Ann Ch. 04


After the night of the celebration, Ann really scolded herself. How could she be so reckless? If anyone found out, she could be fired – and embarrassed around town, as the details would undoubtedly leak out. She promised herself she wouldn’t yield to temptation again.

The following day, she called Allen at home and explained things to him. She told him it was a mistake and not to discuss it at any time. She made it seem almost his fault that she’d had too much to drink.

Ann told him if word got out he’d probably be fired with no letter of recommendation. If he were discrete, however, then she’d see he got a very good letter. Allen felt very sheepish. Ann felt sorry about that but wanted to make positively sure no rumors or whispers surfaced.

Ann steered clear of Allen during those final few weeks before he left to go back to college, and to her great relief, he made no effort to make contact with her. She and Doug, however, made great use of the activities in her car that night to engage in some hot sex.

They also discussed things much more openly than they had after the incidents with Colin. Ann discovered that Doug was aroused by the thought that Ann would blow these guys then come home ready for sex. It was like some kind of foreplay for them.

Doug remembered his days of youth and how he’d have done almost anything to receive a BJ from an older woman, any older woman, let alone one as voluptuous as Ann. Ann found the hard young manhood they possessed an incredible aphrodisiac. The more she caressed it the hotter she got.

Taking it into her mouth was the best caress of all. The cock was so hard yet the skin so soft and velvety on her tongue. The climax reaffirmed her desirability as a woman. She could still attract a young buck.

The weekend before Allen’s return to college, Ann expressed to Doug her relief that nothing blew up about her fling with the intern. Doug asked if she was sorry that she didn’t get to “see” him again.

“I guess not,” Ann replied. “It was too risky and I’d have been so humiliated if anything were known.”

“But that was while he was at the firm. After Friday, that all changes.”

“I know, I’ve thought about that a little, but I don’t think so.”

“Are you sure? He’ll be away at college; he’s probably never coming back to your company anyway. Didn’t he say he wanted to go out west after graduation?”

Ann began to re-think an idea she’d been toying with about giving Allen a farewell party. Well not really a party, more of a date. Well, date wasn’t quite the right term either. Ann smiled to herself; she knew what she meant but for some reason was being shy even in her own thoughts. What was that about?

“I see that little smile,” Doug teased his wife. “What’s going on in that dirty mind of yours?”

“Dirty? If I’m dirty, what are you? Pervert!” Ann said with a smile. “Well, I was thinking of maybe giving Allen a little going away party.”


“Uh, maybe more of a date.”


What sort of weird déjà vu was this? thought Ann.

“What would you call it? Never mind, don’t answer; I know what it’s called. Anyway, I was thinking of getting a hotel room and meeting him there. I guess I’d like see if he really can make those four seminal deliveries he bragged about.”

“Where would you go?”

Ann mentioned the most expensive hotel in the area. “Would you go with me? Not to watch, of course, but we could spend the night after he left. It might be fun.”

“Yeah,” Doug mocked, “it might be fun at that.” He had a big shit-eating grin as he lunged for Ann.

“Not now. Later. I’ve got some work to do. But Doug, would you be an absolute sweetie and see if you can get us a reservation for next Saturday?”

Ann had noticed a certain passivity, almost sub-servienence in Doug recently and for some reason decided to explore it. She wanted to see how far he’d go to make this happen. He seemed to want her to do this as much as she wanted to. She noticed how eagerly her husband called the hotel.

Doug was beaming a few bursa eskort minutes later when he entered their study.

“I got the room! There is some convention at the hotel so rooms are a little more expensive. $350 for the night.”

“Wow!” But she thought to herself, does he realize he’s taking this active, expensive role just to help some other guy can get a blowjob from his wife? This really does excite him, not just me.

Ann and Doug went to dinner Friday evening and Ann described her plans for the following day. She had been thinking of this all week and came up with some subtle, delicious ways for Doug to participate, and to see how far he’d go in getting his wife some young cock.

“Tomorrow, I’d like to do a little shopping before we go to the hotel. I was thinking of picking up some lingerie and something for drinks. And I really want some nice stuff, so why don’t you get some cash before we leave? A thousand should be fine. I’m not going to spend anywhere near all of it, but just to be safe”

“A thousand’s a lot,” gulped Doug.

“How much do you want to get out?” Ann challenged. She figured he’d back down and he did.

“I thought we’d go to the hotel and I’d get dressed. I’ll meet Allen in the bar – you could sit at another table or lurk in the lobby if you want. Maybe you could wait at the bar while we’re in the room.”

“OK,” said Doug. “I think they have a TV at the bar.”

“Allen will meet me at 4:00. According to him, we should be done before 6:00. Then you and I can have the rest of the night.”

“Sounds great.”

