Amy’s Sexting – Part I


Sent: 08 Aug 2018Love the photograph of you gazing out over the Las Vegas Strip Amy.  Very sexy!Sent: 08 Aug 2018Thank you!  Yes, that was definitely a memorable evening :)Sent: 08 Aug 2018Had I known you were in my hometown I could have certainly added to your memories.Sent: 08 Aug 2018I’m intrigued.  Tell me more…  What exactly might I have missed out on?Sent: 08 Aug 2018A fantastic night for sure.  I can gather from the view out of your window that you were at the Aria. Easy landmark for a Vegas person.  If you had posted that photo on the evening you were there, I might have reached out to see what your plans were for the evening.Sent: 08 Aug 2018And what if my reply had been that I was hitting the town with my husband?  Would that have scared you off?Sent: 08 Aug 2018Absolutely not.  After some back and forth, you would have eventually given in to my advances.  I would have swung by your hotel to meet you and your husband, assuming he was willing.  I’m guessing you would not have initially been fully committed, me being a stranger and all, so we would have had a few cocktails in a downstairs bar to loosen up, then hit a club or two while Ankara bayan escort we got to know each other better. I have no doubt that we would have all hit it off well and that after a few cocktails that the subject eventually would have turned to a discussion about a possible MMF back in your room. How would things have gone after that do you think?  I’m attractive, athletic and intelligent, so the physical piece wouldn’t have been an issue.Sent: 08 Aug 2018You’re correct that my husband would have been with me. We don’t cheat on each other and I would never meet a stranger alone, let alone an internet stranger. I’m positive it would have taken a few cocktails for me to relax and I’m not sure what type of small talk that would have entailed. We really aren’t club people, but if you have connections I’m sure we would have checked them out. It’s so hard to talk in a club without screaming in someone’s ear, so the conversation might have been awkward and I think we would have adjourned to a quieter bar to further our dialog. I’ve always had a fantasy about a FFM threesome, and haven’t been that attracted Escort bayan Ankara to the idea of a MMF. I know my husband would be pretty shy about a conversation like that.  How would you have started it?Sent: 08 Aug 2018I would have led into the conversation by first saying how beautiful you are Amy and how I would never want to cause a situation between the two of you that was uncomfortable for either of you. I would continue by describing how bringing another man into your bed could be an incredible experience for both of you. How for your husband the act of sharing his wife with another man in a trusting manner could be incredibly arousing and how for you it could be the same, but with the added physical pleasure of being satisfied in a way that he could never give to you alone. I would also tell you both that you would control everything and that I would only do as you told me to and permitted. He would eventually ask you if you really wanted to do such a thing, to share that experience together and you would say shyly that you did.  To confirm, I would ask that you confirm your wishes by saying out Bayan escort Ankara loud to both of us “I want you both to take me upstairs to our room and fuck me now.” Just saying it loud would already have you growing wet in your panties as we walked toward the elevator.Sent: 09 Aug 2018Wow, you’ve piqued my interest now. Maybe I really would entertain such a notion if it was presented like that.  An attractive man made discretely available to us in an environment tailor-made for such misbehavior.  I can feel how the exhilaration would build on the long elevator ride upward.  Once in the room, the two of you would start by undressing me together down to my bra and panties, leaving my heels on. Then I would kneel in front of my husband before unzipping his fly and taking his already hardening cock out. I’d stroke and suck him for a while as you watched, before eventually turning to watch you disrobe for us. Your cock would already be very erect as you removed your slacks, displaying confidently for us that you are a good deal larger than my husband.  I would then stand and come to you before spinning around so you could hold me as my husband undressed. He’d watch your hands roaming over my breasts and down the front of my panties. He’d know from my movements that I am already enjoying the feeling of your vertical cock pressed against my crack. With you both now naked, together you would take me to the bed and finish removing my remaining clothing.

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