Angela Ch. 02


After my seduction by the gorgeous Angela on my birthday I was dying to see her again. I kept thinking about her superb figure with her full, ripe breasts, thick rubbery nipples, slim waist and broad hips. I constantly remembered the texture of her skin and the colour of her hair and the look on her face as I screwed her.

I took every opportunity I could think of to repeat the experience and was constantly making up excuses to call round. My efforts were thwarted at every turn until one afternoon Angela whispered to me to come around that evening at 8 pm. Her husband was at home and so after she’d whispered her instructions to me she closed the door and I headed off home.

I spent the hours before our rendezvous in an agony of anticipation. The seconds and minutes seemed to crawl by but eventually it was time.

Angela opened the door to my knock very quickly and I went inside. She was dressed in a towelling robe and this seemed odd attire since I could plainly see her high heeled shoes on her feet. Angela slipped the robe from her shoulders and I could only stand boggle eyed and gaze at the vision before me.

Angela had a pair of wickedly spiked shoes on her feet and was also completely kitted out in sexy lingerie. She was wearing a pair of thin black stockings that were fastened onto straps hanging from a black basque that was cinched tight around her waist. The cups in the basque covered her big tits but both lifted and squeezed them together to form an impressive cleavage. Angela’s pubic mound was visible since she had opted not to wear any knickers and I could see her labia clearly through the light blonde fuzz of her pubic hair.

She told me her husband was at a meeting at the depot and wouldn’t be back for hours. I knew Pete was with his girlfriend and would probably be staying there overnight too. It was a risky situation to say the least but I was desperate to experience my mature lover’s ample charms once again.

Angela sat in an armchair and coolly hooked her legs over the arms, her spread thighs meant that her sex was exposed and the shameless bitch began to gently run her elegant fingers between her labia, spreading the lips and then tickling her clit.

I watched for a few moments before Angela told me to strip. I obeyed and was soon stood before Angela, my thick cock rigid as she continued to slowly tease her pouting sex lips.

She made a sudden movement by lifting her legs from the arms of the chair and placing her feet back flat onto the carpet. She leaned forwards and one by one scooped her big jugs out of the bra cups of the basque. Angela then pulled me towards her so I was stood between her feet and she wrapped her firm, pliable tit flesh around my cock.

She began to wank my cock with her mounds and every few moments she would dip her face down and lick my exposed cock as it peeked almanbahis adres from between her tits.

This felt absolutely divine I had never felt this before and I could feel my orgasm begin to well up my cock. Sensing my tension Angela stopped wanking my cock and once again spread her thighs wide for me.

I dropped to my knees and pulled Angela’s now sticky love lip apart to reveal the pinkness of her cunt. I probed her tunnel with my tongue and heard the wicked slut groan with pleasure. I tickled her clit also and Angela rewarded me by murmuring filthy endearments to me.

As I licked her I ran my hands over the thin material of her stockings. They felt luxurious under my fingers and the shock of feeling Angela’s skin at her stocking tops was sublime.

I rubbed Angela’s bare skin of her upper thighs as I tongued her and then slowly pushed the tip of my forefinger into her pussy. I probed deeper into her tunnel and concentrated my efforts on her stiff clit. As I moved a second finger deep into Angela’s welcoming body and moved them around she began to make the unmistakable sounds of her build up to orgasm.

Angela thrust her pelvis down, forcing her cunt harder onto my probing fingers as she groaned deeply in her throat and spasmed in the throes of her cum. She grabbed my wrist tightly and pulled my hand to her face. Angela sucked my fingers clean of her own love juices and then kissed me deeply. Her tongue forced between my lips and Angela French kissed e passionately.

I was desperate to get inside her now and I hooked Angela’s legs over my arms, pulling her forward in the chair so I could get access to her cunt. I pushed my cock into her and began to fuck with hard strokes.

Angela’s big tits jiggled as I fucked my big cock into her and she scooped them in her palms and massaged herself with vigour. As I pumped into her Angela was constantly urging me on in her own style of filthy language. She was begging me to pound her cunt and to fill her with spunk as she pulled her thick nipples roughly.

In an effort to control my imminent orgasm I pulled out of Angela’s pussy. My cock was once again covered with her juices and I watched more of her cream slide from her now gaping hole and slide thickly down along her arse crack.

I had just turned Angela over and had her knelt on the chair with her hot arse facing me when I heard a car door slam.

At that point Angela uttered the dreaded phrase,

‘Oh shit, it’s my husband.’

The first warning we had of his arrival was hearing the car door slam. This meant we had roughly 30 seconds for me to escape. Something that was completely impossible in such a short space of time.

