And Just What Do You Say?


I got off the airplane at Reno, made the long trip up the concourse, down the escalators, then walked to the baggage claim area.

Darin, my driver was waiting as usual. He knows me so he doesn’t bother to stand there holding the silly little signs most of them do.

“Did you have a good trip, Dan?” he asked me, holding out his hand.

“Yes, it was normal, nice to be here.” I shook his hand, he turned to the conveyors to retrieve my one bag.

I didn’t even need to tell him which one was mine, he knew that, too. My business suit and equipment I was going to need had been sent ahead, they would already be in my room, all taken care of.

He held the door of the hotel limo for me. Gregg, the Casino boss always sent the big one, ever since I had popped that silly drawing for the new Mercedes. Then less than 30 minutes later the wheel of fortune rolled up three in a row and I was suddenly well taken care of. I had heard stories of people winning money like that for a three quarter bet but never thought it would happen to me.

Two million, eight hundred and seventy seven thousand and some change…?

Let’s just say it took me a few minutes to really get my heart working again.

So the hotel took real good care of me after that. I went from standing in line at the front desk waiting my turn to no one even bothering to check me in or out, the place might as well have been mine.

Seems they wanted their money back, of course.

Anything I wanted, anything at all, everyone made sure I knew all I needed to do was ask. They even assigned Janice, one of the hotel staff whose job it was to keep guys like me smiling, personally to me. She was always waiting at the door when I arrived, always looking like something I wanted to eat to be honest.

I never did try for that, now that I think about it I doubt she was off limits. Besides, I had this thing for redheads anyway, and Janice was dark and lithe, plus she looked…expensive?

Oh, well.

So I enjoyed the free room, no messing around with a closet with a bed either. I always took the big penthouse suite up on the roof, or if some other person beat me to it I got one of the double door rooms on the upper floors. Those were real close to just as good, they were bigger than my a lot.

Those perks were nice, handy too because I make the trip 6 times each year on business. Several of the factories I have manufacture my products are located there, and some others down Vegas way.

The big meeting area in the rooms would seat a dozen people, so it was impressive when I had some reps up to the room.

I seldom go to Vegas but if I have to the Casino just offers me the private jet without a second thought. In fact, a few times they have even sent the jet to pick me up at home, but I don’t abuse that privilege much. It’s enough that I hand them the airline reciept and they issue a casino credit to my account.

It’s also enough that they have Darin drive me around to anywhere I want to go, feed me anything I want, and even send Sandy up to my room to rub my back for me.

Sandy is a massage therapist, will rub anything I want rubbed, too, all I have to do is ask nice. I know the hotel pays her, but I always hand her a couple hundred too, just to keep her happy.

Until you have had your entire back rubbed with a nice big set of fat bare titties you haven’t lived, I say.

In return for all the perks, I go down to the high roller section and stick a few thousand in the $25 slot machine. Eight times out of 10 they get it all, then something will pop up and I get a chunk of their cash.

Funny thing is if I play the dollar slots I will lose a few thousand, if I play the $25 slots I never lose any more but sometimes I win.

Like the time I hit the two triples and the red seven and the bells went off.

That was fun. I had them cut me a casino credit, it wouldn’t fit in my pockets.

I figure the boss man turned green again, they haven’t really been gaining on me much.

Anyway, I was here in Reno again, I wasn’t looking forward to the meeting the next day with the engineers.

Those meetings are all the same, two solid hours of eating cheese and crackers, then 15 minutes of them telling me what is wrong with my ideas and why it will cost more than I thought, then another 30 minutes deciding what kind of cheese and crackers they will have at the next meeting.

Hell, I could be in my room having Sandy rub my fanny or be watching the cocktail waitresses make darn sure I get a real good look at their titties in their low cut tops as they serve me my Crown and Coke.

I always hand them a $5 bill for a tip, they like me. Most of them are pretty smart, they see where my eyes go and take advantage of that.

There is one cute little redhead waitress named Tammy that I have a story about, I will write that one of these days.

I have to admit I love it. I have watched them serve the regulars out in the main casino, none of them bend over nearly as far out there as they do back in the area I play in.

I have always been eve gelen escort fascinated with how easily a waitress can let her titties peek out when she wants to, with just a simple twitch of her shoulders.

