An Eye for An Eye Ch. 01

Group Sex

Paula Clemins gave birth to her one and only child, a Daughter named Melanie, only eight days after her own 16th birthday. That was now a little over 18 years ago, but to the loving and dotting single Mother, it still seemed like yesterday.

At 35, Paula was a customer service specialist at Logan Airport in Boston. It was a job, stressful as it was, that Paula had began just after she had finished high school herself. With a child at such a young age, no help from Melanie’s nonexistent Father and born into a relatively destitute family of her own, college for Paula had never even been in the equation.

Through an unimaginable amount of hard work and sacrifice however, Paula had raised Melanie and gotten her through school with good enough grades to get her into the University of Massachusetts.

Paula had purposefully put any sort of social life for herself on the backburner while raising Melanie, both to avoid any distraction in her priorities as a single parent and to also show her Daughter she didn’t need a man in her life to make something of it. In truth, it wasn’t all that hard of a sacrifice for Paula to go without a man in her life considering she had gradually come to the conclusion that she had some strongly bi-sexual tendencies. Ones that Paula inherently knew, because of her strict moral upbringing, she’d never be able to openly pursue when it came to an official public relationship, but ones nonetheless she had delved into during the occasional weekend tryst when Melanie would be away with her Grandparents.

Not only had Paula been able to raise Melanie with the grades and enough money saved up to be the first person in her immediate family to go to college, she had also thankfully been able to instill enough street smarts in her Daughter about how the world worked, especially when it came to men. Paula had asked many times, and had every belief that when Melanie would tell her she was still a virgin, that she still truly was.

Like any person who puts so much energy, not to mention their own sense of accomplishment in the development of another person, when that other person is out of the picture, the adjustment of re-discovering one’s self can be hard. And that was certainly the case for Paula when Melanie went away for her first semester at college. While the empty nest did provide some much longed for freedom of her own, it had been so long since Paula could be a little selfish, she frankly had forgotten how.

She did try and go out with a couple of men she’d met at work that had long been badgering her for a date, but it was basically a matter of going through the motions. Even though she was attracted on some level to a few of them, she just didn’t feel any chemistry with any man she encountered. Paula did however click with a couple of the women she’d been seeing, and now had a place to bring them back home for the night to with Melanie away at school, but she knew deep in her heart, she’d probably never come out of the closet.


All the preparedness, self confidence and decision making Paula had thought she’d equipped her Daughter with however, ended up exploding in her face. About two months into Melanie’s Freshman year, just as Paula was beginning to explore and enjoy her new found freedom, Melanie called in tears from school.

Perhaps it was the free-flowing alcohol or the pressure to fit in. Perhaps it was the endless suppy of good looking and sweet talking young men who hovered constantly without the watchful eye of her Mother to answer to, or perhaps it was just fate, but Melanie had found herself pregnant before her first trip home that semester.

Paula went numb and nearly dropped the phone when Melanie’s sobbing words came across the line. She had raised her Daughter the best she could and yet there Melanie was, in nearly the same predicament Paula had found herself in nearly two decades earlier.

The initial wave of shock that was boiling through Paula’s senses after hearing her Daughter had gotten pregnant intensified tenfold when the next revelation came out of Melanie’s mouth.

Paula listened to her Daughter in stunned and angry silence as Melanie told her she’d already aborted the baby. Unable to muster a response, all Paula could do was sit there and allow Melanie to spill her guts about how she’d met a great guy named Andy who was Junior at UMass, and that she’d conceived the very first time they’d had sex.

The words, ‘pregnancy’, ‘abortion’, and ‘Andy’, all mixed together into a toxic stew inside Paula’s head as she fought for something coherent to say. Internally, she knew that despite her Catholic upbringing, Melanie had made the most prudent choice. Even though she’d never admit it out loud, Paula knew it would have probably been in her best interest to have an abortion when she got pregnant all those years ago. But in making that decision to keep Melanie, perhaps out of guilt over those long submerged feelings, or the fact that she was just a dutiful and loving almanbahis Mother, she sacrificed in earnest, at every turn, to give her only child everything she could.

