And Mother Came Too


At the time of these events, Annie and Jake were in their early twenties. They first met in high school and became sweethearts. Naturally, a healthy young couple had the normal desires that would be expected of teenagers. However, Annie resisted Jake’s pleas for her to go to bed with him, following her Mother’s advice.

“But Annie, I want you so badly!” he told her.

“No, Jake. I’m not going to. I know you want to. So do I, but I promised my Mother that I wouldn’t.”

“You don’t understand Annie. I sometimes think that I’m going to explode.”

Annie did understand. At times, she felt exactly the same. On those occasions she would lock herself away in her room and use her fingers on that sensitive little place between her legs. She discovered what happened shortly after she began to think of Jake in a sexual way.

She realised that Jake needed something and was sure that he masturbated after he had gone home feeling frustrated. So, she reasoned, was it so bad if she helped him out somehow?

Her hand reached across and gently lay on the obvious bulge. Jake gasped and reached for her breast.

“No, Jake. That’s not part of the deal.” She pushed his hand away. “If I… help you… then you mustn’t touch, OK?”

He nodded, his eyes pleading. Annie’s fingers wrapped around the outline and Jake groaned. His hand closed around hers and he began to move it up and down the shaft. Her hand was trapped – not that she wanted to take it away, as she was fascinated by the feel of it and the heat, and also the reaction it brought from her boyfriend.

After a while Jake’s movements speeded up and his grip became tighter. He closed his eyes and threw his head back as his hips jerked. Annie guessed what was happening, but it looked almost painful. However, when he had finished coming, he smiled wanly and leaned over to kiss her.

“Thank you,” he said.


In time it seemed only natural for Annie and Jake to become engaged. Nobody who knew them was surprised.

It was at this point that Annie finally agreed to hold Jake’s penis properly. They had just celebrated their engagement with a small party and the young man had escorted Annie and her Mother home. Becky was tired and excused herself to go to bed, leaving the two alone in the lounge.

After kissing for a while, Jake’s hands began to roam – as usual – this was the normal prelude to persuade Annie to rub him.

“Jake, I don’t want you getting carried away, but I want to do something special for you tonight.”

His mind raced, thinking that Annie was finally going to let him…

“No! Not that! I didn’t mean that. I’ve told you I want to wait.”

“Well what then?” He asked.

“This,” she breathed.

She reached across with both hands and began to unfasten his trousers. She pulled them open and then lifted his shirt out of the way. His dick was already nodding in anticipation of her touch, tenting his boxer shorts. She located the opening and reached in to extract it. As she closed her fingers around the thick shaft she gasped, both at the size and just how hot it was.

Annie carefully pulled the penis out and began rubbing gently. She was fascinated by the way the skin moved and its smoothness. She wanked him slowly, both because she was enjoying it and because she wanted to extend Jake’s pleasure. As she worked, she realised the effect it was having on her. The telltale tingling between her legs was accompanied by the wet feeling that she normally experienced when she started rubbing herself, but this time it was without any contact!

Jake was getting close. His right arm was wrapped around her shoulder, while his left hand was gripping the arm of the sofa. Suddenly, he moved it and grasped Annie’s right breast firmly. She didn’t want him to, but she also didn’t want to stop what she was doing, so for once she left it there. Besides, she could tell he was about to climax.

He grunted and his hips bucked with his ejaculation. Annie had never actually seen what happened in Jake’s boxers and was shocked at how the semen jetted from his dick. It sprayed everywhere making a terrible mess over her hand, his trousers and underpants, even on his shirt. In fact the cotton material was absolutely soaked with the sticky white fluid.

Annie giggled, “What’s your Mother going to say when she sees the state of your clothes? I mean, she’s going to have to wash it all isn’t she?”

“I think I’m going to have to do my own washing. I can’t let her see this.”

