Amber Prepares for Revenge


I lay in my bed. Rick was next to me and I reached over in the dark to reassure myself that he was there and that this afternoon really happened. The girls at finishing school had tried to describe what the first time would be like, but some things simply can’t be described. They told me that I would never find the man who could satisfy me. They couldn’t understand my need for an older man. They were wrong on all accounts.

Rick was good looking, strong, kind and very much as I remembered Karl, my stepfather. They were right about being unable to describe my first time. Something’s just have to be experienced because words can’t be used to explain the emotions and sensations of it. For me it was almost an out of body experience. I wasn’t here, I was in space. I heard my own screams and felt the sensations, but only my mind can relive it all.

Every thing he did was perfection and each touch; each caress was like nothing I had ever dreamed possible. By now my pussy wasn’t as swollen as before, and the warm bath we had shared did a lot to ease the throbbing. There were a lot of unfulfilled things that needed to be done before I was completely satisfied, but tomorrow was a fresh day. I wanted him to fuck me anally while I held my little toy against my clit, and there were a few positions that had to be tried. Than there was the issue of Susanne. It was get even time and I had been dreaming and planning for over a year and a half.

In the morning I had several boxes of goodies that needed to be opened and set up in my special room before I invited her over for my housewarming party.. Right now I was getting hot just thinking about Rick lying so close, so I rolled over and began to play with his cock. He began to become erect within a matter of seconds and soon he rolled over on his back.

Inga, the airline stewardess who had told me about him, was right. Being one of his girlfriends, she had given me some insight into his likes, dislikes, and unique abilities when it came to sex.

I put my lips over his hard cock and began to suck. I was becoming better at it and didn’t gag. My mouth was now used to his cock’s girth. I teased the rim until I heard him moan, than I threw the covers off, moved my leg over his reclining body, and slowly sank down on his shaft. Again the stretching, but now my pussy devoured him as if he were a part of me.

I held him deep inside me and began to roll my body atop him. I called it hunching. With him deep inside, I could press my pussy tightly against his pelvic bone and drag and push my clit against him. My body seemed to roll up and down his pelvis with an action similar to that as if riding a horse.

Suddenly I was ready to climax again and I tried to be quiet as I came. My juices seemed to gush out, and in the stillness of the night the only thing that broke the silence was the soft squish, squish, squish of my pussy milking the slippery fluid from my cunt and coating his thighs and balls with it’s glistening oily film.

I looked into his face but his eyes were still closed, but suddenly he reached up and clasped one of my breasts in each hand. His fingers massaged each, finally ending up with his thumb and forefinger grasping my erect nipples.

Between squeezing them and rolling them between his pinching fingers, I couldn’t resist sobbing and gasping his name. Now he was thrusting up and down on his own.

He was obviously awake and I just lifted up slightly so he could thrust up into me. I had another screaming orgasm, quickly followed by another. Each was accompanied by my pussy’s flood of it’s own fluids. Suddenly he spoke…..

“Kneel and I’ll drive this in deeper if you like, Amber.”

I sobbed, “No, just keep doing what you’re doing, but don’t stop and please don’t cum yet.”

Now I wished we were in the special room. My bed is too soft and it was difficult to hold still enough to really feel the friction of his cock as it drove in and out. My body had a tendency to follow his up and down stroking motion.

Than he asked, “do you want me to cum, or hold off, Amber?”

“CUM! OH GOD RICK, CUM. But tell me when. I want to take it in my mouth. Just let me know and I’ll take it there.”

About ten minutes later, and about four more orgasms, he finally gasped, “I’m close. Get ready! NOW! It’s there.”

I sprang up and heard a sort of sucking sound as we disengaged. Than I quickly slid down to straddle his ankles and grasping his cock, directed it to my mouth and drove my head down, forcing his cock into my throat. I held the base of his shaft as my mouth moved rapidly up and down the slippery pole and was greeted with his cries.

“Take it! Here it comes baby.”

And he sort of slowed almost to a stop as I kept my head moving up and down the soft purple head of his cock. I felt the first slippery pre-cum wet my tongue, than the thicker salty gushes of his sperm began to wash over my tongue, filling my mouth. Again and again.