And now in this ultimate moment of need, Paula struggled for the right thing to say. Somehow the two, as they always had as Mother and Daughter, started talking and as the back and forth continued, the tension began to ease. Despite the bombshell Melanie had unloaded on her Mother early in the conversation, Paula had decided to try and talk about other stuff, school, upcoming holiday plans, anything but the dreadful news Melanie had sprung on her.

That worked for the better part of five minutes until Melanie let the next bombshell slip.

“So have you seen the guy who got you pregnant since….the abortion?” Paula asked against her better judgment.

“Well…….,” Melanie hesitated. “Yeah….we’re kind of still seeing each other.”

Everything inside Paula’s psyche screeched to a halt as a bitter wave of disbelief swept through her.

“You’re still seeing him……?” Paula groaned.

“….Yes….,” came Melanie’s monotone response. “I was hoping you’d maybe let me bring him home with me to meet everyone when I come home for Thanksgiving in a few weeks?”

Paula sat there, the cellphone cold against her burning ear as her Daughter’s query hung in the air.


Paula spent the next several weeks brooding over everything Melanie had confided. While she knew pregnancy and abortion were obstacles many girls Melanie’s age had to overcome, Paula had always raised her Daughter to be better than all those other children. And Paula struggled mightily with the realization that no matter what control and influence she tried to exert, Melanie was in fact human and capable of making mistakes.

So in trying to rise above everything Melanie had been through during that first semester away at school, Paula agreed to let Melanie bring her boyfriend Andy home for Thanksgiving weekend, no questions asked.

From the instant Melanie had walked Andy in and introduced him to her however, Paula could see exactly what her Daughter saw in him.

Andy Denson was very handsome, standing a shade over 6’2″ with curly reddish, brown hair and smoky blue eyes.

Paula could immediately sense the young man’s natural unease in the situation, compounded by the fact that he really didn’t know how much of his life with Melanie that she had shared with her Mother. Even though Melanie had told him the only thing she’d told her Mom was that they had just been dating for a couple of months, nothing about the accidental pregnancy and their termination of it, Andy could never be completely sure as he tried to make friends with Paula.


The Thanksgiving meal turned out wonderful, and the three had enjoyed a surprisingly relaxing couple of days, mixing in a little shopping, visiting a few more of Melanie’s relatives and downtime in front of the tv. Paula had even made the unlikeliest of offers and allowed Melanie and Andy to sleep in her bed while she shacked up in the guest room.

An offer that Paula knew had weirded out the two kids so much, she heard not a peep, much less the muffled echoes of sex, drifting down the hall during Andy’s stay.

Privately, it had been a little odd for Paula as well to have a man around the house for that length of time, the longest in fact that she could ever remember since moving away from home herself. She chided herself endlessly for spending the extra little time each morning on her hair and makeup, a fact she was sure her Daughter had noted. In her private moments, Paula was also forced to admit the tingling she felt in her loins each time Andy was near brought about the realization that even though she was attracted to many of the women she encountered, she did still have discernable urges for some men as well. And in those helpless moments of polite flirtation, Paula did find herself keeping her gaze locked just a fraction too long with Andy when Melanie wasn’t paying attention.

Paula could certainly feel the tension level rise as Melanie and Andy’s visit played out and by Saturday afternoon, she was more than relieved when the two decided to head in different directions for a few days. A couple of Melanie’s friends from home had been bugging her for a girls night out to catch up on old times and Andy’s folks wanted him to at least come home that Sunday to visit before classes started again on Monday. By 8 that night Melanie had kissed Andy goodbye as he was packing his things, just before leaving for a night on the town with her friends.

Left alone with Andy, even for the briefest of moments, suddenly Paula realized she had a window of opportunity.


It had all happened with startling simplicity. Paula had walked Andy out to his car as he loaded the last of his overnight bags. Just as he leaned in to toss the last almanbahis yeni giriş of his clothes, Paula reached around and placed her left hand on her Daughter’s Boyfriend’s waist.

Andy instantly froze and a small but discernable sigh seeped from his lips. Before the 21 year old could even gather himself, Paula leaned in and pressed her lips against his.

“I’ve been wanting to do that ever since Melanie walked you into the house the other day,” Paula dreamily admitted when she pulled back.

