Allison Ch. 01


Note: All characters at the time of this story are eighteen and above.


It was a bright warm in fact hot summer Texan Friday morning. The sun shone on the vast estate of Hunters sprawling over few hundred acres. The immense house stood like a mansion in middle of the green woodland approached by a curvy picturesque drive. In one of the twelve vast bedrooms twenty-two years old Allison sleepily opened her eyes still groggy and sleepy from the late night.

Allison [Allie-as her family and husband called her affectionately] had returned from her honeymoon last week to her parents’ house. Her husband of two months and childhood love had gone to serve in the war. Allison had adored Marcus since she was twelve years old and he was a senior in the school. As she grew the neighbourhood friendship turned into love and they married in a wonderful ceremony two months ago. Marcus planned to continue his law degree after he returned from duty. Marcus’ parents had now moved to west coast. Their wealth from computer and consultancy had grown steadily.

Their parents had booked them round the world first class trip lasting full two months Allison was a tallish dark blond haired extremely beautiful girl. Allison turned with a low moan still sleepy as she relived the dream she had all night. She dreamt Marcus making love to her all night. Allison felt the heat rising in her belly and she moaned loudly and rolled over on her belly burying her face in the soft pillow. Marcus had been insatiable and he had made love to his beautiful wife every day many times. There were occasions that he insisted on a quickie after they both had dressed for dinner before leaving the hotel. Allison had only made love to one man and it was her husband.

Allison felt her crotch getting wet. She almost could smell the heady aroma of sex as they both fed on each other’s lust all night. Allison missed Marcus and she missed his strong virile penis. Allison was scared of his large penis to begin with. Now she missed the brutish hugeness and the pleasure it could give her. Allison had insisted on measuring her husband’s cock both when flaccid and erect. She gulped with awe when it measured five inches when flaccid and well over eight inches when erect. Allie moaned again as her thoughts were so vivid that she could almost feel the heat of her husband’s cock. Marcus had a very thick penis and its girth made it look even more impressive. Allie smiled as she recalled how it filled her mouth when she tried to suck her husband’s large member. She could only take few inches before she gagged and the corners of her mouth strained to accommodate his girth. Allie’s right hand found its way almost of it volition as she relived the unbelievable feeling of her tight soft pussy stretching wide open to welcome her husband’s large penis. Allison nearly cried when she remembered Marcus hoped she was pregnant three days before he left. Allison did not have the heart to tell him she was on pill and had not stopped taking them. She stopped the pills from second day but knew even though Marcus took her incalculable times she was unlikely to become pregnant.

Allison forced her self to get out of the bed. She padded sleepily with her curly dark blond hair all mussed up across her enormous bedroom towards equally massive en suite bathroom. Allison was naked but for a brief white soft cotton panties which had a wet patch in front. If someone were there to see, he would have seen a five feet seven inches tall extremely beautiful woman of twenty-two years of age. Her dark blond hairs were flying everywhere and were long enough to reach well below her back. Her face even fresh out of bed was exquisitely beautiful. It was infact if anything looked more captivating as she was still lost in her thoughts and last remains of her sleep still lingered.

Her light blue eyes shone and her lips seemed to smile when she was not. Her most alluringly beautiful nose was the crown of her ravishing beauty. Allie’s beautiful neck flowed to her chest and two very large, heavy soft breasts. The heaviness and weight of her beautiful breasts made them droop and they could make any one catch their breath with their sheer beauty. Allison was not one of modern skin and bones beauty. Her full body flowed into her soft abdomen and moved to her rich curly growth of dark blond pubic hair which she maintained au naturale. Her smooth rounded full ass curved before merging with her thighs, which were round and full tapering to her healthy calves and two very pretty feet. Her small hands mussed her hair even more. She could taste the wine and beer in her mouth as she recalled the loud and wonderful time she had with her three brothers. They were very close and since she had returned they would spend all time with her. All three doted on her. Allison stood in front of the wall-to-wall mirror over the huge. Allison recalled the wild evening the four siblings had. Their parents had gone to visit their close friends escort bursa who were throwing a party on the birth of their first grandchild and were expected to return on Monday afternoon. They were all good cooks and made a sumptuous dinner. Beer and wine flowed. She and her brothers were always very physical and sporty. She smiled as she thought of mock wrestling with her brothers and as they all three overpowered her and tickled her until she squealed and laughed helplessly and begged for mercy.

