An Incest Birthday Chapter 20- Part 2


We walked to the ride to meet up with everyone, hoping no one would smell the sex on us. That would be pretty hard to explain off, how we both disappeared at the same time, both smell like sex and both appeared back at the same time. I tried to aerate myself as best I could as we walked up to the line, catching a glimpse of Ashley as she directed where she wanted everyone to sit. The ride was full so we waited for the next go around, but we flagged them down when they got off so they’d wait for us. It wasn’t as fun as I’d remembered, but we rode it anyway just to ride it, and when we got off, we met back up with everyone at the gate. “Where were you? We got on that like three times waiting on you!” Ashley snapped. “There was a line when we got there, the cut pass only works on roller coasters,” I joked. “Well we already rode Wicked Twister so you’ll have to skip that one, I hope that pretzel was worth it. We’re going to Blue Streak now, unless you want another pretzel…” “No I’m ok for now, that should hold me over until we eat later,” Rita said. As we started walking we got suspicious looks from Stephanie and Chris about where we really went, and I knew that they knew what we really did. they laughed to themselves and shook their heads at us for not being able to control ourselves, even in an amusement park. We switched up partners by Stephanie coming to hold my hand and Rita hooking her arm in between Chris’. “You just couldn’t wait could you?” Stephanie whispered out of earshot of everyone else. “Hey I had no choice in the matter, she dragged me off,” I pleaded. “From what I remember you volunteered to go with her.” “And it was all completely innocent, but when everyone was out of sight I was done for.” “Well I’m glad Chris and I have some self-control, I mean where could you even go?” “I’m sure Rita will tell you all about it later, so I won’t spoil anything now.” “We don’t tell each other everything!” “Bull. Shit.” “Ok yeah we do, but don’t tell her I told you…” “Wha… so I’m the… ok, nevermind. I forgot, I’m dealing with women.” “And what does that mean?” “Don’t try to understand them, you’ll end up with a bigger headache than before you started.” “That’s because we’re too complex for the feeble male mind,” she smiled rubbing my head. “Whatever you say,” I laughed. “Hey why are you four all hugged up? Trying to sneak off or something?” Ashley asked. “I didn’t know it was illegal to be affectionate with my boyfriend,” Steph said. “Yeah are we supposed to act single or something?” Rita added. “I haven’t seen any of you kiss each other all day, now you’re all cuddly?” Ashley asked. “Just wait until that guy finds you, then you’ll be all cuddly too,” Stephanie said. “I’m not even worried about that guy. Typical jock thinks he can get anyone, I’ll pass.” “Pass him on to me! I don’t care what you say that guy was sexy,” Becky said. “You think everyone is sexy,” Dana followed. “I haven’t jumped on Chris or Randy.” “That’s because if you do then I’ll jump on you,” Stephanie said. When she finished the sentence Chris started kissing on Rita and feeling her up as Stephanie pulled me into a kiss, swishing her tongue around in my mouth as she no doubt tasted Rita’s pussy. She licked her lips and grinned at me, then past me at Rita as she savored the taste. “Must’ve been some good pretzel, I can still taste it,” Stephanie said after she kissed me again. “Trust me, it was worth going back for,” I followed. “I shoulda went with you, now I’m craving it!” “Later, istanbul escort we still have a lot of rides to get on,” Ashley jumped in. “We still have six hours, we’re ok. Let’s play some carnival games,” I said. “Six hours isn’t…” Ashley stopped talking when she saw the strength challenge thing, the one with the sledgehammer used to hit the bell at the top. “Ok, I’ll make you a deal. If you can hit the bell thing at the top we’ll stop and play some carnival games, if not, then we ride roller coasters the rest of the time we’re here, deal?” I didn’t even hesitate when I walked up to her and held out my hand. “Deal.” We walked over to the game and waited behind the few people in line already, the whole time the Ashleys were behind me laughing as if I already lost, but they were in for a surprise. All that yardwork and labor I did didn’t just make yards look nice, it also beefed me up a little, not a lot, but I could definitely ring the bell. Finally my turn came and I paid and took the hammer (the Ashleys still snickering by the way), spaced myself and let it rip… DING! Got it on the first try. “What? Did it mess up or something? There’s no way you hit that?” Becky said. “Yeah, because they wanna give away free stuff to everyone just for