No less than six times I felt the spurting fluid pulse against my tongue before bursa escort it subsided. I tried to hold the huge volume of his sperm in my mouth, savoring it before letting it slowly trickle down my throat. Not really swallowing it in gulps, but rather taking small quantities and making it last as long as possible. The after taste lingered and I held that as I moved up to give him a deep kiss.

We were sharing what I had gleaned from him. Than I got up, bathed, and went to the kitchen to make coffee.

Later that day we began to open and set up the equipment I had stored in the chamber.

Rick and I began to open the cartons. Some were a surprise to me because I had ordered them months ago and forgotten exactly what they were. Rick seemed both fascinated and surprised at the variety of devices I had ordered, and sometimes had to ask what they were, but using the enclosed instructions we began to assemble the more complicated ones.

The two largest were a reclining chair with stirrups and arms with restraints, the other was a machine which had a dildo attached to a probe which was motor driven. It was rather bulky, but it was quiet and had a number of adjustments for speed and depth of stroke. That would be placed in front of the reclining chair.

The more recognizable items were a swing, which Rick attached to the ring in the ceiling beam. There was one device, which we both looked at with some feelings of concern. It was an electro stimulator, which could be inserted into the vagina and would send pulses of current causing the muscles to contract. There were a variety of controls on it and the contractions could be long or short, slow or fast.

I looked at Rick and smiling said, “don’t look so worried, I’m going to try everything first.”

The rest of the boxes contained the usual. Strap on dildos, ben-wa balls, vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, gags, blindfolds, cuffs, and the paraphernalia that should be used along with it.

I had Rick attach two cuffs, about two feet apart to one wall about at waist height. Than in front of them I had him set up a leather covered beam, which could be moved back away from the wall. I had him slip my wrists into the cuffs as I bent over the beam and he drew it back so that I was almost lifted off the floor. This exposed my ass at a convenient height for him to fuck either my pussy or my ass. I giggled as he moved up to my butt to take advantage of what I had presented, but than he just smiled, and said, “If you keep this up, we’re never going to finish,” and pulled his cock out of my pussy.

I could simply put on nipple clamps and let them hang if that pleased me. I think Rick was becoming concerned about my need to explore the more weird aspects of sexual gratification.

It was all set up and now I just lay back on the bed. Rick had gone home to take care of some business but had promised to return before six this evening. As I lay there I let my mind wander thru the last two years. Daddy’s passing, my need to masturbate, the scene of my father being seduced by Susanne and how she went crazy when daddy fucked her and all the other things she had made him do.

Also the finishing school and the things the other girls had taught me. But most of all was my luck in finally finding Rick. Most of what the girls had told me was about their own experiences and their opinions. The one thing they had kept telling me was that using toys to get off couldn’t compare to having a man fuck you.

In that, they were right. A cold vibrator or dildo may be able to simulate real sex, but the warmth and physical contact of a man is the ultimate. The smell of him, the feeling of his warm cock deep inside my contracting pussy, the sounds of his voice, all contribute to the final satisfaction I had obtained and which had been missing.

I know I screamed and begged, I moved as if I were possessed by a demon, but yesterday evening and night with Rick, was that last missing piece in my need to be completely satisfied. Though he was twenty-six years older than me I was determined to hold him and never let him go.

I couldn’t bear the thought of him with his other girl friends and was determined to keep him so satisfied that he wouldn’t ever want another. But I did want to use him to help me with Susanne. He was the instrument of my ultimate revenge. And it would be the only time I would willingly let him fuck another girl.

As he had promised, Rick knocked on my door at six. I had tried a few of the toys and two of the five I tried, did get me off.

As usual I had nothing on and opening the door, I brushed my hair back. He didn’t know that I held two one-inch diameter Ben-wa balls deep inside my pussy. I had been walking around with them inside me for about twenty minutes and was just getting the feeling I wanted. I had made drinks for us and I reached down to feel Rick’s cock thru his slacks. He was soft so I knew he hadn’t been with anyone else. I smiled to myself as I closed the door behind him.

Our evening had been planned, though bursa escort bayan he didn’t know it yet. I sat on my rocking chair and gently rocked back and forth feeling the two balls oscillate and collide within me. They kept tapping my cervix and they were finally getting to me. Or perhaps it was the fact that Rick’s voice was turning me on.