This trip I was given the penthouse suite, I like it because it is up on the roof, there is no one walking back and forth out in the hallway, no racket or loud music.

If I want anything, I just push the button on the bar and the concierge has it handled in minutes.

To get to the penthouse I take the main elevator to the 12th floor, then all the way to the end to the private elevator. That goes directly to the 14th floor, there is no 13th floor for some reason.

Sam, the bell captain had already taken my bags up, and I knew the computor would be set up and online, so all I had to do was head up there.

I got off the elevator and stepped around the corner into the hall, and I saw a motion out of the corner of my eye.

Someone had quickly stepped into one of the rooms, and there was a woman about 35 or so standing in the hallway wearing one of the big fluffy bathrobes the hotel supplies for the spa rooms.

Her face was flushed and she clutched the front of her robe tightly to herself. I spotted the bare feet and legs.

It hit me she was probably naked under the robe and caught in the hallway.

I almost laughed, it was likely a couple and they had probably been taking photos of her nude in the hall.

I thought about telling her about the camaras mounted everywhere on the ceiling but then I thought better of that.

“Sorry.” she mumbled as I approached.

“No problem, I have seen pretty ladies in bathrobes before.” I told her with a smile, and walked on by.

She beamed at that.

I glanced back as I got to the private elevator, she was standing at her doorway looking at me.

Probably wondering who I was, I thought as I stuck the card in the slot. It’s not every day anyone sees a guy in blue jeans and a faded Levi shirt headed up to a thousands of dollars per night suite.

I got situated and unpacked, and headed back down to the main floor, thinking a steak and some eggs would be nice.

The same woman stepped out of her room just as I got there. I got the impression she might have been waiting for me, the private elevator lets out three distinctive “dings” as it arrives.

“Hello again!” she said, with a bright smile.

“Afternoon.” I nodded, hesitating to let her go ahead.

This gave me the opportunity to look her up and down, she had on a simple white blouse and light blue skirt.

There was no hiding the flare of her hips, and I swear she added an extra swing to her step as she walked.

I pushed the button for the elevator, glanced at her, noting the blouse was unbuttoned all the way to the middle of her bra.

I couldn’t help but take my usual peek.

“Heading for the casino?” I asked her.

“Yes, thank you.” She smiled sweetly, darn she was pretty, I thought.

“You almost caught us.” she suddenly offered as we stepped aboard.

“Yes, I figured that.” I grinned at her.

She blushed mildly.

“My husband, Terry? He likes to take..he likes pictures of me in risky situations.”

“Oh. I understand, I could see where he might like photos of you.” I smiled at her.

“Ever get caught?” I asked her with a grin as the elevator ticked off the floors downward.

“Yes, sometimes.” She giggled. Just then we stopped on the 3rd floor, a fat housewife with three kids in tow stepped aboard.

We rode on down in silence.

I ate dinner, then wandered over towards the slot machines. I spotted the same woman perched on a stool in front of a quarter slot machine. I sat down and slipped a bill into the machine next to her.

“Hello again!” she glanced over at me with a smile.

“Having any luck?” I asked.

“No, I never seem to.”

I pushed the buttons absentmindedly for a few minutes.

“My name is Dan, what’s yours?”

“Kathleen. Kate for short.”

“Would you like to come with me over to the other section, Kate?” I asked.

“What’s the other section?”

“Just some no limit games, machines. I will bet you will bring me some luck.” I smiled at her, taking another look at the nice expanse of bare breast showing out the opening in her blouse.

She hesitated just for a moment.

“OK. For a little while.”

We went over to the high roller section, I slid my card in the slot and opened the door.

Gregg, the casino boss was sitting at the bar, he usually was.

“Hi, Dan!” he called out. I nodded, noticing Gregg looked Kathleen up and down carefully.

We pulled up a couple of chairs and sat down at my favorite triple diamond machine. I slipped 10 $100 bills into it as she sat and watched me.

I played for a few minutes with minimal success, just a few $100 triples, then up popped a triple and two double bars, $3000.00.

Normally I would have just continued playing but just then Tammy, the cute little redheaded waitress istanbul eskort bayan I liked handed me a drink.

