All Older Women Are Whores Ch. 03


My mother’s best friend, my best friend’s mother.

Continued from chapter 02:

As soon as my grandmother returned to her chair and sat down to watch me masturbate myself, I walked closer to her. I walked close enough for her to reach out and stroke me if that’s what she wanted to do. With her housecoat still wide open, and her huge, naked breasts clearly visible, I took my erect prick in my hand and started slowly stroking myself while staring at her naked tits. She stared at me masturbating in the way that I stared at her naked breasts.

Before finally seeing her naked breasts, I routinely masturbated over imagining seeing my grandmother’s naked tits. Sexually teasing me, my grandmother watched me masturbating myself while feeling her naked breasts, fondling her naked breasts, and fingering her erect nipples. If it wasn’t sexually hot enough to masturbate myself in front of my grandmother, it was even hotter to watch her fondling her naked breasts in front of me. Taking a chance that she’d say yes, I asked her the question that I hoped agree to doing.

“Would you like to stroke me, grandma?”

Feigning her embarrassment, she laughed. Yet, a flash of sexual arousal betrayed her look of modesty. As if she had never seen a naked prick before, she leaned forward on the sofa and she stared at my naked prick as if she wanted to stroke my naked prick. Then, agreeing to stroke my erect cock, she sexually excited me with what else she said.

“I’ll stroke your naked prick if you feel my naked tits and finger my erect nipples,” she said lifting one of her naked breasts in the palm of her hand while sliding a slow hand over her other naked breast. “I love having my nipples pulled, turned, and twisted,” she said pulling, turning, and twisting her erect nipples.

‘Duh, what a dumb thing to ask me to do. For her to stroke my naked prick, of course, I’d feel her naked breasts. I’d feel her naked breasts without her stroking my prick. I’ve always wanted to feel her naked breasts. I can’t count how many times that I masturbated over imagining seeing her naked breasts and feeling her huge tits.

She stared at my erect, naked prick before staring up at me and before returning her stare to my engorged cock. She reached out her hand and wrapped her manicured finger around my stiff prick. In the way that my mother, her daughter, had held my erect, naked cock in her hand, I couldn’t believe my grandmother was holding my erect, naked prick in her hand. I felt and fondled her big breasts and fingered her erect nipples while she fondled the head of my cock and slowly stroked my erect dick.

# # #

“You’re so hard,” she said squeezing my prick while staring up at me with a sexy smile. “You’re so big,” she said staring up at me again and smiling before returning her stare to my big prick. “You’re much harder and bigger than your grandfather,” she said with pride. “You have a beautiful prick, Johnny,” she said looking from staring at my naked cock to smile up at me with sexual arousal. “I love your big penis.”

Ready to cum and wanting to cum all over her naked breasts, I took a step closer to her while my grandmother continued stroking my cock a little faster and a little harder. Then, I said what I hoped she’d do. With her having never given a blowjob before, I knew that she’d never take me in her mouth.

She’d never blow me. She’d never allow me to cum in her mouth. Yet, worth a try, if she was, indeed, a whore, especially with her filled with regrets for never having given a blowjob, I hoped she’d suck my prick and allow me to cum in her mouth.

“Take me in your mouth, grandma,” I said while hoping that she would.

She looked up at me with nervousness mixed with sexual arousal.

“I’ve never given a blowjob,” she said staring up at me with an apologetic look. “I’ve never sucked anyone’s prick. Even though he always wanted me to blow him, I’ve never even taken my husband’s penis in my mouth.”

I already knew that she had never given a blowjob. She had already told me that even though her husband wanted her to blow him, she had never taken him in her mouth. Yet, in the way that she was staring at my erect prick with lustful desire, I could tell that she wanted to suck my cock. I took another step closer to my grandmother.

“Take me in your mouth, grandma,” I said holding out my stiff prick to her. “Suck my cock. Blow me. I’d love to cum in your beautiful mouth,” I said.

She continued stroking my prick while staring at my exposed penis before staring up at me. Then, with her quelling her regrets by her having never given a blowjob, surprising me and sexily exciting me, she leaned forward and took me in her mouth. My grandmother took me in her mouth. I couldn’t believe that my grandmother took me in her mouth.

My grandmother was blowing me. She was sucking my cock. Something that I thought she’d never do; I couldn’t believe that my grandmother was giving me oral sex.