Her oldest brother was two years younger than her. Michael Hunter [Mike] had just turned twenty and stood six feet four inches tall. He had most handsome face reflecting the same kind of handsomeness that their father possessed with the addition of features from their divinely beautiful mother. His tall body was covered with broad heavy muscles making him look very powerful. He was a younger version of their father. His hair was thick curls of dark blond waves. Allison smiled as she recalled her brother’s jibes about her despondency now that her Marcus was away — ‘Allie if you need batteries there is a huge pile in supply room.’ Allison had laughed and punched him on his arm making no impression. He engulfed her in his arms and soon they were trying to wrestle like two young children.

Her two younger brothers were twins. Timothy [Tim] and Zachary [Zach] Hunter had just turned eighteen and were identical twins. They were nearly as tall as their older brother but had more lithe muscled build than Mike. They both had boyishly handsome faces that made women gasp with awe. They did not have the raw power of strength that Mike and their father exuded but showed a softer side to offset their powerfully muscled bodies. Their blond hair was wavy than curly. They loved the ground Allison walked on. Allie loved all three brothers.

She had felt very warm and sexy as they horsed around last night something that surprised her. She realised, not for the first time, how immensely manly and attractive her brothers were. They made her miss her husband even more. Her thoughts soon moved towards her memories of sweaty wild sex with Marcus and she groaned at the futility of her attempts to suppress her ever-present, insatiable rising lust.

Allison snatched a white cotton tee shirt that she wore last night and decided to go to gym to burn energy with a hope to quell her mounting lust. The gym could be approached from the back of the house and consisted an immense swimming pool in the middle, with various doors to other facilities. One large double door led to a fully equipped massive gym to one side, which housed every conceivable exercise equipment.

Another door from the other side of pool led to a large sauna complex. On it side there were series of open and cubicles of showers. Allison could hear the pounding of feet and shoutings and whoops as her brothers were playing basketball. The fourth side of the complex led to an indoor basketball court. Allie smiled and decided to join her brothers. She was amazed that three boys were not only up but had already made an energetic start to their day.

Allison swung open the door and saw her three brothers sweating madly dressed in shorts and sneakers as twins played against their older brother. All three whooped and stopped playing as they saw their fresh out of bed eldest sister.

Mike rushed towards his sister and his tall massive frame dwarfed her as he bent down to kiss her on her mouth to wish her good morning, ‘Allie join me. Twins are washing the floor with me at present.” Mike’s body was covered with sweat.

Twins too rushed and kissed their sister most affectionately on her mouth. Allison felt a now all too familiar rush of warmth and a strange feeling she could not pin point as she was surrounded by her three immensely tall, powerfully built tremendously handsome brothers. She mentally shook her head and smiled, “Beware you two troublemakers Mickey now has a champion partner.”

Tim and Zach laughed in a pretend derision, “Proof of a pudding is in its taste, sis.”

“Are you two calling my sister a pudding,” Mike laughed.

“If so then we will have to taste Allie,” twins refused to cow down. Allison felt three pairs of eyes look down at her and she felt all warm and fuzzy. She felt her knees buckle just a little as she smelled the masculine sweaty odour of her three brothers who were dropping sexual innuendoes since she had come three days ago. Allison felt she had to say something, “Shall we start Mike, otherwise these two upstarts will never learn a lesson.”

“Yeh! You want to bet about that,” Zach moved back towards the court dribbling the ball and teased her sister even more.

“Sure,” Allison felt genuine competitiveness raising its head as it had done all tha gone by years she played hard with her brothers and matched them in stamina and endurance if not in dexterity and finesse.

“The usual; losers do the bidding,” bursa merkez eskort Tim laughed and ran back towards the court to join his twin brother. The sweat was running on their muscled chests.

Mike lightly punched Allison’s shoulder and replied for her, “OK, you two, bet is on.”

