Angel To Devil In Sixty Seconds

Big Tits

I noticed her from across the bar. About 5’7, probably 115lbs, in a pair of baggy jeans that still somehow hugged her ass, and a black zip-up hoodie over a tight shirt with an odd looking picture stretched over her breasts. Her natural hair color was either black or dark brown judging by the dark roots of her dyed blonde hair. Her eyes looked blue, maybe green, possibly hazel, they changed each time I looked. At first she looked out of place in the Dungeon, a little known and really out of place bar/club smack in the middle of the bible belt. But then I saw the black fingernails on the ends of her small hands, and the black lipstick on her cute doll-like face; the silver ring in her left nostril helped some too.

“Are you gonna fuckin’ stare or buy her drink, Jizaz?” Meaka, the bartender and part owner asked me. She was rude as a defense to keep guys like me from asking her out, I knew cause I asked her out once. “I mean Christ, unless you got x-ray vision, you ain’t gonna see nothin’ but black fabric and a pale face.”

I smiled and shook my head. “You got a way with words, ya know?” I looked up at Meaka, she raised her eyebrows at me. “Buy her whatever she wants, give her the whole damn bottle if she asks.” I said finally. As she turned off, I remembered something. “Wait, Wait. If you can, see what’s on her shirt.. I don’t wanna be accused of talking to her tits.” I requested.

In less time then I could’ve gone to the bathroom, I heard “Angel to Devil in Sixty Seconds.” I whirled around to see the girl standing behind me with a bottle of Skyy in her black-nailed hand. She must have noticed the stunned look on my face, cause she pointed to her shirt and read aloud. “‘Angel To Devil In Sixty Seconds.’ You told Meaka to find out for you.” She sat down next to me and poured me and her a shot from the vodka bottle. “I figured I could tell you myself as thanks for the drink.” We downed our shots and she said “Names Candi, with an I.”

“Well Candi with an I, I’m Jeremy.” I poured her another shot, opting myself to keep what little sobriety I had left. “Most people around here just Manavgat Escort Bayan call me Jizaz, with an I and a Z and an A and another Z.”

She downed the shot, and I saw her work out the letters silently. She looked me over. “Long curly brown hair, shaggy looking beard, and…” she glanced down at my feet. “Sandals. Now why do they call you Jizaz?” she joked.

Two hours later, we had killed the bottle of Skyy. Well I only had four more shots, Candi took out the rest of it with a little help from Meaka and some other mutual friends, and she was seriously fucked up. At three AM, it was last call, and we were the only ones in the bar. As for Candi, it took a little more than sixty seconds to turn her from Angel to Devil. However, Her position had changed from the barstool next to me, to straddling my lap on the same barstool kissing me every so often with her pierced tongue while we talked about pointless things. I was just about to slide my hand down the back of her pants when Meaka walked up and very loudly set a half empty bottle of Skyy on the bar in front of us. “Last Call.” She ordered. “You ain’t gotta go home, but you gotta go somewhere.” she slurred and took a drink out of the vodka.

I pretty much carried Candi to the door. She was still trying to kiss me, and I wasn’t trying to stop her. Walking, carrying a drunk girl, and kissing at the same time could be difficult though. It wasn’t until I was standing in the alley behind The Dungeon that I knew I went out the back door. “You want me to get a cab for you?” I asked Candi, who was clinging to my neck.

Instead of answering me, she just let me go and walked over to the fire-escape stairs and sat down. She patted the metal next to her and I sat down too. Candi swung her leg over my lap again and kissed me, sliding her pierced tongue across the roof of my mouth. “I don’t wanna go home yet.” she breathed when she was done and started undoing my belt. I helped her by doing the same with her pants.

“Black panties, cute.” I commented and slid my hand beneath the waist band to feel a few soft pubic Manavgat Escort hairs as she started jerking slowly on my rod. She started kissing my neck again, but before long, we both needed more than each other hands down our pants. “Stand up Candi.” She did as she was told and I stood up and stepped behind her. I was kissing the back of her neck and running my hands from her hips, up her sides, to her breasts and her pierced nipples, then back to her cute black panties.

She bent over at her waist and put her hands on the stairs, pushing her ass into the air at me. What an ass it was too. I pulled her jeans and panties down and ran my hands over her ass and thighs, spreading them enough for me to slide my fingers along her slit. I dropped to my knees and slid my tongue along her wet crease. Candi was dripping like a leaky faucet, and her liquid arousal was a better drink than any I had inside the bar. She shivered and moaned lowly as I flicked her clit with my tongue. I decided to see how much she could take, and started drumming on her cum-button with my tongue. I held her thighs and asscheeks open with my hands and buried my face in her exposed cunt; sucking and licking at every available space. She only objected when I tried to slide a finger into her anus, saying “You’re gona havta buy me a lot more drinks to get in there.”

My nose was halfway up her tunnel and my lips were wrapped around her nub when she screamed and gushed orgasmic juice on my face. I kept from laughing only until I sneezed. I stood up and Candi looked back over her shoulder with a smile stretched across her sweaty face and panted “That was great… what other miracles can Jizaz perform?” I just smiled at her and squeezed her ass as I unzipped my jeans. She laid her forehead on the iron step in front of her before she saw me pull my meat from my boxers. I pressed the helmet of my armless soldier against her swollen lips and she spread her legs as wide as she could with her pants still around her ankles and pushed her ass higher into the air. I pushed into her harder, opening her hot little box Escort Manavgat with my cock and sinking to the hilt in one stroke. Candi groaned and I had to grab her hips to keep her from falling.

I could feel the cold metal of the zipper’s teeth pressing into the sides of my cock, and could only imagine what it felt like on the nearly steaming outside of Candi’s pink lips. I could fell her gripping me, even as I eased out of her, as if her body never wanted me to leave that cavity of pure heat. I pulled all the way out, and she pushed her hips back to find me as the head left her. I plunged back in again and was rewarded with another groan of pleasure as well as the feeling of superhot velvet on my cock. Not being able to stand teasing myself or her any longer, I immediately began sliding my dick in and out of her. The harder I pushed into her, the louder she moaned and the wetter her cave got. At some point during her shafting, my pants worked themselves unbuttoned and fell to my ankles as did my boxers, and Candi had reached under herself to not only frig her clit, but to grab at my balls each time they swung close enough.

We came at the same time. She screamed again, announcing to me, the alley, and anyone in earshot that she was cumming, and grabbed my balls as I slammed into her and started pumping my jizz against the back wall of her cockpit. I pushed into as far as I could, as her vaginal walls literally sucked the sperm from my cock. I started to lean over to kiss the back of her neck, but I heard the distinctive click and whirr of a camera and saw the flash light the alley way for a split second. Candi saw it too. “What the Fuck was that?!” she yelled. “Are you taking pictures of me!?”

I whirled around, my cock- still hard -popped from Candi’s cunt and sprayed mixed fluid on the concrete. There stood Meaka with a Polaroid camera in hand. She snapped another pic, this time catching my shocked expression as well as Candi bent over the fire-escape with her cunt dripping my cum. Candi grabbed for her pants she whirled and stood, just to get her picture taken with her pants half off. Meaka smiled as she brought the camera down from her face. “Now I know you both wanna ask what I’m doin here, but the real question is how do you get these piccies from me?” she waved the still developing pictures at us and started to laugh…

To Be Continued……

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