An Evening Out With Trish


As a confirmed cuckold, I am blessed with a wife who understands my needs and enjoys fulfilling them. What began as an accommodation on her part to my tastes gradually became something she enjoys as much as I do. We both are excited to be with a man who lusts for her sex, the kind of man who enjoys using a woman, dominating her, even punishing her. And when this man, or men, finish with her and turn to putting me in my place, the thrills continue.Trish spends a lot of time getting dressed and ready when we plan an evening out. She has special outfits that she wears when we are going to a bar or club where we will only meet strangers. They show a lot of flesh and are extremely slutty. It wouldn’t do for her to be seen dressed this way by people in our wider circle of friends, but among strangers it is a real turn-on.  It’s very exciting for me to watch her prepare because I know it is the prelude to the fun evening we will both be enjoying later.The ankle bracelet she wears is a signal to those in the know that she is a hot wife available for male pleasure. And when we are in the presence of some manly men at a club, bar or party she isn’t hesitant to openly flirt with them in front of me. She always lets them know that I’m her husband because that is a big part of our fun. This is a turn on for both of us because we know it is only the first step in her cuckolding of me, which is an activity we both enjoy.You wouldn’t know this about us unless you were part of the little group of like-minded friends we confide in. Both Trish and I look and act very conventional to the outside world, even though we’ve tried swinging, house parties, dungeons and sex clubs. But our favorite way to have fun is with another man or several men.We try to pick spots to visit where we will find men who are aggressive sexually, don’t have any qualms about using married women, and don’t care if their husbands are present. Bars and clubs Bostancı Escort near military installations and oil rigs are good spots for couples like us, but there aren’t any nearby, so we must share and rely on other couples such as ourselves to know of places that will meet our needs.Last weekend Trish wanted to visit a biker bar we’d been told about in a rough part of town. Some of our like-minded friends had described the place as one with few women customers but crowded with lots of manly men. Trish likes to be taken, and of course I enjoy watching her dominated as well. It’s even better when there is more than one man.We arrived at the club about nine and on entering spotted two empty stools at the bar, which was otherwise crowded with men wearing biker gear. The place certainly lived up to its reputation; we didn’t see any other women, and it looked as though most of the men were regulars who knew each other.“Perfect!” Trish whispered to me as we occupied the two empty seats.She immediately attracted a lot of attention from the men seated around us. I watched as they ogled her tits through her see-through top, and her short skirt rode up just enough to reveal the top of her seamed stockings and garters. She smiled as they stared and spoke to the guy sitting next to her.“Do you mind if we sit next to you?” she asked.“Not at all. My name is Bobby, and this is my friend Steve,” he replied, indicating the man two stools down sitting next to me.Both Bobby and Steve were big guys, slender but muscular, with crewcuts, tattoos and dressed in black jeans and sleeveless black t-shirts. They had stubble beards and were rather handsome. Bobby looked about forty, and his friend much younger, maybe twenty-five.“I’m Trish, and this is my husband Jim,” she answered.The bartender approached, and I could see he was impressed by what he saw. We ordered drinks and Trish continued Bostancı Escort Bayan her conversation with Bobby.“Are you here with anyone?” Trish asked him.“Just my friend Steve,” he answered, “We were hoping to meet some girls, but it doesn’t look like there are any here tonight.”“Oh, too bad,” Trish said, “I’m sure two sexy studs like you would have no trouble at all.”“Do you think we are sexy?” Bobby asked.The testosterone vibe of these two studs was unmistakable.“Oh yes—very,” Trish answered with a wink, “And you look like you know how to appreciate a woman too.”“Damn right I do,” Bobby replied with a grin.Bobby looked at me and said, “Too bad you are here with your husband or I could show you some appreciation in person. I bet you are a lot of fun.”“Oh, don’t mind him,” Trish replied, “He’s just here as my transportation. I don’t let him interfere with my partying.”As he took this in I saw Bobby’s eyes open wide, and I noticed the bulge in his jeans getting bigger.“Okay, I won’t mind him,” he said arrogantly, giving me a superior look, “I’ll pretend he’s not there.”The game was on now. Trish gave me a wicked grin and spoke to Bobby.  “Do you like my outfit?” she asked him, “My husband thinks it’s very risqué.”“Oh yes, I like it a lot,” he answered as he placed his hand on her stockinged leg, “I like the way it looks and feels.”“Goodness! You are very bold!” she told him, as she spread her legs to give him better access, “And very naughty!”“Do you like men who are bold?” Bobby asked. He was working his hand further up her thigh, getting close to her pussy.“Yes, Bobby. I like a man who knows what he wants and takes it.”Bobby’s friend Steve, sitting next to me, had been observing the three of us silently, but now I felt his hand on my shoulder.“I’m taking your stool,” Steve declared to me, and with that he pulled me off my seat and took my place, so that now Trish Escort Bostancı was between the two of them. They both went to work on her legs, and she spread even wider.There was nothing for me to do but stand there and watch as they began to handle her. A moment later they both began rubbing and squeezing her tits through the thin material of her top. Their other hands continued their journey up her legs, finally reaching and rubbing her pussy.Steve unbuttoned her top and her tits were out in full view.“Very nice, very nice indeed,” he said, and he rotated her stool around so that she was now facing the audience of men that was gathering around us to watch the action.Things were happening quickly. Trish began moaning softly, her mouth partially open, eyes half closed, and Bobby spoke to me. “Your wife isn’t wearing panties, and her pussy is very wet.” he told me, and I could see that he and Steve were both fingering her pussy. He unzipped his jeans, took her hand, placed it inside his fly and on his cock.The other men who had gathered around were making lewd comments as they watched Bobby and Steve work her over.“She’s a hot slut,” one said, and looking at me added, “Your wife must be a real whore.”“Looks like she’s enjoying it,” another chimed in, “I bet they fuck her.”“We’re going to move our little party over to that table,” Bobby told me. He and Steve picked her up by her legs and lifted her off the stool. With Trish between them they walked to the table placed her down on it. I followed behind with all the other men, who continued to make lewd comments and suggestions.“We are going to give your wife what she really needs,” Steve said to me, “but you just get to watch.”“Wives come to this bar for one reason,” Bobby told me with a sneer, “That’s because their husbands are inadequate and unable to satisfy them, so they crave a real man.”Steve sat me down in a chair next to the table. He ordered me to drop my trousers and take my cock out. I was pretty sure I knew what he had in mind; he wanted to humiliate me. After I complied he looked at me and laughed along with the other men watching.“No wonder she’s hungry for a real man. Look at his little cock,” he announced, “That’s a sissy’s cock, not a man’s tool.”

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