Ann wondered, briefly, at how strange the idea that her husband would react to her sucking off a college kid four times by saying, “Sounds great” really was. Were they going down some kinky path that would get more and more depraved? Well, she’d have to think about that after Saturday.

Ann led Doug out of the house at 11:00 on Saturday morning for the mall. They stopped at the liquor store first where Ann picked out two bottles of Champaign at $150 a bottle and an $85 bottle of single malt scotch.

At Victoria’s Secret, she selected a very provocative bra, thong panty, and garter set. She selected stockings that were just a shade lighter than her tanned thighs. At Ann Taylor she picked out a powder blue dress that somehow managed to be classy, demure, and provocative at the same time. She also selected a pair of patent leather white pumps with 4-inch heels.

At the cosmetics counter, Ann made Doug watch as she had the saleslady show her a variety of lipsticks, lip outliners, and application techniques. Again, Ann was fascinated at how eager her husband was to get her mouth prepared for another man. All this totaled an additional $650 which Ann insisted Doug pay by credit card – just so they’d have cash if needed.

They arrived at the hotel by 1:30 and Ann began to prepare. She showered and shaved her legs. She came out of the bathroom in a long tee-short and picked up the thong panties. Doug was pretending to watch TV, but she knew he was actually looking her very carefully. She pulled on the panties and held up the hem of the shirt.

“Doug, honey, come here a moment.” Doug responded very quickly. “How does this look? Aren’t there a lot of pubes showing? Would you do me a favor? I really can’t see it that well, would you please shave me? You know, down there, so it’s really nice and trim, in case he accidentally sees, or I show him?”

Doug was very eager to help prepare his wife. This sort of role reversal – Ann preparing herself better for another man than she would for her own husband – seemed to turn him on. Ann hiked up the shirt and lay back on the bed.

Doug brought out a towel and shaving things and moved a chair to the bed between her outspread thighs. As he began to examine where to shave, Ann hoisted her hips and whipped off the panties. Her pubic mound brushed Doug’s face.

“Oh hell,” she said. “Just shave the whole thing clean. That should get me hot.”

And so he did.

Ann was nude in the bathroom. She was painting her bursa bayan escort mouth.

“Doug, honey, come here a minute. What was it that woman at the cosmetics said about putting on this lip liner? Here, honey, you do it.” Ann gave him the wand and stood there while Doug finished painting her lips. She pursed them and asked how he liked them.

“Jesus, honey,” he said. “You’re doing this on purpose.”

“Doing what?” she said, oh so innocently.

“You know damn well what. Making me get you ready for him. And you know it’s making me so hard. I almost hope he doesn’t show up. I’ll never last two hours down in the bar.”

“You’re so sweet,” Ann said as she tweaked his crotch. “And you really are hard, aren’t you. Well, go put the Champaign on ice, then watch TV, I’ll be done in a few minutes, then we can go down and have a drink, separate tables of course, until Allen gets here.”

Doug faced the TV, but mostly watched Ann as she put on her bra, garter belt, and panties. She was rolling on the second stocking when she spoke.

“You know, he’s going back to school and probably could use a little extra help. I was thinking about giving him a present.”

“I’d consider what you’re going to give him a pretty damned good present.”

“Silly, that’s for me, for us, not him. No, I mean a real present.” Ann had the second stocking attached to the garter and was dropping the dress over her head. She slipped on her pumps and walked over to the room’s desk. She looked incredible!

Taking out a hotel envelope and handing it to Doug, she said, “Come on, Doug, let’s give him a little reward.”

Doug made a show of it, but he did take out his wallet and put a hundred dollar bill in the envelope. He quickly thought better of it and slid in another $100. He sheepishly held it out to Ann. She made no move to accept it.

“He’s going to do it four times,” she said, looking him directly in the eye. Doug put two more bills in and again held it out for his wife.

“No tip?” Another $100 was placed into the envelope. This time Ann accepted it.

“I can’t believe you’re making me pay some kid five hundred bucks to fuck your mouth. What’s worse, I can’t believe how hard it’s making me.”

Ann wrote Allen’s name on the front of the envelope, than made a display of licking the back flap and sealing it. Then, with a flourish, she puckered and placed a red imprint of her lips on the seal.

Placing the envelope on the desk, Ann said, “Doug, honey, I’ve mussed my lips a bit. Would you get the lipstick and touch them up for me?” Of course, Doug did just that.

As they reached the door on their way out, Ann said, “Just a minute.” She reached her hand under her dress and pulled off the thong and tossed it into the closet. “I don’t think I want those in the way when I get back up here.”

Downstairs, Ann made Doug walk away from the bar just in case Allen had arrived early. He wasn’t, so she took a table and ordered a drink. She wasn’t particularly nervous, but the alcohol was helpful anyway.