# # #

I put a gentle hand behind my grandmother’s grey-haired head. With me feeling and fondling escort gaziantep bayan numaraları her naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples with my other hand, it didn’t take me very long to explode a load of cum in my grandmother’s mouth. She seemed surprised when I ejaculated in her mouth. Yet, expecting her to spit it all out, she surprised me by swallowing the entire load of cum that I gave her.

Then, after I ejaculated in my grandmother’s mouth, when she stood, I took her in my arms and kissed her. I parted her lips with my tongue and French kissed her. With her unintentionally snowballing me, I tasted some of myself that was still in her mouth.

I stared at her naked breasts while touching and feeling her huge naked tits. All over her gigantic tits with my horny hands, I continued feeling her naked breasts as if I had never felt a woman’s naked breasts before. I fondled her shapely breasts while continuing to pull, turn, and twist her erect nipples. I’ll be masturbating over seeing and feeling my grandmother’s naked breasts, and her blowing me, for the rest of my life.

Unembarrassed and unashamed of being stripped naked, she allowed me to remove her housecoat. With her dressed only in her white, granny panties, I picked her up in my arms and carried her to her bedroom. I gently deposited her on her bed before stripping myself naked. When I started removing my clothes, with her laughing with delight, she reacted with glee in the way of a giddy, teenage girl.

Once I was naked, I stood in front of her to show her my naked body. Then, I took my semi-erect prick in my hand and stroked myself to a harder and bigger erection. She stared at my erect, naked prick while watching me stroking myself.

“You have a big penis, Johnny. Your penis is much bigger than your grandfather’s penis,” she said again. “I’m embarrassed to say that your penis is only the second penis that I ever held in my hand,” she said never removing her eyes from my naked prick. “I love your naked penis,” she said smiling up at me while kissing and licking my naked prick.

I removed her panties to expose her brown, bushy pussy. Instead of falling between her legs, she leaned forward, reached up, and took my erect prick in her soft, warm hand again. She slowly stroked me while staring up at me. She was blowing me again. My grandmother was sucking my prick again.

“You’re so hard,” she said removing my engorged prick from her mouth to speak.

It was so sexually exciting to look down and see my stiff prick buried in my grandmother’s mouth. She kissed my cock while licking my cock.

“I haven’t felt a penis since my Walter died fifteen-years-old,” she said stroking me a little faster and a little harder. “Something that he always wanted me to do, he wanted me to take him in my mouth. He wanted me to blow him but I never sucked his cock. I never sucked anyone’s prick until I sucked you,” she said again.

She leaned forward and took me in her mouth again and continued sucking my erect cock. I couldn’t believe my grandmother was blowing me again. Obviously, she enjoyed blowing me. Not wanting to cum in her mouth, I removed my prick from her mouth and mounted her. I wanted to make love to my grandmother. I needed to fuck her. I needed to fuck my grandmother. She was already wet, so very wet.

I mounted her and inserted my erect prick in her warm, wet pussy. Ever so gently, I humped her while making love to her. Gentle at first but with her humping me faster and harder, I humped her faster and harder. I returned her fast and hard humps with my fast and hard humps. I fucked her. I fucked my grandmother.

# # #

Chapter 03: Most Older Women are Whores

Ready to continue proving my theory that most, older women are whores, I spotted my next victim, my mother’s best friend, Gloria. She was walking home from the supermarket. Driving slow enough to follow her, I stared at her shapely ass doing a rumba under her short skirt as she walked.

For a mature woman, she had one hell of a sexy body. She had a shapely ass and D cup breasts. Giving me a lot to look at, I loved staring at her ass through her short skirt and panties as much as I loved staring at her big breasts through her blouse and her bra.

‘A longtime sexual fantasy of mine, I’d love to kiss her. I’d love to make out with her,’ I thought. ‘I’d love to French kiss her while feeling her shapely ass and feeling her big breasts through her clothes. Then, I’d love to slowly strip her naked and fuck my mother’s best friend,’ I thought.

Only, what I wished would happen and what really happens are two, different things. Yet, this time, armed with my new sexual policy of seducing older women, I was ready for her. Not taking no as an answer, I was ready to be as aggressively bold as I needed to be to sexually seduce her and have my wicked, sexual way with her naked body.