“UHHH,” was all the stunned young man could muster.

“I’m really not a slut……or even a bad mother,” Paula added. “I just couldn’t help myself…..I sensed you were attracted to me over the last few days…was I wrong?”

“..No…Yes….No…I mean…. No you’re not wrong,” Andy stammered as he leaned back against the refuge of the driver’s side fender.

Trapped between the car and Paula, a cold chill of excitement rippled through Andy when Melanie’s Mom brushed her chest against his taut belly before leaning up to kiss him once more.

“This has to be some sort of test,” Andy’s inner voice whispered, thinking that such a obvious and blatant act by Paula had to be some way of testing his loyalty to her Daughter.

As he girded himself to look down into her eyes and gauge Paula’s true intent, all he could see in the extremely dim light of the Clemens’ driveway was pure wantonness bleeding across the older woman’s face.

The glaze of seriousness in Paula’s gaze, combined with his own attraction to her along with the pent-up lust brooding inside from not having any sexual release in nearly a week, until Andy found himself kissing Paula back with equal fervor.

The two stood in a face to face embrace for several minutes until Paula suddenly, and gracefully, dropped out of Andy’s grip. Just for an instant he thought Paula had come to her senses and was backing away. But as he looked down through the darkness, he could see Paula’s shadowy outline at his feet, her knees resting on the asphalt with her face directly in front of his crotch.

“I have to do this,” Andy heard her mumble from below.

“HHAAHH,” the young man trembled, his adrenaline coursing when he felt Paula’s soft fingertips slip through his unzipped fly.

Paula wasted no time gobbling the ample staff of flesh into her mouth, thus ending any hope Andy had of turning back. Feeling his cock jerk with life and inflate to its full girth inside her mouth, Paula realized she too had passed the point of no return.

Her hands braced against the front fender of Andy’s car, spread out to each side of his lanky frame, Paula appeared to be doing pushups on her knees against Andy’s crotch, each time forcing the blunt head of his erection deeper down her throat. The scent and weight of Andy’s stabbing manhood filled Paula’s senses as she struggled to accommodate the youngster’s endowment. Urgently she soldiered on however until every inch of Andy’s cock, from tip to base, had been soaked with her slick and warm saliva.

Knowing somewhere deep down she was on her knees servicing the same boy that had not only took her Daughter’s virginity, but knocked her up as well, Paula couldn’t deny she hated the thing in her mouth. So much in fact that she had to fight her Motherly urge to bite the thing right off. Still, there was also something much more primal at work inside Paula, something she had deprived herself of for way too long, something for better or worse she was going to take right there under the cover of darkness, in her own driveway.

On some level this had been Paula’s plan from the beginning, but she never expected circumstances to ever play out to allow it to happen. And even if she were to see her plan put into motion, she really had never thought out what the next step would be. But there on her knees at the feet of her Daughter’s Boyfriend, Paula had lost any sense of who was truly in control. All she found herself consumed with in that vividly cruel moment was the reward that was boiling inside the balls that bounced gently on her chin.

Taking her right hand off the fender, Paula forced it down between her legs, anxiously fumbling to get it inside her pants. Continuing her wanton oral act on Andy, Paula wrapped her left hand around the 21 year old’s rear, cupping his ass with her squeezing palm as she began to finger her own sopping wet pussy with her right.

She didn’t have to wait long for her reward.

Within a few minutes of commencing the blowjob, Paula could feel Andy’s body begin to coil and shiver. The grip of his strong hand tightening on the top of her scalp, Paula knelt there absorbing the tittering gyrations of Andy’s buckling frame until his ripe and virile seed erupted violently.

Pulling Andy’s groin tight against her face, Paula created a vacuum seal with her lips as she ingested every last salty and slimy glob of the same semen that had impregnated Melanie. His dick thrashing maniacally in her mouth, Paula quickly almanbahis adres felt her own long deprived pussy gush as well. Swimming and darting her fingers through her buttery cunt, Paula felt a powerful orgasm tear through her as Andy’s cum washed down her throat.

