hand gave her chills. The impropriety of her holding a man’s hand in public who was not her husband didn’t occur to her. ‘Oh god, what is happening to me? This man, he’s sooooo handsome, he thinks I’m beautiful, he’s noticed the size of my breasts — he likes my breasts – I want to kiss him — he’s not my husband!’

Her heartrate was elevated as they wandered through the store. Jack suggested several workout top and bottom combinations. Anna looked carefully at the tops to make sure they were big enough. With the help of a purple-haired salesclerk she went in back and tried on several. No way she was coming out to show Jack! Since her nipples were erect under what she was calling the “Jack Effect” she was able to see that they were very visible in the tops, so she should wear a t-shirt cover.

“Well, I found four that fit me,” she reported to Jack. “Which one can I have?”

Jack held out his hands and she gave him all four. He walked towards the register and looked over his shoulder. “All of them, of course!”

She smiled. “Jack, you really shouldn’t — that’s too much!”

“Ok, we’ll arm-wrestle, and the winner gets to decide how many!” He flexed his bicep, straining his shirt sleeve which caused her eyes to widen.

She Sincan Escort stuck out her tongue at him. “Not fair!”

He was tempted to say, “don’t stick that out unless you plan to use it,” but caution kicked in and he held his tongue.

He opened the car door for her. ‘I’m loving looking at these pretty legs!’ As they pulled away from the store, Anna looked through her purchases, smiling. She noticed they weren’t heading back to their neighborhood. “Um, where are we going?”

“We have two more stops to make.”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to drag he through a hardware store like Andy does!”

“Nope — you’ll see.” A few minutes later Jack pulled into an upscale shopping center and parked in front of Girlfriends Boutique. Anna saw some lacy things on display in the front window.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re not taking me into an underwear store!!” She punched him in the shoulder.

“Ow! But Andy said you needed some underwear, and as an expert on ladies’ underthings and your personal wardrobe consultant for the day, I am at your disposal!”

She looked at him for a full minute, considering the implications of being with him in a store that’s all about sex. ‘You should say no, girl — this is dangerous! HE is dangerous. But I want to…’ “Well, ok, mister, but you better be careful with those comments!”

He grinned, opened her door for her, again checked out her pretty legs and they went in. ‘This is going to be awesome!’

To Jack the place stocked every unmentionable item made. Anna stopped first in the bra section; Jack very close behind her. ‘I am so aware of him right next to me.’ She looked at several basic, more utilitarian models. Jack slipped his arm around her shoulder and guided her across the aisle where the sexy, lacy models hung.

She looked up into his eyes and smiled. “Trying to tell me something, Jack?” ‘He touched me again.’

He kept his arm around her shoulder. “Every girl should have a good stock of sexy underwear — not that boring stuff you were looking at. I’m sure Andy would agree with me!”

She stuck her tongue out at him again and turned to look at the bras. His arm across her shoulder just felt like it should be there! Jack pulled one especially lacy number of the hook. “How about this one, Anna?” He held it by the cup edges and placed it against her chest. “This would look great on you!”

She blushed and grabbed it away from him, looking around to see if anyone was looking. “Pervert!” But she was smiling. ‘He’s looking at my breasts, he’s thinking of me in just my bra!’ Looking at the price tag, she said. “Anyway, these are waaay too expensive.”

He leaned in close. “Not for a woman as fine as you, Anna,” he whispered. “A woman makes a statement about herself, her femininity, by how she carries her breasts, so your bra is so important.”

She looked up into his eyes. ‘Oh, wow, what he just said…’

“So what size are we looking for?”

She answered without thinking. “Well, I’m a double D now, but I may need to… YOU RASCAL — I shouldn’t be telling you my bra size!” This earned Jack his third shoulder punch of the day.


Anna, red faced again, couldn’t help noting that Jack’s shoulder was solid as a rock. Spying a salesclerk, she said, “I better get fitted” and walked over, leaving Jack alone in a sea of lacy women’s underwear. A few minutes later she emerged from the back room.

“Well, what’s the verdict?”

Her eyes narrowed slightly at the boldness of his question. ‘Should’ve expected we’d be talking about my boobs in this place!’ “Well, since you seem to think it’s ok for you to know intimate personal details about me, I guess I should tell you. I’ve officially moved from a DD to an E.”

“Congratulations!” Prepared this time, Jack deftly intercepted her little fist in mid-strike, opened her hand and placed it on his chest, under his hand. ‘Oh, that fees good, touching his chest. Definitely muscles.’

She giggled. “Looks like I’ll have to come up with a different punch since you figured out this one!”

He cajoled her to pick out three nice E-cup bras and they wandered into the panty section. Again, she went towards the basic models – then stopped. “Soooooo…. I guess you’re NOT going to let me buy anything basic?”

He grinned. “Correct.”

She rolled her blue eyes and turned towards the high-end section. Together they looked at several items, giggling to each other at the lewdness of what they were doing. They were both aware that subtly, more and more, they touched each other — a hand on a shoulder, hands brushing against each other.