Soon the two teams were deep in game. Allie had lost some of her fitness over the luxurious two months of honeymoon and welcomed the sweaty hard fought game. Mike was playing really well and soon they overtook twins’ score.

Allie smiled teasingly, “Look how glum these two look, Mickey?” as she dribbled towards the basket. Mike whooped and stationed himself to receive if Allie was not free to make the basket. Twins mockingly growled at their sister as both circled around her and were inwardly impressed at her dribbling and stamina. Sweat was pouring from all three. Allison’s tee shirt was drenched with sweat and plastered over her two magnificent large breasts. Twins suddenly noticed as their sister’s large swaying breasts shook wildly with her each dribble. Allie was oblivious to the new intensity. Zach ran to cover his older brother so that Allie could not pass to him. Allison when she realised decided to play a dummy pass and go for basket herself. Tim narrowed the circle around Allison as Zach covered the angles of pass to Mike. Allison close to shooting circle pretended to pass, but swerved under Tim’s raised arm and jumped to make the basket.

Tim though expecting a dummy pass did not think his sister would use the height difference to run under his arms. He quickly turned, his thoughts still burning from the sight of his sister’s large shaking, his hand with a mind of its own reached for the large soft breast of his sister and firmly squeezed while she was in air trying the basket. Allie shrieked as her shot went amiss. Tim and Zach laughed. Soon Mike too joined. Allison shouted, “Not fair Timmy. That was not fair. Mickey it is a foul.”

Tim smile innocently, “Allie you jumped on to my hands what could I do.”

Allison punched Tim in his abdomen playfully, “OK! If you two want to play dirty then so be it.”

Now the game degenerated into playful fouls of all kinds. Twins tickled their sister and she reciprocated. In one skirmish as Allison was about to turn away Zach pulled her tees shirt up exposing her sweat covered large swaying breasts. There was a distinct cessation of movements as all her three brothers gazed at the most divinely beautiful forbidden sight of their sister’s breasts. Allison pulled her shirt down and laughed to dissipate the tension even she felt. She however felt elated and excited the effect her naked breasts had on her brothers.

Soon the intensity increased. Allie while Tim was going to make a basket pulled his shorts down exposing his bottom. Tim dropped the ball and Allison ran away towards opposite basket as Tim shouted warnings and pulled his shorts up. The game soon became childishly prank ridden. At one stage Zach had pulled his sister’s panties down deftly as she was trying to pass to Mike.

Allison in return put her hand from behind and grabbed Zach’s crotch and felt an electric shock run through her. She felt an enormous bulge that shook her equanimity. She giggled as Zach lost his footing and toppled over.

By now sweat was pouring like rivulets from all four of them. Allison’s tee shirt was drenched and was plastered over her marvellous over generously sized breasts and made them more alluring than if they were to be completely exposed. Eventually the score was tied and Mike declared the match closed. Allie raised her hands and jumped as if she had won and three pairs of eyes were drawn and glued to her large breasts shaking wildly. Mike folded her arms around his sister and kissed her on her open smiling mouth.

Soon Tim and Zach did the same. Allison kissed them back and felt the raw animal power oozing from all three. Tim suggested, “Shower time!”

Allie agreed and allowed herself to be herded by her brothers towards shower area. Allison started to move towards the cubicles but Tim, Zach and Mike held her back, “Allie teams do not shower separately. You should know that.”

Allison wanted to believe that her brothers were still teasing her, but there was a feeling growing deep inside her that she had never experienced before. She could see three most desirable giant of young men who obviously loved her and infact adored her. In fact she felt the same way towards her brothers. Nothing on this earth could diminish the tide of love she felt towards all three of her brothers.

She started to laugh and joked, “Mickey are we still bathing our baby brothers or have they learnt to clean their pee-pees themselves.” All three laughed as their sister made fun of the two giant teenaged brothers.

