Amy’s Urges Ch. 04


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The Sun was barely rising in the background on the next morning, morning dew glistening on the green blades of grass around the curvy mother, Amy.

She was exhausted from the long day and night she and Sam had enjoyed together, Amy walked a bit wobbly legged towards her porch. Her ass was sore and bruised; along with her nipples and pussy.

But she felt like that was the first real night of animalistic sex she had in decades, she couldn’t have been happier.

Amy felt a bit odd as she walked from her car to the door of her very own house. It could have been from the hours of butt pounding she took from Sam. No, this feeling was her realizing when she stepped into the house, Amy would be face to face with her dominating daughter once more.

Feeling a bit reluctant to even step inside, contemplating her feelings for her daughter. Amy continued standing for several minutes with her body aching from the night before; in a good way of course.

Taking a very deep calming breath, she placed a timid hand on the knob of her front door. Twisting it she found herself peeking inside at the ever growing gap hoping all her girls would be asleep. Relief washed over her when she found no one was in sight, giving her time to place her things onto the nearby counter.

But suddenly from behind she heard footsteps, figuring her littles ones might have gotten up early to welcome their lovely mother. Amy turned with a bright smile that quickly fell into a shocked look on her face. Her daughter Ally stood there with her younger busty form; Identical to her mother’s curvy and voluptuous body.

Ally stood topless, with her large breasts slightly sagging and perky puffy nipples protruding outwards as a sign of her arousal, she wore tight black panties that hugged her oversized ass snuggly with a cute little panda on the front and white lace trim on the sides, black nylon stockings covered her envious large thighs down to her toes. She placed a hand on her wide hips, her ruby red lips spread into a devious smirk.

“Hello, Mommy. I have been waiting for you.” Ally’s voice was cute and seductive all at once.

Baffled by the fact her younger ones could come in any minute, Amy rushed over to Ally, grabbing her gently by the arm and leading her daughter into the kitchen.

Amy turned to her daughter with some sternness in her tone, said “What the fuck do you think you are doing? The girls could be up at any time, I do not want anyone finding out about this!”

Amy’s head snapped to one side with a loud pop, her daughter had just struck her across the face with an open palm. Ally not liking her mother’s tone one bit, nor the fact she thought she was dim-witted enough to be caught in the act.

“Do you think I am a little girl, mommy? No, I am your mistress. You are my cunt lapper, don’t forget what happened in the bathroom. I wouldn’t be stupid enough to ruin this, the girls asked if they could stay over at a friend’s house last night. I didn’t see any harm in it and I figured we could have the morning together, is that a problem?”

Amy was still shocked her daughter had just struck her, placing a palm onto the stinging cheek she slowly turned to her daughter. Amy was horrified, not at her dominating daughter but at her very self. Even though Amy should be raging and throwing her daughter out for doing such a thing, her pussy was very quickly becoming wet with her own growing arousal and it worried her.

“I… I am sorry, I just thought.”

Ally interrupted quickly. “Yes, of course, that was the problem. You thought, mommy you no longer get to think. That is my job, I will take care of you and everything else as long as you take care of me.”

Amy couldn’t deny her daughter was a natural, she was confident; gorgeous, and strong when she took control. Amy felt perhaps this is what she was meant to be, a submissive to her daughter. The rising passion between her legs only confirming for her.

Amy bit her lower lip and slowly lowered herself to her knees, feeling perhaps this is what her daughter would enjoy seeing, her mother lowering herself to the floor submissively. Amy was careful not to wince at the soreness and aching feeling that roamed her lower body; not wanting to give away that she had been used by Sam the previous night.

“I apologize, Mistress.” She said while keeping her eyes staring straight at the tiles beneath her daughters black nylon covered feet.

Ally snickered to herself, she was a bit surprised to see her mother lower herself to her hands and knees like a dog. However that only reaffirmed her position as the dominate now and was quite pleased.

“Come on, I have been waiting all morning for this. If we are going to make that barbecue, I suggest we get started.” Ally walked over towards the escort bayan couch in the living room, plopping her large ass down and spread her legs equally apart, the panda face stretching firmly against her wet pussy revealing a darker wet spot in the center of its button nose.

Amy thought about standing up, hesitating for a brief moment she decided to continue standing and crawl degradingly over into the living room. The act of crawling towards her daughter, looking on at her large white thighs spread for her view was enough to get her juices stirring.