I asked Kate if she wanted something, she requested a glass of red wine. I handed Tammy a $5 bill for a tip and nodded, she left to get the drink with a sidelong look at me that I took to be a flash of jealousy. The bartender was watching us, I signaled him, pointing up towards what I knew was some bottles of Gregg’s $500 stuff.

He grinned and nodded.

“Those outfits don’t leave a lot to the imagination.” Kate said.

“Well, I have to admit I like them.” I smiled.

Tammy returned with the glass of wine, smiled at me and left.

“I don’t see how she can even bend over in that dress.” Kate said, taking a sip of the drink. She looked at the glass and at me, took another sip.

I smiled at that, knowing she had about $50 in the glass in her hand.

“Oh she does right along, I think your being here inhibited her some.”

“Oh. I am sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about, I like looking at you.”

“You do?”

“Yes, you are very attractive!” I smiled.

Kate hesitated.

“Would you like… see even more?” There was that trace of a blush on her face again.

I looked at her, thinking I was getting the idea.

“Yes, I would.”

“I think Terry would like it…Want to watch as he takes some photos?”


I pushed the cashout button, collected my winnings, then we went looking for Terry.

We found him at a dice table, he was up a couple of hundred and seemed in a good mood. I was curious as to where this was all heading.

Kate whispered in his ear, he glanced at me, then back at her. His face flushed, he nodded.

She walked over to me with a grin.

“Just photos, OK?”

“OK.” This was going to be interesting.

We took the elevator to the 12th floor, Terry opened the door to his room. It was one of the smaller ones I call closets. He picked up a digital camara, looked at me.

“How about we go up to my suite? There is lots more room.” I told him.

They looked at each other with hesitation.

“All right. But no sex, just watch?”

“No problem, you will like it up there.”

We walked down the hall to the private elevator, I slipped my keycard in. They both looked around in awe when they saw the inside of the room. The one they had would easily fit inside the penthouse a dozen times.

I asked them if they wanted a drink, Terry asked for a rum and coke which got a quiet grin from me, Kate asked for a wine.

I pushed the button on the circular bar.

“Yes, sir?” the concierge answered instantly.

I ordered the drinks, they arrived in a few minutes. Sam set a full bottle of Gregg’s rose’ and a fifth of some kind of rum on the bar. He didn’t bring any Crown, knowing I already had a couple of bottles in the bar. Sam poured the drinks, even one for me.

“Will there be anything else, sir?”

I slipped a twenty into his hand and thanked him.

Then we all sat at the bar and chatted a bit.

“We never have done this before.” Kate told me.

That surprised me.

“I thought you took lots of pictures?”

“We do, but not…not in front of anybody, just by accident.”

“Well, pretend I am not here!” I laughed.

Terry picked up the camara, took a few snaps of Kate sitting on the barstool. Then she moved over to the huge couch, and leaned back, letting her skirt slip higher.

I didn’t see any pantihose or stockings, I was curious if she had anything at all on under there.

Kate undid a few buttons of her blouse as Terry snapped away, then she stood and slipped it off. She had on a flimsy bra underneath, it did nothing to hide her breasts but she kept her arms covering herself at first.

I just sat and sipped my drink. The whole situation was erotic, I was enjoying it.

“We need more light.” Terry said.

I got up and turned on the main room lights, that made it as bright as day.

“That’s too bright.” Kate said, suddenly acting bashful.

“I can’t get the shots, I have a red light here.” Terry told her.

I was thinking he probably didn’t, but what the hell. I could see it was exciting him from the bulge forming in the front of his slacks, hell, one was forming in mine too.

“Oh, all right.” Kate seemed to resign herself.

“Go ahead and take off the skirt.” Terry prompted.

Kate slipped the skirt down her hips, I was right. There was nothing under it, she looked a little odd standing there naked in just her bra, but she reached back and tripped the catch, slipping it off.

She looked pointedly at me, then sat down on the couch.

I was right about her body, too. There was only a small tuft of pubic hair, her skin was unblemished, her stomach flat as a board.

She sat with her knees together, arms folded over her smallish but firm breasts, glancing shyly at me from time to time.

“Lean back.” Terry told her as he snapped a couple of more shots. She complied.

“Arms down, please.”

She rezidans escort obeyed. He took several snaps as we both looked at her bare upper body.

“Now bring your right knee up.”

She pulled it up tight to her body.

“Open up, hon.” Terry was on his knees in front of her. She opened her legs slightly.


