An Evening On the Beach


It had been a beautiful day at the beach, and now it was time for Amy and Sara to go back to Sara’s house along the ocean front, just down from where they had spent the day. The sun was beginning to set and they hurried back to get changed, so that they could build a campfire on the beach, in front of Sara’s house.

Both Sara and Amy were enjoying the last of their summer break, before starting their first year of college. They were excited about the upcoming school year, but it was also going to be a new start for each of them. Amy was going to go to a college in Michigan, while Sara was going to Colorado. Both places seemed so far from home. They had been close friends since they were both 10 years old. Now, over eight years later, they were going to be starting new lives. This was their last week together before starting college as freshmen in two different schools.

Amy put on her light linen pants and t-shirt and Sara, some shorts and a tank top. They went out to build a fire by the water. The sun was just below the horizon, now, and the sky glowed with a fiery orange, lined with purples and blues, fading to gray then black above them. It was a beautiful sight. The ocean breeze was warm and moist, and the rhythm of the waves rolling up onto the sand, was soothing.

Sara’s parents wouldn’t be home until very late and Amy had already made decided to stay the night with her friend.

Once they got the fire going, they sat near it, entertained by the flickering flames. They watched the sun’s last glimmer of light, fad into the darkness as they warmed their feet by the fire.

Sara watched Amy as the glow of the fire reflected from her. Amy was laying on her side, facing the ocean, with her arm propped up to support her head. Her linen clothes clung to her from the ocean breeze. She was beautiful in the flickering light. She had long golden hair and copper skin, from the days at the beach. She had a delicate build, and a long slender waist. Her skin was smooth and unblemished and her eyes, deep and dark in color.

Sara had admired her best friend for some time. She longed to touch her in ways that she was forbidden to do. She was young and inexperienced, at that! What would Amy think, if she knew how Sara felt about her? She wondered if this was even natural!

Sara could see Amy’s firm nipples rise under her shirt, for the breeze coming off of the ocean, and it made her want her more, but she resisted the temptation to act. Just then, Amy glanced over at her. She looked warmly into her eyes.

“Isn’t this just the most perfect night to be laying out on the beach?” Amy said.

“Oh, yes. It is just wonderful,” Sara responded, “I’m going to miss these late nights out, enjoying the fresh air, with you.”

“Me to,” Amy said, rolling onto her back to face the night sky. “In a way, I’m looking forward to college,” she sighed, “but then, I’ll miss all of the time I spend with you.”

“We’ll still call and write each other, ” said Ümraniye Escort Sara, as she stood up to walk over by Amy. She laid down next to her, facing the stars, her arm lightly touching Amy’s. “We’ll always be best friends.”

Amy took her hand in friendship, and turned to look at her. She smiled softly at her. “Of course!” She squeezed her hand and grinned.

Sara smiled back and held her Amy’s gaze. She loved her friend and wanted her so bad. She reached over and tenderly caressed Amy’s cheek. Amy could she that want in her eyes. At first she was stunned and pulled back a little bit.

Sara removed her hand, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean anything by that.” She started to sit up. She felt so silly!

But then, Amy reach out and grabbed her hand. “It’s okay. You just startled me, by the way you were looking and touching my face.”

Sara paused and looked back at her. “I feel so silly! I don’t know why I touched you like that.” She paused again and faced Amy, “Can I be forward with you?”

“Of course you can. We’re friends, aren’t we?”

“You are my best friend. We have been together for a long time, but………..” she signed.

“Go ahead. It’s okay. You can tell me.” said Amy with a tender voice.

Sara took a breath, “Have you ever thought about being with a girl? I mean, make love to another girl?” Sara bit her bottom lip as she waited for her response.

“Well……….no, not really.” Amy felt unsure of herself at that moment. She had never thought about it before, but now, Sara held her interest. It was a strange thought, but now she was curious. “I guess I never really thought about it, but………..have you?” she smiled shyly.

“I’ve thought about it,” Sara said as she got up on her knees and looked down at her, “but aren’t you a little curious about what it might be like?”

Amy stared at her in curiosity.

“Can I touch you?” asked Sara, “I mean……you can stop me whenever you want. I will respect you.”

Amy relaxed, putting her head back and closed here eyes. The thought of being with Sara made her curious. She was nervous, but she’d let her touch her. After all, was her best friend and she would stop if she was uncomfortable with it. Her body language was saying that it was okay.

At first Sara hesitated, and just looked at Amy with hungry eyes. She had never done this before, but she ached for her. She wanted to love her, kiss her and feel her body against hers. She reached out and caressed Amy’s check with her finger tips. Her skin was so soft and warm. The beautiful contours of her face, excited her. She then, leaned over and softly began to kiss her lips. Amy began to kiss her back, as a tickle of excitement ran through the core of her. The ocean sounds echoed in her head as she felt Sara’s body come over hers. They embraced each other as the passion began to rise, between them. Their tongues sought our each other’s, opening their months as they Ümraniye Escort Bayan kissed. They held each other close as Sara wrapped her legs around Amy’s. Sara wanted to explore and taste her.