In any event I had to put my glass down because I was on the verge of one hell of an orgasm and my hands weren’t too steady. Rick watched me, not knowing what was happening.

Than I lost it. I began to sob and my pussy heaved up from the chair. “Yes, Oh yessssss, God, oh my GOD RICK I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!”

He didn’t know what the hell was happening until it was over and I explained. Than I asked him to take them out.

The feeling of his warm fingers probing inside my cunt drove me crazy. The first one came out rather easily but as he fished for the second one, deep up against my cervix, he had to twist his fingers around and suddenly I lost control again.

I twisted and turned, heaved up and down and cried out to him, “My God it’s good! To hell with the damn ball, fuck me with your fingers. I need your fingers……… OOOOOOOOOOOoh Damn, Rick Eat my pussy while you finger fuck meeeeeeeee!”

He was on his knees in a flash and my pussy was held open wide by his two fingers as his mouth closed over my hard clit. His fingers moved in and out like a jackhammer. Than, releasing his lips from my clit, he mumbled: “Just let me know when your cumming so I can swallow it all.”

“You’re killing me,” I gasped. Just keep doing that. Yeah! Right there. Faster, Oh dear god I’m gonna cum in your mouth darling! Its close! Oooooh Shit, here it comes. Take it Rick. Lick my clit! Suck hard. OOOOOOOOoh Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

I thrust up and I think the tips of his fingers were jamming that damn silver ball against my cervix because this orgasm was definitely from deep inside and not entirely from my hot clit.

I just lay there, my head back so I could only see the ceiling and let my body return to earth. Rick had released me and standing, returned to the sofa to finish his drink and wipe the syrupy fluid from his face.

I was spent! I mean I was literally exhausted. I’m used to orgasming but with Rick it was something different. Every girl has a lover in her dreams. But when he exists, it’s so much different. To look in his face, to see his eyes adoringly admiring you, to feel his nimble warm fingers caressing your body, is something dreams can’t equal.

Across the room he sat on the sofa. The look on his face was one of warmth and possibly awe. He smiled, not smugly at having made me cum, but more as if he were pleased that he had given me satisfaction.

I regained my composure and tried not to sound too much in control as I asked, “did you get that last one out?” He began to laugh. “No, I sort of got sidetracked, my love. Want me to go after it again?”

I had to smile. “No I answered, I want to save the best for last, and I want you to be ready for another session like last night. I’ll get it out myself.” He just stared at me and smiled.

I had heard about those massages that are supposed to bring you to the brink of ecstasy over and over again, I think they’re called, “Tantric massages.” Another surprise. Rick was holding back. He was an expert at it. And I was about to find out exactly how good he was.

“Come on Amber, he urged. Lets go into the chamber and I’ll relax you a bit. I have a specialty that I think might be just what you need.” Taking his hand I followed.

“Now just lay on the bed and watch the flickering lamps reflecting on the ceiling.” He directed.

Than he produced a small vial of massage oil. Lightly scented it seemed to have a warmth of it’s own.

He went and got two small pillows and had me spread my legs slightly, and bend my knees as he placed one pillow under each knee.

“Try to be as quiet as possible Amber. I’m going to give you a massage and speak to you but don’t hold your breath at any time. Just relax and take long deep breaths.” Than he began.

The massage began around my shoulders and neck. Soon his nimble fingers were working on my breasts and I struggled to stay calm. My body did begin to shudder each time the palms of his hands brushed over my nipples and his soothing voice kept repeating, “relax darling, just watch my face or the ceiling but don’t try to speak, just feel!”

This was madness. I think he was hypnotizing me. I felt as if I weren’t in my body but floating. His voice was lulling me into a bliss that I never experienced. The soft way he was squeezing my breasts and nipples was somehow sending erotic signals directly to my vagina and I knew I was more than just wet, I was gushing with anticipation.

Now he was hovering over me and his fingers were dancing over the lower part of my tummy, just in between my hips. My body now was completely relaxed and yet my pussy was slowly contracting even though he hadn’t gotten down to touching it escort bursa yet. I guess it was the anticipation but that was soon to be addressed.

