An Illicit Encounter


She had dressed to impress – he was a man she barely knew – but she still wanted to give it her all. She had spent nearly 2 hours preparing for tonight, first taking a long hot deep bath, soaping herself all over and removing all unwanted body hair, before taking a shower to wash and condition her long black silky hair. She loved being alone, taking the time to pamper herself. She opened a drawer to retrieve her black hold up stockings, then sat on the bed to put them on, pulling each one in turn over her foot and sliding it her leg, allowing it to gently snap around the top of her thigh – just the feeling of the nylon gripping firmly against her skin sent waves of excitement through her groin. She idly scanning the selection of underwear she had brought, but decided against wearing any, opting instead to have the feel of the warm evening breeze sliding up between her legs and kissing her freshly shaved pussy. Her outfit choice after that would pick itself, it was after all the only one she’d packed – it was the fail safe little black dress and if felt amazingly good as she pulled it over her head and allowed it to fall down to its resting place, the hem barely covering her stocking tops. She checked herself in the full length mirror, briefly having second thoughts, but the prospect of what would happen that evening was too good to even consider turning down, so without further hesitation, she slipped her heels on, dropped the room key into her clutch purse and headed down to the hotel bar.

There was real stir as she entered, heads turned and the conversation dipped slightly. One or two men, staring a little longer than is considered polite were soon pulled into line by their partners – and this, she loved – it told her that she was wanted. She ordered a drink, a long vodka and lemonade, and then took a seat in the corner. The wait seemed an age as she nervously caught the eye of every man that entered the room – wondering, is that him? Her mind was racing with thoughts, fantasies and wishes for the evening ahead. Thinking about the emails he had sent, the descriptive text that had stolen her imagination and gotten her wet between the legs, making her ache for him to be inside her. She hadn’t meant for this happen, but it was going to, and more to the point, she wanted it to.

He appeared as if from nowhere – she must have drifted off into a fantasy, already feeling his lips against her neck and heat inside her body – it was almost as if she was woken by him.

“Hi, I’m Mark,” he said, “are you…?”

“Yes,” she replied, cutting him short abruptly – almost rude, but it was the nerves kicking in. They’d finally met; he was actually there, in front of her. He wasn’t perfect by any means, “but who is?” she thought to herself. His deep soft voice reminding her instantly of the long sex fantasies they’d exchanged Escort Bayan on the phone. The excitement was welling deep inside, a tingling sensation running through her body.

“How are you? May I get you another drink?,” he enquired.

“Erm, yeah, go on then,” she replied, “another long vodka and lemonade please”

“No problem,” he said, and headed off to the bar. She watched him walk away, eyeing up every little detail, his walk, his stance at the bar and even found herself mouthing his name to herself.

On his return, they sat and made small talk, neither wanting to bring up the reason for their meeting – but it was, hanging thickly in the atmosphere, right in front of them – sex. She wanted to jump on him, there and then, but felt, that as the man, he should make the first move. However, an hour and several drinks passed, and it was becoming clear that if she didn’t say something soon, she might not be in a fit state to really enjoy the evening. So waiting for a convenient pause in the conversation, she made her move,

“Lets take these to my room,”‘ she said, and without giving him the chance to reply, got up and headed quickly out of the bar. Mark followed, quickening his pace slightly to catch her. She could feel her head spinning; her legs seemed to be out of control. The grip of her stockings seemed to get tighter with every step, heightening her arousal – she was actually going to do it, she was going to fuck and be fucked by a stranger – the man she made contact with on the internet was walking next to her, and in the next hour was going to have his cock buried deep inside her.

As they approached her room, she felt his arm snake round her waist, it was only a small thing, but it was the first time they’d touched, and already it felt good, it felt right. She opened her purse and took out the key, sliding it into lock, and opening the door. She led the way in, closely followed by Mark. Before the door had fully shut, she turned to face him, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply. Their tongues met, and lips locked together. His arms fell down around her waist, his hands resting on her bum, pushing her against him, she could feel his erect penis through their clothing, and she could feel herself getting wet.

She broke off the kiss to lead him to the bed, sitting down on the end of and lying back, almost pulling him down on top of her. They continued to kiss, her legs opening slightly, her dress riding further up her thighs. She felt him pressing his groin into her, and wanted him more and more. He moved from her lips to her neck, gently kissing her soft skin, licking it smoothly, every touch feeling better than the last. His hands explored her body further, running over her thighs, moving up over her hips, feeling the curves of her waist and moving Escort to caress her ample breast. He rested there, continuing to concentrate his hot breath and lips on her neck while massaging her breasts, running his thumb over her nipples, feeling them become erect through her clothing. She gasped with pleasure, she’d forgotten how good it felt to be treated like this, how it felt to have a man explore her body.

