And Then There Were Two


He should have realised that there was something going on when he got home opened the door and did not hear his girlfriend with her familiar “hi hun”. It should have peeked his curiosity when he walked upstairs and found her in their room in her jean skirt, and black blouse complete with stockings looking very yummy, but he did not ask. She spied him as he walked in the door. “Hi I did not hear you come in,” she said in excited voice she walked towards him and wrapped her arms around him giving him a fiery kiss.

“I have a surprise for you” she stated as she pulled him towards the bed he could see the smile on her face and there was something about the way she was looking at him that made his heart speed up. She paused and kissed him one more time then suddenly pushed him backward. He tried to catch himself, but he found that her hands where still on his chest pushing him he suddenly hit a chair and made an undignified “womf” noise as he was trying to speak… There was never normally a chair in their bedroom he thought to himself. He was about to protest at being pushed when she kissed him again for some reason he could not remember what he was about to complain about as she straddled his lap. She pulled back from her kiss and looked him in the eye. “Ok hun I am sure you can tell that I have something on my mind, but it is not quite what you think. I want you to be patient with me tonight and you will get your reward in the end.” With that she got up out of his lap moved to the bed and sat down.

“Can you take your cloths off for me hun and then sit back down in the chair?” He smiled at her stood up and peeled out of his tie, shirt, and slacks leaving him only in his boxers. Their eyes met and he smiled at her as he slowly started taking them off revealing his hard cock. Tossing his boxers aside he sat down in the chair as she asked. She smiled at him her eyes then moved down to his cock and he watched her lick her lips. She stood up from the bed and walked around behind him he felt her so close to him but not quite touching him. Then her hands reached around him and grasped his hands pulling them behind the chair. He felt the rope as she bound his hands together tightly almost too tight. He tried to look back at her and move his arms, but he realised that she must have looped the rope around the bottom rung of chair. She reappeared in front of him with two more pieces of rope. He smiled this would be the same rope he normally used to tie her up regularly.

She knelt in front of him and proceeded to tie his legs to the legs of the chair. She worked efficiently tying his ankles first then just below his knees to the wooden chair leg. Once she was satisfied with the job she reached forward and cupped his cock lightly stroking it up and down. “I hope you are up to the task tonight love, because this is going to be a night you never forget.” She stopped stroking his cock and he watched her raise her skirt up to her waist. She was wearing thigh high stockings and a red garter belt with a matching red lace thong. He could visibly see how wet she was with the underwear on she slowly worked her panties down her legs taking them off gracefully. He could clearly see the moisture emanating from her pussy she was extremely aroused and he could smell her scent in the air.

She quickly stuffed her panties into his mouth his eyes widened in protest even as she reached down under the chair and produced a roll of packing tape she ripped off a section of the tape and placed it over is panty stuffed mouth. She smiled down at him licked her lips and said. “I need to keep you quite somehow hun now be a good boy and try to be quiet.” She hiked up her skirt again and slowly started fingering her pussy his cock started twitching. She meticulously worked her finger around her clit then moved it up and down her pussy lips rubbing her finger across her clit she moved her finger back down and inserted it into her dripping pussy.

The doorbell Antep Escort Bayan rang she let her skirt drop back into place and walked out of the room. He could hear her walking down the stairs. He heard the front door open and then close he heard his girlfriends voice while she was talking to someone. He could hear her move towards the living room then he started hearing the T.V. How long would he have to wait tied up like this, who was this guest and when were they leaving. He waited impatiently and the sexual ardour started to fade.

He started working on the ropes thinking that maybe she had forgotten about him, but try as he might he found that he could not even get to the knots. He started hearing two people making their way up the stairs he could hear his girlfriends laugh. They where approaching the door he could tell by the sound of footsteps, but since he was facing the bed he could not see who might be approaching the door. There was silence it was almost something you could touch, he could no longer hear the footsteps it almost seemed like there was an absence of sound.

He heard one set of footsteps approaching and he could smell his girlfriends perfume as she approached. He turned his head left to right trying to see her, but all he got for his reward was partial images of her. He felt her hands glide over his biceps gently gripping his shoulders she leaned close he could feel her breath against his ear and smell the wine she must have just drank. The sensation of her breathing on his ear made him shiver. Her hands reached up to keep his head still she kissed his neck slowly kissing her way down to his shoulder blades then with a sudden movement she bit down on his collar bone. His whole body shuddered and his erection returned there was a muffled noise behind his gag. She pulled away slowly admiring her handy work of her teeth marks on his skin the impression of each tooth clearly visible. As he is looking into his girlfriend’s eyes he feels another pair of hands on his other shoulder slowly slide across to examine the marks. The hands feel small and delicate as they glide across his shoulder to examine the marks left behind by his girlfriend.