Jake tidied himself up as best he could and then kissed her goodnight, before walking home. Annie poked her head round the side of the curtain and watched him as he walked down the street. Her pussy ached and her mind was confused; on the one hand she was glad that Jake had gone home because she felt that she was losing control and on the other, she really wanted to lose control, even now. Only her head was visible from outside, which allowed her to act unseen. Her left hand tugged her skirt bursa otele gelen escort up high enough that her right hand could pull down the top of her tights and then slip inside her brief panties. They were so wet it was almost as if she had accidentally urinated in her pants. Her pussy felt as if it was gaping and she longed to push a finger inside, but she daren’t. Instead, she frantically rubbed her clitoris, eyes welling with tears as she wished that Jake would turn around and come back. She collapsed in a heap, legs spread, and orgasm consuming every rational and conscious thought. She lay in that position for maybe five minutes before she was able to catch her breath and move, dragging herself to the bathroom to clean up.


In the morning, Annie awoke late and decided to have a leisurely bath. It was hot and relaxing and she luxuriated in its warmth. Her mind wandered to the night before. It was the first time she had seen a naked and erect penis and, frankly, the thought of it excited her. She couldn’t resist touching down there – it still seemed so sensitive, even this morning. She had to be careful when she got out of the bath and began drying. The material of the towel was sending shivers up and down her body – particularly when she was rubbing between her legs and ass cheeks.

Her body was still feeling sensitive when Jake dropped by. She was wearing trousers, but as they kissed his hands wandered onto her buttocks. She usually pulled them back up to her waist, but this time she was enjoying it and wanted to see what his hands felt like.

Jake kneaded her flesh through the thin material. She could feel her pussy lips being tugged around by his movements. It was thrilling and she felt herself becoming aroused and wet again. Annie ached to let him continue, but his breathing was becoming heavy and he was getting a little rough. It frightened her, so she reluctantly pulled his hands back up to her waist. She could feel his erection and knew what she would have to do. Fortunately, her Mother had gone out earlier and wasn’t expected back for a while, so she rapidly unfastened Jake’s trousers and pushed them and his underpants down to his ankles.

Annie took hold of Jake’s dick and began rubbing it. She marvelled at his powerful legs and stomach – toned by swimming and running – and fantasised about his body being between her legs. This was almost her undoing, as her fiancé’s hands began roaming across her body. He stroked at her buttocks, almost making her cry out in her own frustration. Realising that she had to finish him quickly, Annie began to stroke rapidly.

Suddenly, one of Jake’s hands slipped under the waistband of Annie’s trousers and slithered straight inside her panties. The garment was quite tight and he slowly forced his hand further down. Whether he knew it or not, Jake’s fingers were edging down between her cheeks. He was reaching for her pussy, but his fingertips were getting close to the sensuous area around her anus. She wanted him to come now and yet she wanted his hand to go further. It was a race and the throbbing solid flesh won. As the streams spurted out from Jake’s cock, his hand ceased its exploration.


Over the months Annie masturbated Jake on many occasions. Most often it was while he was fully clothed, occasionally with his trousers undone. And yet, Annie always tried to insist that he shouldn’t touch her.

About a month before they were due to marry the couple came close to breaking Annie’s promise to her Mother. It was on a Saturday afternoon when Becky had gone out shopping and wasn’t due home for a couple of hours. They were in the bedroom and Jake was showing Annie his new digital camera.

“Why don’t you pose for me Annie?” he said.

“Oh right!” she laughed. “You’d just love to take pictures of me in the nude, right? You must think I was born yesterday!”

The look on Jake’s face told her that it hadn’t even occurred to him, but now the thought appealed. Quickly he gathered himself together.

“No, Annie. I just want to take some pictures that I can look at when you’re not there.”

It was such a sweet thing to say, but she couldn’t help wondering if there was a double meaning. Mentally, she pictured him rubbing his dick while looking at pictures of her. Actually, she thought, if that was the case then it was a bit of a compliment.

She smiled and said, “Go on then, take some pictures. Where do you want me?”

“Well, the light from the window is good, so if you could sit on the other end of your bed I reckon it would be best.”

Annie kicked off her shoes and shuffled up the bed so that Jake could take a couple of shots.

“You know, I reckon that your black blouse is a little overpowering. Can you undo a couple of buttons and open it up. The light shade of your skin will contrast with the darkness of your hair.”

Annie wasn’t sure if this was a ruse, but it sounded vaguely plausible. She knew bursa eve gelen eskort that with the buttons unfastened her bra might be visible, but decided to go along with it anyway.

