An Office Conquest – Amanda


I’m going to skip all the build up to this particular tale of my latest sexual conquest at the office. Needless to say I’m extremely grateful to work in a company with so many lovely beauties who are willing to spread their legs for me.

Setting: The stationary cupboard — a small room filled with odds and ends, stationary and an old table which used to belong to the M.D.

Amanda loves to wear tight fitting black pants which show to great wonder the fantastic curves of her perfect bum cheeks. What a joy it was to cup my hands round the firm toned contours of those buttocks whilst my tongue went to work on sampling the delight of her pussy crack. Her muff is a semi-shaved affair; her mass of black wiry pubic hairs forming a tight triangle between her legs and tapering down to the deep groove of her womanhood. The fleshly protuberance of her clit feels delicious as I sample it with a teasing soft bite. Her answering groan of pleasure is enough to let me know how much she is enjoying my oral ministrations. Moving lower I let my tongue work its way down her pussy crack, pushing deeper as I reach the already wet entrance to her love passage.

My cock is straining in my pants as I continue licking and probing her wonderful pussy with my tongue. Her wide bum cheeks are lovely and warm as I cup her crotch up to my face so I can enjoy her womanhood to my heart’s desires. The soft rasp of her breathing reaches my ears as her excitement builds. The wetness between her legs is a stunning aphrodisiac to my own racing hormones and I know it won’t be long before I need to fuck her in order to quench the insatiable need in my loins.

My dick is so hard now that the restraint of my underwear and trousers is too uncomfortable to continue unheeded. Still licking and caressing her pussy crack with my long tongue I slide my hands away from her bare bum cheeks and immediately start to undo the fastener and zip on my trousers. Amanda doesn’t move as she is enjoying the sensations coming from her pussy too much. However she suddenly senses what I am doing and realises that I have exposed the long length of my shaft to the outside world. Immediately her own desperate need to taste my cock overcomes the racing excitement of oral stimulation. She roughly grabs my body, forcing me away from her uncovered pussy triangle of black pubic hairs and in no uncertain terms insists that I stand back up. As I rise, she descends. Squatting down with her legs spread wide and her exposed pussy hovering only inches off the ground, she takes only a second to admire my erect manhood before bending forwards to place her mouth to my cock.

Incredible stimulus rushes upwards from my loins as Manavgat Escort Bayan Amanda’s sweet tongue takes it first sensual lick along the foreskin of my penis. Reaching the end she shifts her position before applying a second and longer lick which travels the length of my cock and down to my balls. A warm hand moves to caress my testicles as Amanda’s whole mouth moves to embrace my hardened cock. I am unable to suppress my answering groan of pleasure. If it wasn’t simply enough to look down and see this raven haired goddess sucking on my cock, the feeling and raw animalistic surge of pleasure surging up through my body has me on overload.

Closing my eyes I try to focus, swooning as I am in a world of bliss. Amanda’s mouth is wonderfully warm and wet and her tongue has an expert’s experience behind it. Her licking and sucking continues and I find myself drowning in the overall thrill of her blow job. Staring down at her bobbing head as she feasts on my erection I get a wonderful view of her ample cleavage on display through the gap in her black top. Amanda has fantastic breasts and I can’t wait to sample to taste of her nipple buds in my mouth or to experience the thrill of placing my cock between her warm flesh and masturbating whilst her gaze is locked on my hardened shaft pumping away between her tits.

I let Amanda suck me off for several wonderful minutes enjoying intensely her expert ministrations to my manhood. However I realise that she may be a little too good at oral sex as I feel myself moving to ecstatic relief. As fantastic as it would be to explode my white load in her mouth and have her taste my sperm, I really want to have my cock inside her muff when I climax.

It takes a couple of attempts to force Amanda’s mouth away from my cock but finally she gets the message. She complies with a wonderfully naughty expression of her pretty face and I catch a whiff of her perfume and she stands up. Our eyes lock and I can’t resist. I pull for forwards by the small of her back enjoying the warmth of skin radiating through my fingers. Her body presses into mine, out mouths joining in sweet union. I love kissing her. Her lips are so full and sensual and this stirs me on even further. Whilst our tongues are experimenting with different angles of approach into each others mouth, my hands have moved up to cup her tits through her blouse. Even through her clothing her large breasts feel incredible and I fondle them lovingly. She gets the message, sensing my need to see all of her womanhood in full glory and I feel her body sliding away from mine if only long enough to undo her buttons guarding her ample flesh from my hungry gaze.