He moves his head to the left catching blue green eyes, reddish brown hair, and the pixie shaped face of a woman he has never met before. “Andrew” his girlfriend crooned this is “Madison she and I are good friends at work, I am sure you have heard me talk about Madison before”. He tore his gaze away from Madison to nod at his girlfriend. So this was Madison he had heard about her and the relationships she had been involved in how they had ended. She sounded like a nice person who just wound up in bad situations like so many other people. Hailey leaned forward and kissed the tape covering his mouth gently reaching her hand up she slowly strokes his jaw. Abruptly she grabbed the corner of the tape and ripped it off. Andrew’s body shudders and Hailey slowly kisses her way up the right side of his face until she gets to his ear. She whispers “Your job for the first half of tonight is to simply sit watch and be quiet I will be rating you on how well you do what I have asked”. Punctuating her point by biting down on his earlobe. She pokes a finger into his mouth and pulls out her sodden panties then drops them into his lap.

Madison saunters toward the bed attracting both Andrew and Hailey’s attention her hips swaying suggestively she turns to face them with a playful smile on her face. Her five foot four trim frame displaying her leather mini skirt and tight blouse to her audience’s delight. Sensually she runs her hands up her sides slowly working them forward and over her alluring tits. She rubs her hands in small circles on her tits the circles tightening towards her nipples and then working her way back out to the edge of her breasts. She knows her audience can see her nipples clearly showing through her shirt as they start to harden. Running her tongue across her lips she starts rolling and pinching her nipples her body moving to the music that only she can hear, hips leisurely thrusting forward and back building the tension in the room.

Hailey glides forward as if in a trance watching Madison build her inner fire she stops so close that Madison swaying causes them to touch. Andrew cannot help but compare the two Hailey with her voluptuous and suggestive five foot seven body to Madison’s lithe almost athletic form. Both bodies seemed to compliment each other bringing your attention to differences between the two that make them equally attractive.

Hailey reaches out and snags the hem of Madison’s shirt and works it up her body and over her head exposing her heaving breasts. Hailey stops the shirt just over Madison’s head trapping her arms inside the white garment. The two women start with gentle probing kisses at first just a light feather brush of lips. The kisses become firmer and more direct until Madison bites down lightly on the other Hailey’s bottom lip. Hailey opens her mouth and runs her tongue gently over the other woman’s lips until they part. Hailey taking advantage of the respite rides Madison body down onto the bed keeping the shirt firmly gripped in her hands limiting Madison’s movement. Their tongues dart back and forth in an intimate dance forcing moans from each other. Madison wraps her legs around the other woman forcing Hailey’s skirt up to her waist and starts grinding her naked cunt against the other woman’s body. Madison groans as the other woman starts to kiss and bite her way around her tits touching everything but her nipples the occasional warm breath of air stimulating her nipples to get even harder and more pronounced. Madison stammers “god suck my nipples” but her please turn into a high-pitched gasp as Hailey bites down hard on her right nipple simultaneously thrusting her fingers up her throbbing hole. Madison’s body seems to go into overdrive her hips churning violently grinding her cunt into Hailey’s fingers hard her body starts to spasms and she cries out “oh god I’m cumming”

As Madison’s legs fall limp Hailey removes her fingers and slowly releases the other woman’s abused nipple from her mouth revealing the deep teeth marks and finishes removing the shirt that had kept Madison’s arms captive. Hailey looks over to her boyfriend and she can see that he almost seems to be gasping for breath his cock covered in precum straining for release. She blows him a seductive kiss and focuses her attention back to her new toy gazing down at the gasping woman and mark that she has left. Hailey leans forward and gently kisses the dazed woman’s lips. She starts slowly kissing her way down the unresponsive woman’s body until she gets to her dripping cunt. Slowly she licks around the other woman’s pussy taking gentle nips at her lips slowly working her tongue around Madison’s clit. She gently works her tongue down between Madison’s lips and slowly circles her opening lapping up all of the girl cum that flowed out she darts her tongue in forcing Madison out of her daze. Madison reaches down and wraps grabs hold of Hailey’s hair she uses this as leverage forcing the other woman’s tongue up to her aching clit.

