An open love letter


My little love, I’ve been thinking of you all weekend.Your soft voice, your gentle smile and caring way. The way you laugh a little when you talk about uncomfortable things and love to make others laugh because you can’t stand the idea of anyone being unhappy. I miss the way you flirt and tease and love to drive me and all men crazy. The way you know someone is looking at you and how you turn so they can see you better. I love the way your eyes betray the way your heart feels şişli escort even when your mind is screaming for our passion to end. We both know what we are doing is insane, but passion is insane, desire is madness and I am lost in the madness of our liason. We are caught in this tangled web of beautiful lies and burning passion. But your beauty is something I long to experience again in a way that can only be madness. I must be insane to want to escort şişli keep going but you have awakened a fire within me that can only be fed with your body, your touch and your caress. What other touch can cool this burning? Your body is my only hope, your skin is the only thing that can calm this beast. When our lips touch and our bodies join it is like a thousand fires. I am lost in your beauty and filled with the memory of your smell, your taste, mecidiyeköy your touch. I long to kiss your lips, to look into your sensual eyes and know the sadness and desire that hides in your soul. Sometimes I look and childlike you look back at me, but it is the woman that I desire not the child.There is no fear, no outside world, no one else when we are together. For a moment we can be lost in a story, a beautiful creation that will only last a fleeting moment. Are not all things of true beauty fleeting and temporal? You are like my morning glory, my falling star, my burst of burning beautiful flame in the midnight sky. You are my angel that comes to me in a dream and reminds me what divine light shines down from the heaven.

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