Sara slid her hand up Amy’s blouse to cup her young, firm breast. It fit into her hand perfectly, as her nipple slid between her fingers. She loved the feel of it in her hand and slid Amy’s blouse up to reveal them to her. She looked at them with hunger. They were perfectly round and stood up erect, at her. She then, unbuttoned Amy’s blouse and parted it away from her chest. She cupped each breast in her hands and began to kiss them innocently.

She had dreamed of this moment for some time, and now her desires were coming true. Amy was as beautiful to touch as she was to look at, and she was willing. She put a nipple into her mouth and began to suckle it. Amy moaned, as she put her hands up to caress Sara’s back. She could feel the wetness thicken between her legs as Sara sucked on her breasts.

Sara then, stood up before Amy and began removing her tank top and shorts. As she lay the garments to the ground, she stood before Amy in full view. Amy looked at her exotic form. She was lovely, with long flowing brown hair and ivory soft skin. Her skin was lighter than Amy’s, but it looked soft and delicate in the light of the fire. Her breasts were firm and of medium size, while her waist was delicate only to flow out to her to the shape of her hips. Her legs were long and shapely. She was a vision of beauty, as the breeze flowed through her hair.

Then, Sara bent over to Amy’s waist and grasped the rim of linen pants, and slid them off from her, leaving them in a hep at her feet. Now Amy lay there on the beach fully exposed to her. Their innocents would soon be gone, as they started into their adventure with each other. Their eyes met as the desire rose within them. Sara brought herself back down onto Amy, and suckled her again. Amy grasped for her and pawed at her back. Sara reached between Amy’s legs to find her forbidden form. It was soft and slick with excitement. Amy had to catch her breath, at the wanted intrusion. She could feel the wetness pool between her legs as Sara ran her fingers over the opening of her. She could hardly contain her pleasure as she moan and arched at her touch.

Sara spun her tongue over her nipples and around the swells of her breasts, as Amy ran her hands up and down Sara’s back. As Sara moved her tongue over the smoothness of her skin, she knew that she wanted to go farther into more forbidden territory. She moved to tongue over Amy’s ribs, planting kisses as she moved her way down towards her navel. She licked her belly as her long hair caressed her sides. Soon, she came to the top of Amy’s pubic hair. Sara put her hands between Amy’s thighs and spread her open to get a view in the fire light. There before her was the forbidden opening. It was wet with excitement and it smelled sweet to her senses. Escort Ümraniye At first she planted a kiss on her pink lips. Amy flinched with delight as she arched her back in pleasure. She tasted sweet.

Amy could feel her breath on her wetness. It made her want more! Sara moved her fingers to her opening and spread her apart for the taking. Amy could feel Sara starting to lick her outer opening. Tickles of ecstasy ran up her spine. Then she could feel Sara starting to probe her tongue up inside of her. It made her legs week and she moaned, as Sara slid her tongue deeper inside of her. Sara drank from her as the wetness came from deep within. She found her clit with her tongue and played with it, sucking on it while flicking her tongue over the soft flesh. While she sucked, she inserted one of her fingers into the juicy hole causing Amy to spasm within. Amy started to scream in delight. She had never felt anything like this before. She panted as she held Sara’s head in her hands, pressing her harder into the walls that her tongue and finger were probing. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore, gasping as she tried to wiggle away from Sara.

Sara let go and slid her body up over Amy’s. “Would you like to taste me? I want to feel what you just felt.”

“Oh yes. I’ve never felt anything like it before.” sighed Amy.

Sara moved over her, turning herself around to present herself to Amy, within full view of the firelight. Sara’s pussy was only inches away from her face. She had never done this before and wasn’t quite sure what to do. She would give it her best, and she put her hands on Sara’s buttocks and pulled her closer to give the soft wet flesh a kiss. Surprisingly, is was sweet and pleasant. The smell was arousing and she took another kiss. Sara moaned as she burrowed her head between Amy’s legs, licking her already sensitive flesh. Amy tried to contain herself enough to do her part. She began to lick Sara’s outer rim, then began to nibble on the soft skin. She sucked on the edges of her, until her tongue found her clit. She sucked on it and flicked her tongue, just as Sara had done to her. Sara ached her back, almost sitting upon Amy’s face. Amy burrowed her face into her softness, sliding her tongue within Sara’s opening. She moved her tongue within her, tasting the juices that flowed from her. She took her hands and spread Sara wide, trying to go deeper within her hole. Sara rubbed her pussy back and forth over Amy’s face, covering her with wetness, but Amy lapped it up.

Then, Amy took two fingers and slid them into Sara, as Sara reeled in delight. She began to pant over Amy’s wetness, giving cool tickles to her. Suddenly, Amy felt Sara’s inner walls tighten and relax over and over again as she screamed to ecstacy. Wetness flowed from Sara as she came. Her legs became week and she rolled to her side, letting go of Amy.

They both laid there panting, looking up at the stars. They were both dizzy from the experience, amazed at the passion that had been exchanged between them. They snuggled close to each other as they warmed themselves next to the fire. They would never forget this night, and they would both hold the memory of it with them for the rest of their lives. This was truly a unique summer experience that they would hold close to their hearts.

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