Ever so slowly he massaged my groins, carefully avoiding my cunt. Now working on my soft inner thighs. Strangely I was taking deep breaths with my mouth open and I felt as if I were quietly whimpering, but not actually forming words.

When his fingers finally did move to between my legs he softly drew his slippery finger up between the cheeks of my ass and although not penetrating it, teased it with soft strokes. His other hand seemed to float over the outer lips of my pussy. No woman alive could suffer this without having an orgasm, yet his cooing voice forbid it.

My legs were trembling. The muscles of my abdomen contracted, than relaxed. Deep inside my vagina the rhythmic contractions began. Slowly, they would squeeze, than relax. At first in short intervals than the relaxing, but with each passing moment the frequency increased, and each contraction lasted longer and longer.

First for a second or two, than three or four, now they clenched tightly for up to ten seconds and the fluid was being milked out of me. Strangely the contractions seemed to begin right at the entrance than ripple deeper into my pussy. It was as if they were trying to swallow something, to draw it in deeper and deeper.

When his fingers did move to my clit, time stood still. I can’t describe the exquisite licentious feeling he was inducing. My mind screamed out to him. I felt my body lurch up and my ass bounce up and down on the bed. I heard my own voice shriek out sobbed pleas for him to let me cum.

“RICK! RICKKKKKKKKKKKKK! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!” My mouth filled with saliva and my throat worked to scream obscene demands. Than as if some miracle had happen, he was over me, nude, and hard and his shaft found my pussy and drove in.

I have never had what could be called an instant orgasm. But he had only stroked in and out of me for a few brief seconds before I had the most intense orgasm of my life. I really felt myself contract again and again and spurt with each contraction. This was ecstasy that no woman can ever put into words.

I heard myself squeal, shriek, scream and whimper to him.


Now, after what must have been ten or twelve orgasms in quick succession I lay under him, my mouth open, gasping for air and my whole body shaking uncontrollably. The muscles in my groins ached from the hard contractions and the bedding was so wet and slippery under my ass that I think I must have peed rather than just ejaculated. I was totally and completely spent.

And I didn’t even know if Rick had cum in me or not. He rolled off me and after catching my breath I sat up and looked down at him. He had teeth marks on his left shoulder. I must have bitten hard as I was cumming because there was a small amount of blood surrounding the indentations of my teeth.

I moved to the edge of the bed, and sitting there with my feet on the floor, my legs parted I looked into the mirror on the wall surveying my own body. My nipples still were hard, swollen and erect. My aureoles were puffy and my breasts seemed larger than normal. My pussy, normally a soft pink were a torrid red and holding myself open I could see my swollen clit still hard and peeking out from the apex of my inner lips. I was a total wreck and leaning back, I asked Rick.

“Did you cum? I sure as hell did. I must have been delirious. What in the hell are you doing to me? Look at the bed. I must have cum a quart.” He just smiled. “Well did you cum Rick?”

“Nooo, he quietly answered, that was for you Amber. I can cum some other time.”

“OOOOOOh no you won’t I shot back. Get your ass over there and sit in that chair. I want you and I want you now!”

He slowly got up and walked to my special chair and sat down. It tilted back slightly and I had him bring his legs up onto the stirrups. Now I knelt on a cushion between his legs and gazed at that hard shaft. In this position it’s head extended almost up to his navel. He had a bemused look on his face as if wondering what the hell I had in mind.

The first thing I did was draw his erection down and place it between my lips, sucking gently and tasting the remains of my own cum on it. Than I released it and began by taking one of his balls in my mouth and pushing it back and forth in its sack with the tip of my tongue.

A few minutes of this and I returned to his cock and with long sweeping laps I drew my tongue from its base up to it’s head. There was something special that I wanted to introduce him to and I put my index finger into my pussy to wet it and than gently pressed it into his ass. He seemed uncomfortable for a second, than accepted it and held still. His eyes were glued to mine and I began to stroke his prostate, or what felt like his prostate. Now I moved the ball of my finger more firmly within his ass and mimicked a come here gesture with it. I held my other hand around his balls and began to stroke the area between his balls and ass with rather firm caresses.

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