Lying back, she raised her hands behind her head. Jake whistled and moved in close for a head and shoulders shot. He couldn’t help but notice her cleavage and the hint of the black lace edging of her underwear.

“You know, I’d really like to get a proper shot of your head and shoulders.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, if you could sit up and… sort of… slide your blouse and bra straps from your shoulders I could get a really nice shot.”

Annie gave him a doubtful look.

“Listen, I tell you what, I’ll stand right back on the other side of the room and take a shot from there and then I’ll show you what I mean.”

Jake walked a few paces away and stood waiting. Annie shrugged and carefully slipped her blouse and strap from one shoulder, while carefully keeping her other arm across her chest, hiding the now over-generous display of her breasts. He raised the camera and clicked.

Pushing a few buttons, Jake walked over to Annie and, sitting down beside her, showed her the result on the screen.

“Oh! I see what you mean! Well, if you want to take some more pictures I guess I don’t mind.”

Jake’s mouth had gone dry. He had been concentrating on his photography so much that he’d only just realised how close he was sitting to Annie. The skin of her neck, shoulders and upper breasts was soft, smooth and almost luminous. He bent to kiss her collar bone.

“Whoa, tiger! You’d better get on and take some pictures before I change my mind.”

Jake stood up and studied his subject. He moved in closer and framed her head and shoulders. The pictures made her look even more beautiful than he already considered her to be. He showed her and, encouraged by what she saw she allowed him to try different ideas. Eventually, he plucked up enough courage to ask her to take her blouse off.

Annie had been enjoying the attention and felt just a little daring. She knew her bra was attractive lace, but she was pretty sure her nipples would be concealed. So, smiling at him, she slipped the straps back up and then unbuttoned the rest of her blouse. She tugged the ends out from her jeans and then peeled it from her shoulders. Jake sucked in his breath and just stopped himself from letting out a low whistle. He’d had hints of what her breasts looked like, he’d even managed fondle them occasionally (although not for long), but encased in lace and silk they looked absolutely stunning.

Annie deliberately pushed out her chest as Jake moved around taking pictures.

“I can’t believe how beautiful you look.”

“You’re just saying that. I mean, you’ve seen me in a bikini before. What’s the difference?”

“I don’t know, perhaps it’s because you’re posing. Seriously, I’d put you up against any of those so-called glamour models in the magazines any day.”

Annie loved Jake more than ever for that. He knew how to say the right things. The photo shoot was having an affect on her though and she knew she was getting turned on. She didn’t say anything, or make it too obvious that she had noticed, but Jake was showing similar signs. She still felt daring and wanted to go further.

“I suppose you’d like me to take my jeans off now?”

“Well, you have got beautiful legs. It would be a shame not to take the opportunity. After all, if I can make the head and shoulders shots look so good, imagine what I could do with the rest if you?”

Annie put her head on one side and said, “Weeeeell, I suppose a few shots like that would be OK.”

While Jake pretend to busy himself with some settings on the camera, she pushed her jeans down over her hips. He waited until she had thrown them across the room to join her blouse before looking back, just as she was raising a knee in order remove a sock. He could see the dampness in the gusset of her panties and it made his cock surge with blood. Her face seemed a little flushed and her chest seemed to be heaving as sat back.

Jake got Annie to pose in different positions, including one where she sat on her knees and looked back over her shoulder at him, pouting. Her body was stunning. He sat down and showed her the last picture.

“Oh!” she said. “That looks really good. You’re really clever at this, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but…well…” he stopped speaking.


“Nothing, it doesn’t matter.”

“But you were going to say something. Was it about the picture?”

“About how it could be better, but never mind.”

“How? I don’t understand.”

He showed her the picture again. “Look at it,” he said. “And just imagine the smooth skin and curves of your spine and shoulder blades, if they weren’t… well, partly hidden.”

“You mean, if I didn’t have my bra on?” she asked. Annie looked again at the camera and realised bayan escort bursa what he meant. It would be so sexy without the black straps segmenting the flesh.

“Turn around,” she said.

Jake couldn’t believe his ears. He was still thinking that she was winding him up and when he turned back round she would scold him for thinking she was ‘that kind of girl’. But when she said he could look, she sat in the perfect pose, unencumbered by her underwear. She had even removed her panties!