She let her left knee slip over.


She moved her knee a foot or so, her pink inner lips came into view.

“God that is so hot!” Terry exclaimed, as he continued to snap away.

He must have taken 50 photographs, from every possible angle. He kept glancing at me, then having Kate move from one position to another, showing her off to me. She kept sipping the wine, too. I noticed the bottle was down to less than a couple of inches remaining.

I was still on my first Crown and coke.

“Let’s get a shot of you sitting on Dan’s lap.” Terry said.

“Terry!” she protested.

“Oh, it’s all right, it’s just a picture.”

Kate got up, walked over to me and slid onto my lap. I set my drink down and put my right hand on her waist. Terry snapped a couple of shots.

“Touch her breast.” he said.

I lifted my left hand up and cradled the bottom of her left breast as he took the photo.

“Touch her nipple?” he asked. There was a catch in his voice.

I stroked my finger across her nipple, it was now a firm little bump. Then I gently rolled the tip between my fingers as Terry moved in, snapping closeups.

My cock was as hard as it ever gets, I could feel it pressing against her naked behind. Kate squirmed a little, her butt cheeks spread and slid over my firmness. She shuddered, I let my right hand slide down to cradle her hip. I began a slow steady stroking up and down her hip, she sighed, leaned back slightly.

“Touch his cock!” Terry said.

She looked at Terry, then slid sideways so she could reach over and fondle me though my jeans.

“Damn you are big!” she whispered through clenched teeth into my ear.

Then she turned slightly, pressed her face against my neck, her leg leg was draped over mine. I reached down and stroked up and over her opening. Getting no protest, I did it again, then again.

I felt her fingers fumbling at the buttons, then the zipper of my jeans. I felt the waistband relax as she got the zipper open. Her right hand went down the front of my briefs. We sat and stroked each other, her face remained buried against my neck.

Then still holding me, she lifted up and slid over, stopping just as the end of my cock touched her sopping opening.

“You want this, don’t you?” she said, looking up at Terry who was just standing there. He had stopped taking pictures, his expression was blank.

She didn’t wait for an answer, she just settled down onto me. I felt her lips part, then I slid inside. She pressed even more and I slipped all the way inside in one motion.

Kate’s feet came down on the floor, her hands braced on the couch at each side of me as she lifted up and settled down again. I brought both hands up to her breasts, fondling them as she began to bounce up and down on me, swinging her hips backwards with each downward stroke to mash firmly against me.

“Soooo….bigggg…” she muttered several times, then her head came back as she blasted into orgasm.

I was seconds behind her, unable to hold back. She collapsed forward as I let fly inside her.

It was several seconds before I even became aware again of our surroundings. I was sitting on my couch, Kate was leaning forward with her hands now on my knees, still firmly embedded inside her.

Terry was standing there not five feet away, a blank look on his face. The camara was in his hand, not being used.

Kate seemed to become aware, she pulled off me and stood up, my sperm ran in rivelets down her thighs.

She looked at Terry, then at me sitting there, my pants down to my ankles, still firm. A trace of a smile crossed her lips, then she rushed off to the bathroom.

I pulled my pants up, walked over to the bar and poured myself a second drink.

I took a sip, looked at Terry.

“We didn’t….”

“Seems she wanted to.”

He walked over to the bar and sat down, drinking about half of the noxious rum and coke in one swig.

Kate came out of the bathroom, fully dressed. She looked at me and smiled.

“That got a little out of hand.”

“I didn’t mind.”

“I bet you didn’t!” she laughed.

Then they left.

I took a shower, dressed and went downstairs. I played some and lost, Tammy came by with a drink, giving me the usual nice peek at her freckled breasts, managing to show it all the way to her nipple like always.

“One of these days you should come up to my room for a drink.” I told her.

She smiled sweetly.

“Just push the button, ask Sam to have me bring you a drink!”

She started to move away, looked back.

“Any time!”

I grinned, I planned on taking her up on that.

The next day I went to my meetings, by the time I got back to my room I was tired, so I showered and hopped on one of the beds and slept for several hours.

My room buzzer went off, waking me up. I walked over and touched the button.

“Buzz me up?” a soft female voice asked. I didn’t place it exactly, thinking it was Tammy I pushed the button to release the elevator.

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