AirRnR Ch. 02


Laura woke up the next morning on her bed, bottomless. She postured up, wondering how she got there. Did she get up and walk to her bed after Dale had fucked her relentlessly? Or did she crawl like Chrissy had the night before? At some point, she began to wonder if it even happened. Her bedsheets were still on the bed. Her tights still lay next to it on the ground. She got up, and examined the place where she was dominated like a bitch, and it was clean. The only thing was, her pussy felt like it had been fucked, and that was enough for her.

It was already 11am, but she wanted to make sure the thermometer on the hot water tank was high for her guests’ morning shower, lowering it when the first-floor is unbooked to save on the gas bill. Slipping on the same tights from the night before with little care of her unkempt appearance, she sneaked down using the inside stairs barefooted and into her carpeted hallways, opening a utility closet where she adjusted the hot water heater. She quietly closed the door, and began tip-toeing back when the first-floor apartment’s door opened. Immediately she went flat-footed, postured up, and smiled.

“Good morning!” she said to a dressed-and-ready Dale, catching him by surprise.

He looked at her and said nothing.

“How are you?” she asked.

“Feeling great. Lots of energy,” he sarcastically replied, before the ravishing Chrissy came out dressed in summer clothes similar to her attire the night before, with sunglasses hanging above her head. Laura’s heart skipped a beat upon seeing the young beauty.

“Good morning, Chrissy!”

The young girl grinned upon seeing Laura and enthusiastically went to hug her despite Laura’s condition, “It’s so good to see you, Laura!” Chrissy got on her toes to press her breasts against the taller woman’s. The youngster put her hands on Laura’s butt and pulled her in so their crotches would rub, and then pulled away her chest to look Laura straight in her eyes.

“You. Look. So. Pretty, this morning!” the chipper Chrissy said to her.

Laura became flustered, “Oh my! You look pretty too!” was all she could muster, her thinly covered pussy still pressed against Chrissy’s in her red short shorts.

Dale came forward and put his arm around Chrissy, making the situation ever-so-close and intimate in the hallway.

“Sorry if we kept you up last night,” Dale said, while Laura immediately began shaking her head. “I had been starving her until she won the finals of her all-girl’s soccer tournament. Promised her I would fuck her long and hard if she won, and she did, but we were too exhausted on the first night.”

Laura took a pause, and then disregarded her shock. “Oh, no! It wasn’t loud at all! I mean, I really don’t mind. That’s why couples come up here. I think it’s wonderful! And healthy.”

“You helped a lot last night,” Dale said backing away, still gripping Chrissy tightly under his arm, whose Cheshire cat smile remained as she looked possessively at the caught-off-guard Laura.

“I did?”

“Yeah, with that PIN code that unlocked all the porno channels. Got us in the mood and gave me plenty of ideas. Don’t Ataşehir Escort let her smile fool you, she could definitely use some discipline every now and then. And she loves it, don’t you, sweetie?”

“I sure do!” Chrissy said smiling back at the older man.

“Oh, that’s great!” Laura continued to respond compliantly. “That’s why I subscribe to those channels. To, uh… help.”

“I bet you get some good use out of them too,” Chrissy coyly responded, as Laura gave a nervous laugh.

“See? That’s why she needs a little bit of discipline.” Dale said, smiling. “Go ahead into the car, baby. I’ve got to talk to Laura for a bit.”

Chrissy grabbed a bag and her eyes remained locked to Laura’s as she exited out in the front parking lot, winking at her before turning away and heading for the car. Laura’s perpetual smile remained as Dale’s disappeared. He leaned in and nearly cornered her to the wall.

“You enjoy your own pussy-rape last night, bitch?”

Laura’s face went from joy to worry. Her usually sharp eyebrows raised in fear and her jaw lowered. Instinctively, she answered correctly, “Yes, daddy!”

“Good. You adjust well to discipline too.”

Dale grabbed her neck with a light, one-handed choke. “So here’s what you’re going to do. I’m out on business tonight a hundred miles north in another shithole town. Need to spend the night there entertaining some swinger faggots. Naturally, they’ll want someone of mine to fuck. And although I wouldn’t mind seeing Chrissy get gangbanged by small-dicked dinosaurs, she’s way too good for them. She’s the one I give them after our business deal is complete.” Dale loosened his grip.

“I’d be happy to come—”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m not going to pimp you out either. Your pussy is totally mine,” Dale said, before letting go of her neck and gripping her crotch full force. Laura became flushed with flattery.

Dale continued, “I don’t want Chrissy to be all alone, but she won’t like that. She met some fucking prick before we arrived the other day at the Burger Palace, and he may have slipped her his phone number. She gets crazy ideas. Goes on the Internet. So I want you to babysit her, but she can’t know I asked you. The little cunt gets mad and loses her obedience. So I’ll leave her here by herself, and you figure it out from there. Get creative.”

“Yes, daddy, of course,” Laura said, her eyes looking passionately into those of her owner.

“Good. And one more thing. You don’t lay a fucking hand on Chrissy, either. Got it?”

“Yes, daddy, of course,” Laura repeated, feeling stupid after she did.

“Do your duty, and I will fuck you bloody when I get back,” Dale said, before unzipping his fly, and pulling out from his cargo shorts his thick, long, flaccid penis. Laura looked down and again lost strength in her legs.

“Kiss it goodbye,” Dale said.

