Amber Ch. 08


The sound of a thunderstorm awoke me in the morning. I have long enjoyed the sound of rain, but thunderstorms have always particularly intrigued me.

Despite my fatigue, I soon made my way downstairs, making coffee as the storm raged around the house, then standing at the window watching the downpour pelting the neighborhood.

Hearing a sound behind me, I turned to see Amber approaching me. I hugged her with one arm and kissed the top of her head, enjoying the feel of her terrycloth robe against my bare chest and her hands against my bare back. She briefly nibbled a nipple, then giggled softly.

“Nice indeed,” I commented.

She licked and suckled each nipple, alternating back and forth for several minutes, working slowly. My nipples have never been particularly sensitive, but the attention of her dainty mouth certainly felt nice.

She finished with a kiss directly over my heart, and then looked up at me with sparkling eyes. “Thank you for last night,” she said softly.

“My pleasure,” I replied. Only after I had finished speaking did I realize that it was the wrong phrase to use.

Amber smiled. “Actually, the pleasure was all mine last night,” she admitted, and almanbahis yeni giriş we laughed quietly together at her truth.

After breakfast, I got dressed and went out to run errands while Amber settled herself with her homework for the weekend. Due to a jackknifed poultry truck on the interstate, I was gone much longer than I had anticipated, but when I returned, Amber was gone with a note left for me:

“Homework done. Gone shopping with Jen and Nadine. Back by 4.”

That gave me some time by myself, time I needed to think about what had happened between us roughly twelve hours earlier. I went to my tiny home office and turned on the fountain, sitting and watching the water slowly spill from the top of the simulated boulders and cascade down into the small pool covering the multicolored pebbles. The sound of the flowing water helped my mind to relax.

I thought about my initial surprise at having opened Amber’s bedroom door and finding her almost fully naked as she awaited her massage. Clearly, she had been quite ready to escalate our relationship to the point where she was mostly naked for me, and she had eagerly allowed me to masturbate her following the almanbahis adres massage. Yet she had worn a thong, so was she really ready yet to take the ultimate step and truly allow me into her body?

Thinking of how warm and wet her sex felt around my fingers, I tried to imagine how her body would feel around my hardened length. I wondered how it would feel to have her body slowly spreading inside to accommodate me, her body yielding to me in the most intimate way possible.

I realized I had become rather hard just thinking about this possibility. I definitely wanted to make love to the young Amber, yet I was not 100% certain that she was truly ready for the next step in our relationship.

Amber stepped into the office, surprising me since I had not heard her return home. “Are you okay?” she asked, concern on her face and in her voice. “You don’t often sit and stare at the fountain like that…”

“I’m okay,” I assured her, sliding the chair away from the desk and leaning back. Amber took that as a sign for her to come sit in my lap, and while that had not been my intention, I was not about to complain. She leaned into me as I held her, her head resting upon my almanbahis giriş shoulder. Her fingernails gently scratched the back of my neck in a manner at once nonchalant and enticing.

We sat in silence for a long time, simply enjoying each other’s devoted presence as she pressed against my unmistakable hardness. The sound of the fountain provided a fitting backdrop.

“Can we go out to dinner tonight?” Amber finally asked. “Perhaps to that new Italian place that opened near the elementary school?”

“That’s a wonderful idea,” I agreed. “I’ve heard it’s a bit upscale though, so we’d probably better dress up for it.”

“That’s fine with me.” She kissed my neck, a hand gently rubbing my chest.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Sorry about what?”

“My chest isn’t nearly as interesting as yours.”

She giggled softly and kissed my neck again. “That may be true, but what matters most to me is what’s inside your chest, and I can feel it beating just for me.”

After a few moments, Amber stood again. “I’m going to go get ready,” she announced, then left the office, her jeans firmly cupping her firm derrière.

I still had not figured out if she was truly ready to take the next important step in our relationship, but it was clear to me that despite what we had shared the night before, she still revered me and loved me and respected me, and even if she never allowed me to partake of her feminine charms, that was what truly mattered most to me.

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