I had just slid my thick cock into my mature lover’s slick, wet pussy when the car door slammed. There I was almost caught in the act with my cock deep almanbahis yeni giriş inside my best friend’s mother and her husband was about to walk in on us. I doubt he’d have been impressed to see his stunning blonde wife being fucked by a mere boy 24 years her junior.

I pulled out of Angela and grabbed my clothes by the armful. The only course I could take was to head straight for my friend’s bedroom to hide out.

I heard the sound of voices from my hiding place and could do nothing but shit myself in fear. Obviously a man arriving home unexpectedly and who finds his buxom wife dressed like a common whore is going to be asking some pretty hard questions.

The voices faded and I was in an agony of indecision about what to do next.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and my heart shot into my mouth as I thought I’d been discovered. I needn’t have worried though it was Angela.

She was smiling wickedly as she entered the room. It was as though this was just a game and she didn’t care if she got caught.

Angela pulled me from Pete’s room and instead of getting me to the front door as I’d expected, she led me to her bedroom. I couldn’t believe it, where was her husband?

Before I could answer any questions Angela was knelt in front of me and was trying to suck my wilted cock back to life. Then to my horror the bedroom door opened and in walked Angela’s husband.

Angela just carried on sucking my cock.

The man stood for a moment and looked at the scene before him. His wife was on her knees dressed in black stockings and basque with her big tits on display, sucking the cock of a very frightened young man of 18 years.

It suddenly dawned on me that he was naked, and not only that he was sporting an erection.

It appeared that I’d been set up and that Angela and her kinky husband had this evening all planned out.

Angela’s husband walked over to his wife and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her and then pushed her back onto the bed. He lay between his wife’s spread legs and began to lick her already sopping pussy.

As Angela began to groan she beckoned me to her and once more sucked hard on my cock. She wanked me at the root at the same time and soon I was back to full stiffness.

After a few minutes of this Angela’s husband told me to relax, it was fine and that I should lie on the bed. I did as he told me and Angela straddled me and lowered herself onto my thick cock. Her big tits were dangling in my face and so I sucked and licked her nipples whilst she slid her cunt up and down my cock.

I gripped her buttocks in my hands and pulled her down onto me as I lifted my hips to fuck into her. The sound of our bodies slapping together reverberated around the room. I could see Angela’s husband furiously tugging his cock as his wife slammed onto my thick cock almanbahis giriş shaft.

She was cursing me again in foul language and then begged her husband to stick his cock up her arse.

I couldn’t believe my ears but there he was crouching behind his wife and was forcing his dick into her anus. I could feel the pressure of his cock on mine between the thin wall of skin dividing Angela’s arse and cunt as he began to fuck her in that most intimate place.

Angela was a demon. She was crying out for us both to fuck her. She was forcing her big breasts into my face and then kissing me deeply as her husband clung onto her hips and pounded her arsehole without mercy. He was calling her all sorts of dirty whore names and asking her which cock she liked most. The young one buried in her greedy cunt or his in her tight arse?

Suddenly Angela’s husband pulled out of her arse he stood watching and carried on pulling his cock whilst his beautiful wife came on my young virile prick.

Next Angela wanted me deep in her pussy and so she lay on her back and spread her legs for me. She was completely dishevelled by now. Her light make up was smeared across her face, her hair was matted with perspiration and her stockings and basque were smeared with all of our juices.

I pushed my cock back into the wanton slut and began to fuck her again. Her husband was close by still tugging his cock.

I changed the angle of my thrusts as I fucked Angela and I could feel what I thought was the neck of her womb touching the tip of my cock as I pounded her.

Finally I could take no more of this rampant fucking I told Angela I was going to come and she told me to push deep and let it go.

I did as she asked and as my thick spunk spat from my cock I pushed as deep into Angela as I could go.

Spurt after spurt of my seed gushed into the woman beneath me and at one point Angela smiled and held me tight against her body murmuring that I was going to make her pregnant. I was shocked by this talk but still kept my spitting cock buried deep inside her.

As I emptied my lust into this ripe creature Angela came too and she bucked and writhed against me as her husband made it 3 cums. He sprayed his thick goo onto his wife’s tits and thick drops of the stuff stained her black basque.

As I pulled out of my lover she spread her husband’s spunk around her big, firm tits and licked some of it from her fingers.

When I had recovered slightly I asked Angela what she meant about being pregnant and she replied that she wanted a baby and since her husband was infertile they had cooked up this little scheme.

I was stunned by this revelation and I was dressed and leaving the house when I looked back into the bedroom to see Angela once again laying on her back, thighs spread and her husband slipping his newly erect cock into her cum filled cunt. Angela was kissing him tenderly as her husband fucked her.

I never spoke to Angela again. I saw her around town a few times but eventually I had to leave town when the bump began to show after a couple of months. Obviously my plough had planted it’s seed.

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