At Manavgat Escort last the deed is done. As Amanda’s black bra falls away to join her skimpy black panties on the floor, I break away from kissing her and stare with full wonder at the shape and fullness of her now naked breasts. Amanda’s tits really are a thing of perfection. I have lost count of how many times I have stared with my hormones racing and my dick rising in my pants as I have taken in her exposed cleavage as she had bent forwards at her desk. I know now how much she had enjoying teasing me in the past. Here and now for the first time I can see her entire bosom naked and waiting for me to fondle them with loving hands and an eager tongue. I run my fingers past her hardened nipples trying at the same time to mesmerise every second of this experience. My thumbs play with her buds on each breast before I bend forwards to kiss the base of her neck. Another kiss and I’m working my way downwards. I can feel her excitement building as I near the moment when I put the first of her nipples in my mouth. By now she must be so incredibly wet between her legs, desperate to engulf my cock into her love tunnel. Likewise I am the point of not being any to restrain myself any longer but I must hold out for just another couple of seconds.

I suckle Amanda’s right tit before flicking across it’s breadth with my tongue, craftily teasing her into wanting more. I pretend to bite allowing my teeth to come into contact with her brown coloured nipple, enjoying immensely her reaction to my stimulus. Her soft groans of passion are an ecstatic music to my ears. I know full well how important my first sex with this woman must be if I am to enjoy fucking her on a regular basis. Quickly I switch nipples. As my tongue slides over the slightly rough skin of her protuberance I slid one hand down the hot flesh of her belly and on towards her waiting pussy. It is a simple matter to slip inside her wetness, giving her intense pleasure as I use all my knowledge to give her a deeply sexual thrill. Amanda’s breathing has become raged and she gasps for air. Her body is riding my exploratory finger and I know she is nearing her own sexual end. Not wanting to miss her orgasm I break away. For a scant moment I can read the look of confusion in her eyes before instinct takes over and she knows what to do next.

Amanda takes a step backwards, raising the base of her incredible bum cheeks onto the cold surface of the waiting table. I move with her, already preparing myself for the moment of entry. She mounts the table and spreads her legs wide and for a moment suspended in eternity I gaze at the wiry black mass of hairs guarding Escort Manavgat the entryway to her vagina. Her dark forest of pubic hairs is already stained with her moist love juices; such has been her pleasure so far. Now it is time to take her to the next and ultimate level.

There is a momentary resistance which is gone in a heartbeat as my cock slides home into her waiting tunnel. I feel her pussy walls sliding around my manhood as I start to ride her. The rhythm of my pumping dick is mirrored by her rising pants; her breath soft and moist in my ear as I move closer to her body. Her extended nipples touch my chest and then I have her in my arms, the sweat on her skin making her slippery and hard to hold.

“Fuck me!” she pleads in a voice belonging to an angel. It is the horniest thing I have every heard.

“Fuck me harder!” Her voice is but a whimper. So is so close to her climax now. Desperately I want to hold out, to be the victor in our contest of sex if only to extend her thrill and my future chances of a repeat performance. Alas I can’t hold back. Amanda’s wet pussy is simply too much!

A blinding rush fills my head as I explode my white spunk into her warm loins. Exhaustion threatens to claim me even as I drown in a wave of euphoria. On a distant level I am aware that I still pumping away inside Amanda’s wet love hole and then, just then, she reaches her own magic moment. As she is enveloped by her own blissful high as her sex explodes in a racking, pulsing orgasm, she lets out a high pitched, “Yes, oh god, yes!” This is heavenly music to my ears. There are so many different ways I want to fuck this angelic beauty and I know now with certainty that I will get my chance. Even as I climb down from the blissful release of post orgasmic sex I am already fantasying about our next encounter. Amanda’s body is still shuddering in my arms as a sexual aftershock takes her to a new wave of pleasure. She is so incredibly hot in my arms, her flesh burning with a fever. Her delicious nudity is covered with droplets of sweat her tits still a thing of indescribable beauty. I stare at them with sexual hunger even as we part. My cock slides out of her sated pussy and I am torn with the desire to do something incredibly naughty. ‘No not this time!’ I tell myself and with restraint I manage to give her an encouraging smile as she drops off the table and back onto the floor.

We dress in silence, both of lost in the memory of our recent lovemaking. As she dons her clothing, each item of clothing steals away some of her naked beauty until she is finally fully dressed again. My final reward comes with a quick peck of the side of the cheek and three words which will haunt my dreams that night.

“Until next time!” she whispers. With that she pushes past me and through the door. Like a love sick school boy I watch her go, my eyes tracking the movement of her round bum cheeks inside her tight fitting black pants. Until next time indeed!

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