Ally giggled with a bright smile as she watched her mother crawl over to her.

“Oh wow! You just look so fucking hot like that mommy!”

Ally leaned back and spread her white thick thighs even further apart. Amy didn’t need any instruction, crawling between her daughter’s legs she shoved her nose right into her daughter’s panda panty covered pussy and inhaled deeply.

Ally’s mouth parted slightly with the urge to let out a low moan, but held it in with the determination, not wanting her mother to know just how bad she really wanted this.

Amy loved the smell of her daughter’s sex, it was a sweet and slightly flowery.

Amy reluctantly pulled away and sat back on her heels she still wore from the previous night. Amy felt a bit overdressed with her daughter looking so delectable, she curled her fingers onto the bottom of her blouse and lifted it over her head, tossing it aside.

Quickly reaching behind her she unclasped her bra and threw it aside as well revealing her slightly sagging tits to her daughter.

“Do you like mommies big, mature breasts baby?” Amy teased, gliding her gentle hands around her breasts; circling her fingertips around the dark areolaes before tugging at her pointy nipples.

Ally bit her bottom lip. “Yes, Mommy I do. I love your large utters, god I want to just suck on them.” Ally unable to hold back, pushing her mother back.

Amy landing on her back with a grunt escaping her mouth, before she knew it Ally quickly planted herself onto her mother’s chest and immediately sucking the large brown areolas into her mouth.

Allys tongue twirled and flicked her mother’s perky nipples. Sending sparks of pleasure each time down to her mom’s loins.

“Oh! Ally! Yes! Suck on your mommy’s breast my beautiful baby girl!” Amy was losing herself in the passion between her daughter and her.

Amy whimpered when her daughter brought up her other hand and squeezed at her exposed nipple, with her daughter’s mouth sucking and pulling at the other. Amy went wild with the urges building in between her legs. Her daughter’s mouth hummed and made muffled noises as she continued sucking on her mother’s tit.

Amy’s other hand started snaking its way down her mother’s stomach and down past the brim of her skirt, slipping into her mother’s panties. Amy gasped loudly when her daughter had found the little nub that sparked every sensitive nerve ending in her pussy like a volt of electricity.

Ally had begun rubbing her mother’s clit with small tender circles, Amy’s juices coated it rather nicely; allowing her daughter to glide her delicate fingers over the pink clit with ease.

“Yessssss” her mother hissed with excitement.

Ally pulled her mother’s nipple with her teeth until it fell free from her grasp. Looking at Amy with a grin, Ally couldn’t hold back her chuckle of amusement.

“Does my mommy love her daughter rubbing her mature bald pussy?”

“Yes, oh baby your fingers feel so good!”

“Does my dear mommy want more?” Ally cooed.

Amy nodded. “Yes, Yes, yes please!”

Ally pulled her fingers from her mother’s panties and sucked them clean getting only a hint of the flavor to come. She licked her lips, followed by “Mmmm, delicious.”

Ally then carefully stood up, she pulled down her own black panda panties. Sliding each long; black stocking covered leg out. Tossing her arousal soaked undies to the side and stepped over her mother. Amy got an eyeful of her daughter’s large round ass, and puffy red young pussy lips.

Ally’s cheeks burned with slight embaressement, while she had slept with a couple of girls and been naked in more than plenty during the lesbian parties she went to; the fact it was her mother was something all new to her.

Ally bent her knees and squatted over her mother’s face until she felt her mother’s nose rubbed against her wet pussy; mouth planted firmly on her ass.

“Lick my puckered hole, mommy,” Ally demanded.

Not having much of a choice, and at this point not even wanting to resist. Amy used her hands to pry apart her daughter’s ass, sticking her long tongue out she lapped slowly up and down her baby girl’s crack. Ally shivered each time her mother’s tongue flickered past her asshole.

“Oooohhh, that’s so good mommy. Lick your daughter’s ass, you are a fucking slut and I love it!” Ally was all too eager to exclaim.

Amy feeling a boost of confidence at the pleas of encouragement, she altıparmak escort bayan continued taking long licks up and down. Her nose was stuffed in her daughter’s pussy folds getting a nose full of the sinful arousal, her cunt was intoxicating.

Amy shoved her tongue upwards, pushing into the tight ring of Ally’s ass; twirling her tongue around she wiggled it and jerked it around as best she could.