Hailey starts focusing on Madison’s clit working her tongue around the clit alternating between rapidly flicking and gently sucking. Hailey works a finger into her friends cunt stroking in and out matching the tempo of her tongue, and commences adding additional fingers until she has three fingers moving in and out of the other woman’s dripping box. Hailey pauses her sucking long enough to look into Madison’s lust filled eyes. “I am going to fist your cunt” utters Hailey and she proceeds to do just that working her whole hand into the other woman’s cunt moving her fist rapidly and sucking hard on her clit. Madison’s legs wrap themselves around Hailey’s head and she emits a passionate scream as she starts into a series of spine bending orgasms her whole body quivering.

Hailey rises up off Madison leaving the woman gasping and still moaning, she strolls over to her boyfriend slowly she leans over and kisses him passionately so that he can taste the other woman off his girlfriend’s lips. His tongue darts outs licking around Hailey’s mouth gathering the moisture present. She slowly reaches down and captures his straining cock in her hand slowly stroking it up and down and pulls away from the kiss. She starts to kneel in front of him. “I bet if I cut you loose you would service both of us dear, but I am not sure you deserve such a reward yet.” Hailey cuts off her own sentence by taking her boyfriend’s straining cock into her mouth slowly engulfing all of him. A coarse moan escapes Andrews’s lips as his cock sinks deep into his girlfriend’s throat. Slowly she works her way back up his cock until the head is just resting in her mouth her tongue swirling around the head making him strain at his bonds, then down her head rushes to take all of his cock in again. She repeats her process over and over nice and slow building him up occasionally one of her hands darts between her legs rubbing her aching pussy.

Unnoticed by Hailey, Madison leaves the bad and moves up behind her she forces her friend’s skirt down to her knees forcing her to shift her position so that the skirt can be removed entirely then she kneels behind her and starts working her fingers in and out of Hailey’s cunt, but Hailey continues her game on Andrew’s cock her brunette head bobbing up and down on his shaft. Madison removes her fingers from her friend’s pussy and brings her left hand to bear on Hailey’s clit rubbing firmly feeling the other woman push against her fingers in excitement. She takes her pussy soaked index finger from her right hand and starts making small circles around Hailey’s ass slowly brushing her finger across her anus in a tickling gesture drawing a gasp from the voluptuous woman. Slowly but firmly she starts pressing against Hailey’s anus working her finger in a centimetre at a time then pulling back out. Hailey can no longer concentrate enough to keep sucking on Andrews cock and lays her head in his lap with a glazed look on her face as her friend violates her virgin ass. Andrew looked down at his girlfriend and the strange look on her face her whole body seems to be shudder with whatever Madison is doing to her.

Madison started to increase her pace on her friend’s clit while she had her whole finger pumping in and out of her ass. “Fuck my ass hard,” screamed Hailey just before she looses control and cums her whole body quakes so hard that she falls off Andrews lap in a heap on the floor. Slowly Madison removes her finger from her tightly gripping ass smiling up at her friend’s boyfriend she reaches out and cups his balls hefting the weight. She starts to undo his bonds first starting with his legs then working her way up to untie his wrists from the chair.

Hailey start to recover looks over and stammers. “What are you doing?” After freeing Andrew Madison grabs Hailey firmly by the hair dragging her towards the bed. She sits at the end of the bed and forces Hailey’s face down into her damp pussy. Andrew crouches behind his girlfriend and works his cock into her dripping pussy forcing her head tighter into Madison’s crotch. He reaches around and grabs firm hold of his girlfriend’s breasts as he works his cock in and out of her go from slow to quick alternating his rhythm. There is no way he can keep this up for long after being tortured his pace becomes fast and his breathing ragged he is slamming into her now squeezing her breasts tightly. Hailey is groaning in the other woman’s pussy as her boyfriend looses his hard fought battle and cums inside of his girlfriend. She can feel him pulse inside of her and tightens her grip around him. She bites down hard on Madison’s clit making her explode in orgasm thrashing and flailing pulling her head tightly against her cunt. Both Madison and her boyfriend collapse spent she smiles down at both of them enjoying her first threesome.

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