fun,” I mocked Becky as I picked a stuffed doggy for a prize. “Yeah I’m with her, it looked a little too easy. Just to be sure, go again,” Ashley followed. “Some of the people in front of me didn’t ring the bell!” “Nope, go again, or no deal.” I gave up and paid the guy again and took the hammer again, in fact I paid him for two more tries. There was no laughing or snickering from anyone this time, they were watching me closely to see if I cheated or the game was rigged or something. I looked at everyone one more time and swung at the machine…DING! I rounded back around and swung at the machine again…DING! The Ashleys were all silent as I picked out two more prizes, a blue bear and a red devil. I gave Rita the dog, Stephanie the bear, and for laughs I gave Ashley the devil. “I think that suits you perfectly,” I joked. She looked like she had a snarky comeback, but she held her tongue and just looked at the devil. “Since you won me something I’ll let it slide, I still think you cheated though.” “I didn’t think you cheated! Win me something!” Carina said.” “Really Carina! That’s all it takes? A stuffed animal? You slut!” Dana laughed. “I didn’t know he was so strong…” Carina said as she felt up my arm muscles. “Hey, hands off!” Stephanie shouted for both her and Rita, who tensed up when Carina grabbed me. “I don’t share, go find someone else to sink your claws into.” “I was just teasing. He couldn’t handle me anyway.” “The New York Giants couldn’t handle you,” Becky laughed. “Alright, let’s get another locker and get on some more rides,” Ashley interrupted. “Hey I thought we were gonna play carnival games? I won remember?” I said. “We are, but let’s get on a few more rides first.” “I knew you were gonna do that. Gimme my devil back!” “Nope, its mine now, you won it for me, remember?” Ashley grinned. Now it was my turn to hold my tongue. I drudged behind, beaten again by Ashley to yet another locker to put our stuff in and we all went to the Blue Streak. The line cut passes did their thing again and we were on it in no time. For being a basic wooden coaster its always fun, I just wish they would put cameras on it, I still don’t have a picture on it. after we got off Blue Streak we bayan escort walked to the Magnum, which did have cameras, but the line was unusually empty, so empty we didn’t even need our passes. We made three back to back to back passes on it before people started showing up again, so we quit while we were ahead and went to the Top Thrill Dragster. Once again Becky and Dana were scared of another coaster because of its height, but also the speed. They saw it shoot off and were trying to back out. “Noooooooo, you’re going on it!” Ashley demanded. “Look at that! That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen!” Dana said. “Yeah, I can get whiplash or break my neck or something!” Becky followed. “Not if you keep your head on the seat like you’re supposed to! You’re both going on it!” “Its not that bad guys, its over in like twelve seconds,” Chris said trying to calm them. “Yeah but the twelve seconds you’re on it are whats bothering me!” Dana said. “Come on Dana! Its not like you haven’t been on it before!” Stephanie said. “Only when it first came out, I haven’t been back on it since.” “Well today you are, come on the lines moving,” Ashley said. “Come on Ashley, we got on the Millennium Force, give us a break on this one,” Becky pleaded. “The Millennium Force is way scarier than this! Look at those kids up there. Are you telling me you’re not as tough as those little kids? They barely make the height requirement!” Rita said. “Ok, if you don’t go on this, then you have to go on Millennium Force again,” Ashley suggested. “No! Wh… ugh fine!” Becky gave up, along with Dana. Once we were seated (with them in the front again) they relaxed, but only until we pulled up to the line, then they were their shaking selves again. “Just keep your head on the seat, and look at the lights, that’s all,” Carina reassured them. We all watched the lights, and when they shot down to green and the coaster took off, all we heard were screams get silences immediately because of all the wind in our face. When we got to the top and went straight down the other side they screamed until their heads popped, even though it was over as fast as it started. “See? That was all you big babies!” Ashley teased. “I can’t wait to see their pictures!” Carina followed. Sure enough, their mouths were wide open with horror all over their faces. No one spared any expense at laughing at them, even strangers. “Its not funny! It made me… I don’t even… I hate you guys,” Dana complained. Yeah you guys are jerks,” Becky said as she and Dana fake stormed off. “Awwww its not that bad!” Ashley laughed