“How’s that?” she asked seductively.

For a few moments Jake couldn’t move or speak and when he did it was just a croak, “Oh, my…”

He snapped out of his list-filled reverie and began taking pictures.

Annie’s arms were crossed over her chest, hiding her breasts. She knew that her bum cleavage was on show and figured that this was nothing special. But Annie was wrong, Jake loved the feel of her cheeks and was struggling not to reach out and grab them.

Jake began to move round. As he did so, Annie self-consciously dropped one of her hands from her breasts to cover her pubic hair and pussy. In order to do this she had to part her legs a little, but as her fingers lay unmoving on her genitalia, she almost came.

When she recovered enough from the shock to open her eyes, Jake was sitting on the bed once more. He was so close to her naked body. Both of them felt faint from the sexual tension. Annie tried to break it.

“I guess we’d better stop now,” she said.

“Yes,” Jake replied. But he didn’t move.

“I want to get dressed now.” She was getting very nervous of the situation they were in.

Jake stood up, but instead of moving away he dropped the camera on the bed and swiftly unfastened his trousers. When he pulled them and his boxers down Annie gasped. It looked so huge and the head was so shiny.

“No, Jake! We’ve only got a month to wait. Don’t spoil it now.” She really wanted to take hold of it, but that would mean uncovering either her breasts or pussy.

“Look, I’ll rub it if you promise not to,” she nodded her head. “You know,” she finished. She took her arm away from her breasts, revealing them for the first time to Jake.

As Annie took hold of his cock, Jake looked at the perfect nipples. The areola weren’t very wide but the nubs themselves were quite big – and looked very hard. She began rubbing rapidly, hoping she could provide relief quickly enough in order to calm him down. She didn’t trust herself to resist if he tried to take her. This close, he looked even bigger than usual.

Jake reached out and stroked her ebony hair. His hand eased around to her crown and then she felt pressure, drawing her face closer to his dick. Suddenly she knew what he wanted! Annie had heard that some girls did it but it had never occurred to her that her fiancé would want her to suck him!

Overcome with her arousal, Annie bent across and planted a kiss on the head. She had meant to only to peck at it, but the sideways movement forced her fingers against her engorged clitoris, causing her mouth to press harder as she moaned. Her teeth and tongue made contact with the silky flesh. She was surprised by the feel and opened her mouth a little more. She was only experimenting, but Jake was trying to encourage her by moving his hips.

“Please, Annie! I need you to. Please!” he begged.

Before today she perhaps would have been terrified. But at this moment in time, feeling the way she did; it was rude and dirty and not what a nice girl should do, but she wanted to do it all the same. She opened her mouth wider and tried to get the head in. It wasn’t easy, but she managed it after licking her lips and making a second attempt. Very little of Jake’s penis would fit in her mouth, but she did the best she could.

Not knowing what she should be doing next, she sucked and found a little more flesh slid across her tongue. She released the pressure and it slipped almost out. She repeated the action and Jake seemed to enjoy it, so she continued. After a while she was into a rhythm and began bobbing more rapidly.

Jake didn’t take long. He reached down and felt her naked breast for the first time, squeezing the flesh before stroking the nipple. Annie’s gasp was the last straw and his cock suddenly erupted. The surge of liquid into her mouth caught her by surprise. Annie choked and immediately pulled away. Still it fired, like an uncontrolled machine gun. She raised both hands to try and stem the flow, but it just squirted through the gaps.

Jake was treated to his first view of Annie’s pubic region. He couldn’t quite see her vaginal lips but the sight was enough to give him another couple of spasms and yet more fluid.

When Jake finally ended, he looked down at Annie, her face hair and breasts covered in his come. He suddenly felt very guilty and put his cock away. He reached for the box of tissues on the dressing table and started mopping the liquid. He used a total of five tissues before he was done, the last dribble being down below her naval – almost in her sparse pubic hair. He reached down and dabbed gently. The handkerchief fell from his fingers and they continued downwards into the wet folds. Annie sobbed.

She knew she was in trouble. The moment that Jake’s fingertips touched her clitoris she had no resistance.

“Annie, I want to do something for you now. Is that OK?”

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