Rocking backwards to catch her breath and keep from blacking out, Paula allowed Andy’s rubbery dick to slip free from her glazed white lips, to hang there defiantly and mockingly in front of her face, to both remind her of what he had done to her precious Daughter and to what depths she too was capable of.

“Would you take me inside?” she asked from her knees.


Less than a half hour after she had dropped to the ground and gave her Daughter’s steady boyfriend a blowjob in her own driveway, Paula Clemins found herself once again on her knees, this time with them spread wide on her bed, her forehead pressed tightly down on top of the headboard as Andy’s face burrowed deep between her parted thighs, his tongue eagerly planted as far as it could go into her quivering loins.

“In for a dime, in for a dollar,” Paula found herself rationalizing, knowing the genie of her lust had now escaped from its captive bottle.

She had set out to just prove to herself how unworthy Andy was for Melanie, and if somehow she did get a little superficial gratification from it, fine, but her point would have been proven about how quickly he’d chase anything else that showed the least bit of interest. By inviting him upstairs however, Paula knew she had long exceeded what her initial intensions were.

The fact that she had dropped her pants as soon as they had entered the bedroom and knelt up on the edge of the mattress, waving her bare ass in a beckoning sway in front of Andy as he undressed behind her, should have told Paula that her selfishness was now fully at work. Watching his youthful and insatiable erection grow back to its full majesty as she peered up from her crouched position on the bed, Paula gripped the sheets to her left and right tightly in her hands and held on for dear life as Andy entered her from behind and fucked her for 20 minutes like she was nothing more than a wanton bitch in heat. Having taken the edge off his trigger with the head he had gotten minutes earlier, Andy was able to fuck Paula for seemingly as long as he wanted without cumming, savoring the surreal and perhaps once in a lifetime sight of his Girlfriend’s naked Mother on her knees, on her own bed, allowing him free and unfettered access to her body to use in whatever way he saw fit.

When Andy finally did cum, it was all Paula could do not to collapse on the spot from the sheer agony and joy of what Andy had unearthed inside her. It even flashed through her mind, given the unbridled workout Andy had just put her through, wondering how it had been for Melanie the day Andy had taken her virginity, and what her body must have felt like after he had finished with her.

But now as she sat on his more than accepting face, allowing the 21 year old boy to gracefully eat her out, Paula could not have cared less about anyone or anything else, only the tongue that seemed to take on the life of a hungry serpant, slithering ceaselessly through her womb.

Having learned the tricks and triggers of her body from years of self indulgence, Paula expertly worked her pussy against Andy’s face, taking herself up several times to the verge of orgasm, only to pull back in time to regroup for the next inevitable buildup.

Repeating that process several times on top of Andy’s patient mouth, Paula finally succumb to her lust. Her cheek smacking flush against the wall above the bed’s headboard, Paula lungs exploded with a mighty roar.

“AAAHHHHHHHRRAAAGGRRAAAHHHHHH,” she coughed and cried, her hips anxiously pumping as she fucked the younger man’s glossy and slick face with her spasming cunt.

The moist slap of their collective flesh melded beautifully with the bedsprings squeeking below until Paula’s burning thighs gave way and she slide down on top of her lover’s sweaty body. The two kissed and hugged, struggling to catch their breath before dozing off in a gentle embrace.


Andy had no clue how long he’d been asleep. Startled, as most people are when they wake up in a strange bed, the reality of where he was and what had happened gradually drifted back to him as he glanced around the dark stillness of Paula’s bedroom.

The clock on the nightstand read 1:13am.

It took him a moment, but he soon realized the pillow next to him was empty. Still, he sensed Paula’s presense near and after a few seconds he found her, along with the reason he’d awoke.

Looking down the length of his chest, Andy could see the back of Paula’s head bobbing up and down on his crotch. The nerve endings in his re-aroused cock glittered vividly back to life as he lay there, bathing in the unexpected euphoric glow of the evening as his Girlfriend’s Mom’s mouth slurped at his manhood.

“So you said Melanie wasn’t coming home tonight…right?” Andy asked in dreamy daze.

“No……She’s staying with her friend Debby..she lives a lot closer to the club they were going out to,” Paula removed her mouth and replied.

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