as she and Carina went after them. I was laughing and started to chase after them when Rita quickly grabbed my arm and went full one-eight running in the other direction. I didn’t even get a chance to look behind me to see if anyone noticed we slipped off Rita was running so fast. We were cutting through people left and right going to I don’t know where, but we were going there fast, and on a mission. We were moving constantly for about five minutes before we finally slowed up at the buildings next to the bathrooms. The back of them pointed out towards the waterpark area, and were concealed only enough if no one was trying to spot you, which in itself was a red flag, but when Rita gets in that mode, pretty much nothing else matters but me and her orgasm. I was about to protest when she ran past the buildings all the way to the end, where there was nothing around but a shack with a table escort istanbul shielded by trees and the closed off part of the beach. “How the hell did you know about this spot?” I asked. “I saw it when we went down the big slide. The little house poked out from the trees just barely enough to get me wondering how to get over here, I thought I got us lost at first.” “What am I gonna do with you? We almost got caught earlier and you’re not even phased.” “I know what you can finish doing…” She slid out of her pants and panties and lay down on the table. “Come on, don’t make me take care of myself…” “I would actually like to see that.” She pulled me to her by my pants. “Another time, I want this cock back in me now!” She undid my pants and let them fall, then propped herself up on her elbows as she waited for me to slide into her. She was groaning impatiently when I kept grazing my cock across her clit, but soon relaxed when I put it at her opening and pushed back in. she let her arms fall out from under her as I bottomed out inside her. “Fuck that felt so good!” I moaned when I felt her pussy squeeze back against me. I squeezed he titties hard between my hands as I thrust inside her, making her shoot forward a little each time. My hands slid down her chest to her waist and gripped her as I watch my cock slide in and out of her pussy. She was clenching the sides of the table as she threw her head back on the table with closed eyes, groaning her approval with each thrust I gave. “Randy! Oh my… yes! Oh my god, yes!” Rita cried out through labored breaths. As I was fucking her I thought I heard rumbling in the trees, but when I looked over I didn’t see anything, so I figured it was the wind and turned my attention back to the girl on the table with my cock rammed in her pussy. The way her pussy swallowed my cock, combined with me being able to see it so clearly was making me unexpectedly hornier. The sweat dripping off her body, the smell of sex completely surrounding us, her moans of approval as she looked back at me happily taking my cock deep inside her, the taste of her pussy still strong on my tongue and lips, the clapping of our skin as my member impaled her over and over, and the soft tightness of her pussy around my cock had my senses going crazy. There was so much going on at once I didn’t have time to focus on one before another pushed itself into my face. Her moans were getting louder, because I was thrusting harder, faster, with more force that before. “Randy, pledfdf fdfddggdfggg…” She said something, but all I heard was my name before I zoned out, focusing solely on my cock punishing her pussy for asking him to come out and play. I got this wave of strength from nowhere and in one swoop picked her up off the table without taking my cock out of her. “That’s right baby, take this pussy…” Rita moaned in my ear, and that was all I needed to hear. She wrapped her legs around me and braced herself as I jackhammered her, lifting her off my cock and forcing her back down hard as I jabbed up to meet her. I was on a mission, and I didn’t know what I wanted more, to cum, or to simply fuck the life out of my little sister. The latter was proving to be the superior because she had to squeeze her arms around my neck just to keep from bouncing all over the place. “Fuck Randy, you’re fucking the shit outta me! What ha-UGH! Oh my… FUCK!” I had a feeling I knew what she was about to ask, and I don’t know what came over me, it just happened. My need to ravage her and satisfy myself until I came took precedence over everything else. We had been so used to fucking all the time that it always took me a while to cum, she would always cum before me, but not this time. I felt it coming closer with each thrust, and by the way her moans began to get high pitched, so did Rita. I slammed her until my orgasm…

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