Zach turned towards the open shower area and turned the overhead huge shower on and pulled his bursa sınırsız escort shorts off dropping them on the floor. Tim deftly pulled the sweat-drenched tee shirt off his sister’s body exposing her pure white flawless skin. Zach drew a sharp breath as his unbelievably beautiful sister’s stood near naked but for the sweat drenched panties. Her rich furry pubic hair was visible through and on the side of her thin white panties. Allison felt a fire started to burn deep inside her pelvis and to remove the attention from her she rushed towards Zach and pulled his shorts down. It was her turn to be surprised as she saw a monster dangling from curly pubic hair of Zach’s crotch. Allison thought her little brother’s penis hung way down his thighs and was enormously thick. Her mouth fell slightly open and eyes were glued to slightly turgid giant.

She helplessly turned towards Mike who was kneeling to remove his shorts and then picked up all the strewn clothes to throw them in the basket. When he turned Allison was looking towards him. Time stood still as Allie saw his oldest of younger brothers turn and walk towards her. He supported an equally monster of a penis which had started to become hard and swayed like a baseball bat with each step. Mike’s cock seemed as long as her forearm. The girth of his cock appeared to imitate a beer-can even though it was far from fully hard. Allison gulped her own saliva as her mouth had dried and her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth.

She barely noticed that Tim had walked back and pulled her panties down laughing madly. Allie was grateful for this diversion and she stepped out of her panties. Tim threw them towards Mike to add to the basket fro laundry. Allie as she was turning towards Tim saw her brother almost involuntarily lift her panties to his face and appeared to smell them before he quickly deposited them in the laundry basket. Allie felt her pussy had started to feel warm as it did whenever a chance or thought of having sex with Mark arose. She quickly turned towards Tim and her throat tightened again. Her third handsome giant of a brother stood in front of her smiling and her eyes disobeyed her mind and moved towards his groin where she saw the third monster penis of her family. Tim’s penis was replica of Zach and Mike.

In next few seconds her three brothers gathered close around Allison to get under the water spray from the overhead giant showerhead. Allison felt her brothers’ hands first tentatively then more purposefully started to caress her body to shower her. Allie without any further hesitation rubbed her tiny hands all over the huge muscular frames of her brothers to wash the sweat off their body. Mike moved away brought a fragrant shower gel soaked sponge, moved her sister out of the running shower. He started to soap Allison’s beautiful body. Mike rubbed the back of his sister’s neck gently as her twin brothers felt their sister’s hands all over their chest and abdomen.

Allison started to breathe hard as she used all her self-control to prevent herself looking at their groins and to fight the effect her brother’s gentle caressing hands were having on her mind. Mike’s hands moved toward her back in slow sinuous circles and inexorably moved towards her voluptuous bottom. She sucked in her breath as his soapy sponge caressed her ass cheeks languidly with vague pretensions of actually soaping her body. Mike offered the sponge to Tim who with equal care started to soap his sister’s front. Allison felt Mike’s hands all over her back with butterfly like soft touches. Her breathing was getting fast with strange feelings that she thought should not occupy her mind. They were all fruits of the same loin and were linked with the same blood and gene pool. She could not feel so strong even if all three were naked and in shower together. As Mike’s hands softly kissed his sister’s ass Tim moved the sponge over the slopes of his sister’s breath-takingly beautiful breasts. Allison felt as if she had been touched by static. Her breasts seemed to have gained life of their own. Her nipples became painfully turgid and stiff. Tim slowly moved the sponge with barely perceptible pressure over his sister’s beautiful nipples and then to the underside of her large soft breasts. Allison found her hands now more insistent and she rubbed them over Tim’s chest feeling his broad hairless muscled chest and firm tiny nipples.

Tim without any self-consciousness lifted his sister’s left breast up to soap the underside more thoroughly his palm rubbing against the sensitive large nipple. Allison felt as if she knees were about to buckle and her juices started to flow inside her pussy. She hoped by bringing her thighs together she would prevent a trickle down her thighs. Tim did the same to her right breast. He then allowed the two magnificent orbs of his sister’s breasts to fall back over her chest and he moved the sensual soaping towards Allie’s belly. Tim gradually moved towards his sister’s groin but steadfastly refused to go below the line made by the top of her pubic hair. Allison wanted to moan but clamped her lips. Mike’s hands were still making the skin of her back and bottom burn. Tim handed the sponge to Zach and continued the slow sinuous massage of her soap covered breasts and shoulders.

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