He got her to pick out six pair and they were heading to the checkout when her phone chimed. She handed Jack the bras and panties. “It’s Andy, let me take this.” She stepped out the front door for some privacy.

Jack instantly sensed an opportunity. He trotted back to the bra section and picked out Etlik Escort a half dozen very expensive, racy numbers, including two cleavage-exposing underwire push-up bras. He then grabbed a handful of very skimpy thong panties, hustled to the checkout, and had everything paid for and bagged before she returned. He noticed a card for the middle-aged clerk noting she was a ‘personal shopper’ and grabbed it.

“Ready to go?” He asked, handing her the bag.

“Sure. Thanks so much, Jack. Never thought I’d have so much fun buying underwear with some guy I’ve only known 3 days!”

“So, I’m in the “some guy” category?” He grinned.

“Yes, but if you behave, I might promote you!”

“Something to look forward to!” Jack opened the passenger door for her and was rewarded with her thousand-watt smile.

“You’re such a gentleman!”

“Well, to be honest I’m not — I just like looking at your pretty legs!!

She smiled, faked a punch and then pinched him in the thigh. “Gotcha — you pervert!” ‘He likes looking at my big breasts, and my legs, and I love it.’

As they drove away, she started looking through the Girlfriends Boutique bag. “Hey…..wait a minute…….there’s some things in here I didn’t pick out!” She held up a wispy thong panty and gave him The Look.

“What? How did that happen? The clerk must have messed up. So hard to get good help these days.”

“Uh-huh. And the extra bras and panties all just HAPPEN to be my size? You are a VERY, VERY bad boy, Jack Mitchell!”

He grinned. “Oh no — will I be punished. ma’am?”

“Yes, I’ll think of something!” Looking around, she asked “So Jack, where are we going – are you ever taking me home?”

“Just one more shopping stop to address an urgent clothing need, neighbor girl,” he said as he parked in front of the Tropical Bikini store.

“Oh, well after the underwear store, I should have figured you’d try something like this! No way I’m going in there with you!”

“Well, if we don’t go in, I’ll come back later and make my own selections for you — now that I know your top and bottom sizes.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Besides, that suit you had on last night looked like something your mother bought for you. You couldn’t even breathe, and there was more breast pushed out the top than inside!’

She giggled at his description. ‘He was checking out my big boobs!’ “Ok, nice sales job there, Jack. But no secret extra purchases this time, ok?”


She waited for him to open her door and made sure he got a good look at her legs. ‘He’s sweet, handsome and likes my boobs and legs — feel naughty showing off! Nipples are at attention!’

Jack made no effort to hide his long look at her legs, grinning the whole time.

As before, she gravitated towards the conservative, one-piece suits. “So, there’s some rally nice bikinis over heeeeeeeeeeeere,” he said, waving at the whole rest of the store.

“I don’t think so. I’ve never owned a bikini. I don’t think I’d look good, what with these balloons sticking out.”

Jack took a long look at said balloons, earning him a pinch on his behind. “Pervert!” ‘Can’t let him know I like him looking at my chest.’ It didn’t escape her notice that Jack’s posterior was hard as a rock. ‘Nice butt that I saw this morning — and now I’ve touched it!’

“Ouch! Jack put his hand against his chin. “So, let’s look at this analytically, neighbor girl. Which of us is the better judge of bikini selection? You, who’ve admitted to never even wearing one, or me, with several years of self-taught amateur viewing experience and one afternoon gig judging a bikini contest outside a seedy beach bar?”

She looked at him for just a second before bursting out in laughter. “Oh, you are a bad, dangerous man, Jack Mitchell. I better be careful with what I let you talk me into — or out of! The sexual inuendo was not lost on Jack. He placed his hand on her lower back and nudged her towards the bikini displays.

“God, it just feels right having his hand on my back like that — right above my butt! Nipples are so hard! And I’m wet down there.’

They went back to giggling about tiny pieces of clothing. She picked out three. Jack spied the one he wanted — a slingshot. “Let’s add this.”

She looked quizzically at the strange strap with a sort of Y intersection. “Um, I’m not sure I could figure out how this even works, and it looks illegal, Jack.”

“Please, just for me?” He said, making an exaggerated sad face.

She threw it at him. “I give up!”

He made sure to catch another leg viewing as he opened the car door for her. As they drove away, he suggested they stop for lunch. “How did you know I was hungry?”

“Oh, I can read your mind.”

“THAT would be dangerous! So, Jack, you said last night you shared my swimsuit fit problem.” She blushed and giggled. “Do you have your Speedos custom made?” Now it was his turn to blush.

They stopped at a little café owned by a friend of Jack’s and were seated right away. Their conversation flowed easily, with much giggling and laughter. She shared the story of how plain Anna evolved into voluptuous Anna — and that she’d only been with one man, Andy. Jack hung on every word. They traded contact information on their phones. He took her picture, and she took his.

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