Ally squealed! “Oh! Yes, mommy! Just like that! Keep that fucking tongue deep in my ass! God, you are so much better at this than that fat slut from the orgy!”

Amy tapped her daughter’s ass, as much as she was loving where she was; Amy was running out of air. Ally looked down at her mother when she retracted her tongue.

“Oh? Does mommy need to breathe?” Ally giggled.

She began grinding her cunt all over her mother’s face. “Am I suffocating you? Do you not like your little girl’s ass?”

Amy began struggling against her daughter’s fat ass, enveloping her face like a giant marshmellow. Ally finally let her up just in time, Amy taking a deep loud gasp of air. With only a few lungs full before Ally planted her white jiggly ass right back onto her mother’s face. She loved watching her mother struggle to breathe.

“If you don’t want to pass out, stick that tongue back into my asshole.”

Amy struggled, using her hands she tried to shove off her girl but it was no use. She knew her daughter was only going to let her up one way. Amy quickly stuck out her tongue, shoving it quickly back into her daughter’s spit-lubricated puckered hole.

Ally bounced her large ass up and down, using her mother’s stiff tongue to fuck her tight ass. Amy caught small pockets of air each time her daughter lifted up before slapping it gently back down on her face.

“Fuck!” Amy muttered as best she could between the bouncing ass cheeks.

“What was that? Couldn’t quite hear you, mommy.” Ally giggled.

Ally slammed her ass downwards onto her mother’s face pressing down as hard as she could, her mother’s head pressed hard into the carpeted floor with each time the large ass clapped down onto her face. Amy knew Ally was doing it for the reason of getting her tongue as deep as it could go into her tight asshole.

“Alright, enough foreplay.” Panted Ally.

Ally stood up allowing her mother to get some refreshing air that she desperately needed. With heavy breaths Amy watched her daughter walk out of the room, placing a hand on her large chest she took the chance to catch her breath.

“She’s a fucking kinky bitch, reminds me of my college days.” Amy thought to herself with a small pants of air and a light chuckle.

When Ally returned she tossed over an object to her mother. “Put that on.” She instructed.

Amy fumbled with it for a moment and noticed it was a strap-on; a good seven inches.

“You are wanting me to fuck you?” Amy questioned her daughter but got up from her back and onto her feet.

As Amy inspected the strap-on, Ally nodded to her mother. “Yes, I want you to fuck my pussy good. I haven’t had sex since the other night and I want a good hard fucking this time.”

Amy chuckled to her daughter. “Well, I can be quite a pussy pounder you know,”

Ally grinned and got down on her knees next to her she slid her delicate fingers into her mother’s skirt and panties, she yanked downwards pulling them completely down and jerked them from her mother’s feet. Almost causing Amy to fall over, careful to catch herself on the couch she looked to her daughter who’s bright blue eyes were staring back at her.

“That’s what I am hoping for,” Ally stated with a chuckle.

Upon further inspection now. Amy was confused on how it went on, this one was different from any other’s she had used before; having two large dildoes on either side of it.

Amy looked at her daughter. “Ummm…”

Ally smirked and shook her head. “Here, this is how you put it on.”

Ally took it from her mother, she placed one of the large ends of the dildo at the entrance of Amy’s pussy folds and gentle made small up and down circles before pushing it inside her mother, slowly forcing it in.

Amy quickly grabbed her daughter’s hand. “Oh, easy baby… mommy is still a bit tender.” She moaned.

Ally stopped and tilted her head at her mother giving her a curious look. “What? Does that mean you went out and got some dick?”

Amy blushed horribly. “N- No, I just… Well, there was one guy. But we didn’t have sex, he just fingered banged me roughly for half an hour.” She lied, but she didn’t want to ruin this moment with her daughter.

Ally just shrugged, proceeding to force the rubber cock deeper into her mother. Amy just moaned, the lubrication of her wet pussy really helped force it in deeply. Once all seven inches were buried inside, her walls hugged it tightly.

Ally then began strapping it around her waist and thighs until it was tightly secured. “There we go mommy, now you got a nice big nilüfer eskort cock.” Ally giggled.

Amy was still blushing as her daughter teased her.

Ally turned around and wiggled her large ass to her mother, she placed her hands on the carpet. “Come on mommy, show me what you got.”

