Amy- The Second Escort


Note: This story is the second in the series, but after a computer crash, the only one to have suvived. “Debbie” is the first in the series, and will be posted as soon as I finish the re-write.

My second time was a litte over a year after the first. A new house, new job. Once again, I had money to spare for some sexual fun.

What drew me to her ad was her breasts. The picture was a chest shot, displaying large plae breasts within a turquoise brassiere. Also, she advertised herself as a redhead, a weakness of mine. I made the call, and set an appointment for later that night. She would travel to me, different from my first time.

When she arrived at my door, I found that she was larger around the hips and waist thant expected, but by no means heavy. Her hair was a dark red compared to the copper locks I had expected, but I was still pleased. After an introduction and exchange of the fee, we proceeded upstairs to my room.

My first experience had been a nervous affair for me, but not his time. I had read reviews of her, and they stated that she was straight-forward and reliable. As soon as we reached my bed, clothes started to disappear. I was nude, while she stripped to her bra and panties.

She showed me her tongue piercing, asking me if bursa escort I preferred oral with it in or out. I happily told her to leave it in as I reached for a condom. She seemed surprised at my having condoms readily available, admitting to carrying her own supply as clients did not normally prepare thus.

I leaned back on the bed at her instruction, and she deftly applies the condom, rolling it down to cover my quickly hardening cock. After this, she divested herself of her bra, and I was finally able to view the lovely tits that had brought her to my attention.

Her breasts were large, though not disproportianatelly so. Each was adorned with a small pink nipple. Leaning forward, she offered them to my hands as she began to softly, slowly jerk my cock. After a few delightful moments of carressing and squeezing her ample breasts, I shefted position to bring my mouth to them. Her pink nipples tasted faintly of strawberries, a lotion of some sort I supposed. I flicked my tongue around one, then the other, feeling them rise and harden inder my attention. I pressed her breasts to my face, enjoying the feeling of being buried in her cleavage.

She then scooted back on the bed and settled on her stomach. This left her head right above my now stiff cock. With a smile and bursa escort bayan wink, she descended her mouth onto my penis. She first lightly swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, then closed her mouth around it and moved down to start sucking.

As her mouth moved up and down my cock, I could occasionally feel the light tap of her tongue stud against my shaft. My ex girlfriend had had a similar piercing, but her oral technique was nothing compared to the busty escort now before me.

Her skill at sucking cock was so great that after a few short minutes, I felt almost ready to pop. Wanting more than a simple blowjob (I was certainly paying for more), I let her know I was ready fo more.

Sitting up, she slid her panties off, and slowly spread her legs wide, revealing a small, almost delicate pink pussy. She was waxed, without even a hint of hair. Her outer lips were smooth, and incredibly soft.

She ran a finger up and down her slit, sometimes stopping at the top to rub her clit, sometimes at the bottom to teas her opening. She briefly lay back on the bed and used both hands to spread her lips, revealing her tiny pink hole, ready for my cock.

I sat back and asked her to ride me. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back for long and I wanted escort bursa a wild ride to the finish. She swung herself over me, grasped my cock with one hand, and lowered herself onto me.

Her pussy was warm and tight, and I could feel her silky pussy lips touch my balls ever time she moved. Another treat was her breasts, once again in front of me for my touching and tasting pleasure.

She began rocking back and forth, grinding me, moving my cock around inside her. I grasped at her breasts as she began to rise and fall on my cock, feasting on the succulent mammary flesh and strawberry nipples.

As I had expected, it was not long before I felt my orgasm nearing. Seeking a big finish, I moved my hands from her breasts to her hips, steadying her so my own hips could move freely, pounding her with all the speed and force that I could muster. She leaned forward, and once again my face was surrounded by her glorious cleavage.

My balls tightened, and I felt the glorious rush of my cum as it shot out to fill the condom.

After a moment of stillness, my cock still deep in her pussy, she gently moved herself off, gingerly holding the base of the condom to insure that it remained on my cock. I peeled off the condom, threw it away, and cleaned my cock with a tissue.

We both got dressed, and she politely declined the offer of a drink before she left.

She still escorts in my area, but I have not yet partaken in her services again. At the time, I had other conquests in mind.

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