When Doug saw she was alone, he walked over and took a seat at the bar where he could watch her. Shortly before four, Doug saw a tall, skinny, awkward kid at whom Ann smiled broadly.

Allen sat down and Ann ordered him a Coke. When they finished, Ann charged the drinks to their room and the couple got up to leave. While Allen was looking away, Doug made a face, like yuck, at his wife.

Ann looked back and sensuously licked her lips, then walked off. When Doug tuned back, he saw that the woman tending bar had seen both his look and his wife’s response. The bartender just shook her head and looked away. Doug blushed and grabbed his beer.

Doug had settled in at the bar, watching the afternoon ball game. He didn’t expect Ann back until six. Each time he ordered a beer, the bar maid smiled sweetly at him which made him all the more embarrassed. He was watching the clock more than the game and all the time thinking about what was going on upstairs. Just before five, someone bursa ucuz escort covered his eyes from behind.

“Surprise!” said Ann as she pulled her hands back and Doug spun around on his stool. Ann kissed him full on the lips and told him to settle the check so they could go upstairs. Doug gave the woman his credit card.

The bartender seemed to understand something kinky was going on. As she started to get authorization for the charge, she turned to Doug and said, “Are you certain you want to use your corporate card for this?” Then looking closely at the card, “Mr. Wheeler.”

Doug was flustered. “Uh, no, no. Let me get my personal card. This isn’t a corporate expense. Not sure why I gave you that one.”

The barmaid gave Doug back his card. “Do you work at Pratt & Whitney? My boyfriend works there. John Evans?”

Doug stared at the bar and said nothing, but Ann moved forward. “You have a John Evans working for you, don’t you Doug?”

Doug was really embarrassed. He didn’t want his identity known, especially if this woman knew someone who worked for him. “Are you Doug?” she asked. “John talks about you all the time.”

There was no way out, so Doug smiled, “Nice to meet you. This is my wife, Ann.”

Ann held out her hand. The barmaid took it and said, “Hi, I’m Tiffany. You’ve got something on your cheek.”

Doug turned to Ann to see what the problem was. Ann had a thick strand of creamy white cum going from the corner of her mouth to her ear. Also, her hair was mussed and her lipstick was totally smudged. And there were literally, dozens of wet spots on her dress and then he saw a white glob running between her generous tits.

“Oh my, I must be quite a mess, ” Ann declared.

“Yeah, you look a little different than when you were in here earlier with that young gentleman. Here,” Tiffany said as she handed Doug a clean bar towel, “this will help clean her up.”

A thoroughly embarrassed Doug took the towel and mopped Ann’s cheek, then dabbed it across the bosom of her dress to blot the cum. Doug kept the towel as he and Ann left the bar.

By the time they got into the elevator, however, Doug was incredibly hot and hard. Ann gave him an open mouth, full tongue kiss and Doug was fully knowledgeable about what that entailed. It made both of them hotter.

In the room, Doug immediately saw that both bottles of Champaign were emptied and the envelope and bottle of scotch were gone. He had neither time nor inclination to dwell on it as Ann swooned back on the bed and lifted up her skirt. She left her dress, stockings and shoes on as she beckoned Doug to her.

“Well, he was a man of his word,” Ann said as Doug surveyed her condition. “Four times in forty minutes. God he was hard! Do I look a mess? I didn’t want to take the time to clean up. I wanted you up here with me. I really love you, you know that?

“Mmmm, honey, kneel down and soothe me. I rubbed myself so hard; I really need your soft wet tongue right now. But I’ll warn you, your going to have to work for my climax. I already came three times fingering myself while I blew Allen. That’s it, do you like it, all nice and smooth and bare?”

Doug simply couldn’t take it once he’d placed his head between her thighs. All the preparation and waiting were too much for him. He’d barely begun licking her when he came trying to pull his cock out of his pants.

“Oh God,” Doug groaned as he shot his load all over his hand. “Jesus, Ann, how do you expect me to hold off with all the teasing you’ve done to me today? Shit, I got it all over my pants and hand.” Doug stood up and wiped his hand on the towel next to the bed, then pulled his slacks off and wiped the liquid off with the towel.

“It’s OK, honey,” Ann said as Doug knelt down before her again and began licking her. “I’ll bet you can get yourself off again! I’ve already come three times and am working on four. Allen shot four times. I could have gotten five, but he wanted to go, and besides, you only paid for four!” Ann teased.

Doug involuntarily jerked his head back at the cutting remark, but Ann caught her heel behind his neck and slowly brought his mouth back to her ache.

Ann was right. As she told Doug the story of what transpired that afternoon with Allen, he was able to bring her to a crashing orgasm with his tongue and get himself off a second time as well.

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