# # #

A short walk, but with my new sexual plan in mind, I thought I’d pull over escort bayan gaziantep reklamları and offer her ride. What did I have to lose, with most older women whores, I knew she liked me? I just hoped that she liked me enough to allow me to drive her home. I hoped she liked me enough to want to have sex with me. A way for me to briefly be alone with her and, hopefully, get the sexual ball rolling by making a sexually inappropriate pass at her, I knew she’d take a ride home from me.

In the way that she always smiled at me, stared at me, and made constant eye contact with me, I had a good, sexual feeling about her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sexually lusted over me in the way that I sexually lusted over her. In the way that I sometimes masturbated over her while imagining her naked and having sex with her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she sometimes masturbated herself over me while imagining me naked and having sex with me.

I pulled to the curb and stopped my jacked-up, four-wheel, drive Jeep beside her.

“Hi Gloria. I’m going your way,” I reached over the passenger seat and opened my passenger side door. “May I give you a lift,” I asked while hoping she’d say yes?

‘I’d love to get her alone in my Jeep,’ I thought. ‘Who knows what may happen when I’m finally alone with my mother’s best friend.’

She gave me a sexy smile. Beautiful before, she was even more beautiful when she smiled.

# # #

By far, fifty-two-year-old Gloria was the prettiest of my mother’s friends. As attractive and sexually appealing as my mother, she’s as attractive as any mature woman has a right to be. With her shoulder length, brown hair, and her big, brown eyes, D cup breasts, and shapely ass, I’ve masturbated over her countless times while imagining her naked. I’ve masturbated over her many times while imagining having forbidden sex with her.

“Sure, I’d like that, Johnny,” she said giving me a big smile. “These shoes are killing me,” she said looking down at her feet. “They aren’t very comfortable for walking,” she said with a shrug and a laugh. “With me knowing better now, I should have worn sneakers,” she said with another little laugh.

When she climbed in my four-wheel, drive Jeep, not an easy vehicle for a woman wearing a short skirt to climb into, she reached up and put her bag down on the passenger seat before hiking up her short skirt. When she hiked up her short skirt, I stared at her shapely thighs while imagining myself between them. Then, when she reached her hands up to climb inside, she needed to raise her skirt even higher and her foot high enough to get in the car.

With her lifting her legs while spreading her legs, and with me looking to see what I could see of her exposing herself, she quickly and unintentionally flashed me her pink panties. The first time seeing her underwear, I had never seen my mother’s best friend’s panties. Suspicious of her for flashing me, I couldn’t help from wondering if she had deliberately flashed me or had accidentally flashed me. I already had a growing erection from seeing Gloria’s pink panties.

‘I saw Gloria’s panties. I can’t believe that I saw her pink panties,’ I thought while suddenly feeling sexually excited over seeing something of her that I shouldn’t see. She was not only my mother’s best friend but also, she was my best friend’s mother. ‘I’ll be masturbating over seeing her pink panties tonight, tomorrow, and every day thereafter. I loved seeing her pink panties.’

# # #

After reading that article about most, older women being whores, unable to tell which, again, I wondered if she had flashed me her panties deliberately or unintentionally. I couldn’t believe that she had her foot raised high enough and her legs spread wide enough on my door sill to flash me her panty clad pussy. In addition to seeing her panties, in that instant, I saw her pussy mound, her camel toe, and her pussy slit through her sheer panties. In the way that I gave my mother oral sex, I’d love to give my mother’s best friend oral sex, too.

‘Wow,’ I thought! ‘I saw Gloria’s panties. I’d love to lick her pussy while fingering her pussy. I’d love to masturbate her. She’s one fine looking woman. I’d love to make love to her while making out with her. I’d love to fuck her. I’d love to cum in her pussy. I’d love her to blow me. I’d love to cum in her mouth. I’d love to cum all over her face and across her naked tits. I’d love to give my best friend’s mother a cum bath.’

# # #

Yet, with this new plan of sexual seduction all new to me, I had to figure it out as I went along. Even after reading the article several times that stated that Most, Older Women Are Whores, with me 27-years-old now, I was still unsure how to go about sexually seducing someone who was 25 years older than me. Because the article stated that most, older women are horny, while hoping that she was one of the horny women, I decided to go with the direct approach instead of the subtle, sexual advance.

Getting gaziantep escort kız telefonları right to the point by telling her what I wanted, the direct approach would be quicker whereas the subtle approach would take much longer. Not looking for a girlfriend but a lover, I certainly didn’t want to romance her. I just wanted to have sex with her. I just wanted to strip her naked and fuck my MILF of a mother’s MILF of a best friend.