She could feel him pulling away, lowering his head towards the base of her neck, before rising from her and kneeling down on the floor at the end of the bed. She voluntarily opened her legs as he pushed her dress up around her hips, exposing her smooth, moist pussy. Her legs spread wider as she felt his hot breath against it. She could sense his lips getting closer, barely touching now, but unbelievably arousing. He snaked out his tongue, running it at first the along full length of her hot wet opening, starting just above her anus, before reaching all the way up to her clit. Her legs now, still in the stockings, opened as wide as she could get them, allowing him full-unrestricted access to her. His tongue probed at her clitoris, first caressing it in a circular motion, and then flicking it from side to side, up and down. It was absolute bliss. Her breathing became heavier by the second, it had been so long, but she was going to hold back, make it last.

Just as she planned to take control, she felt a finger enter her. It slid in easily, stroking the roof of her pussy, awakening feelings long forgotten. A second joined it, gently fucking her as his tongue continued to circle her clit. It was becoming too much, she would orgasm soon, but not yet.

Pulling her self away, Mark’s face looked a little disappointed, but seeing her pull her dress off, up over her head, exposing her bosom soon made up for it. She stood up, standing naked but for stockings and heels.

“On the bed,” she told him. Without question or hesitation, Mark rose to his feet and then sat down facing her.

“Get naked,” she commanded, and again, he obeyed. Quickly standing and stripping, dropping his pants at first, ripping off his socks and pulling his shirt over his head. He stood before her, his cock standing hard. She breathed in the view of his body. Not muscular or well toned, but nice, ample – manly.

He sat back down, his knees hanging over the side of the bed, his feet on the floor. She approached him, straddling him slightly, gently placing a hand on each shoulder then applying force, guiding him to lie down. She now took her turn to kneel in front of him, his cock standing tall, his balls hanging just in front of her. She leant forward, taking the base of his penis in her hand and guiding towards her mouth. Her tongue reached forward and licked its length, he let out a gasp as she passed the underside Bayan Escort of its peak. Her lips kissed his helmet, slowly parting as she lowered mouth over it, taking it all in, inch by inch. Her expert tongue continued to caress his hard length, as she felt it reach the back of her throat, before bringing her head up again and removing her mouth from it. Mark groaned with pleasure as again she swallowed him into her hot wet lubricated mouth, relishing every moment of him being inside her. The tip of tongue, met the top of his cock, and she tasted the sweet pre-cum, feeling the urge to have him enter her – she wanted her pussy filled.

Pulling away and standing up, she stood back to take one last long look at Marks lying on the bed. Eyes closed, rock hard cock standing a good 6 inches up from his body. He looked up at her, and moved further up the bed, almost knowing what was coming next. He laid his head on the pillow, and waited. She climbed upon the bed, straddling him at first then lying full length on top of him. Her legs opened a little wider as she pulled her hips level with his, and eased herself up. Reaching round behind, she took a hold of his erect penis, and guided it towards her waiting pussy. She raised her hips a little to position it just at her opening. Mark tied to push up, but she teased him momentarily, lifting her hips with his, but as he sunk back on to the bed, she sank her bum down, slowly, feeling him first enter her, then fill her. She could feel her lips opening to accommodate him, feeling every last inch of him penetrate her. She was so wet, she could feel his heat inside her pussy. She raised slowly a little, then sank back down, feeling his pelvic bone push against her clit, her arse sitting against his thighs. She leant forward to kiss him deeply, again, opening her legs a little wider, to feel him inside her and to push her clitoris against him.

She felt it; she felt the pressure of the two bodies trapping and massaging her clit. She pushed further against him, feeling him buck up into her. It was feeling so amazing. Leaning forward she rested her hands on his shoulders, allowing him to grab her arse with both hands, and thrust into her.

“Oh fuck,” she cried out, the thrill of having a cock probing her was becoming too much. She pushed down again, grinding her clit against him, feeling her orgasm stirring deep inside. She could feel it building, radiating out from her groin, spreading through her body, down her legs and into her toes, down each arm and into her fingers. Her stomach did somersaults and her went head dizzy and light as it hit her. Her pussy tightened around his cock as she felt him get even harder and cry out in ecstasy, coming hard with her. Shooting hot liquid deep inside her.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” she screamed. The sensation overwhelmed her. She fell off Marks still erect cock and lay panting on the bed, Her pussy sopping wet, dripping from her own juices and his. They lay together, not speaking or even looking at each other, the silence only disturbed by a knock on the door,

“Room service…”

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