Laura immediately knelt, and looked at the impressive specimen. She leaned forward, and French-kissed the head of Dale’s dick, as if she was in a relationship with the penis itself. Dale softly put his hand on Laura’s cheek below him, as she continued to caress his member Kadıköy Escort with her lips. She looked up at him lovingly. Just as she opened her mouth wide to suck his dick, hot urine came pouring out of Dale’s penis into Laura’s mouth. “Ahhh,” she pulled back with a faint sound of protest and shut her eyes, then opening them to see Dale’s semi-erect dick shooting a yellow stream straight into her face. She began blinking furiously as Dale grabbed the back of her head and adjusted it so his piss would wash into her eyes. Then her long, curly red hair. He had so much to unload that it went on for at least half a minute. Laura’s face and body were drenched, her lime shirt and purple tights attached to her body as if she’d come out of hot yoga class.

Dale pulled in his dick, zipped up, button the waist, and left without saying anything else. Laura was left kneeling.


She was on her balcony watching college frats pack up and leave from her balcony overlooking the private lake near her chalet. The sun was beginning to disappear when Laura heard the car door slam shut. Dale had dropped Chrissy home. Through the thin walls, Laura heard her coming in through the front door, and going straight into her apartment. There wasn’t any time to waste before Chrissy could’ve called her guy, though Laura gave her ample time anyway. After a while, and in a fresh pair of black tights, a purple top, and barefoot as always, she headed downstairs and knocked the first-floor apartment door. Chrissy opened, no smile on her face this time, which Laura didn’t notice as much as Chrissy’s tanned, near-nude body in a red, two-piece bikini. Laura stood across her, stunned.

“Hi,” Chrissy said after an awkward pause. “Can I help you?”

“Wow,” Laura said. “Umm… are you going swimming?”

“I am,” Chrissy replied. “We drove by the lake when we left, and there are some cute boys near those chalets. Going to introduce myself to them.”

Laura became worried. “Oh, no,” she said. “They left.”

“They did?”

“Yes. Sorry.”

“Fuck,” Chrissy responded, shocking Laura at her sudden shift in behaviour. “Well, I’ve always got a back-up plan.”

Laura engaged some quick-thinking. “I can go swimming with you.”

Chrissy’s face went from bored to unimpressed, before she looked Laura up-and-down. “You want to go swimming with me?”

Laura refused to be insulted, and continued her role as the friendly host. “Sure, it’ll be fun!”

Chrissy smirked. “Suit up, then.”

Several minutes later, Laura came back down, nervous as hell to reveal herself in her one-piece swimsuit, and knocked Chrissy’s door again. Chrissy opened, where she stood fully clothed: torn blue jeans and a white shirt.

“I thought we were going swimming?” Laura asked as politely as she could.

“Yeah, if I feel like it. Still wearing my shit underneath. Let’s go.”

On the short walk to the private-access lake, Chrissy began indulging the mature woman again with smiles and personal attention, though now it was apparent to Laura that this was Ümraniye Escort a show the young lady performed. The sunlight survived long enough for Laura to walk into the lake, though it was getting cold. Chrissy stood on the shore, watching on. Laura jumped in and swam for a bit, seemingly forgetting about Chrissy, and becoming fixated on the beautiful mountains that surrounded the lake. She swam underwater, though it was too dark to see anything. Coming back up, she captured her breath, and looked up to see the moon was beginning to appear. Then, something grabbed her entire stomach from behind. Panicked, she quickly sprung around, and was met with Chrissy’s face.

“Shh… it’s just me,” Chrissy said softly, with her arms still around Laura, her crotch pressing hers while their chests were pulled back.

“You scared me!” Laura said, her composure falling momentarily.

“I’m so sorry,” Chrissy replied, smiling at her and looking longingly in her eyes. “Looked like you were having a lot of fun, so thought I’d come in and join you.”

Laura regained her own facade, and turned away to break the tension. “The mountains are very beautiful at this time of night.”

Chrissy broke her hold on Laura, and with her hand, guided Laura’s face to look back onto her own, “A lot of things are beautiful at this time of night,” she said, before resuming her hug on Laura, who returned it, reenacting their embrace earlier in the day. A momentary silence, as they pulled away and continued to look at each other, raised the heat between them. Laura opened her mouth briefly, and then closed it.

“Do you want to say something to me?” Chrissy asked.

Laura’s heart fluttered, but she felt comfortable in Chrissy’s warm embrace.

“Is Dale your dad?”

Chrissy’s smile turned to a grin. “No. He’s my ‘daddy’.”

“He’s much older than you are,” Laura observed.

“Yep. But his dick is big and he fucks like a mule. Isn’t that right?” Laura couldn’t help but look away to cover up her embarrassment. “I’m glad you heard us fuck last night,” Chrissy continued. “I’m glad he fucked you. Because now you know. How was it?”

Laura didn’t hesitate, “It was the best sex of my life.”

Chrissy smirked as she did earlier, before looking serious, “I hope that isn’t a challenge?”

Laura turned serious too. “If you like…” she said, staring even more deeply into the tanned vixen’s blue eyes. The piercing on her nose shining from the moonlight as darkness crept in. Her wet blond hair looked black, but her perfect teeth were pearly white. Chrissy returned the intense stare, her smile gone completely, and replaced with almost an angry look of wanting. She looked into Laura’s puffy face, her wrinkles less apparent in the water, revealing the girl she once was. Her dark red hair also looking black, and the curls straight from the moisture. They began slowing moving towards each other. Their faces getting closer. They took one last look into each other’s eyes, and in an instant, Chrissy slightly weaved her head and pressed her lips against Laura’s. The senior broke her hold on Chrissy, and instead grabbed her head to pull her in. The long kiss turned into several kisses, before Chrissy broke away. “Your apartment, or mine?” Laura was speechless, her heart fluttering. “We’ll figure it out,” Chrissy answered her own question. “Let’s go.” They swam to shore and left the lake holding hands.

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