After reading that article, I kept reminding myself that most, older women are whores. I kept reminding myself that most, older women want sex as much as men want sex. Throwing sexual convention out the window, and caution to the wind, something that I’d never do with a woman my age, I was abnormally and immorally aggressive in my attempt to sexually seduce Gloria.

Ready for her to reject me or to have sex with me, either she’d say yes or she’d say no. Not having anything to lose, if she rejected me, I hoped that she didn’t tell my mother that I made a sexual pass at her. If she accepted my forbidden, sexual proposal, I hoped she didn’t tell her husband and/or her son, my best friend, that we had sex.

Yet, why would she tell anyone that I made a sexual pass at her? Why would she tell anyone that we had sex? Whatever happened or didn’t happen between us was none of anyone’s business. Whatever sexually happened should remain behind closed, bedroom doors. If anything, every older woman’s sexual fantasy, she should be flattered that a man my age would be sexually interested in her and want to have sex with her.

# # #

Daring myself to do so, while curious for her reaction to what I was about to confess, I told her what I sexually saw of her. I told her what I was sexually thinking. I showed her my sexual intentions. I revealed my sexual interest in her.

“I love your pink panties, Gloria,” I said letting her know that I saw her pink panties.

Something that I’d never admit to any woman, especially to a woman my age, yet, wondering if she’d admit that she flashed me deliberately or unintentionally, I told her that I saw her pink panties. She looked at me as if I had said something to her in a foreign language. Making a face, she looked at me as if she thought that I was a pervert. She looked at me as if she was thinking about getting out of my Jeep.

“Pardon? I’m sorry. What did you just say,” she said looking at me as if I was a rapist?

I gave her a sexy smile and a dirty look.

“I said,” turning to smile at her. “I love your pink panties. You inadvertently flashed me your panties when you climbed in my jeep,” I said watching for her reaction to see if she had deliberately flashed me or unintentionally flashed me.

She looked at me with embarrassment. She looked at me with shame. It was then that I wondered if not all older women are whores.

”Oh, oh,’ I thought. ‘What if she was one of the women who wasn’t a whore?’

“You love my pink panties? Thank you,” she said making yet another face and giving me a look of nonsexual interest. “I guess,” she said with her face blushing red. “I assure you, not my intention to do that, I’m embarrassed that I flashed you my panties. I’m mortified that you saw my panties.”

# # #

With her holding her bag of groceries in her lap with two hands, I reached over to her and raised the side of her short skirt. Daring myself to do so, as if I was a magician removing a cloth, I quickly raised her short skirt all the way up her thigh and to where the side of her panties were exposed again. Catching her off guard, I surprised her by lifting her skirt fast enough and high enough to flash me her pink panties again.

Her mouth fell open when she looked down and saw that her panties were exposed. Holding her grocery bag with one hand, she stared down at my hand before slapping my horny hand away. She pulled the hem of her short skirt down with anger.

“Johnny! Oh, my God. What are you doing? How dare you? Don’t do that,” she said while playing the innocent virgin. “You’re embarrassing me. What’s gotten into you,” she asked looking at me as if I was a rapist? “How dare you lift my skirt and expose my panties to you?”

I laughed.

“Sorry, but when you climbed in my car, with your legs spread wide open and your short skirt raised nearly to your crotch, I thought that you wanted me to see your pink panties,” I said. “I thought that you had deliberately flashed me. I thought that you wanted to have sex with me as much as I wanted to have sex with you.”

She looked at me as if I was crazy.

“What? Sex? You want to have sex with me? How dare you? Must I remind you that I’m your mother’s best friend. I’m your best friend’s mother? I’m married and I’d never cheat on my husband with my best friend’s son,” she said.

She looked at me with embarrassed shame.

‘Oh, oh,’ I thought, ‘while thinking that I had mistaken my mother’s best friend for a whore when she wasn’t.’

“I’m so embarrassed,” she said again with her face turning pink. “I didn’t intentionally flash you my panties when I lifted my leg to get in your car,” she said. “I assure you that flashing you my panties was unintentional and not deliberate,” she said again. ‘Your car is so high up that I needed to raise my skirt high enough and spread my legs wide enough to get in your Jeep,” she said with a dirty laugh. “Please put that thought out of your mind and forget that ever happened. I’m sorry, Johnny, but I’d never have sex with you.”

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