Amy gave her daughter a cute smirk and knelt down behind her. She placed the black rubber dick at her daughter’s slick pussy entrance, rubbing the bulbous head up and down the slit to lubricate it before pushing slowly into her little girl.

Ally let out a low moan of delight at every inch that invaded her hungry pussy. “Yes, mommy. Shove that big fucking cock deep into me. Push every inch in until you bottom me out.”

Amy bit her lower lip as she continued pushing, her daughter was such a fucking horn dog. She couldn’t be more proud to be owned by her daughter. She knew that this was going to be the first of many encounters to come in the future.

Inch by inch pushed into Amy’s eldest daughter’s pussy; filling every nook and cranny until all seven inches were buried deep within her. Amy slowly pulled back her hips, her daughters pussy squeezed and clenched around the fake cock; wanting to keep it all inside. Once the tip threatened to leave, Amy slammed into her daughter hard.

Every time Amy tried to pull her strap on out of her daughter it gently pulled at the one deep inside her very own cunt. Amy moaned in unison with her daughter, the cock pumping in and out of both their pussies at the same time.

Ally gave out a squeal of lustful pleasure, but it didn’t stop there. Amy continued to pound her little girls cunt, pulling out slowly before ramming back in quick and forcefully. She loved fucking her daughter with this tempo, each forceful shove of the cock entering, Ally gave a delightful squeal.

“Oh mommy, yes! Shove that fucker in deep!” She pleaded.

Amy watched her daughter’s big ass ripple with waves each time she smacked right into her from behind. Using her hands Amy reached around her daughter’s waist and began pulling her back hard with each powerful thrust. Ally kept up her loud squeaks and moans from the cock plunging in and out of her tight pink pussy.

Amy’s large breast bounced back and forth, but they were nothing compared to her daughter’s large tits wildly swinging as they hung underneath her. Amy loved watching her daughter’s young chubby body bounce and ripple while she fucked her, it reminded her of the last time she was with a woman; prior to Sam.

The spark of excitement was surging through Ally, her pussy was being pounded like never before. Sure she had been with guys before but knowing her mother was behind her, fucking her into oblivion made her pussy gush and quiver from the taboo act.

“Yes, mommy. Pound me hard! Make me cum hard!” Amy couldn’t resist the pleas from her daughter as she begged for her orgasm.

Amy kept up her powerful thrusts into her daughters deepest and most private hole, her daughter was close and she was ready to push her over the edge. Amy took her thumb up to her mouth and stuck it in, twirling it around she pulled it out now covered in saliva. Amy then spat on it for good measure before moving it down to her daughter’s asshole and making small circles against the exposed tight pink ring.

Ally let out a shriek at the sudden feeling. “Mommy, what are you do-”

Ally was cut off when she quickly received her answer. Amy forced the thumb slowly into her daughter’s asshole. Pressing and pressing until it swallowed her whole thumb, this drove Ally insane! Feeling her mother’s thumb enter her tight asshole, the cock pounding relentlessly; deep inside. All of it overwhelming.

Ally shrieked out in a high-pitched voice, her toes curled and legs lifted upwards. Her body began quivering and shaking, her orgasm reaching its peak. Ally began squirting pussy juice all over her mother’s strap-on cock.

Amy felt Ally’s pussy began to squeeze and convulse; slowing her pumping until she came to a complete stop.

Amy’s chest rose and fell quickly, watching her daughter wither beneath her was amazing.

But she herself had not come yet, the other end of the cock still lodged in her pussy. None the less, she waited patiently for her new mistress to finish her few moments of ecstasy.

It wasn’t long until Ally had recovered from her orgasm, she lowered her legs back down against the floor. She wiggled her butt side to side with a giggle. “Mommy, that was amazing.”

Amy’s face unseen by her daughter was filled with delight, the compliment was more than enough for her to feel as if she had done her duty as not only a mother; but as her submissive as well. Amy gently ran her hand up and down her daughter’s soft back.

“I know sweetie, mommy enjoyed it very much as well.”

Ally still on her hands and knees turned her head to the side looking back as best she could. “You haven’t come yet, have you?”

Amy shook her head aware she couldn’t see it all too well, her hand turned from rubbing and caressing into dragging her nails gently up and down her daughter’s spine.

“No, not yet mistress.”

Ally chuckled. “Good, because I want you to stay nice and wet for the rest of the day. Seeing as you will have to go get the girls soon, I suggest we stop here and you go get showered up.”

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