One of my cousins introduced Alice and I. We went out for a short period of time. She was just not my type. She was average in the looks department. She was my height, slightly overweight with brown hair that covered her shoulders. Her breasts were c cups. It did not take much effort to get her nipples erect. Her pussy was always clean shaven. Like I said, she just was not my type, but she had different thoughts. I would call less and less. When I would call Alice, I was bored or horny. Sometimes we would go out, either to a bar for drinks or for something to eat. Sometimes we would end up in bed. The sex was ok. Nothing fantastic but not boring, if you can ever call sex “boring”. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was cleaning the house. The phone rang and it was Alice. She wanted to know if I would like to go out for a late lunch. Since cleaning the house is not tops on my fun list, I told her sure. We decided to meet at a local restaurant. I hopped in the shower and headed off. I got there a few minutes before her. The hostess escorted us to a booth. We ordered a bottle of wine. Alice’s drink of choice was wine. I think she drank wine because it made her look sophisticated. She made pretty quick work of her first glass of wine. We ordered our meals. We ate, drank and talked. I kept refilling her glass. We, when I say me, I mean mostly her, emptied that bottle wine. She wanted another bottle. I told her I did not want anymore, but I could order her a glass. I could tell that the effects of the alcohol was starting to take effect. She was talking slower than usual. Two more glasses of wine later and she was in no shape to drive. I convinced her that I should drive her home and we could get her car later, meaning tomorrow. The drive to her apartment was uneventful. We got to her apartment and she wanted to know if I would like to come in. Since I had no plans, I accepted. Alice asked me if would like something to drink. I declined. She poured herself a glass of wine. She came over to me and gave me a kiss, a passionate kiss. She said “Shall we go to the bedroom?” How could I refuse?

We undressed and got on the bed. We laid down next to each other and started kissing. You have to love alcohol and it’s effect it has on some people. In this case, it got Alice horny. She rolled on top of me. She looked at me and said ” Let’s have “pig sex.” The look on my face was probably priceless. I really did not know what “pig sex” was and I did not want to ask her what pig sex was. A lot of ideas were going through my head. Fuck like animals? A little friendly biting? One of us controlling the other? Was food involved? A lot of dirty talking? Were we going to grunt like pigs during sex? I said “Sure.” I rolled her over and got on top of her. I grabbed her wrists and pulled them over her head and held them down. I brought my mouth to her nipple and nibbled on it. I then whispered in her ear ” I want you on all fours.” I released her wrists and she got on her hands and knees. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it slightly. I said ” I want you to suck on my finger.” I put my finger in her mouth. She started sucking. I said “Get it good and wet.” I took it out of her mouth and found her clit. I squeezed her clit between my finger and thumb. I started rubbing her clit. Was it time to finger fuck her? This pig sex was new territory for me. I pushed my finger in her wet pussy. I started to finger fuck her. I let go of her hair. I removed my finger, put it in front of her mouth and told her “Suck it.” She put my finger in her mouth and sucked it. I took my finger out of her mouth. I said. ” spread your legs .” She spread her legs. I got behind gaziantep escort her and aimed my hard cock at her wet pussy. I pushed my cock in her pussy. I grabbed her hips and fucked her fast and vigorously. I stopped and slid my cock out of her pussy. I slid it back in and removed it. I kept putting it in and taking it out. Alice said” You are filling me full of air.” I said ” I know, I am going to pump your pussy full of air. I want to hear pussy farts.” I continued pumping. I slid my cock out of her pussy. I moved in front of her and said. “Suck on my cock. I am going to fuck your mouth.” She opened her mouth and I pushed my cock in her mouth. I grabbed her head with my hands and pumped my cock, fucking her mouth. I let her head go and slid one hand down her back. I found her asshole and put my finger on it and pressed. Alice was not one to go for anal sex. I thought I would try, using pig sex as my leverage, and maybe the alcohol would help. She moved her head and my cock came out of her mouth. She said “What are you doing?” I said “I am getting your ass ready for a pig fucking.” I got behind her and put my finger in her pussy. I put my mouth to her ass cheek and gave it a nibble. I slid my finger out of her pussy. It was wet with her pussy juice. My wet finger found her pink puckered asshole. I pushed it in her asshole to my knuckle. Her hole was tight. I pulled it out a bit and spit on my finger. I pushed, it went all the way in. I took my finger out of her ass and put it in front of her mouth. I said “Now suck it.” Alice said ” No, it was in my ass.” I then whispered in her ear “If you do not suck my finger, I am going to fuck your ass until I cum in it. There was silence. I grabbed my iron hard cock and slid it in her pussy. I pumped her pussy a few times, pulled my cock out and positioned my cock at her asshole. I pushed the head in her backdoor. Then I reached around and squeezed her tit. I pushed my hips toward her, trying to get my cock further into her ass. It was to dry. I pulled my cock out and jammed it back in her pussy. I was looking for some slippery pussy juice. I pulled my cock out of her pussy. It was wet and shiney from her pussy. I grabbed my cock with my hand, aimed for her ass and pushed. The head of my cock disappeared. I released her tit with my hand and grabbed her hips. I pushed my cock deeper in her ass. I let her hips go and wrapped my arms around her stomach. I pushed my cock deeper in her ass until it was buried to my balls. I squeezed my arms and that pent up air in her pussy came out in a pussy fart. I said ” Alice, do you want this load of cum in your ass or your mouth?” There was silence. I asked again. Alice finally said “Can you pull out before you cum?” I said “Do you want the cum in your mouth?” She said “Not really.” I said “Do you want your pussy fucked?” Alice said “No.” I said “Where do you want it?” She said ” Cum on my back.” I said “Ok.” I started to fuck her ass. I have no problem admitting that pulling my cock out of a warm pussy, ass or mouth and cumming does little for me. I continued to fuck her ass. I could hold back no longer. My cock erupted in her ass with a load of cum. I kept pumping until I was empty. I stopped pumping. My cock was getting soft. I slid it out. Alice said “You came in me.” I told her ” I did.” I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was not happy. I thought to myself that if she never called again that it did not matter. In my defense, I had no idea what ” pig sex” was and she really never gave my any guidance. Well maybe she got bored, but it took a couple of months, she called. We did get together but pig sex was never mentioned again. I guess I did it wrong.

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